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03-02-2010, 10:39 AM
Short Term:
Definitely graphical glitches on ships. My Constitution struts do not interface well with the Excalibur hull.

Mid/Long Term:
Redesign the way the weapons work, I'll post what I made in a thread yesterday:
Instead of skills like Phasers, Tetryon, and Photon, what if weapons had a set of 3 traits, pulled from 3 binary sets.

For example, the 3 sets could be A-B, C-D, E-F. Phasers could be ACE, while Disrupters could be BDE, Tetryons ACF, etc (as a side note, this allows for 8 types of weapons rather than the current 6). So if you wanted to max your phasers you'd skill in the A, C, and E skills. Doing so would put you at twice specialized in 3 other weapons, once in another 3, and not at all in 1.

Thus, weapon choice would depend solely on the special ability (and other factors, such as look in game) and not at all on skill point cost.
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03-02-2010, 12:53 PM

1. Add 'last on' column to fleet registry so we can see who's active, etc. (beyond the log, which is great!)
2. Fix anomaly spawn or recipe so the large quantity of radiation is useful instead of being a waste to get.


1. Fix ground mission spawn points of Anomalies. This has a habit of interrupting flow or at least frustrating me that I can't 'pull' the anomaly out of the ground - but would be neat to do so - 'dig option'?
2. Add fleet bank to replicator functions- or at least let fleet members view contents.
3. Allow ranking officers to remotely set fleet bank options.
4. Provision quests - they seem to only happen when I DONT have the provision needed. Can there at least be a special requisition action to attain the items and get back to mission point?
5. Adjust shielding of Escorts higher or give them a dmg received debuff - seems the prior adjustment made it so I have to keep 'full' shields on all the time to be able to keep up with same level ships in battle - I should be able to do so at easy parts with an = setting, not a full shielded setting. I think you've almost got it, but just on the more challenging side of the equation right now- unless you're speaking PvP where an escort doesn't last as long if 2 ships are on her.


1. Enable Fleet Battle groups - extended sets of teams available for fleet missions (maybe certain 'regular' missions too - so a full fleet can really deal with an issue, but not have 'public' players in it.
2. Employ system control battles with shifting 'control' zones, but also 'diplomatic' zones so a 'peaceful' faction can receive benefits by using diplomatic means of improving gameplay. EG: Klingon is at war with Federation, allied trade wise with Romulans, allied travel wise with Card faction and enemies with the Remans/borg. The Federation is at war with the Undine, Federation, allied trade with Romulans, allied travel with Card faction and neutral with rest. Diplomacy and War is determined by ownership of control points and Fleet actions.
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03-02-2010, 01:09 PM
Just some ideas and points i would like to make, my adds are in yellow.

Bottom line: When -- if -- you see Queues, they should be much shorter and stability will be much better.
Add another server ( Make it open pvp or RP or Euro )

Game Adjustments:Now that the game is out and in your loving hands, we're taking long, hard looks at everything each and every one of you is interested in seeing changed.
Cruiser turn rates? (No brainer)
Death penalties ( A must, cant carebear forever)
Respec (No skill cap or atlest give us a way to improve our char after max skill other then loot/epics )
Difficulty Slider ( Sorry but we really need one, ether only for the higher dif or over all, STO shouldent be carebear ) if nothing else it has to be add for raid content
More open auto-fire Only on ground battles, doing afk battles in space isnt star trek
Replayable missions ( Really a must and soon but pointless with a skill cap )
Improving Memory Alpha ( Add real crafting, even if some say it isnt ST, we need somthing to do at max lvl/skill
Fixing those Commodity missions ( come up with somthing better )
And there are a bunch more. We’ve heard you and are working on all these issues, but we want to make sure that they come out clean and finished. We hate rushing out features – it inevitably leads to us accidentally breaking things we didn’t have time to test. I dunno – like the Red Matter Capacitor or something… (Sorry love sto but you need to hire more people)

Special Task Force: InfectedWe're in the final stages of testing the first STF (the five-man raids we internally referred to as "Raidisodes"). STF: Infected is just about ready to release. If you keep the skill cap you better have a new one each week

After Infected, we'll roll out more STFs. "The Cure", "The Khitomer Accord" and "Into the Hive" are all coming along nicely. We look forward to regularly releasing these and seeing what everyone thinks. (These should be epic hard and long along the lines of 10 hour to complete total for each one, ofc split into sub missions etc)

Update 1: Classy Marketable Name Coming SoonThe first major update is receiving a final coat of paint, too.

There's quite a lot of genuinely cool stuff in Update 1: Classy Marketable Name Coming Soon. Expect to see it pushed to the newly revived Tribble Public Test Shard over the next couple weeks.

New Klingon ships? Oh, my yes. And they look...awesome. Re-specs are also coming, of course. All of Cryptic can't wait to see that particular feature out the door. New PvP maps and Fleet Actions are rather nice, too. (Need a few zones with open pvp and a neutral bar/city were we can all meet and talk)

Beyond Update 1?Right now, we're planning it. We haven't set the future of STO's content into stone because so much of it will be determined by you, but we're laying out what we'd like to focus on for the next 6 to 12 months.

Who are the Undine and what drives them?
How can we better exploit the Genesis System to create even more compelling content?
Where can we boldly go next? Where shall we take exploratory missions, as there's so much potential there? ( maybe were no game has gone before? )
Which faction should be playable next? Romulan? Cardassian? Pakled? Dominion? Horta? Okay, not so much the Pakleds. ( as long as its well done then i dont care )

Ship interiors (Improve you income, let us watch episodes for TOS TNG DS9 on our ships view screen, add commercials 2 or 3 max. You should make alot of cash, add In game missions based off the shows, rewards being unlocked episodes; goal unlock the whole series
First Officers, (should be made into a second char with a skill tree like our main char, the options to have the first officer beam down instead of the capt is a must, You FO should not allowed to be changed or deleted)
Fleet advancement... You have subscribed to a service that delivers a universe unending, and we shall see that universe populated with compelling content or, by the Prophets, we will die trying. ( Then fix sector space )

I also feel we need more then 3 playable classes

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03-02-2010, 01:57 PM
Short-Mid Term:
  • Get sharing working (twitter, facebook)
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# 1115 Prioritized Suggestions
03-02-2010, 02:27 PM
Short term:
Clarify in-game text and out-of-game documentation. Typos are one thing - and bad writing is another - but when it comes to rule explanations (particularly skill descriptions) the language needs to be self-consistent and unambiguous. The writing in general is thin and colorless, but doesn't make up for this in clarity.

Clean up Bridge Officer pathing, particularly in some of the more exotic environments (e.g. fire caves on Bajor). As player pets, BOs are remarkably smart (particularly in how they use abilities), except when it comes to walking around corners or jumping over a railing.

Provide some narrative guidance for Klingon faction characters. You could make the rather small range of currently available options more exciting and compelling with a few extra NPC mission-givers who take a personal interest in your rise to power.

I'm not sure if this is a reasonable mid-range suggestion, but it might be. Consider adding B-plots to the existing missions to make them more distinctive and interesting. This could be as simple as building a range of small sub-plot missions that could be randomly (or otherwise) attached to the currently repetitive (and in terms of storytelling, somewhat unimaginative) missions.

Don't get me wrong - there are some excellent missions out there. I also really, really like the "Patrol a Sector" approach - it marks an excellent synthesis of the Star Trek cosmos with the gameplay styles of MMOs. But simply running around from point to point (sometimes having to hunt for low-to-the-ground graphics) and clicking "F" is not much of a story. It could be ... without having to change much ... if you added a B-plot to the adventure.

Other MMOs do this with concurrent questing - where you can be spending time in a persistent area achieving multiple tasks at once. In STO, you could do this in classic Star Trek style by introducing "guest star" type characters whose interests add necessary pressure to the plot. For example, consider:

"Galileo 7" - basically, a point-and-click rescue mission. Except that the sensors aren't working and there's a Federation commissioner breathing down the Captain's neck. Standard "go there, get that thing, fight the natives" type ground mission - except that all the bridge officers are arguing with Spock's command style. ... and bridge officers actually die.

"The Doomsday Machine" - I love that there's an appearance of the planet-killer in STO, and it works very nicely! Think about what makes the TV episode work, however, in terms of how to make other missions (particularly random ones) more interesting. What if you answer a distress call by a Fed ship, and while on your away mission, the other Captain takes control as the ranking officer? This happens tons of times on each of the various shows - and compresses the action, makes it more exciting, raises the stakes.

Voyager's character arcs. It might seem a little forced, but character friction and romance can go a long way. Even just having an NPC be someone from one of your officers' pasts - not a famous Trek person! Just someone that they knew back in the academy - would add depth and flavor, particularly if, while fighting the Borg, you're occasionally running through dialogue trying to keep them working together. For that matter, think about "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - what makes that story work is that the Captain has to kill his best friend. Character relationships make for successful drama, particularly in Star Trek.

My suggestion, then, is to build off the successful mixture of ground and space action that you've currently built by adding in subplots (which could blossom into plot and endgame arcs if you invest time in it) that make each repeated existing adventure more interesting and more distinctive than the last.

One last point - to put this another way: I don't buy that I can legitimately find six or more planets visited by the Gorgons (from "And the Children Shall Lead ..."). But if I kept finding these planets because I had taken on a Federation Commissioner or Admiral who had an axe to grind with the Gorgons - and so kept steering my ship to places where I might find them - suddenly a random, repeated mission becomes a major story arc. Just by adding a B-plot. Put your stories together - tell 'em two at a time - and you'll have made a quantum leap in MMO design.

I've been watching some old episodes while I play, and this revealed an interesting problem. Take "Mirror, Mirror," from TOS - in this episode, McCoy endangers his crew's chances of going home in order to save the evil Spock. Kirk doesn't have the evil Chekov killed, and orders that his punishment be stopped. These characters go out of their way to avoid harming people. By contrast, just about every mission (particularly in space) I get a report from Starfleet that says I'm authorized to use whatever force is necessary. I can't stun my opponents and I have to blow up (rather than simply disable or disarm) enemy ships.

I get it - it's an MMO, combat-based, and you've made an excellent choice by situating the action during a major war. But I really wish I had more opportunities to make command decisions in this environment - which you've done a great job creating - that said something about who i think my character is. The Section 31 mission is a step in the right direction ... it was a profound moment of choice that got me into my character, and made me feel like the game had re-created Trek beautifully. But I think there needs to be more careful and fundamental thinking about mission structure that makes this kind of experience more consistent and more pervasive ... kind of like the console games that allow stealth/diplomacy/combat options for progression, and kind of like the ethical branching used in Star Wars KOTOR. It wouldn't have to be too radical to be successful - you've already got disabling functions built in. But I feel deeply that to honor the Star Trek cosmos, there need to be ways to play the game without killing everything you meet.

One final suggestion, and this could be short-range, mid-range, or long-range:
Please write mission and NPC text more carefully. Give these characters some actual character - different attitudes towards you, different reactions based on your dialogue choices, different racial responses (so that species means something more than just racial bonuses). This could be very deep as well as a more or less cosmetic fix - imagine if not EVERY Klingon had something to say about your prowess as a warrior, or if not EVERY Vulcan had something to say about the logic of your actions (i'm reminded to the Vulcan crew in "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" on DS9, and of the Cardassians we meet throughout that show). What if you knew some of these people ("It's been years since our academy days - you owe me a favor")? What if you had a chance to cop an attitude towards them - even if it didn't make a substantial impact on gameplay, it would add a lot of flavor and depth to dialogue that often reads as flat and repetitive.

I'm taking a break from STO after spending most of my waking hours playing it for the last month. The bugs have become too frequent and the rewards too few. The game is an excellent start, and while I think it was unduly rushed, I find it to be one of the best Star Trek games and one of the best space exploration games I've played in twenty years ... but it's terribly, terribly frustrating to see so much promise and feel as if it might be squandered or broken by the failure of our collective imaginations. But I'm really, really looking forward to coming back in a few months to see how the game has improved ... because I think it's in good hands, and has some tremendous potential.
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03-02-2010, 03:13 PM
i really really really really really really doubt they are going to read through 112 pages of all these things that players want. it would be a huge waste of their time because every one wants something from diffrent..

this game need to be pulled offline for a year, which will give their whole team time to go through all these posts and determine what sto is missing then make sure its all in the game and the game works.. then in a years time try a rerelease of the game.

haha ive been reading through these posts and according to what every one wants to see changed, it sums up to be pretty much the entire content of the game. lol every body has something diffrent they want to change and all the comments combined eqautes to the entire game. its quite funny if you have the time to sit here and read them.
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03-02-2010, 07:25 PM
Short Term -

1. Additional Character slot (s) - With many people hitting lvl cap, they want to try other character types. With only 3 slots with standard version of game, we can't even explore every clas type without deleting another character. In the current configuration of the game, this means we would need at least 5 slots. Fed: Tac, Eng, Sci and 2 slots for Klingon variations.

This will make people subscribe for a longer period, isn't that the point?

2. Fleet Identification. This will help develope the community at - large, it sparks interest beyond the content.

This will make people subscribe for a longer period, isn't that the point?

3. Fleet instances only (see stickied post). Fleets that play together, stay together.

This will make people subscribe for a longer period, isn't that the point?

I won't even bother with mid term or long term, because if the short term is not done, the other two won't happen anyway.
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03-03-2010, 03:50 AM
I like Space opera games and Star trek univers.
Iam going try to explain you my requests with my difficulty in english.

Short term :
Good translation of text (French for me but other language of course).
Simple and complet tutorial for beginers (Urgent).

Mid term :
More ships, class.
Space shuttle...

Long term :
Visit planet with ships or shuttle as in SPORE game.
I like space exploration mod of Spore, my dream is one game combine Spore space exploration mode with star trek univers.
Spore is not perfect but good ideas for those like space and planet exploration.
Sure, if possible another mission, colonisation planet, teraformation etc...more pacific and scientific mission but some battle i like.
Manage your space ship crew some capitain of submarin or ship...I like this in Star trek enterprise series....
Of Course, visit all your ship on 3d and interact with your crew.
Play the game in interrior view of your ship...
visit all planet, more reality etc...
Navigat in warp same freelancer game, is realy mor realistic and fun!!!
Damage on your ship with asteroid, meteorit and all environment, more realistic space exploration.

I have lot of ideas but is it lot of work.
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03-03-2010, 04:15 AM
short term:

- more content asap. If there is ANY reason NOT to play a game, its that theres nothing to do.
- resolve Bugs: BOFFS on planet dont always behave the way they should (sometimes they stop following you); there are still plenty of anomalies that cant be scanned cause they are in the ground etc.

- More variety on missions. We REALLY want to go where no one has gone before. GOOD episodic content like ST:TNG was all about. Not always "hey, chart these asteroids. Look sir, Orions are guarding their mining facilities. OBLITERATE EVERYONE!!!"
- More ships, too
- rework the skill system. With this cap there is NO reason to skill any ground skill, so they could also be removed. Either grant special "ground XP" or make those skills useful (although ground combat already IS easy as hell)

- more playable races with enough pve-content
- things to do on the bridge
- things to do as a fleet
- more voices in the universe
- NEW (not reworked series-)content. Right now every mission feels like "right. What have they dug out for this mission? Ah, the Pah wraiths". Invent something new!
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[this post deals mostly with the Long term edge]

I am very happy with the graphics, UI and the content so far, I have hit level Cap and other than the the daily exploration in the B'Tarn there's is no more content for the feds { pvp aside (I am not much for PVP)}. In that I mean for instance take a look at World Of ******** after you hit there Level cap there is still tons of content Raids galore and tough monsters to fight and reputation to earn with other Race's of your Faction to be able to buy that race's accessories. I am a huge Trekkie I would hate to see this game die in its beginning years. Let me reiterate I am in love with this game so far but I am getting a little antsy when it comes to the content. Please I beg of you Cryptic, please come up with more content.

Note. You could try to bring in out-side help like someone from Blizzards DEV team I am sure you could come up with an arrangement of some sort mutually beneficial to both parties. I mean I don't find anything wrong with asking opinions from a group of people that have an extensive understanding with the MMO world.

PS. I thought this might the best place for this post.

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