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# 1011
02-26-2010, 10:57 AM
Short Term Requests
- make space ability descriptions more detailed so we know exactly what they do and what stats effect them
- the bridge officer slot ranks are too restrictive: i should be able to promote my 1 tactical officer to Ltn after I reached Ltn Cmdr and have a cruiser
- make the pvp warp-in (spawn points) random to prevent griefer's from camping the spawn point
- fix crashing issues caused by some of the effects (bloom, dynamic lighting etc) that occur on ATI Radeon 4800-5800 series cards
- fix keyboard becoming unresponsive if pressing ctrl+space at same time

Mid Term Requests
- add ship interiors so we can wander around our ship and do missions (maybe just have 1 interior for each ship class to start with)
- exploration missions are far too simplistic: I suggest adding multiple dialog choices such as Mass Effect and Oblivion so taht the outcome of the mission can be different and choices you make will have an effect

Long Term Requests
- add more ship customization options and more classes
- have a queue accessible from anywhere that allows people to join teams for space and ground missions to encourage more multi-player grouping
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# 1012
02-26-2010, 11:01 AM
Clear and concise directions on what sector and what planet to go to for each mission.
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# 1013 Badges
02-26-2010, 11:36 AM
Mid-Long Term:I would like to see a badge system.Kill so and so Klingon's,So and so Gorn,defeated the Crystalyn Entity,played since launch,played three months,veteran,etc,etc. Long Termlayable Spoon heads and ships.
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# 1014
02-26-2010, 11:43 AM
All Term: Romulans as playable faction
- Romulans as playable federation character
- any game-play changing ammendments be optional, not forced
- unlockables purchasable on C-Store (ideally, special uniforms)
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Short Term Requests:
  1. Refine or fix the six Ranks available at present, click here for more information or view my Sig.
  2. Interactive Ship Interiors, as many as possible.
  3. Refine and / or fix the Exchange filter and search options, the Exchange especially needs a Sort by Price filter.

Mid Term Requests:
  1. A more complex and greater range of customization options for characters, Items and Ships.
  2. Interactive Planetary Building Interiors, such as Starfleet Academy e.t.c, as many as possible.
  3. Refine and / or fix the Crafting System at Memory Alpha.

Long Term Requests:
  1. Create and then patch in Ranks 7 to 11, click here for more information or view my Sig.
  2. Create and then patch in more Items, Ships, Abilities , Missions e.t.c. for the above mentioned Ranks 7 to 11.
  3. Create and then patch in a Random Space Encounters (Click) Engine.
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# 1016
02-26-2010, 12:57 PM
Add in ship Poker parties

group sitting around a table with cards displayed at bottom, clickable buttons like ante, call, raise ect.

Direction voice/sound like Mumble so we can hear eachother and get the feeling we are actually there.
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# 1017
02-26-2010, 01:30 PM
Short Term: Re-vamp the texture mapping of ships. I've noticed some odd placement of textures in some Science ships.

Mid-Term: I think it would be awesome to have cut-scenes for fleet actions upon start and completion. For example...

Crystalline Entity Intro

"There it is, Captain!"
The Entity emerges from behind the planet's moon and approaches the waiting fleet.
"Shields up; prepare for battle!"
Crystalline Entity Completion

The music soars as the camera moves to the Entity, which shutters before beginning to break. The cracks begin near the end of one tree and quickly shoot up to the main body. The camera follows the action, pulling back to show the whole of the Entity breaking apart and drifting into space.
On that note, I'd also like to see a Crystalline Entity that more closely resembles the one in TNG.

Long term: ROMULANS as a playable race!
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# 1018 Wish List
02-26-2010, 01:40 PM
Short Term

---Add filter by price or arrange by price on the Exchange as well as the other options.
---Ship Interiors- Would love to explore the ship.
---Stop putting com windows up right in the middle of the screen when I am fighting. Give me a com badge to click and open when I am ready to receive that message.

Mid Term

---Move Rookie training to StarfFleet HQ. Can do everything there on Holodecks and would allow for huge amounts of new player information to be given thru simulated starting missions the "instructors" could pause and explain what the player should be doing.
---Missions inside your own ship once you add them. IE the engine's need repair.. fly here get this item, back to ship for puzzle type mini game to fix engines. With real penalties if you get it wrong (only Partial fixes so you have a % damaged engine until you can dock up at a Starbase).
---More persistent and challenging zones or something to make Fleets useful for more than a PVP group or chat channel.

Long Term

---Just one. Add Romulans as a playable race and then give us real territoral warfare between the Klings, Romulans and the Feds. With combined Space and Ground warfare to shift the borders of the empires within an area. Add faction bonuses for holding ground ( IE PlanetSide-**** ) to help the PVP community evolve out of the get in this closet and punch each other state it is now.
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# 1019
02-26-2010, 01:55 PM
I only have 1 request, not sure if it's medium or long term, but it is this:

Please add more end-game content! It takes less than a month to make admiral, and once you're there all progress stops almost imediately. The current very rare items do not provide a noticeable benefit when compared to greens and blues that can be acquired quickly from exploration badges. PvP could be an option but there aren't enough klingon admirals so the wait times for pvp instances are very long.
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# 1020 Away missions
02-26-2010, 03:01 PM
I have a couple items, not sure if they've previously been mentioned.

When your away team officers can build devices, such as the various generators, I believe it would be beneficial to have some sort of health meter for each device on the UI once deployed. I find sometimes in combat things happen fast, and I can't always tell if my phaser turrett is still working, along with the medical generator and the shield generator.

I have an issue where my engineer constant drops medical fabricators as soon as the ability timer is up.

I would like to be able to "drag and drop" or make it easy to build devices at specific locations, I don't always want to build my medical generator right in front of where my engineer is currently fighting.

Team formation, the ability to quickly set some formations would help. Perhaps set them in a straight line close, straight line wider apart, perhaps some time of v formation, I am sure there are quite a few more formations that could work.

That's it for the time being

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