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# 1201
03-08-2010, 12:33 PM
Not sure if this has been said already because I am too lazy to read 100+ pages lol.

The ability to designate a Chief Engineer, First Officer (i know this is being addressed), head of security, and Chief Medical officer. This is just a thought not really expecting this in short terms of the game.
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# 1202
03-08-2010, 12:37 PM
Short - Term: I get the feeling that cloaking will not be removed from PvP even though it should. That being said, cloaking should have limitations such as not being disabled in combat like full-impulse is. It is very stupid that klingons can escape from battle via cloak when federation has no equal ability.

Mid - Term: Ground weapon swapping should not be disabled while a weapon is cooling down even from a standard discharge. I understand why this is in place so that there isn't a "rapid fire" type of exploit however my solution to this is that you allow weapon swapping to occur but don't allow any additional discharge until the previous weapon is cooling down.

In other words, the moment I press Z, the weapons should change but not necessarily fire until the previous weapon is finished cooling down. I believe this would drastically improve ground gameplay.

Long - Term: Is there going to be any cut scenes added to this game? I'd like an intro with really awesome graphics or at the very least, some short cut scenes using the in-game graphics so we actually can get more involved into the storyline of the mission.
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# 1203
03-08-2010, 01:21 PM
short term id actually like to play the bloody thing. Been attempting to patch a massive 74mb for the last 2 hours. Funny been playing online on my 360 quite easily but sto ohhhhhhhh no. The other night starbase 24 had 9 attempts due crashes to complete the mission. even then it was graphics were jerkeing everywhere. Maby my water cooled quad core and gtx 280 aint capable of 1300x768 resolution. Tried to submit a ticket via website could i no. But the gold spammers seem to mange send me half dozen emails everyday no probs.

medium term id actually like to see some gameplay

long term well lucky for me i have a lifetime account as it wil probally take me that long to get past lt commander at this rate.

oh now a message that some european players may be experincing difficulties due to an isp outage dont even know what that is.
since last big patch had nothing but bother from this game
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03-08-2010, 03:06 PM
Short term:
1) Better game documentation, there's too much people need to try to guess at or ask others about, even on fundamental things.
2) Bug fixes
3) More bug fixes

Medium term:
1) Respec option. And NOT one through the C-store, one that is paid for with ingame currency or earned through missions
2) More appearance options for ships. Ideally, I want to be able to have the appearance of any ship I'm eligible to fly with the stats of any ship I'm eligible to fly. Many games have appearance slots so you can wear one thing and appear to be wearing another, that's what I want with ships. Personally the Nova class science vessel is my favourite ship in the game, why can't I fly one of those with the stats of a higher level ship?
3) Dress uniforms.

Long term:
1) Proper crafting. Sorry, but I really don't like the Memory Alpha stuff.
2) PvP that actually matters. Give us systems to fight for control of and bonuses for taking and holding them.
3) More variety in missions. Much more variety in missions. Let people choose a direction for their career after hitting admiral, have various types of missions and different tiers to the various types. Give people the option tp specialise in one type and unlock new content, equipment and bonuses. For instance, one person could specialise in diplomatic missions and be sent on first contact missions, or to try to get access to a certain planet for mining rights etc. Another might specialise in scientific research and could have missions to develop new technology, investigate more complex anomalies than the MA resource stuff.
4) Yeah, I know the thread is top 3 issues, but I'm being rebellious! Let people play as civilians. Not every character in Star Trek was a member of Star Fleet or a Klingon warrior. So let people play as merchants and independent explorers.
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# 1205
03-08-2010, 04:45 PM
Top 3 Short-term
Add a different color to the scanning beam (for white terrain) make it a graphics option under UI or Video Options Menu.
More customization (race/gender) of new Bridge Officers.
Fix the max climb/dive rates. I mean who enjoys that endless spiralling when an object/foe is below or above you. Remember ST II the Wrath of Khan? "z -10,000 meters. Standby photon torpedoes." in STO "z -10,000 what? Um sorry sir we have spiral down only...or we have to withdraw diving all the time and then come back...I'm sure Khan will oblige us."

Top 3 Mid-Term
Where is the third ship model for Lt. Cmdr Escorts? Both the Sabre and the third type (forget the name off hand) are the same.
Add a toggle (under UI options) for targeting that sets priority to exposed targets in range.
Full customization (skills/abilities) of Bridge Officers.

Top 3 Long-Term
Alternate paths/diplomatic solutions to missions.
Pathing of Away Team
Allow for (ground) stun settings and (space) disable vessels.
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03-08-2010, 08:18 PM
One thing I would like to see is a little more storage space in the Federation Bank.

Some people are creating fake fleets just to have more space at the bank; no, I am not one of them. When it starts getting full, I start getting rid of stuff like the anomalous data.
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# 1207 Top three requests
03-08-2010, 08:36 PM
Fleet MOTD repeat fixed so it only displays on login, and holstering weapons when in "friendly" areas.

Add email attachment functionality for sending items to other players or offline players and perhaps a "white list" so that only those on your friends list/"white list" or in your fleet can email you.

Functional ship interiors.
Revamp the bridges so they look closer to what's been seen on the shows/movies, most that I have seen have the odd "sideways" configuration to the aft turbolift hallways, makes it look like the bridge is not pointing towards the front of the ship and the bridge does not have symmetry.
Other interior spaces could include Captain's quarters, messhall, sickbay, engineering, shuttlebay and holodeck. The most interesting would probably be Captain's quarters and Holodeck. If you think about it, a ship's mess or Holodeck would be a better social area than a ship's bridge.
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# 1208 My Ideas and Request
03-08-2010, 09:42 PM
What is needed is a slight re-customization of the current game play and I will break them into the groups that are needed.

#1 Ship customization - - One should be able to keep the ship he or she wants all the way through the game whether that be the Miranda, Defiant, Galaxy or Nebula class all the way through the Prometheus or the Sovereign class and this goes for both sides so on and so forth. We should be able to upgrade the Hull/Armor of the ship instead of being forced to buy a different class, also we should be able to purchase new console slots for the ship instead of being again forced to buy a different kind of ship. Basically you should be able to upgrade what ever ship you want, now at certain levels you can unlock the better ships like you currently can, but If you want to stick with the ship you have, you should be able to upgrade it. Also, at some level we should be able to make our own ship using the ship frames from the game Star Trek- Starship creator for both sides personally I would like to have my own “Frank-n-ship”

#2 Ship Weapons, Shields, Cloak etc. - - The way the weapons are currently configured is not bad at all, they just need a little tweaking, such as the firing arc some should be strips instead of a some what of a point at your foe configuration. I do think some of the Dev team should take a little time and go back and watch a few of the TNG, DS9, and VOY. episodes all the way to a few of the Major movies to get a look at their firing arcs, they are on a somewhat of a 360 degree dual axis firing arc and the weapon placements and or take some ideas from a few of the other Star Trek games such as (Star Trek Armada 1 and 2, Elite Force 1 and 2 Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Legacy etc go ahead take a few ideas from all the star trek games, I don't think I would mind it, it is still going toward a Star trek Game). The shields on most ships by the year 2371 are like layer of skin made out of energy that is separated into six quadrants Fore, Aft, Port, Starboard, Ventral, Dorsal; then just the four that this game has in a big bubble around the ship ( now this may just be a graphical difficulty, rather than a error in this case, it can't be helped.) Now cloaking for the Federation can be kept to the escort class but the Federation should still have access to the technology.

#2.1 Torpedo Firing cool-downs: torpedo's should not be unlimited neither should they have a cool-down, to fix both I propose giving a limited amount of torpedo's and give the torpedo a lock on target reticule system (something along the lines of Star Trek Legacy), limiting the torpedo's will cause people to conserve and use them wisely.

#2.2 Cannon firing: The cannon firing style is far too spread out, cannon firing should be constant maybe .5 to .75 seconds between each pulse. And pulse phasers as they are actually called should have a little kinetic damage.

#2.3 Weapon Naming: specificity Cannons in all my years watching Star Trek I never heard of cannon weapon except in the TOS series, and the are actually called Pulse Phaser not cannons. Example the Defiant has Pulse Phasers not Phaser Cannons or Dual Pulse Phasers

#2.4 The Warp Core: The Warp Core is supposed to be separated from the the Impulse Engine ( now while they do work together the sub-systems that controls them are completely separate) and the Warp Core should also be upgrade able. Player should also be able to dump the warp core to prevent a breach form destroying the rest of ship and limp home, as it were, and get a new one or have another team member bring them a new one. >note: This can also lead to a random rescue mission.

#2.5 The Different Types of Torpedo's: The torpedo's are configured correctly for the most part. The torpedo's I am most concerned about are as follows
Quantum's, Transphasic, and Chroniton Torpedo's all should at least for the first few shot be able to pass directly through shields do to the fact that all three are slightly out of temporal phase with the rest of the galaxy, and all three should have an increased effect against the Borg. I mean come on that is what they where designed to do well at least two of them.

#3 The Anomalous Data can instead of up grading the weapon directly, you can make it an upgrade “Kit or ticket” type thing that you can pick what you want to put it on. But still separate them in to Tactical, Science and Engineering upgrade tickets that you can then apply to the Weapon Shield etc. {AKA the Enchanting/Crafting Abilities from WOW}, Instead of waiting for the thing that you can upgrade to drop or spending ungodly amounts of money to buy them on the Exchange.

#4 The Ability to chose between First person or Third person view while on away missions ( I am kind of fond of the first person view when on away missions. Of course this is the FPS coming out)

These have just been a few Ideas I have had over the past few days that could make the game play a bit more interesting. And I will be editing it with Ideas and I will send a copy of in to the Cryptic Dev team so that they have a hard copy of my thoughts since a mind meld is beyond our capabilities. More ideas will as I correct them.
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# 1209 Wish list
03-08-2010, 11:47 PM
-memorey alpha... be able to chooose stats to increase or add. be able to track progress
-increase loot drops, get rid of shield/impluse and weapon batteries as dropped loot and maybe something that is purchased
-respec option, say 5 respecs per account, then they have to be purchased or gained through missions

-Distress call missions. repeatable random missions responding to distress calls in ur area, planet or space.
-Full ship movement, should be able to roll, pitch angle shipe 360 deg
-ship customization more options to make mine unique
-ship loadouts, BO slots and weapon slots should increase with lvl and not be restricted to ship. If i want to fly a Miranda class ship at RA5 i should be able to equip it as such
- waisted skill points. I dont like how some skill tiers wont be used higher up. If i put points in phasers or disruptors and move on to plasma, the bonus dont carry over. Skills need to be revamped to more of a tree system where one builds on another
-Better skill descriptions

-Romulan playable then maybe Cardasian
- sector control pvp
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# 1210 Long Term
03-09-2010, 01:04 AM
1. Is there a change to change to bridge vieuw ?
2. That's dificult changer you guys would install when is it comming ??
3. Voice answering or read option
4. Better warp trail
5. Explorder Cruiser is missing nacelles going down when going to warp !!!!

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