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03-16-2010, 01:55 PM
Short Term:

Allow a medium lighting option instead of only high or low. On low the game runs smoothly but has poor graphics and on high the game is extremely choppy (mostly on the ground) but has high quality graphics.

STO also needs more open world content like other mmos. It should have more large ground maps that players can travel through and complete multiple objectives. They should be very large and uninstanced.

There should also be a better map system. For example, all the places on earth space dock (stateroom, exchange, personnel, etc) should clearly be labeled on the map

Mid Term

The game needs a better storyline. The mission texts are not interesting and most of the time the character giving you the mission just makes up a stupid excuse for you to go shoot at masses of enemies for an hour. There also needs to be more non-combat related content. When I get an exploration mission i end up traveling to an unexplored system only to find a federation colony that needs me to kill some guys. The only difference in the missions is that you have to kill a different species. The mission texts are also full of typos and spelling errors.

More voice acting. The game should have more voice with toggled mission texts or subtitles . The voice doesn't have to be anyone famous like leonard nimoy or zachary quinto, it just has to be some person who can speak.

Long Term

The galaxy map should have every star system on it and it should actually be the whole galaxy, not just one small part of it.
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# 1292 My top three.
03-17-2010, 05:21 AM
-The cursor needs to be 15-35% bigger, and possible a different color.(The gold one was nice)(blue also seems like an nice color for the federation, Red for Klingon) may not be easily codeable.

-The stardate isn't readily available during gameplay( only in the Captains' Log and only after the completion), and the system for it's values seems grossly off ( for a game set in 2300's an stardate that says the 28th century, year 7080, is absurd ( possibly go with the year code followed by the day after the decimal). Should be able to go to one of the function screens and check the stardate.

-The function bar should be linked to the mouse wheel if at all possible, or some allowance to make it so should be made available.

-The game should allow you to Log off from the bridge and log back on the same character to the bridge.

-There should also be an captains state-room with a bed that can be slept on, as well as items that can be purchased (possibly even earned on special missions,'archeology';etc.) with wich to furnish the room. Possible at some point also an captains office, possibly just off the bridge. (All log on-off capable, if possible)

-Possibly an replicator on space stations that costs a one time fee to use per use ( all transactions specific to it's being opened up for a cost, possibly enough to cut down on it's being used often, but not too much to make it unfeasable).

-A full ship walk through that pulls up your ship type, and adds the little things that make the ship your own. Possibly just the halls and main rooms at first( adding the little things, like state-rooms and ALL the other stuff as it evolves. State-rooms for your officers that either you can furnish for them or that is furnished specific to their races and skills(tastes). [ utilize the players HDD for the intimate details to make it easier]

-Make the walk through an tutorial type occurance as well, characters can go to different departments and have discussions with the crews that would offer them possibilites for more efficient skill utilizations ( these officers should have THESE skills and abilities for THESE reasons, or the ship being set up the way it is should have THIS equipment instead of THAT equipment to be more efficient;etc.), and equipment utilizations. I also thought that as a new player only a few spaces could be available and more open up as you go along( to keep trafic at a minimum, only admirals would have full access to all levels{maps}), eventually opening all rooms on all levels to an character.

-This last one is already a probability, but I wanted to say it just in case; I would like to be able to have an Romulan character at some point, and help to rebuild the Empire.

Those would be my choices, hope you found them interesting. I certainly put my heart into them, in that they are personal and significant desires for me. I thought this was a good thread also( just a thought).
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03-17-2010, 05:39 AM
umm i dont realy have much to sugest for short or mid term things to add but i do have along term one to add.

Long term:

1) it would be cool if in the exploration sectors (the nebulas and stuffs) or even just randomly while travling threw sector space like a signal contact or something ,if you could get random missions wich go more towards a puzlze mission or resultign in soem sort of mini game. i gues an examples could be found in the next generation episodes Allegiance, The Royle and Where silence has lease

i hope this is the right thread for such a request/idea
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I hear feds whine all the time klingons are too strong and thats to cover their lack of pvp skills. All the klingon ships ,with exception of carriers (which you plan to nerf), are way weaker than fed counterparts. you plan to nerf cannos and turrets which is the majority of klingon weapons and are basicly making cruisers tanks which also do the highest dps. Easy solution remove cloaking from klingons and make our ships spec for spec same as fed with us getting access to the same fed quality gear . Then pvp will be balanced. If you dont do something soon there will be no klingon faction, Its just not worth spending 4-5 times the times to level to end up with a tier 5 ship that is totally inferior to the feds. If you want to nerf something nerf fps and vm!
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03-17-2010, 09:41 AM
1. Casual Repeatable 5-man Content with more Space combat and less Ground combat. Something more to do every day then 2-3 dailies and log off. We need a Tsunami of Casual GROUP content.
2. Purple Quality of every type of Weapon being Offered from the USS Victory. (Not just 1 type. All weapons should be created equal!)
3. Being able to play Klingon Level 1-45 without touching PvP. Making playing Klingon easier. I find it confusing.

1. Skill Cap being redesigned or doubled. (As is stands now the system is still designed for unlimited points.)
2. More Ship Variants and Interiors (Floorplans)
3. Fleet Starbases and more Fleet oriented Features.

1. Romulans as a Playable 3rd Faction (Maybe Cardassian too?)
2. Making the world feel more seemless and less instanced.
3. Making Ground combat more action oriented and fun. (Like Mass Effect)
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03-17-2010, 05:51 PM
Things I love:

1) Ship designs
2) The feel of space combat
3) The attention to race detail and the number of races available...although I think you could have left the packlets out and no one would have complained.
4) Overall attention to detail/fidelity to the star trek universe.

Things I don't...

1) Fish bowls. Lots of fish bowls.

Space: There is no sense at all of the vastness of reducing warp travel to a representation you have effectively made the galaxy a very small place. In contrast EVE's universe was TOO large and empty. There has to be some middle ground that would allow the player the sense of roaming the galaxy, yet allow them to travel from place to place within a reasonable amount of time.

Away missions: The map area your characters are limited to is often oval shaped, making the impression you're in a fishbowl even more pronounced.

2) PvP

I've signed up on many occasions to only sit in a cue for hours without any bites. Why isn't there areas of space both sides can battle any time of the day or night?

3) No swooshy futuristic star trek doors...only more zones.

You potentially have a game that could be beyond great. If you only fix one thing just make outer space "bigger"
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03-17-2010, 08:34 PM
Short-term requests

1. non-fleet bank expandability( buying more personal bank tabs)
2. Personal Bank Credit deposit/withdraw*
3. No limit upon like items stacking.

Mid-term requests

1. Fleet Homesteads/guildhalls/fleet bases
2. Credit tip/gift system among players*
3. subterfuge missions - undercover missions

Long-term requests

1. pilot hijacked ships: Borg cubes, Bird of Prays and so on.
2. Reclaim/liberation missions ( able to liberate Borg Drones and become crew members (Tactical/Science)
3. Photonic Bridge Crew member ( via mission bonus or rare/very rare loot drop)

* two sides to the same coin. the ablity to trasnfer funds between alts would be great.
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03-17-2010, 10:38 PM
There is only one thing I would like to see in this game the ability to leave Starfleet/Klingon Empire well that and more pets to raise
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03-18-2010, 05:57 AM
I'd sure love to keep my runabout on my RA tier ship.
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03-18-2010, 06:13 AM
hey guys,

So, here my 2 cents:

Short Term

What I miss the most frankly, is the ability to sort items in the exchange by price. You have people offering the same object between 1k credits and 1 million. Okay, most will be around 50k to 100k and then you spend 10 minutes sifting through everything and find the same thing for maybe 5k.
It would make the handling of the exchange more convenient and let's be honest, it will increase in-game market transparency and help stabilize your virtual economy. Small effort, big improvement.

Mid Term

Mid term...hmm...well, not to whine, but here my point: pvp is a tad in favor of the klingons. At least before cap (didnt reach cap yet). It's fine that they have the all round consols, etc...but let's be honest: Got to Lt Commander on my Klingon, went into pvp with no upgrading on my new ship and kicked feds around with +5 to +8 levels above me (and I'm not better at this than the average Joe). Now, we all like to win. And you would think it a perk for the Klingons, since they only do pvp right now. Maybe also the reason balance gets a bit overlooked, because yes, they have more practice at it than the Feds. But if it's too easy, it loses a bit of appeal and let's be honest. If pvp is not appealing for a klingon right now, we got problems.

Long Term

I think a reasonable next step will be bringing in a third race. My guess on popularity would be the Romulans (although I'm personally a Cardassian fan). I understand it needs time, because you'll want to focus on the Klingons first for a while and stay in line with your product life cycle development plans, but I think you probably already have a lot to go on, with npc ships already being there, etc. Might want to throw in the Remans as well, then you already got two races to chose from at start.

Otherwise, it's a great game. Nice launch, no connectivity problems here and I even live in the Middle East. Lag is well under control.
I'm not sure what you're going to do down the road with the server structure. Yes, you just launched, but you'll need a roadmap. I'm not technical enough to estimate what will happen when you have your first million subs. Can we still all be in one universe and server?
The alternative might be different servers, so you'll have to choose your world. If you go down that route, I wouldn't mind a server option with World PvP elements. So yes, Klingons can come over and trash me as a Fed if they find me. Basic enemy contact encounter. Would be fun. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm sure I'm not alone in this.


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