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02-08-2010, 05:24 PM
Short term

*Respecs for players & bridge officers
*More toolbar slots
*Polish the auction to sort by price, & item names colored white/green/blue based on what it is

Mid Term

*more transwarp locations

long term

*more stations like earth space dock
*multiplayer instances with bosses (that are difficult)
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# 102 Mid-Term Request
02-08-2010, 05:24 PM
Mid-Term Request:

The only request I really have at this point is to incorporate player "housing" by expanding on what we are allowed to explore inside our ships beyond just the bridge. I think it would be great even if they designed it so that this content was controlled locally on our own machines and just passed character location info along to the servers while we were residing inside the ship so that the servers themselves don't have to process the graphics of the ship.
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# 103
02-08-2010, 05:43 PM
Short Term
  • Uniforms fixed (BOff's not being able to wear them).
  • More information on skills (Exactly what they modify and by how much).
  • Auto fire for ground combat (very useful when there is lag).

Mid Term > Long Term
  • More of everything... :p
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# 104
02-08-2010, 05:46 PM
1. Fix the Fleet Permissions Display issue (The tab you select shows the permissions for the last tab you modified)
2. Get those extra servers up and running ASAP
3. Enable costume extras for BOffs

1. Refine the Exchange; it's a gigantic mess right now. We should be able to sort the list by price at the very least.
2. BOff Trading; I'm Science career, and I want my Engineering BOff to be able to learn Engineering Team III, and the other one to learn Emergency Power to Weapons III. And I want to be able to train my friend's Science BOff with Science Team III. Currently, I can't
3. Display hard numbers on how Consoles, Skills, and Abilities are affecting your character, your BOffs, and your ship. Sure, you say getting +18% to phasers increases phaser damage by 18%, but we need to SEE that when we icon over our Ship's guns. And display the (microscopic) change to our Cruiser's turning radius when we slot all those RCS Consoles. Give us hard data; let us be informed!

1. Decision paths in ground missions; having more than one way to complete a mission, or having more than one outcome to them. And having the possibility to fail them.
2. Episode Chains; storylines/Episodes that differ based on previous choices and outcomes. Solving Episode X one way leads to Episode Y. Solving it another way leads to Episode Z
3. Full PvE storylines for Klingons, and then Cardassians, and then Romulans
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# 105
02-08-2010, 05:49 PM
Short Term:

Gold Spammer annihilation, although I didnít get /zonespammed any that I can remember today.

Increased Server capacity for peak hours. I like Q, not Queue.

Mid Term:
Content stuff. You guys always do a good job at this, Iím just sayiní.

GM-run random server events. The Borg are seen coming out of the Delta Voltanis cluster, all Captains to the sector! EQ was really the only game I can remember where this kind of thing happened very often.

Long Term:
Romulans and Cardassians as playable races. If yo are having a hard time toning down their stuff for earlier levels (as PCís) then just have the unlock level correspond to the level we normally see them first appear.

More content stuff. Iím a lifer, Iíll be around a long timeÖ.

2 per for me right now, those are the ones that come to mind.
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# 106
02-08-2010, 06:01 PM
Short Term:
Fix miniskirts, bugs, etc.
Stabilize servers.
Add more bridge officer premade races, even if only available through the cryptic store.

Mid Term:
Add minigames, or somehow otherwise improve exploration missions.
Add loads and loads of diplomatic missions-should be easy as they'd be mostly text.
Balance amount of exploration and diplomatic missions with pew pew missions.
Add mirroring option to parts in the Character Creator.

Long term:
Romulan and Cardassian Factions with complete PvE and PvP.
Add more parts to the Character Creator.
Add additional slots to the Character Creator.
Ship interiors! Holodecks, bars, ready room, etc.
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# 107
02-08-2010, 06:23 PM
Short term
- More detailed information on skills, complete list of skill/ability relations
- Enhance Exchange UI with better search / sort options
- Disable auto-entering enemy signal contacts
- Transwarp destination selection

Medium term
- Revamp skill tree. Having different weapon types spread over 3 tiers is silly
- More diverse missions, branching storylines, let me make meaningful decisions instead of being told what to do
- More Fleet Actions for all brackets, with level cap
- Talking boffs, I want to hear what they have to tell me, not read it in a popup

Long term
- Functional bridge, as well as other areas on the ship. Crew interaction, missions on-ship
- Revamp starbases and bigger bases. They should be one big zone, lifts actually working, doors actually opening, drinks actually sold at bars, civilians present
- Redo sector space. Get rid of sector blocks being different mini-zones, space feels tiny now. One big huge map with all sectors included (except exploration space), with a searchable list of destinations would fix that.
- Real exploration, pick a star, warp to it, check out several planets, report findings to Starfleet
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# 108
02-08-2010, 06:24 PM
Short Term:

-Fix major bugs, like broken missions, and the "Server Not Responding" loading screen disconnect problem.

-Fix problems with groups switching instances and not showing up in the same one together. This includes regular missions, cluster missions, and PvP queues.

-Earn more costume slots with rank. I liked getting new costume slots ever 10 levels in CoH. Gives me more reasons to keep playing and leveling up, paying my monthly subscription. Nickle-and-diming me through the C-store for this is just going to p!$$ me off and make me more likely to cancel.

Medium Term:

-Ship Interiors One of the big selling points for me was hearing I could visit my bridge, and that they were planning on adding ship interiors down the road. I would really like to see this. I don't expect every single room in the ship, but the major/important rooms should be there, and with some degree of functionality or purpose. Give me something to do there.

-Expanded Klingon Content Not particularly important to me personally, but it seems to be for a lot of people.

-Skill System Overhaul/Revamp or skill cap increase. Either raise the cap, or overhaul the skill trees. I wouldn't mind seeing ground and space skills levelled seperately. I've seen a lot of other good suggestions on the forums. I don't think a complete removal of the skill cap is necessary, but in its current state it seems a bit too sparse.

Long Term

-More non-combat/sandbox-style activities There are many things you could fit under this category. Simply put, Star Trek is about much more than war and combat. I think a lot of people were expecting a much more sandbox-style game when they think of the Star Trek universe. That may not appeal to the lowest-common-denominator large audience like WoW, but I think it does to ST fans and people who are more likely to stick with this game for the long haul. And, I think we can all agree, this game is not going to be a WoW killer, so why not try to differentiate itself a little bit from all the rest of the boring junk out there in the MMO market.

And, I will also say this: I have played my fair share of MMO's. I was a big fan of City of Heroes, loved the combat, etc. But, I could not stick with it for any length of time because there was nothing to do besides missions, which being repetitive as they were, was just grinding. I had the same problem with WoW, and all the other games that just have you do mission after mission, wash, rinse, repeat. On the other hand, I played games like UO and SWG for years, despite their flaws, because there was way more to do than missions alone. If I just want to do quests all day long, I would go play Mass Effect or any other single-player RPG.

-A real crafting system. With as many gear/devices/items as there are in game already, there are already plenty of directions to go with it and things you could make. If I had to cite an example of what I think is a stellar crafting system, look at the crafing in Star Wars Galaxies, and how it works with their space and ground games. (Reverse engineering space loot to make killer gear was extremely addicting, and it would be easy to implement a similar system here)

-An Overhaul of PvP, and addition of RvR/territorial PvP. The space part of this game thus far reminds me a lot of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Despite being an epic failure and disappointment, there were a few things I liked about that game. One of them would fit in very well here, I think, and that is RvR PvP. Fighting over star systems and territory and the ability to take or lose control. Open PvP zones around said contested systems. Make PvP meaningful, and give it a reason to exist. The hardcore PvPers will always be there, but give the average joe a reason to participate and feel like he/she is doing something meaningful.
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02-08-2010, 06:34 PM
- auto-holster weapons on starbase
- option to make armor non visible.
(why have i created all the costumes if i can't see them anymore in game?)
- at memory alpha i always get trapped in these door legs.
(these extensions between doorframe and floor. remove them or let me walk thru them.)

- expand missions beyond scan / destroy
- enhance auto-camera in space combat
- if you warn about a carnivore plant, then let it at least sting me when i'm too close.
(it's OK if i am not allowed to attack it. star fleet protocol)

- missions with different solutions depending on my actions.
(then i don't mind replaying that missing in a different planets orbit. (different colored planet))
- expand planet ground content with minigames there.
(solve puzzle to get item X to give it to Y to get Z)
- optimize spacial dimension of buildings
(over time see, where you need these giant corridors and where not)
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02-08-2010, 06:36 PM
Short-term requests

1) Skirts, sort of a Duhh since I think the rumor is Tuesday
2) fixing the mission completion bug, every now again I still have to do a mission more than once and turn it in before I leave the mission.
3) ships stuck in space junk that can shoot you but can't be shot
4) giving us back character voices I miss the Quinto B.O. telling me things.

Mid-term requests

1) Unlockable clothing options and Civilian attire, granted should be locked out of the primary costume slot.
2) Romulan and Cardassian Player factions, even if they are like the current Klingons, with only PVP to start.
3) Full Klingon PVE content, just keep it in lore

Long-term requests

My biggest Idea, and I am baffled Cryptic didn't think of it

Lore Acceptable Color Upgrade Vendor

During the /Powerhue bug it cause me to realize a few things

Distinction, during game play I have noticed an issue. When two groups converge whether it is PVP or PVE the abundance of weapons fire and all of it being the same color sometimes makes it difficult to tell who is shooting whom.
Now a few PVP players have been using to gain victory, and they do not want others to see who is firing at whom.

However the handful of Canon purists donít like the idea of weapons not following the TNG patterns, and ignoring that TOS the NCC-1701 Enterprise had more than three colors of weapons fire, and all of them where the Phasers, I counted 4 different colors, Red, Blue, Violet, and Orange.

Therefore, what is the compromise what would be the gesture of good faith. Then add a vendor on Memory Alpha and on Qo'noS. This vendor for a slight fee and some resources would color a single weapon a single color based on the Hue scale. Since the powers are tied to the Weapons and the BOís this could be done rather easy and it would keep the customization ability and keep it with in lore.

this way it is a form of weapon upgrade and not just a simple hue swap. it should even put a new name or description on the weapon

(basic weapon before color upgrade)
Basic weapon MK??

Statline- DPS

(Basic weapon after color upgrade)
Pink Basic weapon MK??

Statline- DPS
Weapon has been upgraded with pink emitters
(pink was used as an example and not as an actual requested color option)

By using my idea they can limit the hues to weapons so as to not brake immersion as well


Federation Phasers in canon have been Red, Blue, Purple, yellow, and Orange
with the Vendor they could set the Hue options to several distinct versions of these colors your Phasers would be individual and still the right color. (blue Available only to the people who had the TOS Connie)
ie. 5 different yellows, 5 different reds, ect.

same with Disruptors
ie. 10 different greens

On a Side Note if Cyrptic reads my idea and Does Implement my idea, could the Vendors Be Romulans
..Nudge, Nudge, wink wink, Say no more...

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