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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
There is a much easier solution to all of the party amplifier spam. All players should be capable of targeting and destroying disco balls with ingame weapons. Additionally, the player using the party amplifier should receive a shields offline, -200% runspeed, and -3000 all damage resistance debuff for 30 seconds. Ample time for any nearby players to punish the offender.
This kind of "OMG LET ME KILL TEH PARTY PEOPLE WHO ANNOY ME" response just proves what kind of people want to stop social items. Sorry, this is a social game, and you have to play with others. You need to calm down and accept that you're not the centre of the universe, and that you're clearly championing an unpopular opinion. Just accept that the party items are here for the social gamers among us, and those of you who want to kill us or troll us are in the wrong.

Hell, we already have deranged people blatantly abusing bugs in an attempt to kill people having parties. We noticed a couple of well known trolls run into the centre of our party and then go to a certain mission, so we moved. They came back and exploded, but didn't kill any of us as we'd moved. You guys seriously need to calm down and realise it's a game and that other people can play it, no matter how often you stamp your feet and scream at us.


Couple of screenshots from the attempted suicide bombing, we of course reported them for abusing a bug to try and kill people in social zones.

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02-17-2014, 11:40 PM
sometimes the constant forest fires outside my house force me inside where I can be protected inside my blanket

it keeps the forest fires out

sometimes i step outside my blanket but there are monsters out there
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02-18-2014, 12:28 AM
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02-18-2014, 12:48 AM
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02-18-2014, 03:02 AM
Who doesn't love the D? Haters, that's who.

You know what it is...
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02-18-2014, 03:34 AM
I don't hate the D, I just love freedom of choice. A client side on/off switch gives me that without infringing on anyone else's.
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I'd like to propose a kind of opt-out, if you will, on party poppers and disco balls: if players are willing to part with a little ec, we would create a loose player party alliance committee with a governing council of between 10 and 20 admirals that would work together to oversee all parties being performed in designated social zones (any party popper use outside such social zones will immediately be labeled "trolling" and "griefing" as it exists outside pre-approved party zones. If players want to request an instance be added to the party-approved list, then a two-thirds council vote in favor is required). If players who do NOT enjoy parties wish to enact a temporary "no fun" hold on all party objects within that instance, they can petition one of the dozen or so official council couriers that would then call a session of council, who would consider the request and put the motion to a vote, requiring a 3/4 majority in-favor and a small player fee to compensate for lost party time.

There would also be a sub-council judiciary committee that enforces council decisions and issues penalties for unsanctioned parties/request to end parties, with a network of undercover agents positioned around the clock in all approved (and a few wandering agents cycling through unapproved) party instances looking for infractions.

This is just a simple little idea I came up with that would no-doubt make both sides happy.

Note: This is a completely serious idea that puts power into the hand of players to help appease both sides of the issue without dev intervention (as we all know, realistically that will never happen. The fact that these threads are closed within 24 hours shows you the level of priority your complaint has in the grand scheme of things).
Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
damn rly hate pooping my pants before i can make it to the bathroom lmao

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Originally Posted by preechrsa View Post
By order of Dear Leader, all instances of the word "Disco" in the following post have been shortened to "D" for brevity.

I have seen many, many posts about the D lately. A select few are angered by the D, and seek to beat the D off the face of the game entirely. These eRPists are terrified by the D, as they are unwilling or incapable of throwing the D themselves. Perhaps this is why Starfleet Dental garners so much hatred amongst the D-adverse. You see, Starfleet Dental brings the D, without discrimination and without restraint. The D wants to be free, and cannot be contained by the sweaty palms of the eRPists, mashing furiously at their keyboards. The D is a threat and an affront to these sick people- why else would they object so strenuously to Tovan Khev, a man notoriously capable of bringing the D, and yet embrace Elisa Flores, whose tastes run more towards smooth Jazz? This tasteless discrimination against the D will not stop us in our mission to bring the D to every crevice of every station in the Alpha Quadrant.

Starfleet Dental: We bring the D. All night long, all night strong.
As someone rather indifferent about the D as well as any kind of RP (with and without e) I'd like to know in what way a client-side disable function would disrupt SFD's ability to bring it.
Do you fear that you may feel shortened...in your reach because of this?
Because right now your post makes as much sense as the rant of a militant smoker.
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Maybe we should also turn off weapon effects because all of those flashing lights are hella distracting.

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STO has perhaps the largest database footprint of any mmo out there.
Tons of info regarding your character is stored.
For a variety of reasons, that gigantic footprint of information is stored SERVER side.

You are asking for yet one more piece of information that has to be saved about your toon (and any alts you might have). Yes, it's a simple toggle of I want or do not want to see party items or be affected by them , whatever. AND you want this additional piece of data to be stored now CLIENT side so that now the server side information has to reference your client side information in order to create a full picture of the character you are playing.

And would that toggle automatically be the same for all your alts? What if you have one Captain that likes to party?

Basically, what you are asking for, is not impossible. It's just a helluva lot more work than any of you who keep coming up with ideas to get rid of the party items don't seem to grok. What you are asking for is not an easy task. No matter how much you think it should be.

Also, very simply put, why should valuable development time that can be spent bringing us new content, be spent "fixing" something that isn't broken? There are ways already available in game to get away from these items. Just because you for some reason don't accept that it's an acceptable solution, doesn't mean that what gets suggested in every one of these threads (change instances, use private venues, etc, etc, so on and so on) are not wholly correct solutions.

It's a "my gaming experience is more important than yours" mentality that has made the argument against these items into a joke. The company has decided that these items are in game. There are avenues in game to avoid the items that bother you. The people who want to use these items (whatever their reason) have as much right to use them in the zones designated for their use as you do to engage in whatever gameplay you enjoy.

At some point, you have to realize that the company is obviously aware of your feelings on the matter. How many threads have you all created now? That nothing has been done yet, speaks volumes.
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