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03-01-2010, 12:00 PM
Just thought I'd throw a few suggestions into the ring, I like the game so far and just think these few suggestions would make a good start to making the game really great.

Short Term
1, Change the exploration missions so the different types of mission are randomised and prioritised so the mission type you have had least has a higher chance to be generated. (hope that makes sense)

2, Allow more items to be on the exchange at one time

3, Price sort at the Exchange

4, Notification that you have unread mail

Medium Term
1, Better explanations of the different weapon types e.g phaser vs disruptor or tetryon vs plasma (these could be in the window with the damage and arc details

2, Some class specific missions (Tactical, Science or Engineering) There just doesnt seem to be many/any missions like this

Long Term
1, Make crafting a bit more unique. ( I always feel that crafting should be more about skill than just items you have.) It would be good if you could get blueprints and go to a manufacturing station or something to make goods. Also Class specific crafting would be great also.

Feel free to correct me on anything I have wrong here but so far I'm enjoying the game and hope the rest of you are too!
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# 1092 Dear Cryptic...
03-01-2010, 12:07 PM
Here's my wish-list, cultivated and grown from Closed Beta:

Short-term requests
  • Re-activate Sidekicking.

  • Add a difficulty-slider that allows soloists to adjust spawn-size and spawn-difficulty (i.e. I can take on more ships and ships of a +X higher level than my own level) and adjust mission rewards accordingly.

  • Allow players to activate acrobatic movements while fighting, at the cost of losing defenses if the acrobatic progress bar is recharging.

Mid-term requests
  • Improve AI pathing in ground missions.

  • Allow us to customize ship weapon/equipment and Bridge Officer gun/gear load-outs and instantly switch between the load-outs when we're out of combat.

  • Allow us to craft ship-improvements (i.e. allow us further customization to our ships based on our ranks. e.g. each rank above Lieutenant, grants us one universal ship modification slot which we can "craft" as we wish to improve a Bridge Station and upgrade it from an Ensign station to a Lieutenant station, or even add another weapon slot)

Long-term requests
  • Add a non-combat skill system where Captains can advance according to their career-path and engage in non-combat missions. (i.e. add more roleplay options and choice-based gameplay that will affect combat-based gameplay)

  • Add interactive ship/ground content (i.e. more stuff to do in your ship and more stuff to do on planets)

  • Add more immersive and dynamic story-telling by fleshing out the biographies of our Bridge Officers and adding a rewarding Death Penalty system.

Thanks in advance,
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# 1093 Update Library Computer
03-01-2010, 12:15 PM
I think they need to update the library computer to include information about the Star Trek Universe AND how to play the game. I am still trying to figure out how I purchase certain items or how I win certain medals and such. I think it would be helpful to players to be able to access a database. I know I may be new to this but it took me a while to figure out what CE was (Crystaline Entity) or even what PVP was (Player vs Player). I still cannot find out what to do with certain goods that I find on missions or how to purchase certain items.

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# 1094
03-01-2010, 12:55 PM
Short Term


Medium Term

Display Mission rewards in my Episode Log
Fix Klingon Carrier Exploit that allows them to swap consoles to summon more than the intended ammount of fighters
Allow Team/Fleet Only instancing for Fleet Actions/Deep Space Encounters and FvF

Long Term
Display time since last logon in Fleet window so we can tell who is inactive
Add Officer notes section in Fleet so that we can write notes about our members (alts/vacation/etc)
Correctly Display and reward for Shield healing and damage etc in PvP and Fleet Actions.

Really most of these are short terms, but hey, you wanted 3 of each so there it is.

Things NOT to do:

Death Penalty : Only the "Vocal Minority" wants this. The vast majority of Subscribers do NOT want this.
Release more content that is broken : Whats the point of having an extra three missions in my Mission log when I can't even complete them?
Continue to allow the PvP to be unbalanced : Seriously, address the issues that you ALREADY know about. Don't sit back and allow Klingons to be Overpowered simply because you want more people to play them.
Avoid fixing your mistakes : Seriously? You folks need to get a man designated to fix or address the many bugs and/or typos in the game. There is a severe lack of labeling on Sector maps and Episode text. And why not label the systems that are Fleet actions? I mean like you already did for SB 24.

Alright I'm done. For now. More QQ later. =)
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# 1095
03-01-2010, 02:29 PM
Short Term-
Respecs. NOW.
A vast number of players are already lvl 41+.
As they can testify to, the points given from Tier 2 on up are scaled down as to what is actually needed per Tier. By the time we reach Tier 5, there is little to NO room for any kind of a mistake involving how we spec our points. The sooner we get a way to fix what few points we do get the better.

Mid Term-

1. Release level cap to 50.

2. Give us appropriatly scaled points to spend on specs. As stated above, we are NOT given enough. By the time we get to Tier 5, we can barely get 1 skill to Rank 9 at lvl 45. If the lvl cap was lifted to lvl 50, we still would only barely have enough to get 3 Tier 5 skills to Rank 9.
Example, At the end of Tier 1 with 6700 pts, we can have 7 (with some points to spare) Tier 1 skills at Rank 9. Yes, I do understand that we don't need quite as much points going into similar type skills as we rank up, but, and this is the big one, there are more skills out there that are needed and wanted other than the primary 3 (Ship, Energy weapons and Projectile Weapons) that everyone will be using. Cryptic, please give us more points so that we can have more options at Tier 5!!!!!

Long Term-
Consequences to taking Damage.
What do you mean?
I mean, consequences plain and simple.
According to Star Fleet game (the old board paper and pencil version), once you started taking damage to your hull from areas that you recieve damage on, then there is a chance that that damage will also bleed through and affect systems (subsystems, engines, weapons, etc) that would be located in those areas.
It's really hard to swallow that I have busted down a Warbird (Romulan Battleship as it is called here) to nearly 2 % hull, no shields, yet it can still throw every weapon at me and continue to move at full speed.
It's also ridiculus that I can be at 2% fighting an enemy and I am able to throw everything I got as if I was at 100% strength. If I am down to 2%, my impulse should be affected drastically, as the effectiveness of my weapons and the rate they fire.
Yes I do understand that we have some "Crew". However this doesn't really play a factor in ship performance until you are about to die anyways, and even the reverse happens at time with expected effects of crew, take following example-
There have been plenty of times where my ship is at near full hull and shields (due to different abilities helping in battle) and my crew is down to just a couple guys and my ship is performing at 100%- Come the freak ON! With just a couple crew, how in the world should I be firing my weapons full bear, using full impulse, and still have the same timers on my abilities?
The damage we take on our ship and crew should be reflected accordingly to how it performs, as well as any enemy we encounter and deal damage to.

It would also be nice to have some graphical changes to when we take damage:
1. Holes in our hull that can be seen. I would love to be able to see through to my bridge if a breach was caused there.
2. Missing parts of the ship like, huge parts of the saucers, hull, and even NACELES!!!. Would love for a way to have Naceles to break off, with only way to get back to nearest starbase for repair is by a friendly tow summoned to a NPC (causing just a couple extra minutes of time for the tow), or even a group mate towing you back to Starbase so you can effect repairs.

Death Penalty-
As the above poster is sadly mistaken with this quote-
Death Penalty : Only the "Vocal Minority" wants this. The vast majority of Subscribers do NOT want this.

"Vocal Minority"- Folks Advocating this is not a minority. It's actually the other way around.
"The vast majority of Subscribers do NOT want this". - Every mission here is Soloable. Plain and simple.
It's the folks that can't even manage to solo this easy game who are afraid of the possibility of a Death Penalty. Granted this game is a group friendly game, but honestly it's the guys playing solo that are crying the loudest against a death penalty. I personally prefer to solo, but I can state that If you are in a group, your chances of dieing are nearly non-existant.
Most foks in this game are group players, which means they will rarely encounter the prospect of dieing, but the threat is still there. This rewards the group players
This will discourage those Solo'ing Escort types who come in guns-a-blazing to take a kill to get the loot off a mob that I work on for 5 min taking shields down. Currently only damage to hull is counted towards who gets the loot. The Solo Escort players are scared witless of a Death Penalty because they know that there would be a way for others to combat their way of stealing other folks kills. They don't want to put their necks on the line for that loot.

There are also polls out there where it is shown that over 50% of the community DO want a Death Penalty. Which means that said "Vocal Minority" is actually the Majority and the "Vast Majority" is actually the scared minority.Not to mention that in every thread here on STO forums, it's pretty much tit for tat with a slight majority that does endorse Death Penalty. The Truth is that it is wanted. Folks like the above poster needs to stop perpetrating inaccurate fallicies claiming that his opinion is truth. In EVERY successful MMORPG (succesful meaning it is turning a profit, and has an active community) there is a Death Penaly of some sort, such as loosing some of your items, loosing some of your health, loosing some of your time to retrieve your body, loosing fighting stats temporarily, making your quest mobs in your instance respawn when you die,... the list is numerous.

I would like to see a death penalty. Doesn't have to be a big one. Something small and insignifcant would work such as a minor hit on credits scaled per level of the player. Examples:
1-10 pay 100 credits per death
11-20 pay 250 credits per death
21-30 pay 500 credits per death
31-40 pay 1000 credits per death
41-50 pay 2500 credits per death.
Consequences for not paying and/or getting the repairs? A scaled reduction in efficiency
Something like:
1st Death - reduction of weapons and shields by 1%.
2nd Death - reduction of weapons and shields by 2 %
3rd Death - Reduction of weapons and shields by 3 %
4th Death - Reduction of weapons and shields by 5 % and Engines by 1 %
5th Death - Reduction of weapons and shields by 7 % and Engines by 2 %
Additional Death's - Reduction to all systems performance by 10% for each Death not to excede a total reduction in efficiency by 50% - Also the ability to use Transwarp will be taken away upon reach the 50% mark of reduction (this will allow the player to still finish his fights and limp his way back to a starbase to effect repairs).

What about PVP?
Consequences for taking damage should still take effect during that instance, but a reduced Death Penalty.
PVP Deaths should cause no repair bills, but should cause a temporary reduction in effectiveness upon respawn, something like 10 % to all systems for 60 seconds should be enough to discourage folks from pulling needless stunts such as abandon ship and ramming speed for ill advised situations and suffer no consequence for it.
This will also effect the winner/winners of that duel as it allows them some time to recover, instead of the current situation where the looser comes back in with a fully repaired ship, and if they are fast enough can catch the guy that killed him still damaged and finish him off. Have had that happen to me too many times. Kill a guy, then get tied up with another one without a chance to buy myself time to prepare for another hostile exchange and the guy I just killed comes in fully refreshed to kill me.

Oh, 1 more thought, This will also affect the folks who like to pull abandon ship by earth spacedock. I find this action pretty funny really and love watching and even participating in it myself. But putting in a death penalty for PVE that cost these guys money will greatly discourage anyone from doing this stunt anymore.
So yeah, I am actually advocating a way to stop my own fun, but hey, whatever floats the boats of the whiners who think they are being griefed when they themselves are too lazy to move away from the area or even change instances- duh!
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03-01-2010, 03:01 PM
I maybe new to sto but ive played a lot of mmo those past years
and after a week here i already see few things need

Short Term

add first person view please like in fps/mmo,
this over shoulder view with the camera movement in middle fight is bothersome

add the respec option already

Medium Term

fix the ai of the ground members, seriously running in circle and using their auto
skill in whatever is funny to see but not really helping..

give us a more detailed starlog like the number of borgs or else ive faced
rewards, medals and how we performed good within missions like 71% silver class
to give that a term, anyway its just an idea.

could you adjust the AA to make sure those option are working instead of doing nothing

i have 2 char slots and i want at least 2 more (yea i know about the massive data storage its need,
thats why i said 2 more only )

long Term

add the borg as playable race of course!

few times in star trek i saw those black shirts doing missions undercover, recruiting ppl from starfleet
and operating beyond starfleet bounds, that would be great to see this in sto someday.

add if possible different mode for all players
like easy, normal or hard with rewards that goes which of them

free known & unknown open space for us to explore
with random things that could happen, creatures, pirates, ionic storm..

add shield damage when 2 ship collide for realism
or impact damage when we ram into an asteroid or any object

for example radiation damage to the ship/crew/shield when too near of star
or any stellar phenomenon overwhelming the ship

(if anyone from cryptic staff want me to give the name of that old game i have in mind just ask me,
and no thats not eveonline hell no..)

thats all for now

( i reserve the right to redit & add more in my post later ;p )
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# 1097
03-01-2010, 03:49 PM

- More info on quest steps in the journal

- Issues with sticking together with a team-mate, sometimes I can't get into the same instance when we're on a mission together

- Sharing missions with team-mates, I don't understand why some missions are share-able and others are not, even if we've already completed a mission we should be able to do it again through sharing. Also, repeatable missions should be indicated as such (until recently I just thought the game was bugged and it wouldn't accept me having completed the mission)


- MORE MISSIONS! I love the missions that are there, but we need more episodes to play through, and indicate ahead of time if this is a short mission or if it is a multi-tier episode that we know will take a couple hours.


- Bridge combat

- Playing with friends on a single ship. For example, ship combat from inside the ship, I'm at the science station controlling science skills, sensors, etc. Our friend is an engineer and is managing power, engines etc from engineering. One player is tactical and manages targeting and basic combat stuff. Perhaps give a ship major stat bonuses if it's main stations are controlled by REAL players rather than NPC bridge officers.

- Full three dimensional space. Let us fly upside down etc. This would go a long way toward making you actually feel like you're in space.

- Explorable ship interiors with functionality/interactivity. Maybe equiping gear or leveling up bridge officers requires you to go to sections of your ship, rather than doing everything from a menu on the fly.

- Interactive boarding parties. This goes along with full ship interior/bridge combat. Maybe your ship gets boarded during a fight, so players have to repel attackers briefly while manning their stations. Maybe your ship is dead in space and while your engineer is trying to fix things, the rest of the players fight off boarding parties.
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# 1098
03-01-2010, 03:58 PM
Improve the exchange (Advanced search / time limits)
Allow AND/OR options or bits of regular expressions in the searches, like a wildcard.
Allow a price constraint (max/min) on the search
Allow SORTING by any of the columns.
That sort of thing. You're also going to have to expire offers, or people will price at billions and use it as a second bank.

Balance entries into the PVP battlegrounds, too often it's 3 on 1 or 5 on 1-2 for the first half or all of the fight.

Some way of tracking progress with the Memory Alpha 'crafting' system

Improve the pathing AI for away teams.
I can't count the number of times I've had to wait for my officers to figure a way around a console or low hill.

Put some sort of respec option into the game, for those of us who "totally screw up" and want to fix it.
Possibly have a time limit and/or gain one 'banked' respec when you are promoted.

Full flight control (so I can fly straight up or down), current climb and descent angles are way to shallow. Maybe add a horizon indicator or 'zero out' option to level off to normal along with this.

Better information on ships, equipment, powers, and abilities on the website. What they do, what skills improve them, etc etc.
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# 1099
03-01-2010, 04:37 PM
Here are the items I would like to see improved over time.

- More Preset races for cultural variety (Tellarites should be in the game). See my following thread for further examples of species that should be in the game as preset races.

- More hairstyle and forehead options (preferrably actual forehead pieces from races in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants).

- Addition of Tellar Prime and Trill (the planet) to the game.

- Earth, Luna (the Moon) and Jupiter Station with visitable locations.

- Earth (North America) image from orbit needs to be fixed. You can tell that it was photoshopped because of the same repetitive pattern across the mid-eastern coast.

- Missions for reputation and special items from Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites. Make the four founding members of the Federation have a purpose in the game. They are the four races that started it all and they should be really influential in the game with things going on.

- Enhance the existing environments of Vulcan, Andoria and Risa. How about a Vulcan and Andorian city? Some recreational facilities on Risa too. Risa is in a binary star system but in the game it only has 1 sun!

- The Bajoran wormhole in the game currently needs to be redone completely. It looks really dated graphically as the wormhole itself and the inside of it is just completely wrong.

- Fix Fleet Bank Tab prices.
- Allow us to see when Fleet Members were last online on their particular character.
- Where is the in-game Fleet Calendar we were supposed to get?
- Fleet Roster should have a section to indicate which career characters are.

- Enhance the things that are currently in game.
- Revision of bridge interiors and possible reduction by 25% or less.
- Rework of bridge console graphics.
- Revision of ship interior door graphics (eg. (01||Bridge) )
- Additional areas inside starships (Ready Room, Sickbay, Main Engineering, Observations Lounge, Mess Hall).
- More content, especially in the higher end of the ranks (eg: Lt Cmdr 7-10, Cmdr. 7-10, Capt. 7-10)

- Review missions in Romulan and Cardassian space. Some of the patrol missions there make absolutely no sense. (Eg. Federation having some kind of establishment deep within Romulan Space when the Romulans have had control of that area for well over 200 years).

Romulan Patrol Problem areas:
  • Elvren System (Why would there be Romulan artifacts deep in Federation territory. I think overall this mission may just need to be expanded a bit.)
  • Icari System (Not sure why the wreckage of this ship would be in this particular system. Should maybe be closer to the Hobus System.)
  • Sienae System (Alliance between the Hirogen and Romulans was finalized in like the early 2390s.. the mission in this system need to be removed completely).
  • Ra'kholh System (I'm not sure what gives the Federation the right to just barge into Romulan territory and tell the Hirogen.. you guys can't do this.. I think a mission like this would be better in a system close to the border.)
  • T'liss System (Same as above.. the system is in Romulan Space.. not sure what business Starfleet has to do there and policing where the Romulans can and can't go in their own space.)
  • Tephrei System (Not enough information and I can't remember exactly what happens. Probably needs work.)
  • Daise System (Don't really have a problem with this.. however they should make sure the space is labelled or blue to indicate Federation space).
  • Hfihar System (Why do we have Federation scientists in Romulan space to start with? They have every right to kill us for just barging into their territory -- needs work)
  • Khellian System (Why would we have subspace tranceivers deep in Romulan Space? -- needs work)
  • Aido System (Why are civilian ships - i imagine aligned with the Federaiton - going into Romulan space and endangering themselves? -- needs work)
  • Muso System (I did like this mission but it could use a bit of polishing up).
  • Althn'ndor System (Why did the Federation diplomatic team venture so deep into Romulan space only to ask to get captured? -- needs work)
  • T'iokol System (Why is Starfleet building a transwarp corridor so deep into Romulan Space? -- needs work)
  • Khaiell System (Needs work... we shouldn't have Federation satellites so deep in Romulan space)
  • Dera System (Same as above)
  • Cero System (Same as above)
  • Fitzan System (Is passible but could use some work)
  • Aihai System (Needs work)
  • K'shan System (Duplicate of a previous mission. Needs to be scrapped completely.)
  • Lonco System (Duplicate of a previous mission. Needs to be scrapped completely.)
  • Lirss System (Is passible but could use some work)
  • Vhoran System (There should be more to this mission since the Iconians seem to play a larger part. In effect it should be a prelude to the mission where you go to Iconia.)

- New Factions:
  • Romulans (Romulan, Reman, Hirogen)
  • Dominion (Founders, Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Dosi, Karemma, Cardassians and Breen)
- Different mission types - Diplomacy, research, intelligence, career missions, etc.
- Improve crafting.
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03-01-2010, 04:43 PM
Fun game, a lot of potential here. But being Star Trek it also has a lot to live up to, especially in depth.

Short Term

  • Difficulty Slider for solo and team. Would prefer to see this create stronger and smarter enemies as opposed to adding more cannon fodder.
  • Ability to Respec for yourself and your bridge officers.
  • Typo fixes and improved skill descriptions. Also mission objectives should be clearer regarding where you need to go.

Mid Term

  • Crafting really needs to have its own interface, with craftable items being at least somewhat dependent on your class. There should also be an option to use different materials to get custom or unique results. As it is, we can get the same items much easier from exploration or pvp rewards.
  • Ability to increase a ship's effective tier. Allow players to invest in their favorite class of ship, adding the appropriate weapon and equipment slots, BO stations, etc. It should be costly perhaps, but possible.
  • Reinforce teaming/more group content. Let us have a variety or missions geared especially for teams. The Crystalline Entity is on the right track, though a bit too much for its level bracket. Don't be afraid to challenge us and get inventive with the universe! Also, a sense of community goes a long way toward keeping people playing.

Long Term

  • Let us get to know our own ships! Much of the action and drama in Star Trek takes place on key locations aboard ship, such as the bridge, engineering, sickbay, and crew quarters. Let us customize and visit these areas with our friends, whether we're on break, repelling unwanted guests, or making emergency repairs.
  • New classes and races. A civilian or trader class could be fun.
  • More exploration and diplomacy. Star Trek is all about facing the unknown and unexpected. The galaxy is vast... there should be dozens of large, out of the way deep space sectors and mysterious planets we can explore at a whim without feeling channeled there. We need diplomatic missions where we can choose between going in with phasers blazing or trying to talk sense into the parties involved, with what we say or how we act influencing the mission's outcome.

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