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So anyone's who has been doing the exploration mission has seen repeats, lots of repeats. While it's cool to see the variety and random factors in some missions, it's just not all there. There's no diplomacy at all, exploration is limited and way too much combat. Now obviously making a mission takes time, and it can't be expected that Cryptic make new missions for exploration when they have other items to worry about (expansion of story missions, game play, new ships, etc). So, why not tap into a free labor resource, the community! I'm certain there are quiet a few people and groups who would be more than willing to make exploration missions were the level editor released. These could then be approved by cryptic and added to the game with minimal effort. Cryptic could even have a community review board to work for free reviewing levels to make sure only quality levels are sent up to them. Sure, it's a new idea, no other mmo I know of has user content at such a level, but this is something that could be implemented without a huge overhaul and would create free content with a minimal cost.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-03-2010, 11:23 PM
Its not about Cryptic approving the player made content, its CBS. I'm sure Cryptic has run everything they put into the game by CBS first.

But I agree and have been thinking the same thing, this would be a nice feature...

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