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+ New Ground Set (RR only): Romulan Special Forces

[Romulan Special Forces Personal Shield Mk XII] - Unlocks at Tier 5


308 Maximum Shield Capacity
Fully regenerates after not taking damage for 3 secs
Reduces All Energy Damage to Shields by 10%
When receiving All Energy Damage, 5% chance of applying Singularity Field (max once per 3 minutes)

+160 All Damage Resistance for 15 seconds
+50% Shield Hit Points over 15 seconds

[Romulan Special Forces Plasma Assault Rifle Mk XII] - Unlocks at Tier 5


Beam Setting
Expose Attack
Plasma Damage
68 Plasma Damage x2
5% chance: _ Plasma Damage per second for 10 seconds
5% chance: -20 Damage Resistance for 10 seconds
+2% Critical Chance

Plasma Grenade Launcher
AoE Plasma Proc and Repel
Creates a level X Plasma Grenade for 50 sec
Applies Plasma Grenade I Transit to Source
Targets anything except Yourself
Applies Plasma Grenade Stat Buff
Affects (1 max)
to self: 0 Grenades
X Kinetic Damage
X Plasma Damage over Time
50% chance: Knock back all targets in small area

[Romulan Special Forces Armor Mk XII] - Unlocks at Tier 5

+54 Physical Damage Resistance Rating
+54 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating
+32 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating
+5% Critical Chance
+40% Critical Severity

Set of 2: Hazardous Environment Protocols

When Health is 50% or below, applies the following effects (max once per 5 minutes):

+10% Critical Chance
+33% Run Speed and Dodge Chance for 15 seconds
+150 Hit Points over 15 seconds

Set of 3: Personal Cloaking Device

+50% Defense
After Decloaking, +25% Damage Bonus for a brief duration
After 3 seconds, +400 Stealth
Disables Shields while Active

+ New Ground Set (RR only): Reman Elite Guardian

I will periodically add new balance and potential set ideas to this thread.
More anything?
-Jerry Seinfeld on Star Trek Online Content

Foundry Works: Uncharted

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