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03-03-2010, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Trace_Thorne

Long-term requests

[color="yellow"]These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.
I want the devs to go play a game from the 1900s called Frontier First encounters. It had more solar systems than than Eve. Planets could be landed on. It had a huge, in depth trading system. It had mining. There were assasination missions. It had a bunch of in game newspapers. It was awesome and it was made, like, twenty years ago.

Make that, but a star trek version with modern graphics.
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03-03-2010, 10:23 AM
Just like to say, my first post on here, so hiya everyone and also not sure which would be in the right request bits, so if it seems like a longer term thing then I've put it in just count it in there heh, anyways.

Short-term requests
  • Easier to understand Mission Briefs (mainly the location of some systems etc)
  • Maybe another way to move items in inventory then dragging them (maybe select then click again to destination to move)
  • Safe Spawning in DSEs
  • Felt like adding a forth here, but maybe making it so that you don't acciedently end up typing in the chat when trying to shoot or fly something.
  • And a fifth, make things more funny, Star Trek does have some funny bits in, so alittle humour here and there, but this one isn't nessersary.

Mid-term requests
  • More Races (Space is filled with more then just Humans, Vulcans, Trills and the random Klingon) which could be bought with Cryptic points to make them races avilable to the player as either character choices or bridge crew.
  • More Ship Class models per type in each tier (example New Orleans, Excelsior etc) which could also be avilable with Cryptic points.
  • More varitiy in Mission types, not just combat ones or maybe getting boarded by attackers etc.

Long-term requests
  • More Sectors to explore, like the gap between the main fed space and the DS9 sector, I've got a trek map book if needing ideas for planets to put in there, but Gamma Quadrant (if not already there) would give alot more content and more creative freedom to the devs as its still mostly unexplored.
  • Prob already in the works, but correct interiors for each class, I want to be able to feel a difference between a Galaxy class to a Cheyenne Class etc.
  • Option to be able to Micro-manage ship systems abit more.
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03-03-2010, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by ikenstein
I want the devs to go play a game from the 1900s called Frontier First encounters. It had more solar systems than than Eve. Planets could be landed on. It had a huge, in depth trading system. It had mining. There were assasination missions. It had a bunch of in game newspapers. It was awesome and it was made, like, twenty years ago.

Make that, but a star trek version with modern graphics.
Also I've got that game, and the 2 games before it (Elite, Frontier: Elite 2 and FFE is the 3rd in the series), it had proper physics, it uses a system to generate the star systems on the fly to reduce storage space by using just afew variables. Elite the first game was on the BBC microcomputer and had 7 galaxies with 256 unique systems in each one, all fitted on a single disk (the old ones).

Sorry just noticed the post and thought I'd add bit onto it, but the series introduced open ended games into the industry.
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03-03-2010, 10:59 AM
Short Term: A way to look at the local maps of other sectors without being in that sector.

Mid Term: Expansion of skill sets and further fine-tuning of professions.

Long Term: Allowing the player to establish a home base or territory with bonuses unique to it. The idea which I proposed in a different thread was that once explored, a particular planet desires to join the Federation and Starfleet appoints you to that star system as patrol ship/liaison. The player could use merit points or exploration points to help establish/build a base, receive random missions that are centered on that star system plus give you a special place to access the Federation Bank or store your loot.
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03-03-2010, 12:15 PM
1. Skip Tutorial Option.
2. Increased Klingon PVE content.
3. Work out the "Science Team III" issue for Science officers. What do you have to do to train it and make it work.
4. Increase number of items available for sale from regular vendors as well as exploration and pvp vendors.
5. More endgame stuff including fleet actions.

1. New zones including pvp zones. Zones on other side of worm hole, more klingon zones, etc would be good.
2. Joint Fleet Actions with other faction for really big events.
3. Implementation of periodic big events like monthly or quarterly crises or something. E.g: Borg invasion, Dominion invasion, new outside super behemoth ship invasion or somethiing.
4. More missions to canon Star Trek locales. E.g: missions through DS9 wormhole, more time travel, etc.
5. Increased number of ship types to choose from, further increase variety of options. Greater customization is a must. Possibly consider player design feature of ships and components.
6. Allow Klingons to choose from Gorn and Orion ships.
7. New Kinds of Exploration missions--First Contact, or somesuch.
8. True Z dimension in space combat, or at least the option to implement it.

1. Implementation of a Diplomacy system. This would lead to new kinds of diplomatic missions and possibly modifying existing missions for a diplomatic end, in classic Trek style.
2. Once ship interiors are implemented allow customization of the interiors. From colors, general appearance, to selection of the appearance of key sections of the ship (engineering, medical bay, ready rooms, etc.). Allow customization of personal quarters or ready rooms for displaying trophies and such.
3. With ship interiors added allow missions onboard the ship or at least parts of missions.
4. Boarding actions onboard ship, yours as well as others.
5. Player made missions, like CoH has done.
6. Implementation of New Factions such as Romulan, Dominion, Kardassian. A Mirror Universe Faction might be interesting.
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03-03-2010, 01:59 PM
how about adding more items to the cstore like dresses and skirts for the rest of us ethat cannot afford the deluxe set all the cstore has is two carracters to buy
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03-03-2010, 04:23 PM
Short term
- Fix UI for Auction House: Add more sorting filters. Highlight non-usable items more clearly. Allow copy and paste names. Add a reset button.
- Fix Ground combat: Either fix what there is or enhance what there is to make is useful and fun. Add more ground attacks, allow better BO control and placement, more BO commands like concentrate fire here and attack most powerful enemy and even flanking the enemy.
- Ability to add more Bridge officers to your crew (not to the Bridge). There is no reason to have X number of BOs and Y number of BOs “waiting to be assigned”. Just let them all be active so the player can build them up and use them as they wish.

Mid Term
- Expand the Crafting system. Add customizations to existing items like new Turret models, new mine models, colorize phaser beams; Create land vehicles, Create anti gravity boots, create jewelry, etc.
- More intuitive Missions. Rescues, Diplomatic relations, First contacts, Undercover (as Romulans/Klingons/etc), More recurring NPC interactions, Section 31, the player’s ship being boarded when shields are down in combat, etc.
- More Ship use. Where is Ten Forward/Pub? I want to meet/see the rest of my 400 crew members? I want to access information on the Bridge. Can I have a Captains quarters? Allow me to use the ship’s inventory as my own, etc.

Long term
- Class specializations / Career paths. This could even expand to non-military professions like Archeologist, Historian, Inventor, Diplomat, etc.
- Bridge officer interactivity. Allow my BOs to get hurt in space combat. Have them be out of action for a day or so. Have them interact with me saying they want a promotion or want to be on the next away team, etc. Have one turn traitor or go missing. Have them be apart of my gaming experience and Star Trek story.
- More Classes for players and NPCs. Add the Chiefs – Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Security, Chief Engineer. Add Ships Counselor. Add the Starfleet Departments – Intel, Science, Engineering, Starship construction, Special Forces, etc. Skies the limit here!
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03-03-2010, 04:52 PM

  • Risa Vacation uniform option, perhaps purchased from the c-stor for 300 points, adds a third uniform option. Male/female option
  • Up to two additional uniform slots, perhaps purchased from c-store for 100 points each
  • Casual clothing option in the Uniform vendor list. This may include dresses, pants, skirts, beachwear etc, essentially all the above plus more.

  • More depth to worlds. Make Paris and San Fran (mini versions) on earth, add hotel/resort to Risa, make chairs/benches selectable to auto emote you in place.

  • Additional Starship crafting options per tier with more classes
  • More uniform choices for klingons, including not so bulky feet and some ;ess klingon-like designs for the non-klingon species in the list.
  • More areas added to each starbase/outpost for Roleplay purposes.

To touch more on the short term clothing/uniform requests, I will dabble a little in list of options:

NOTE: Klingon Empire races should have access to the casual menu if it were implemented.


  • None: Will be a bare torso for male, beach bikini/bra for female
  • Leather Jacket, open down the middle with an undershirt
  • Short sleeved plain shirt
  • Long sleeved plain shirt
  • Short sleeved formal buttoned shirt with collar, 2 or 3 top buttons undone
  • Long Sleeved formal buttoned shirt with collar 2 or 3 buttons undone
  • Long sleeved formal shirt with collar & tie
  • Suit jacket + shirt and tie

  • None: Beach shorts for male, beach bikini/underwear for female
  • Leather Pants
  • Skirt
  • Denim Jeans
  • Tight sports shorts

  • None: Bare feet
  • Plain ankle high shoes
  • General starfleet uniform options from the other uniform lists
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03-03-2010, 05:38 PM
Another Short, possibly mid term request:

Full Support for the Xbox 360 Controller, and the Chatpad. These 2 things in conjunction would be IDEAL for STO (and a lot of other PC games as well). The controller for easy movement plus basic actions, the chatpad for quickly using abilities, ect.
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03-03-2010, 07:00 PM
A pop up or something letting you know you could be fired on by other players. I was in a zone of space I had been in before. All of a sudden I am getting repeatedly attacked by a player. Didn't happen when I was there before. From the mission log that I read, there was no mention that I would be entering a pvp area. I hate pvp, I have participated in it in other games and I don't care for it. Now I am going to have to search to find a list of zones to stay out of. To make sure I don't accept a mission that is in one of these places.

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