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03-01-2010, 05:11 PM
Currently, here's my top list.

Short Term:
  • Admiral rank insignia texture for my TNG uniforms please. it's missing.
  • you should be able to have one officer accompany you anywhere, even starbases, the bridge. should be added with the XO, but player can select any one officer as escort (aside from standard away team missions)
  • Star Trek is many things to many people. Music can help to tie all the together. I want to see the game engine look in custom music folders for incidental music, such as combat, planetary exploration, sector map, etc. The game should look for any mp3 tracks in the specific folder and play one at random. The game plays certain tracks based on various conditions. Just let us substitute our own tunes, but in the context of the game's incidental music categories. Simply using an external mp3 player fails to capture the dynamic mood of the game's rapidly changing settings, and the tracks that shipped with the game will get old fast. For reinforcing the game's long-term replayability, this is a very simple thing to offer players to extend the life of their interest in STO while allowing them to create their own personal content.

If you really want to take the initiative, make a deal to release TOS and TNG (at least) music packs as add-ons for the game, allowing players to tailor their game experience by selecting a specific official Star Trek musical score that best matches their favorite incarnation of Star Trek. Personally I own a bunch of TOS soundtrack albums, but if you were to release a nice TOS music pack for STO, I would buy it.

Medium Term:

  • Less Whack-A-Mole, more interface usability and automation, such as auto-fire, double click course correction, orbit target, maintain distance from target
  • More uniforms, crew, interiors, ships, ship interiors, inventory space, XO, bug fixes
  • more variety in episodes/missions. not everything is about pew pew.
  • you need to fix some of the more ridiculous ways to die before you introduce penalties for dying
  • better crew AI, delegation of tasks/orders to officers (scan anomaly here, attack here, defend here) individually or in groups (common RTS behavior)
Long Term:
  • The ability to play the game effectively from a starship interior/bridge
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03-01-2010, 06:34 PM
1. Change pvp Queue logic to remove people from other queues when joining matches (will help matches from being uneven for to long because people in matches have a 1min time out to leave the queue for other matches still)
2. Fix Klingon captian shield rewards vendor, they are using the wrong badges types
3. Respecing

1. More reward options for Klingons from PVP
2. A tier 2 cruiser ship for Klingons
3. Exploration missions for Klingons

1. More PVP maps
2. More open pvp zones (like the borg war zone)
3. Balancing skills for use in pvp
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03-01-2010, 07:47 PM
Although I do not have 3 per category. I would like to see more player-designed and complex starships.
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03-01-2010, 08:10 PM
mid-long term:
I would like to have more quest per system avg. 2-3 quest then move to the next system. Also beable to do more than one quest at a time and also have more AI in each system even some boss ship that you can get skills from or just pick on for the fun of it.

I feel like the quest are very much a like with very little difference between them. kinda gets boring. I would also like to see the ground play go more like a FPS game give the player more control over their characters

Dont get me wrong i do like this game and find it to be fun and also feel that it will do great. This game has alot of potential.
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03-01-2010, 09:09 PM
Short: Tetryon Beam Arrays on exploration vendors
Mid: Respecs
Long: Romulans Playable
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03-01-2010, 09:32 PM
My $.02 of suggestions...

Short term:
- Proper completion of Klingons as a full faction with its own PvE campaign. This is overdue.

- Game "universe" seems small due to the small number of destinations; somehow the sense of scale
the game creates makes the various territories seem a little cramped space-wise. Expand the amount
of sectors (or desintations per sector/sector size) for all factions' respective play areas (where
feasible/practical), along with the number of potential destinations. This also provides additional
destinations for use with future mission additions/future functionality.

- Profession and/or ship-specific missions/misison arcs in addition to the main episodes and one-offs.
Perhaps the Starfleet Corps of Engineers asks for the player specifically; others may be doing work in
cooperation with the Vulcan Science Academy, and so forth.

- Additonal player races/ships/campaigns:
* Romulans & Cardassians (seems a foregone conclusion at this point).
* Federation/KDF member races' respective ship types, where practical.
* Ferengi (for the profit-minded among us).
* Tholians/Borg (unlockable bonus races?).

- Neutral Zone open RvR style play.

- Possibly expand the use of transwarp to a few key areas at or near specific "front lines" (may become
neccesary if the above increase in territory size is done).

- Continual improvement on the Genesis Device system to make it more dynamic as well as reduce the
number of repetetive and/or nonsensical missions generated (Borg doing social engineering before
taking over? I don't think so! And, yes, I actually got this). Functionality for possible return visits
to "discovered" systems and/or limited multipart story arcs should also be considered. Will that first
contact mission be a one-off, or will they decide to open trade, attack, or perhaps voluntarily
(or perhaps involuntarily, in the case of the more aggressive/villainous factions) join your faction?
Having some profession-specific missions put into the mix would be a plus here also.
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03-01-2010, 09:55 PM
>Short Term
autofire, and something akin to a cargo bay on your ship so that data samples/commodoties dont needlessley take up your player inventory.

I would Love to have those wall/ceiling textures from memory alpha on my bridge.

>Long Term
unique customization options. (ship textures/custom craft options)
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03-01-2010, 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by zinc View Post
Awesome thread guys.

Short Term:
Want to, but can't write a response on every single issue in here - to be honest, we're trolling and spending our time tracking the issues down to get you fixes ASAP. The gold spamming, the fleet banks, the commodity missions, memory alpha issues - all those things we're trying to address as fast (and more importantly as smart) as we can.

Mid Term and Long Term:
I'm, right this instant, using this as one of the main threads to gather update suggestions from. Keep it coming, keep it coming.

Cryptic, don't be "cryptic" on what changes you're making to the game. Let us know what you're working on through the website. It is not enough to say "this change will happen someday...", give us some more specific time frames and furthermore, release patch notes as far in advance as possible. It doesn't matter if you have to amend, add, or subtract from them as the dev team deems fit, just let us know so we're not wondering if our issues will ever be addressed.

I know you guys are working hard (and you should be), but you'll get a lot of nerd rage off your backs if you just throw us a bone here and there with as many updates on how the game will progress.
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03-02-2010, 04:41 AM
Short Term

Fix the broken missions.
I need to agree with the weapon holster.
Make Memory Alpha progress trackable.

Mid Term

Klingon storyline that fits ST lore.
More diverse Fed missions that fits ST lore.

Long Term

Cryptic have stated that Romulans and (I assume) True Way will become playable factions. Have a story arc in place for these before you throw them on. The Romulans rebuilding. Now that shouldn't be too difficult for you?
If these factions are to be added fair enough. If not, Galactic Domination campaigns for Feds and Klingons, though would obviously be much more interesting and enjoyable with other playable factions, however you'd need to increase the map allowance for it to work.


STO has the bones of a very good MMO. However, I'm not sure Cryptic has the ambition, vision or maybe money to flesh it out and make it a GREAT MMO. Ignoring all the broken quests and other bugs, the Federation story arc is incomplete. Where are the diplomatic missions, First Contacts etc. The Klingon Empire needs a story. A label has been stuck on this faction saying "Stay away unless you are a hardcore PvPer/grinder". Every faction deserves the same amount of attention. Not everyone wants to be Fed, you know. From my first hour of playing all I've heard is "Endgame, Endgame, Endgame". I play MMOs because it gives you the chance to build a character you can feel, somewhat, invested in. Being given an endgame in the first year doesn't make sense to me. Cryptic could constantly build on high level content. As I say, I don't think they know what they've got here, or lack the stones to do it properly. I hope I'm wrong!!
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03-02-2010, 05:50 AM
Mid term: Melee weapons for the Federation. As it is, those swordmasters are driving me insane, and I noticed on the Klingon side, they have their melee weapon equipped as an item for the player. I'd love to see something similar on the Federation side.

Long term: Customizable ship interiors. Yes, I know it's been said before, but that was one of my favorite parts about Galaxies when I played, and I miss it.

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