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02-08-2010, 09:14 PM
This is a great thread. I'm a bit late to the party, and the devs will probably never see or read my input, but I'll go ahead and give it anyway.

Short Term
-- Auto-holstering of weapons in starbase and non-combat zones
-- More long hair options for character creation and bridge officer customization
-- More Klingon costume options
-- More Federation uniform options
-- Preorder bonuses added to the C-Store
-- More character slots given to all accounts for free. With as easy as it is to level, people will be making a lot of alts and we need more character slots to accommodate this.
-- Better functionality for the in-game music player. Let the music player stay open across zones
-- Better fleet control and fleet functionality. Allow fleet masters to grant a per-day withdrawal limit based on player rank.
-- Fix existing bugs in fleet actions and resource battle pvp zones.
-- Make the new character selection screen better. It could use a facelift and it is a bit buggy about displaying career badges.
-- Fix DSEs so that you don't get ganked by 20 enemy ships as soon as you zone in or respawn.
-- Allow players to hide old contacts. I'm tired of Sulu popping up to offer me level 6 missions when I'm a Commander.
-- Add better search and sort functionality to the exchange
-- Place exchange stations, banks, and mailboxes in other Starbases.
-- Fix bridge officer bugs. There are a bunch of bugged skills and also when you take a BO as a quest reward, they often have different skills from what you selected.
-- Add a "Yellow Alert" mode for when players are flying through a nebula and are taking environmental damage but are not in active combat.

Mid Term

-- Fully fleshed out PVE story arcs for Klingons
-- Revamp Memory Alpha. Make it into a more traditional trade skill system.
-- Simplify in-game currency
-- More non-combat missions that aren't just "scan stuff." How about a little diplomacy
-- Grouping and social incentives. Players need a reason to group. Right now its too easy to solo all the way up. Players need to be encouraged to socialize and group together.
-- Ground PVP scenarios. I'd like to see some Area Control maps, Attack/Defend, and other types of ground PVP scenarios
-- More Space PVP scenarios. We need a better variety of maps than is currently available.
-- Additional voice acting provided by former Star Trek cast members. I'd love to hear a bit of Patrick Stewart or William Shatner in the game.
-- Add more skills to all 3 career paths to allow players to further branch out and specialize their characters.
-- Add more content to the non-combat planets such as Vulcan and Risa.
-- Add "RP clothes" such as casual wear and other outfits for shore leave and other missions.
-- Add more functionality to player Bridges
-- Allow players to explore their own ships and do missions on board their ships.

Long Term
-- Romulans and Cardassians added as player races
-- Full-blown PVP combat zones with territory control and capturable bases.
-- 4 way PVP battlegrounds featuring all 4 playable factions in one battle (Feds, Kling, Rom, Card)
-- Full diplomacy system. Allow players to discover new alien races, befriend them, and bring them into the Federation or Klingon Empire (or Romulan or Cardassian).
-- Missions featuring puzzle solving and critical thinking. Logic and reasoning were a big part of the television shows and it is fitting to include these elements in the game.
-- Capture the "Star Trek Feel." Right now this is just a space combat simulator with a Star Trek skin. But it does not feel like Star Trek.
-- Add planets to explore that are not "M Class" and require special environment suits.
-- Revamp Sector Space to be more interactive and less boring.
-- Story arcs involving Bridge Officers as main characters in the stories.
-- Fleet owned Starbases, equipped with vendors, banks, exchange, and other perks.
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# 132 Guild Owned Stations
02-08-2010, 09:19 PM
We came up with a good idea the other day when discussing STO. I'd like to suggest Cryptic consider making Guild Owned Starbases in various systems for us in up coming content. Most all games have character housing, and I think a guild base would be best for this game. Maybe even have it something like in CoX where guilds can actually attack each others base. In this case maybe Klingongs being able to attack Fleet XXX's base, and maybe being able to get some sort of reward for being successful.

I envision long sieges and battles attacking and defending bases even. Being able to setup defenses for the bases. Decorating the bases, ect ect. The possibilities are almost endless on what could be done with this idea.

Maybe even having different teir bases, and if a guild wanted to get a station of their own, they would have to do some epic sort of fleet engagement and earn it. Upgrading to a better one, would be a similar situation where they would have to complete some difficult task to upgrade.

And this would go for BOTH factions. Just making it clear now, so nobody gets any ideas to just do this for the Feddies, and tell us Klingons, we will get ours months later.

Sure sounds like fun and a serious content upgrade to me. What say you?
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02-08-2010, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by Lethargic
Bold item is really important to me. I want full 3D flight, not flight on a 2.5D plane as it currently is right now with the limited pitch of the spaceship.
I think that horse has been sufficiently beaten
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02-08-2010, 10:03 PM
Short Term
  • Fix the PvP queuing system - remove us from queues after we join a game so that it doesn't start the other games short-handed.
  • Fix the messed up "black spots" on the Assimilated Cruiser PvP map. (Or just replace it with a map of similar size and layout,)
  • Fix our other existing-but-broken PvP content, like that ground fleet action PvP map that was in beta.

Mid Term

  • Introduce some more PvP maps. (It can't be that hard to implement maps. In fact, why not a "Genesis PvP" that just puts us on random maps for deathmatches?)

Long Term
  • Introduce some more PvP game types, especially objective based games. Defend & Destroy. Capture & Hold. Payload Delivery.
  • Invent some better "open" style PvP games.
  • Implement some "Left 4 Dead" style PvP gameplay -- 5 Feds are trying to accomplish a PvE mission against a bunch of Klingon NPCs and 1 real live Klingon player. Or 20 Feds are trying to accomplish a PvE mission against a bunch of Klingon NPCs and a team of 5 Klingon players.
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02-08-2010, 10:35 PM
Short Term:

-removal of skill point cap.
-server stability/capacity.
-Klingon content

Medium term
-Goal based open zone pvp instances.

Long term.
-haven't thought that far out yet.
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02-08-2010, 10:51 PM
all stuff that we were told would be in but isn't

s: Remove skill cap or free respecs (full character development promised but not delivered)
m: Train and trade BOs (promised but not delivered)
l: RvR (promised but not delivered)
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# 137
02-08-2010, 11:15 PM
  • Please address the rubber banding issue
  • Make cruiser just a TAD for turnable. I understand they're the big heavies of the fleet, but if you made the cruisers turn just a bit faster, it would go a long way to improving the game play for this class.
  • Please increase the skill cap by 9 or 18 points on the admiral end. being able to only max out one skill in the admiral tree isn't enough for customization purposes.
  • Make the ground missions a little more difficult. I literally sent my away team in a room, went afk for 4 min came back and they were all still at full health.
  • Also PLEASE fix the uber mob that awaits incoming ships between deep space encounters. I don't think that this is intentional, and if it well then FOR SHAME :p.
  • Lastly, Make quest reward items primarily green, with a very few blues. I have at the end of every rank had my ship outfitted with mostly, if not all blues. Also make the difference between Greens, blues and purples more apparent.
  • Give the players tabs in their bank as well, but not NEARLY as expensive as the fleet bank tabs.

  • More, and better exploration missions. By better I mean give us an option in the System List to go to System Beta 496-D, or whatever. Also where are the random planets/species? And where are the Species that want to join my bridge crew?
  • More variants of ship designs. Yes three is a nice template, but give us the option to buy new saucers, nacelles, pylons etc. either through badges, credits or merits. Customization is key, at least it is for me.
  • Give us more options int he Exchange as far as search refinement. Let us sort the list by price, name and by Mk number.
  • This is more of a personal request but PLEASE bring back powerhues, but in game as a modification to the weapons we already have, not a /powerhue command. Figure out a way to make it "canon" and disable it during PvP so those respective people are happy as well.

Long Term
  • Keep the end game content coming. The one thing that drives away the masses that have maxed out is boredom.
  • I also know that you dont prefer 10 or 25 man raids, and that's ok, but at least give us the option to have a 10 man raid so it can feel like a small fleet of ships, rather than just a detachment of five ships.
  • If it's at all possible, it may not be, but try to make the world more open in the sense that there's not so many loading screens. Make it as seamless as possible. I know this sounds WoW-esque, but it was one thing i did love about the game, other than the open world PvP.
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02-08-2010, 11:33 PM
- Server stability
- Fix AI pathing problems. Too many times I will see an NPC walk over a table or push my character away from the NPC or station I am interacting with.
- Increased difficulty. I shouldn't be able to solo a half dozen Klingons led by a battle cruiser with my Miranda science vessel.
- Weapon auto-holster option that others have mentioned. So I'm not beaming to a starbase or somewhere like Risa with my weapon ready.
- *** Most wanted- an auto fire option (beam weapons only). I am going to wear out the spacebar fast having to mash it so many times.

- Give the Klingons some love people. More uniform choices, PvE, everything. Looks too much like they were rushed.
- Sort by amount option on auction hall.
- Make standard issue items that have zero value no trade so they will stop cluttering the AH.
- More diverse missions: diplomatic (give me choices to make and let there be consequences if I mess up like loss of skill points or something) and science (something better than just go scan 5 anomalies).
- Some kind of penalty if your ship gets blown up even if only loss of XP.

- Mini games on Risa. That planet is supposed to be an entertainment hub that everyone loves to visit but as it is right now it is dead.
- Along the same mini game line, how about mini games at Quark's. A mini dabo game, mini darts, etc. or a holodeck battle simulator with 1 on 1 or team PvP available.
- More stations/systems. Give us the option to 'visit' a system instead of just 'patrol' it. If we visit the system we find ourselves transported to the main planet which becomes a hub for more social, crafting, trading, etc.
- Merchant faction (maybe with a Ferengi Alliance expansion) that allows trading between different planets/stations.
- Dynamic, always changing map where PVP for control of systems causes borders to constantly be shifting. Once a homeworld is finally conquered the winning faction gets some kind of bonus reward. Then the map resets.
- Finally improve the "crafting" system. The Memory Alpha system is bad. By the time you get enough materials to turn in for something you are way above it in level. Give players the ability to craft their own things like in other MMOs.
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02-08-2010, 11:41 PM

please sticky's a good list...deserves to stay on top
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02-09-2010, 12:00 AM
-Difficulty slider. Pretty please, make the space combat fun again, like it was in CB. I'm tired of AFK battles.
-GFX options for sector space. Remove billboards in space, blue rivers, checkerboards etc. Basically revamp it so it looks like warp space and not astrometrics view.

-More free of charge IP races.
-The path to 2409. Has there been any updates recently? I'd like to hear/read more about the STO universe.
-More varied missions. The promised diplomacy elements. Exploration that is more than "collect glowies" or "kill stuff".
-90 degree up/down movement in space.

-As much ship interiors as you can think of. Ten forward, ready room, engineering, crew quarters, cargo holds, Jeffries tubes etc. And make them customizable (like CoH bases). Give us a standard interior of each type, and add more outlook choices later.
-Missions inside your ship. There's lots of episodes where things happen in YOUR ship. Invasions, strange anomalies, crewmembers acting strangely etc.

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