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Captain Pondera here looking for a mature and friendly fleet, with some light roleplay. im experienced in MMOs and gaming in general and learn games fairly fast so experience is a yes (but we can always learn). located in EST but used to playing late-night/PST time. please ask and i will provide more information
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02-03-2010, 09:50 PM
Battle Fleet Epsilon is a small laid back fleet with several people having some hardcore MMO experience. Hit me up a PM in game (Callahan@Kibaken) or on the forums if you're interested. :]
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02-04-2010, 12:18 AM
The Midnight Wolf Knights are currently seeking new members. We're all about having fun first. We are slowly expanding and have a small close knit group of friends that play. We are helpful, and will drop back to do quests that we have done in the past. Come check us out at

We are not a role play fleet as a whole, but some of us could rp if need be.(i have dabbled in RP in WoW in the past)

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