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# 1 Tribble Mine
02-08-2010, 01:58 PM
Tribble Mine (by me).

Late night was creeping outside
I was about to go on a mission
No idea I had that soon by my side
I will have some weird annoying creature

I boarded my big awesome ship
Turned around and waved to this planet
I would never return to this place
From this world they got me banned

I punched in the new sector's location
And hailed the starfleet again
I wish I knew that my new adventure
Will end up being so much insane

I landed on this lush beautiful planet
So they told that I have to save some men
I will remember what happened there forever
And will never return again

I approached the hidden building
Out of nowhere they jumped on us
In the middle of shooting and running
I grabbed some yellow fuzz.

Somehow I made out alive
My away team didn't make it
I found some shelter to survive through the night
Until the dawn will come and break in.

I was awaken in the midst of the night
By the thunder and heavy rainfall
When I noticed a bit out of site
Big and round browny fuzz ball.

Little create you'd say could talk
If you'd listen to all weird sounds
He said that his name was "tribble"
And he used to live under ground.

When morning came at last
I brought my tribble to ship
He was too cute to pass
And he just looked like a snip

Next morning came too fast
I went to wake up my tribble
When I got to the room with his box
I couldn't move but nibble

The tribble wasn't alone
There was full box of creatures
I wasn't ready for so many to own
Thats when I took out my phaser...

So i said: "Whats the tribble is up?"
He said: "Nothin, just chilling pops"
So I put my phaser on stun
And made quite a few shots.

I took all those stunned tribbles
And sent them back to planet
I could only continue to nibble
And missed one sneaking into my jacket

There are tribbles of all the colors
They are green and yellow and brown
I am helpless to change this hell
Of this endless tribble showdown.

They live on my ship, in my locket
My bag, my bank and my bed
They watch TV and listen my Music
And my life is coming to an end.

If you ever meet a creature
Never say hello or hi
Just run the hell out of there
Or your day will come to die...

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