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03-01-2010, 07:14 AM
I only have a couple at the moment. The first is most irritating to me. I am sure they were already mentioned but I simply do not have the time and patience to read through all the posts. =) Of the many I did read, there were a lot of good ideas there too.


I know it is a game, but my $200 Garmin is more advanced than these starships in the future. These missions have all these refernces to systems and usually include sectors so we can manually see where everything is. But sometimes they don't and it really brings gameplay to a frustrating halt when I have to search galaxy maps or worse, fly to sectors in the blind, hoping the system is there.

Every mission should have a hyperlink anytime a system or exploration zone is named. You should be able to click on that link to pop up the local map of that area and see that system in context. Then a simple click of a "plot course" button to plot a course there. If sector transitions are necessary to get there, then it should treat those like waypoints and chart the shortest route. I should be able to auto-pilot there including automatic warp transitions until I hit the system edge. Maybe even a checkbox to auto transition into the actual system.

This way, while I am waiting for the 5 minutes or so to fly there, I can go get a glass of water or do something while I wait.

Shortcuts and Macros:

I am not looking to macro my way through the game, but I do like the ability to have some simple macros and commands that I can link to icons. So I can do relatively simple tasks with a single click of an icon.

Example: /leave
The command that gets you out of a group. Certainly a lot easier than navigating group control panels. While the ability to autojoin groups is nice, we need to be able to leave just as easily. If I can map some basic commands or macros to icons I can do it at a click of a button.

More HUD button space:

So with adding the ability to create new icons that launch some simple macro or command, the ability to add more buttons to the desktop would be nice. Really all I would think is necessary is to take the rotating slots on the current bar and be able to show more of them at a time, and re-arrange them all over the desktop. Need to make them vertical and horizontal alligned and be able to show them all at the same time. Not just be able to cycle through them. Long term, make the interface skinable so folks can come up with customer templates and themes, like say... LCARS. =)
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03-01-2010, 08:30 AM
I've posted a long one earlier but after a few more weeks of playing and some patches I came up with a few more requests

-make the exchange sortable by price - I know this one has been mentioned

-Bridge officer improvements - several things here
1. Space traits - um where did these go? Can we have them back please?
2. Allow captains to train other captains Boffs
3. Unique skills on boffs - this was promised but it no where in game, search through the exchange and all boffs are just a random set of skills, but we've seen all of the skills. A purple Boff is only unique in that he has higher ranked versions of ground traits and maybe some MK III skills that are trainable by a captain
4. allow currently assigned boffs to be trained in new traits as well as abilities.

Implement the ideas from all of the posts above this one
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# 1083 Weapons Range
03-01-2010, 08:41 AM
I know this requires a bunch of balancing work, but wouldn't it make sense that more powerful ships and weapons have better range? A Sovereign class with MX X weaponry shouldn't have to wait to be within the same firing range as a light cruiser with standard issue or MX I weapons. Just my two cents. Thanks!
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03-01-2010, 08:47 AM
More PVP ques
more locations to transwarp to
more playable races and more story lines
release the lv cap
More sectors to explore
deep space adventures episodes.
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# 1085 Sdk - Ftw
03-01-2010, 08:48 AM
I believe that you are overlooking the free, powerful resource of devoted Geeks and Nerds. Look at SecondLife, look at Half Life 2. What do they have in common? They both have free, open SDKs that allow users to create mods for their favorite game. As a result, both have gain emense popularity with little cost to themselves. While you should always keep your developers working on important releases and updates, I would release a SDK and a SDK lite. The full SDK would allow the hardcore modder to provide new content from skins and scripts to full sectors of space. The lite SDK, which you could call a Mission Editor, would allow "noobs" to create missions with little or no knowledege.

The only downside to this plan is releasing a deployable server for Windows and Linux, but in the long run this would epic.

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03-01-2010, 09:11 AM
Short term amended to 60 days free for everyone currently subscribed.
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03-01-2010, 10:03 AM
Short-term requests
  • Allow low-tier ships (i.e. Connies, Novas, Sabres) to be viable for endgame.
  • Allow for more skill queuing for setting up chains and combos for skill usage
  • Improve game's reaction to player input (i.e. jumping, Boff skills, etc.)

Mid-term requests
  • Improve collision detection
  • Improve BOff reaction to collision detection
  • Allow Lt. Commander BOff consoles for all main officers in endgame ships (i.e. Tactical vessels with Lt. Commander Engineer and Science BOff consoles)

Long-term requests
  • Simplify collision detection
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03-01-2010, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by altNull View Post
I believe that you are overlooking the free, powerful resource of devoted Geeks and Nerds. They both have free, open SDKs that allow users to create mods for their favorite game. As a result, both have gain emense popularity with little cost to themselves.
First I want to underline this and add to my own wish list. You can see it with so many Star Trek Games: After some time, when the game became boring for people and some began to add modds of sometimes great competence, the game was played again by folks out there. Remember Bridge Commander or Armada 2 with the Fleet Operations Patch Projekt...
I know this is a MMO, but try to discuss to what extend you could exploit this "free, powerful resource" (after having exposed it of course ).

I love the game so far, and like everyone on this thread that likes the game, I too have realized the need of constant improvement and change to keep players playing - here is my wishlist:

Short term:
- Fix tooltips, enter all data in them (skilltree, BO abilities)

- Fix the issue with unlock training of level 3 skills that in fact are not trainable, because a BO would have to be Captain (fix Science Team 3 unlock skill bug)

- Check balancing of shield points vs hull points. And energy weapons damage vs projectile damage. Energy weapons are too overpowered.

Mid term:
- I was a bit embarassed to find new fleet actions stopped somewhere at LtCmdr level - keep them coming every 5 grades or so and especially for the late game content (i.e. after reaching Admiral). It's not only me that likes these as some of the most enjoyable missions.

- More Difficulty - more difficulty - more difficulty. Every roleplayer (the leveling/equipping aspect of the game falls under this) loves to advance his character and seeing him getting better with cooler more powerful equipment - but seriously, there is no point in equipping my away team with the perfect gear for a given situation (for example energy persistent armor against Romulans and physical persistent armor against people that fight close combat) when I win easily no matter what they wear, since the shield or life bar never drops more than 1/4. These changes should clearly have a more noticeable effect.

- Non-combat content. Diplomacy. Story. Choice of answers.

Long term:
- Playable faction Romulans (if possible also Cardassians) with nice ships, some unique abilities (e.g. Transphasic Cloak for Romulans) and their own story PvE content. Also add racial specific abilities to Klingons. It's okay when they share core abilities with Federation (like Team abilities or Emergency Power to...) but there should at least be some differences, for example Federation could have more powerful shield abilies (only give Reverse Shield Polarity to them) , while Klingons more powerful weapon abilies (give them a unique weapon ability), there are just so many possibilities with all the ST lore in the background... Be creative (Romulans should have better cloak than Klingons...). Of course this would need a lot of balancing effort be done, but I think it would payoff for the increased diversity and players will want to play the game more, as they want to try each race for their unique abilities.

- Let the players of the different factions (Fed, Kling, Rom, Card) fight and compete diplomatically for systems - let them conquer the galaxy, fight for new unexplored quadrants... This definitely strengthens the MMO aspect especially late game. Also add mining (like Farmville in Space) stuff for an Admiral to keep playing and make it attractive to further play. Maybe add a political map of the Milky Way - a little bit like BOTF.

- This really is improtant - try to strenghten the storyline part. I read the developers of upcoming Star Wars MMO want an epic storyline for their game, which the player has influence on and is subdued by - this is a point I too loved playing Star Wars Games like KOTOR. Please implement this for STO too, the possibilities are there in such a detailed world like Star Trek. In addition to the last part: Allow the universe to change itself - planet/system allegiance, diplomatic situations, alliances etc. Let the Borg assimilate the Hirogen or something like that.
This will capticate players, as they want to know whats going to happen... You don't stop reading a book at it's most thrilling part, do you?
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03-01-2010, 11:43 AM
UPDATED 04/07/2010

Short Term

1- NEED ALOT MORE SKILLS: I would like to get a lot more skills. Why not have normal skills and BOSS skills. In order to get a BOSS SKILLS you need to take down a DREADNOUGHT and then capture there special weapon by beaming over and take over the ship and beam it back to your ship.

2- NEED MORE SPACE FOR MY BANK: The Memory Alpha stuff needs to have its own tab, I would like the option of adding two more bank tabs. In game and then buy more tabs from the Cryptic store. Oh, and make the monthly fee $10 This doesn't effect me because I purchased the Lifetime.
When you open your bank let it stay open while you are on the base or in your starship by the Star Base. KIS - Keep it simple. Make it fun!!!

3- Where are my accomplishments?: I would like to walk into my ship quarters or Star Base quarters and see all my Starships that I own and my Heroes starships and offices and the special armor and weapons they have. I would like to see all of my ACCOMPLISHMENTS (AWARDS) all of the fleet battle I have won and what position that I came in (like 2nd for the amount of point that I made in the fleet action, or the most assist, kills, supporting ship....
Need more collectables.
Display you favorite weapons and armor that you crafted by the Memory Alpha and by boarding other ships, and taking things to craft your weapons in to unforgettable ultimate weapons.
Oh and allow you to take others into your quarters to show off your accomplishments.
Don't forget a FLEET Auditorium for joining together and seeing the Fleet accomplishments.
FLEET vs. FLEET battle awards. IT's on display!!!!

4- Crafting needs help: Ok, you got the samples to craft your weapons. Well, what about disabling ships in combat and beaming over and taking rare items to craft unbelievable stuff. Have the ability to dismantle the weapon and adding and taking away components. Then when you have your weapon, use it to take over another base or ship and get another rare or elite item. Then break down your weapon and combine the materials to make a better weapon. And then display in your Ship or Star Base quarters.

From Pyro007 "I like the idea about beaming over to the ships that I have disabled and battling on their ship, the getting the rare items for crafting."

5- DISCOUNTS knock the pay from $15 to $10 if?: If I would to invite a person to join STO, I should get $5 my next month, (if they stay past 30 days). If I get 5 people to sign up with STO I should get 6 months at $10 each. If I have 12 people (one per month) sign up then you are an elite member and you pay $10 a month for life. Then from here on out you will get CRYPTIC points.
Now what about the lifetime Subscribers. ( I am one) Give us CRYPTIC points.
You guys need to put a lot of really cool stuff in there. Instead of two things.

6-Like to be able to draw and ping in the mini-map to be other members of my team where to go or who to attack.

7-Training Office: It would be nice if you could see ground and space skills seperate from each other. Also more info on each skill, like - Vocation, Space or Ground, Skill title, Cost, skill details, and what other skills, components, and consoles will compliment this skill.

8-Like to see the ship and personal stats change when adding and removing components, weapons, consoles.etc....

9- I would like the Y axis limit to be removed, so that I can do a complete loop in space and in battle. I would also like to do barrel rolls with my ship X axis.

10- Unable to select the type of object that you are looking for only. Mission stuff like the Decalithium, data sample, and enemy patrols, etc... Also what ever you scan for, takes on a new color. I would like to see them on the mini-map in the bottom left of the screen as well in the compass in the top right hand corner. Mini map in the bottom right corner would be for a better map view. Compass would be for pinging and drawing to show team members where to go.

Mid Term
1- HOLODECK IS NEEDED: How many times have you got something new and wanted to test it. Well, enter your bridge and go down to the holodeck and test it out. Have mysteries in the holodeck, and get bonus for figuring it out.
Even invite a few friends over to your ship for holodeck fun. Everyone enter the holodeck and everyone take their stations. Setup: Someone sits in the Captains chair and has a console to shout orders, First office, Science office, two Tactical and two engineering. Then PvP or Holodeck vs. Holodeck. engage!!!

From cookieimp "City of Heroes has a mission builder. I'd like to see something like that here, a "holodeck" where we can create our own missions, play them, and share them with friends."

From Pyro007 "Enter the Holodeck and play FPS Ground STO. Have that also be the testing room for new weapons and or star ship equipment. Let users have the ability to create multiple mini games and scenarios. That way the Ferengi have a few hundred holodeck episodes for you to buy with credits and have fun with them. Go to DS9 and use there holodecks."

From Goulet "The holodeck would be the perfect outlet to revisit past star trek moments. Kitamer (spelling?), Wolf 359, Dominion war, Fighting Kahn, whatever that battle was in the beginning of First Contact, Klingon Civil War, Cardassian War, that Jadzia death march Worf, Martok, and Bashir and Obrien went on."

2- BATTLES / Balanced /Fleet vs. Fleet: I would like to be able to disable a Klingon, Andorian starship PvE and take it for a ride in a few mission until I lose it in battle.
PvP wow how uneven is that junk. I have been in a few PvP battles where it is me and 4 other Klingon ships. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 boom. boy that was fun. Why can't this be balanced out. They should have a starting queue where your selected fleet of five can go in against another fleet of five, equaling the same size of fleet. Like 2 tier 1 + Tier 3 + Tier 5 = 10 points then they would get matched up against a team of 9 or 11 points. MORE SKILLS....
Hey, what about taking your ship and four Hero Starships in with you.... AWESOME
What about FLEET vs. FLEET battle.

3- OWN YOUR OWN STARSHIP FLEET: When you reach the Vice Admiral, now you have the authority to create a fleet of starships. Just like when you beam down to the planet you have 4 of your Starfleet officers with you, and you get to change up armor and weapons ( there should be a lot more skills that you can get and change out.) Now that I have your attention: You would be able to buy a starship and then hire a captain or promote one of your officers, and hire officers for the starship. Then change the weapons, consoles, and so on... The same things that you can do on your own ship. Have the Starship Heroes go through ProfessorSTAFF idea of leveling up.
Then get a Star Fleet Science ship, Starfleet Cruiser, and Starfleet escort, Klingon starship, Vulcan Starship, Andorian starship, and so on......
The point of all this is to have fun building and managing a fleet. Promoting your offices to be Captain of their own starships. Also, to equip the heroes, starships, and crew with other equipment that you find, purchase, and craft. Also equip them with certain skills. Especially have the fun a having a mixed fleet.
The point of all this is to have fun building and managing a fleet. Promoting your offices to be Captain of their own starships. Also, to equip the heroes, starships, and crew with other equipment that you find, purchase, and craft. Also equip them with certain skills. Especially having the option in creating a mixed fleet.

Long Term

1- Galaxy Map WAR: Open the map and see the Galaxy map natural zone line has changed. The Klingons now own 20% more space than they did last night. Jump into PvP and fight them back, or even have it be PvE done. Or maybe 50% PvP and the other PvE 50% of the line.
When they take over an area, a DREADNOUGHT will help protect the area. Along with a STAR BASE with weapons. WHAT A BATTLE!!!

From Skylan "I would like to see a persistent galaxy WAR zone. They could create an entire zone that was very large. Large enough to hold hundreds if not thousands of players. A zone with neutral PvE planets to take control of for faction bases. So at any time, you would have a server wide bonus for the faction that holds the most planets.

That way the main game is not changed other than a slight bonus from the WAR zone. This should be a end game option along with the dailies and radisodes. A never ending WAR that you could join at anytime once you are RA5."

From Pyro "This would be great to have an area of space where all of the species are fighting for this territory. You would have to conquer the space and the planet, or maybe even a few planets in that system to take it back. I like what he said about a Star Base or a Dreadnought or more holding down the space (flag). Also have structures that are armed to the teeth with turrets and cannons. But leaving mulliple week spots (tunnels, hack a console to open the door to enter in and take over.
If the enemy destroys you then you will have the option to respawn in space or even down to the planet to hold the line.


2- More playable species: Borg (not just the liberated borg), Andoriains, Dominion, etc
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03-01-2010, 11:44 AM
  • Fix bugs in missions that sometimes complete missions from being finished.
  • Better mission tracking and location of mission step info
  • Get a published guide out.

  • Work on making Crafting more interesting
  • Make Exchange easier to use
  • Maybe make operation from bridge possible (although I'm not sure what that would look like). Possibly first person type of view.

  • End game content.. Even better ships, modules and weapons.
  • There is something not smooth or unrefined about STO. I think it's going to take time to figure it out. Some things feel unbalanced. Like to see this addressed assuming there are others who feel the same.
  • Expansions... Even MORE bigger and better stuff. OK, I couldn't really think of anything else.

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