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Changing perspective from one character to one "STO show"?

Someone else has mentioned the idea of promoting one of your bridge officers to a second character slot. If they can do this, it would be interesting if they changed our perspective on whom we're playing as in the game. Instead of thinking of ourselves as individual captains, our play experience is instead centered around our "show." That is, there is no one main character but instead, we control/focus on one character of our bridge crew ensemble at a time just as on the show where one episode might be the "Worf episode" and another the "Doctor episode" (boy, were there a lot of those...).

New Away Team Dynamic
It wouldn't change anything when you're in space, but when you beam down, for instance, you choose your away team as usual, but you also choose which character you want to control for that instance (I think giving you total freedom to change characters once the ground instance has started would take too much away from the feeling that your bridge crew are separate people and not just puppets).

Thus, while it might make sense on a smaller ship captained by a Lt Cmdr for the commanding officer to beam down most of the time, once you reach the rank of Captain or Admiral, you'll end up sending down your first officer instead. Because you're already leveling your bridge officers, this shouldn't punish you too harshly for not sending down your highest ranking main character of the captain.

This also means that you could get a little taste of what the other character classes are like without starting over. In space, your captain's class determines your particular abilities, but on the ground, maybe you'll choose to have your more tactical first officer clean things up while your science captain watches from orbit.

Death of a Series Regular

Now where this gets interesting is that you could have a possible "meaningful death penalty" that is more than just a time sink and not as harsh as a permadeath for the entire player's experience. Perhaps some players could check an option to allow one character to die if the entire away team gets wiped out, even if that includes your captain. Maybe ol' baldy (meaning the player who chose to beam down his captain character) should have listened to his number one on a particularly nasty encounter with the Klingons...

Who dies could either be chosen randomly by the game or the player could be given the literal task of picking who lives and dies (and it can't be just a red shirt). Now, the player has to live with that consequence, but he or she doesn't have to start over. Instead, their "STO show"'s story continues on (and perhaps with a bit more emotional weight behind it).
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03-03-2010, 09:14 PM
Short-term requests

Being able to log out into character screen

Replacing the copy and pasted quests in the exploration areas with new and exciting and quests.

Ability to toggle sector space on and off.

Mid-term requests

Adding to the Crafting system to it is a real crafting system and not just an upgrading system.

Most fluff stuff like Tribble breading. Time sinks, things to do that don't involve leveling.(very important IMO)

Expanding the social areas to have actual things to do there.

Sorry need a 4th. More functional bridges. Access the exchange(to check prices only. Hail star fleet. An in wall replicator. A captains chair that is easily sat in.

And a 5th - Death penalty of some sort.

Long-term requests

Full ship interiors. Ten forward engineering, cargo bays, sick bay, quarters, jefferies tubes you name it Including holo-decks (for recreating previously visited places and even missions content. OH NOES THE HOLODECK BROKE hehe) Fully functional bridges capable of navigating sector space from the bridge. (I'd pay CP for this stuff)

More diverse missions like Ghost Ship involving odd never before seen alien species that do not exist the way we do.. Missions involving your ships full interiors. Missions beaming down or piloting a shuttle craft to a non M class planet or ships without life support, derelict Borg ships ECT. Fist contact missions as well as observing non warp even primitive cultures. Missions where you have to solve a mystery. Fail-able missions. Diplomacy missions. Lot of less violent missions. Violence is okay just more of a balance of less violent missions to go along with it.

More 5 mans raidisodes including raidisodes at earlier levels like Commander. !0 man STFs and maybe even 25 man. Along with the ability to form a pre-made team up with as many members.
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03-03-2010, 09:15 PM
Joysticks, with full programmable button support for advanced sticks.

More varied missions (see oblivion/fallout 3)

Use of other devices/tools/parts, larger variety of ships and fewer butt ugly starships.
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03-03-2010, 10:37 PM

Make ground combat a lot faster such as after shields are down health goes quickly, but melee doesn't do as much damage through shields though does bypass to a degree. More akin to what it was in open beta before the last few patches. Death was quick and the combat was harsh. I am not even sure my character can be killed now, but before I died more often and found it more interesting.


Add lots of mini games for anything that the F key would be used for. I want to use the science station or tricorder not simply hit F key and watch a timer bar.


A fairly in depth diplomacy game that could be similar to many of the onilne card games we see. Though card game is used loosly in that the those are just examples of how it can be done.
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Short Term:

Memory Alpha progress indicator and ability to purchase T2 crafting items (to unlock T3) from vendors rather than relying on drops/extortionate exchange prices

Fix buggy quest pickups/rewards surrounding pvp (fed and klingon) and fleet actions (fed)

Ground autofire returned and autofires set to unlimited number (already gone thru 2 keyboards!)

Fix War Zone where feds end up on kilngon teams

EDIT: Just thought of one more - on team based pvp ability to chat just to your side without having to /tell, add every person to the team (which doesnt get everyone) or speak local or zone and end up talking to the enemy

Mid Term:

More kilngon support - more pve, story quests, and increase rate at which klingons can lvl up. At the moment my klingon character is LC3, but with the same time and effort I probably got my fed character to Captain by now.

Much better documentation/support/info on how skill points, multipliers, consoles, weapons specials, BOFF skills, kit skills, etc etc all work. Maybe this would be in the form of increased detail in the tool tips (before and after type things on items/skills that are effected kind of like how the inventory works when u hold over it compares to what you currently have equipped)

Better info on pvp maps, modes, objectives.

Long Term:

More races playable (romulan, cardassian, dominion)

Different types of missions: branching storylines dependant on choices and better use of genesis to randomly generate exploration/patrol missions as they do get very samey. (ie you have many variables in what makes a mission - objectives, location, layout, enemies, friendlies it would be nice to have these mixed up even more as at the moment the B'tran explorations seem to be the following: run around on a station looking for computers (sometimes with borg there sometimes not) rinse repeat. Occasionally fight some ships in space, or occasionaly get called to aid a planet - run away and dont help them!)

Possibility of having "escort" wingmen. ie purchasing ships like the runabout/peregrine fighters/maquis fighters/sabre class/defiant class (in that sort of order) Perhaps a maximum of 2 or 3 of the earlier versions or 1 defiant and you can equip it and crew it with ur BOFFS andit acts like an NPC craft that fights by your side. Am thinking of DS9 episode where the USS Oddessy goes through the wormhole to confront the Jem Hadar (i think it is called Jem Hadar - lol) and was thinking that would be cool to have 3 runabouts flying in formation with my Galaxy, attacking whatever I do and supporting me where they can.
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03-04-2010, 03:22 AM
I have some very simple requests.

Request 1.

Center camera feature

In EVE online there is a feature which allows you to center on another ship. The camera goes over the ship you've centered and you have the same view of that ship as if you were flying your own. This is good because you can admire other peoples ships and also look at your enemies ships too.

Request 2

SKILL remapping

There has to be a way to remap your skills. In eve online you can remap your attributes like once or twice. We should be able to do the same in STO. Or at lest have a feature where we can remap once every 6 months and if we want to remap more we have to do it through Cryptic points or something. But its crazy having setup your skills only to realize that you should have put them elsewhere. I wanted to fly a galaxy ship but I put points into science.... and all the sciences vessels are very whacky... and can you please add the nebula class? or at least allow us to buy it with cryptic points. I have 250 at the moment and I don't really want a klingon or ferengi skin! Much rather have the nebula class star ship!

I personally believe you should allow remaps at any time like the guildwars system but that's depending on whats happening in regards to accounts etc..

Request 3

Star ship space dock exit sequence

I have to admit getting a new ship in STO is great but it really is spoiled by the way it just pops up... It would be awasome to see it being build in space dock and having to wait maybe a hour for it to be ready and then being on the bridge and giving the word to take her out.

Request 4

A auto pilot for your ship

Yep, and not just a regular auto pilot but one that takes you exactly where your mission is supposed to be. And a better star chart system where you can search and find exactly where you have to go. That entire mission system is quite confusing, especially if your new, but I'm somewhat into the game now I still have trouble finding where my mission is supposed to be.
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They got the setting wrong

Most of the stories were with the bridgecrew and on the ship.

They should have back stories of the crew and quests intiated by them- then branch out to stories with planets and in space and on stations and with time travel.

The stories should be more a narrative following science fiction stories- there are a billion of them -hg well's "the chrononaut" was written about 100 years ago,
The hunt and find and kill and tell stories? Maybe if they had "the hunt and find planet of horror"
as a story.
The best story so far is the vulcan ambassador. Why? - well how about a narrative device known as mystery?

They need less stuff- not more. I keep my crew and myself in fabric outfits with standard phasers and we get slaughtered. but at lesat we get slaughtered not wearing multi colored tactical attack uniforms of tommorrow.

That said- less is not more- more is more- less is sometimes preferable tho
- instead of ship batteries and a planet of turn off pylons how about Romulan and Andorian factions and ships?
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03-04-2010, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by attacko
They got the setting wrong
They need less stuff- not more. I keep my crew and myself in fabric outfits with standard phasers and we get slaughtered. but at lesat we get slaughtered not wearing multi colored tactical attack uniforms of tommorrow.
You can hide the armour and kits on you and your bridge officers. Press U to bring up the status window and right click on the armour or kit. Then select hide. I have my team running around in TNG style fabric uniforms as well, only we don't die... ever
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03-04-2010, 03:49 AM
i appreciate the tip there.

I suggest that the tactical screen should have an option that could appear - sitting on the bridge looking out the window as a view and when in combat -like the view of the outside of the ship when the ship starts electical misfiring- the same for the bridge view- with fire and red lights flashing

1st person view

Start from the center and work out- i noticed that things are set in 3's. Three classes of ships
three bridgecrew stations - etc

they should go with 1 or 2's. Meaning 4 classes of ships- 2 visual settings for the player
A MEDICAL OFFICER- (they do have that fourth slot)

the point is - stick to 2d in your attempt to replicate the 3d- the 3d is your computer and your hands and eyes and location.
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03-04-2010, 05:17 AM
Ok, so I noted in the latest announcements that most my primary requests are being addressed.

So, a new list, with some of the same, but mostly not.


  • Post a few pictures of what we can expect of the upcoming off-duty uniforms
  • Risa outfits if not in the off duty option.
  • Star Trek Insurrection Dress Uniform
  • Ability to play certain emotes without attached text, such as "space is sooooooo big" on the tricorder emote. Perhaps tricorder2, mokbara2 (I might have spelt it wrong) etc


  • A Federation Space Station near both Klingon/Romulan PVE areas that has no mission NPC's, only a few guards, and store brokers, but many offices, lounges, mess halls, briefing rooms, cargo bays, shuttle bay etc for which players can use as their own role-play tools. Make these stations boardable by Klingon players so they could mimic boarding attacks.
  • Same as above but a Klingon station for Klingon players.


  • As before, more additions to stations interiors, ship interiors and planets.

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