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03-14-2010, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by Jase-Katar
Short Term:

Fix the loader issues, I spend more time trying to log in to the game then I do playing. I also get dropped from the game when I switch maps ( most times)

You get disconnected when your computer or Internet connection is too slow, when changing maps for example.
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03-14-2010, 12:48 PM
Well, I have to say that 'Common Ground' looks promising. Sounds like they're already planning on adding a lot of what's been said here. Hoping for the best!

Originally Posted by Dropout View Post
More realistic ship weapons ranges - 10km maximum range for capital ship weapons is arbitrary and contrary to canon. In TNG: The Wounded, 300,000 km is quoted as an initial engagement range. This is obviously impractical, but 10km is simply too short. Something more like 20-30km would be much more interesting, and would reduce the "point-blank phaser slugfests" that are typical of the current system. Also, perhaps an exponential indicated distance scale would allow perceived ranges to more closely match canon. Finally, different weapons should have different maximum ranges. This would allow for more tactical innovation by players.
I don't know much about 'canon' ST weapon ranges but I agree with you. Not so much that they should be longer in general but that different weapons might have different ranges or be upgradeable as the player advances.

Originally Posted by plasticsocks
The existing tutorial was fun, but modify the ending so that it was actually a holodeck simulation. This way, newbies can learn how to do more things like BO/UI/Exchange/Ship Management at Starfleet Academy before starting the actual game. (Yeah, this is an excuse for adding Starfleet Academy :p).
I've heard people mention starting the game with SF Academy, and up to this point I've been against it, because I like the current opening a lot. This ^ could be an interesting way to blend both these concepts.

Originally Posted by Rerednaw View Post
Allow for (ground) stun settings and (space) disable vessels.
I agree. Having a stun setting on my phaser weapons is pretty much a joke considering that I still have to kill the person in the end.

Originally Posted by Pollywog View Post
One thing I would like to see is a little more storage space in the Federation Bank.

Some people are creating fake fleets just to have more space at the bank; no, I am not one of them. When it starts getting full, I start getting rid of stuff like the anomalous data.
This is why anomalous data needs to be stored separately, like currency or badges of exploration. It should be on some sort of counter instead of being a physical object. Really, why would data take up physical space in the first place? Are we supposed to believe that despite our ships having 500 TB hard drives we still have to store the data we collect on floppy disks?

A similar system could be done for commodities too. They take up way to much inventory space.

Originally Posted by Church83 View Post
Torpedo Firing cool-downs: torpedo's should not be unlimited neither should they have a cool-down, to fix both I propose giving a limited amount of torpedo's and give the torpedo a lock on target reticule system (something along the lines of Star Trek Legacy), limiting the torpedo's will cause people to conserve and use them wisely.
I like the idea of limited torpedoes, but it would have to be something reasonable. Maybe you could refill at starbases in general; but players might also have the emergency to transfer torpedoes to allies (for the longer combat missions). This system could also work for crew numbers.

Originally Posted by EnsignKoala
Voice Overs For Missions (x8)
Agreed (x8)

Originally Posted by Maraculus View Post
All missions repeatable at all levels. At Admiral, a lot of zones might as well be empty spaces of nothingness. We can’t visit old systems. Can’t land on any moons. At a minimum, make the missions repeatable, regardless of level.
I wouldn't necessarily say make the same missions available for every level, but 'old' areas should definitely be used for new missions as player rank increases.

Originally Posted by capjaneway View Post
Crew: Currently, crew plays a relatively minor role in starship management. Some of your crew gets injured in an explosion, then automatically (and quickly) regenerates without much consequence. In reality, it should greatly affect starship operations.
Once again, it's sort of like what I said about limited torpedoes (see above).

Originally Posted by noype2002 View Post
You should be able to name a created race that is made for your character or bridge officer.
I really love the fact that you can create your own race in this game and my first character is a created race that I made. However being listed as “unknown” is not really that interesting. My race has a name that I gave but at the moment there is no way for me to assign it to my character that I am aware of.
This is something I've thought of as well. Along with being able to name your race, it would be interesting if players could upload their custom created races to some kind of universal database (like in 'Spore', if anyone else has played that).

(Note: I've also noticed a lot of people using the custom alien option to make hybrid races [ex. half human, half vulcan]. Maybe there could be an option in the character creator to automatically create hybrids of two existing species [with the features of just those two available] and have them listed as such?)

Originally Posted by Kirydragon View Post
The capacity to "mask" a top tier ship with the look of a different tier ship design. It would be nice to fly in my favorite ship design without suffering a lack of consoles or weapon slots because of it. IE, a Hermes class masked with the design of the Akira, so while it would look like an Akira on the outside, the inside strengths of the Hermes would remain. Limited to respective roles, of course (An Akira can't be masked with an Intrepid or Galaxy Class).
Basically the option to refit old ships, correct?

Originally Posted by BarakDaniels
Allow us to remove NPC officers from the “Hail Starfleet” menu. If a removed officer somehow gets new orders, then that would override. I don’t see why I will ever have to talk to Sulu again.
I don't think they need to be removed, they just need to stop showing up as having new information every time I log on. If they have missions available than of course an icon will remain for that, but once I've checked out everything a particular NPC has to say they shouldn't show up as having something new unless they actually have something new to say.

Originally Posted by Katic View Post
2. New playable factions, the Romulans and the Cardassians are almost foregone conclusions here, but what about the Breen? The Jem-Hadar? What about the Xindi!? The Xindi come with 4 built in races by themselves, 5 if you can figure out a reasonable way to resurrect the Xindi-Avians..
Sort of like smaller, race-specific factions? Kind of fits in with the suggestions to create a civilian/merchant (specifically Ferengi) faction.
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03-14-2010, 02:17 PM
My registry number is glitched to a long random string on my saucer.

Macros. Want them.
All weapon autofire/sequential fire capability
Energy Allocation Hotkeys

Free-Roam Content

Not really sure if this is mid or long, but Sector space could be a little less structured. Landmarks so we know where we're going, but the artificial grid lines make it very 2D.

This post will be edited when I think of something else.
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03-14-2010, 02:54 PM
short: increased graphics and character/ship customization across the board. and more social hubs. More options given to the players, such as being able to disable engine trails and render all space backgrounds as a black starfield.

mid: Romulan or Cardassian faction or full ship interiors.

long: removal of sector space and implementation of a warp bridge view in its place. Reworked ground combat to be more immersive and true to the IP.
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# 1275 Borg Tribbles!
03-14-2010, 03:18 PM
There seems to be quite a few Liberated Borg in the game. Something like a Borg cube ship would be too much effort by the devs but a Borg Tribble would be quick and easy!

perhaps some item could be used on a tribble and make them sterile. then they could inject you with nanites as a heal or buff
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03-14-2010, 03:44 PM
o Short Term
Chime and and tell us if Cryptic is still reading and keeping up with this thread, taking notes.

o Medium Term:
- A way to directly communicate which target you are attacking to members in my team with a simple short-cut. One could try use chat or try to keep a "target designator" selected, but this is often impractical - during a hectic combat, you can't just write a chat message, for example - you need your keyboard for steering!

o Long Term

- "Minions" in ground combat. Not just non-shielded - enemies that are killed by one or two successful hits. And then use them to have something like enemies charging by the dozens at your party, like some of the more frantic fights against the Jem'Hardar during the Dominion Wars.

- Speaking of that topic - it might feel more... "realistic" if hits against shielded enemies wouldn't be always visualized as a "real hit", instead more as a near miss. Basically, the target hit points represent its ability to dodge.

- More complex PVP and Fleet mission setups where the players have to split up to perform individual (timed) tasks. For example, one group has to do some recon, another group is placing a minefild around a location, while the enemy side tries to keep you from laying the minefield and intercepts the scouts.

Maybe build some of these groups so that they are more appropriate for specific ship or officer types.

- Mission Series with limited Persistence
A Fleet Action compromised of several missions. The results of the first mission play into how the next mission will work out. For example, if the mining mission succeeds, you'll have some additionald efenses once the enemies arrived. If the fleet failed to keep an enemies fleet long enough, reeinforcement will not be available.

- Autobalancing feature for PVE
Add non-player ships to the side with less ships. This will require some scripting. Maybe they will be limited to defensive posts or fly relatively straight to an attack area - or they will just try to keep up with the player ships.

- Exploring Fluid Space storyline. At some point, we'll have to fight the Undine in their home turf, right?

- I am not sure what the current plans are for user-generated content, but player-generated missions might also be an interesting apporach. Of course, that will probably require a lot of setup...
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03-14-2010, 04:21 PM
Short trerm:

Change the damage on weapons so that pistols do 1x damage listed with short special coouldowns. Rifles do 1.5x damage listed with cooldows as they are. Assault weapons do 2x damage listed with long special cooldowns. I think that assault weapons should be doing more base damage then a rifle does. Also the Bat'Leth has a very high dps rating and should be toned down in line with rifles.

Mid Term:

Memory Alpha and crafting. I love to craft and would like to see an actual crafting system in the game.

Long Term:

Unique racial ships available at T5 through the C-Store. I would love to have my all Ferengi crew flying a Ferengi ship. I also think these racial ships should have open BO consoles like the Bird of Prey so all classes can use them.
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03-14-2010, 04:24 PM
Short, Medium and Long term request:

PLEASE make this program more stable for all platforms; the random crashes to black screen are very frustrating, as are the system reboots that these crashes require.
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03-14-2010, 10:17 PM
dont have any long term/mid term suggestions, so i'll wrap all my short term choices up into one:

Do everything on the "What's wrong with the starship models thread". There, one short term change i want to see. saved you 8 other choices now, didnt i?

EDIT: fine, i suppose adding the ability to upgrade low tier ships to compete with higher tiers down the line is another short/midterm goal.. Still got 7 left.
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03-15-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by Pollywog View Post
You get disconnected when your computer or Internet connection is too slow, when changing maps for example.
so now dsl's to slow is it? thats odd dont see houw 500kb -2 megabtes a second is to slow for a game.. lacking in alot of ways to be honest and imo i beleave it to be a coding and lack there of any other servers.

for refernce and yes i played wow.. i had the same problem when there servers where over populated eventually they caped it and we had to wait in que's.... and some time later they just forkd out the money for high performance servers they tend to maintain and upgrade every now and again with regualer down time every tuesday. im just saying how ever that the issuse isnt really any one persons fault this is something cryptic should have planed for and imo there doing it very poorly how many trek fans are out there and have been waiting and waiting for trek mmo and with the time they had to work on it and its lacking in so many ways i dont know how many forums on here i've read for suggestions and people who would like to see alot more.

i dont beleave every one apart from the "lifers" has the patients to stick with it and wait and find out when theres so many other mmo options out there. any who im ranting now so ill just finish with saying they should upgrade and add more servers in the states and EU and such instead of there one non localized routing server thing there useing forget what its called but its obviously not a good idea. not everyone lives in area's accesible to coaxle im lucky i have a dsl speed even but i had to get a wireless air card for it.

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