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02-26-2010, 11:45 PM
Another mid term - Ability to buy higher grade stations for smaller ships - I didn't want to abandon my Constitution Class Cruiser, But fel I had to in order to take more advantage of the ranks and abiolities my bridge crew had.

Kirk and the Enterprise-A didn't seem to mind or penalize all stations for having commanders or captains in them. Why can't I get a Lt Cmndersor or Lt's station on the USS Nautilus Bridge?
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02-27-2010, 08:11 AM
We need a persistent end game universe.
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02-27-2010, 09:19 AM
Short Term.

1. To see all your team mates and fleet mates Locations on the Galactic Map!

2. To see where all the different systems are located in the Galactic Map!

3. If you do a scan in a system or on planet any items or objectives should show up on your map and stay there until it is removed. also it should indicate that it is either an anomaly or mission objective. Nothing fancy maybe just by color like red or blue. Repeated scanning with an arrow to guide you to who knows what is irritating.

Mid term

1. A Helmsman Bridge Officer. For: Speed, maneuverability, And maneuvers that may actually prevent you from being hit or take less damage. (This would be in ADDITION to existing Equipments upgrades not in place of them) I realize working this into the game may not be short term but I cannot emphasize enough how urgent this is.

2. Weapons Balance Space.

A. Ship Weapons usage Should Not be determined by RANK

B. Energy Weapons range and damage should be determined by ships AVAILABLE Power

C. Pulse, cannon or Energy based Torpedo type weapons Should Require actual in game pilot skill to affect damage and accuracy.

D. Quantum/Photon Torpedo's Are Projectiles with self contained guidance systems!!
They do not depend on ships power or the users "RANK" to fire or do damage.

E. Different weapons should have different ranges.


Example: A quantum torpedo fired by ANYONE at any level should do the same damage. (Bigger Ships have more hit points) You simply limit the number of weapon slots based on the size and capability of the ship. Also torpedo's should have a longer range than beam weapons they are mechanical projectiles. There should not be different levels of each type of torpedo weapon.

Example: Beam Weapons should 1. be affected by range to target in power of damage and accuracy. 2. beam weapons should have different levels to accommodate A ships "AVAILABLE' Power. for example a lvl 10 (X) beam weapon could be used on a tier 1 ship but the recharge time may take a long time. Or one may choose to put several smaller beam weapons on to keep up an attack instead of waiting for that one big blast.

Example: Pulse, cannon or Energy based Torpedo type weapons should fall some where between torpedo's and beam weapons Again since they use Energy like beam weapons they would depend upon available energy not rank. also like beam weapons different level weapons that would have short or long range capabilities Again (Not governed by rank but available energy) Pulse or cannon weapons should do more damage than beam weapons but be less accurate. Think about it..... there is no guidance system in a ball of flying energy. Accuracy should be determined by 1. Angle of shot. 2. Experience of tactical Officer 3. Speed and maneuverability of target. Not some mathematical equation that says " you will hit the target 75% of the time no matter what.

In General any Weapon could go on about any ship with some logical special exceptions of course. I certainly can see a huge Special gun that would be far to large to go on any Miranda class ship.

Finally this is kind of a repeat but: IT IS RIDICULOUS TO BELIEVE THAT IN ALL THE GALAXY EVERY RACE AND EVERY SHIP AND EVERY WEAPON ALL HAS THE SAME FIRING RANGE!!!!! Please vary the range of weapons according to their class power and type. And Again torpedo's can fire further than energy weapons and would not loose power or damage potential over distance because they don't depend on ships energy or pilots rank. They are Projectiles with self contained guidance systems!!

Additional note: How about an engineering skill that allows beam over of a "NUKE" to enemy ships when enemy shields are down

3. Ground weapons Balance.


Here is where we need to divert from City of Hero's mentality! and think more like a Call of Duty type game.

B. Like Space weapons There is no real time player skill accuracy required to fire weapons. This makes me crazy. How about a target site!! Then a gun could actually do a lot more damage. It also makes me crazy that if you love to just shoot stuff it takes something like 23 shots to kill a bad guy. When your weapon makes a big BOOM Bad guys should die!

C. It appears that all grounds weapons at each level deliver about the same amount of damage when its all said and done. Also there is only about 5 different types of weapons all the same just different levels base off your rank.
For the luv of Pete, Throw in an occasional Machine Gun. Surely there's room for some machine gun "feeling" weapons.

Pssst, Pssst. Guy's Love machine Guns!!!

Long Term

PVP Campain'S

1. The ability to to take over systems or loose them in battle.
2. The ability to place bases, structures, defenses in those systems. To include the ability to destroy or takeover enemy installations.

3. The Ability to take over/control an NPC's ship in battle by security forces either by shuttle or by beam over when shields are down.

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02-27-2010, 11:02 AM
Short Term:

1) Ability to hide Armor on self/bridge officers while on the ground. I like the uniform setup I have, I'd like to be able to see it.

2) Data: An android bridge officer race.

Mid Term:

1) More or Higher Rank bridge Officers. The setup for ships now is too small in my opinion. I think BOs need to be promoted a little higher. Not so that all ships are the same but the Read admiral level ships should have 3 Lt. Coms, and a Lt instead of two Lts and an ensign. So for Federation the final 3 ships should look like this:

1 Com: Eng
3 Lt Com: Sci, Tac, Eng
1 Lt: Sci or Tac(Depending on Star/Assault)

with the other two ship types falling in line behind that(escorts get a commander tac, etc.) This would allow ship captains to use the third rank of the basic level skills which they may have already spent points on, (High Yield Torpedo III, Emergency Power to Shields III, etc) while still giving only the highest level abilities to different ship classes.

Long Term:

1) More ships and more creative types of ships. The Klingon Vo'quv is an awesome idea and more ships with different styles like that would be very cool. Obviously more races/factions etc.
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02-27-2010, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Phlis View Post
Short Term:

1) Ability to hide Armor on self/bridge officers while on the ground. I like the uniform setup I have, I'd like to be able to see it.
Go into use (U Key) and right click on your armor select hide in costume. There you go, you get your miniskirts back.
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02-27-2010, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Runestar View Post
Go into use (U Key) and right click on your armor select hide in costume. There you go, you get your miniskirts back.
Use ur PMz, not this threadz, I messaged him earlier.
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02-27-2010, 12:39 PM
Short term:

1 Some kind of timer to see how much time is left before you can get your dailys again.

2.Get all of the NPC ships out of asteroids and structures.

3. Do something different with the kill enemy contacts exploration missions.


1.Make my ship support my ground avatar, not my ground avatar support my ship.

2.Make the game feel like an MMO, not a bunch of people doing the same campaign at the same time.

3. More fleet options. like fleet stations.

Long Term:

1. Persistant planetoid that all factions want/need that wee can actually use our ground avatars.

2. Completely redo ground game so it feels like an MMORPG.

3. Finish Klingon game and add Romulan ,Cardassian and Dominion.
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# 1038 Short Term Request
02-27-2010, 01:51 PM
I think, being able to sort on the Exchange would be nice. Sorting being by price. We already can search by name and filter by type of equipment. I would like to see items listed by price. So that we don;t need to use our time to go from page to page to find the best price.
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02-27-2010, 01:59 PM
I would Like to see more uniforms for the Klingon forces. (Such as the Orion Slave Girl Uniform)
Bridges scaled to normal sizes, and on proper ships.(Connie having the Connie Bridge instead of the Galaxy class bridge, which we all know will not fit on the Connie. Correct MSDs. Fed uniforms can have any era comm badge. The ability to walk around your ship. Ability to goto any planet more the one occasion besides being on a team with lower ranking officers. Have crew moving about the ship.
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# 1040 Camera auto changes
02-27-2010, 02:28 PM
When I'm completing a ground mission the camera mode auto changes and I cant see what's going on with my character. A lot of times I'm staring up at the sky or ceiling. This is very annoying.

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