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# 1391
03-28-2010, 11:52 PM
1- Skillcap removed.

2- When the level cap goes up, a new system of tracking XP so players don't instantly shoot up ranks.

3- A new specialization system that is designed for respecs, ON TOP of the old capless system.
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# 1392
03-29-2010, 12:57 AM
roll back this pathetic bug riddled joke of an "update" (instead call it job security since it will ensure many jobs in the future to fix this) and learn to fully break the game only on the test server since thats what it is for.

fix the issues surrounding viral matrix, sub nuc beam and stacking of the 2.

revamp ground combat so it is not as clunky as it is in its current state. this game revolves around fire arcs in space, so why not make that a universal for both areas. it would make it much less frustrating having your camera and/or your avatar locked or pointed away from where you want it. also you can have your camera behind your avatar and your movement buttons wont be reassigned based on being in a combat condition or not ( and thats the one the makes me refuse to do anything ground). All of this can be eliminated by having a fire arc off of your weapon. if what you have targeted isnt in that fire arc, then you dont shoot it. simple. Or if there are multiple targets within that arc and you have nothing targeted then make it so the closest one is shot. This would make the ground side of this game so much more fluid and perhaps even enjoyable, though i do suspect that cryptic isnt in the business of making an enjoyable game looking at their track record.
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03-29-2010, 10:03 AM
Short term - Pay attention to the trolls in this thread and move their posts to an appropriate discussion thread

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# 1394 long term medium term
03-29-2010, 10:12 AM
I would love to play a Romulan someday. This game rocks, I can only imagine what it would be like for more factions. Maybe some different hair cuts also. I love the ones we have now, but I sometimes imagine my tactical officer with a small fro. It might be cool to be able to put wild Klingon graffiti on your bird of prey too. I always imagined like a captain of a Klingon ship putting his house insignia on it.

I like the idea of some on-board drama happening. Maybe if your shields got hammered down a bit and whoever you were fighting managed to beam a strike team on before they exploded. Maybe just on missions. Give you an incentive to keep those shields up as much as you can! lol
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03-29-2010, 11:41 AM
Short term: Moar CONTENT! Okay, specifically more episodes, that are balanced for single or group play. More choices at each stage where to go and what to do. This could be really interesting, if some zones are reused by multiple missions (this happens occasionally at Lt and LtCmdr.)

Medium term: More Content. Again, more episodes and small group content. Hopefully with more variety to it. Possibly a full on dialogue system in episodes. Branching episodes would also be a very neat thing, and could do wonders for re-playability, and reduce the feel of repetition massively. (Especially if alternate endings for episodes opened up different follow up missions.) Single player content for the Klingon faction, as in full episodes, with their own plot arcs.

Long Term: Romulan, Cardassian, and maybe Dominion as playable races with their own episodic content. (I know this is in the works anyway, but the episodic content is kind of critical.)

Runners Up:

Short Term: More information on what skills effect directly. A detailed overview panel that shows the player every skill and power a given skill effects and how much would be great. The same goes for traits.

Mid Term: More ship designs, and greater variation in ship design. (Excelsior (Cruiser), Ambassador (Heavy Cruiser) and Nebula (Research Science) all come to mind off hand as ones that have been mentioned before many times.)

Long Term: Enemy Mine missions. That is, missions that allow you to join teams cross faction to work towards a common goal. There are plenty of examples in the cannon for this, the Federation/Dominion raid on a rogue Jem'Hadar squad for instance. For solo play there could simply be an alien NPC added to your crew and away team, but in group play you could actually team up with a member of another preselected faction. Federation/Klingon for instance.
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03-29-2010, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by evilsmoo View Post
1- Skillcap removed.

2- When the level cap goes up, a new system of tracking XP so players don't instantly shoot up ranks.

3- A new specialization system that is designed for respecs, ON TOP of the old capless system.
So, an XP and a SP system, where the XP system is capped but SP isn't. Whenever the XP limit goes up, the XP starts accruing again?

I'm wondering if some kind of feats/perks system might work best for your #3.
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03-29-2010, 11:58 AM
There should be some mining on some planets and astroids. You guys should make it where we could sell the ore for some money.
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03-29-2010, 09:38 PM
Short Term

1) When in combat in a scripted mission, a dialog box often pops up between waves. This dialog box pops up immediately after the last ship in the current wave is destroyed - which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't set your speed to 0 when it popped up. I tend to operate at extremely close range to my opponents, and often die due to being trapped at point blank range at 0 speed, with the enemy ship exploding before I can set my speed back up or clear the dialogs. Please either delay the dialogs a few seconds, or have them not set speed to 0.

2) Make a waypoint jump BOs to the waypoint if they cannot reach it within some predetermined amount of time. This would deal with BOs ending up underground (yes, this still happens at least as of yesterday)

Mid Term

1) Make crafted item products show their modifiers as part of the name, like uncommon and rare drops do.

2) More variety in items that can be crafted - currently most are things that most people do not use.

3) The occasional surprise. For example, what if that Anomalous Energy Signature turned out to be a cloaked or out of phase ship, or portal to elsewhere some small percentage of the time... Physical, rarely a space creature... Technological, an ancient space mine (which explodes), defense platform (which shoots at you), or ship component (yay!)? They would make people more cautious about investigating things, and make the game more interesting and less grinding.

Long Term

1) Content for every system, regardless of level. I don't mind if I go into a friendly non-mission system and there is nothing but planets and asteroids 90% of the time - but it would be nice to at least be able to go into them. Planet/moon/asteroid positions could be constant, with just a small chance of there being an encounter in the system if you don't have a mission there. If I go to the Romulan Homeworld, I don't mind getting owned - but I do mind not being able to go.

2) Additional attention paid to things making sense. For instance, the Federation and Klingons are at war - yet if a Fed player attempts to enter Klingon space, he gets a message saying this would violate treaty. Generally treaties go out the window when at war. When dealing with Romulans, mention is occasionally made of the Neutral Zone, and the maps even appear to show one - yet Federation players are doing missions all over Romulan space, including in the Romulan home systems. While the Romulan Empire seems to still exist as a political entity, there is no IG evidence of this - outside a few missions, Romulans encountered could be replaced by almost any other race and make no less sense.

3) Possible crafted items that are different than (not necessarily better than) drops.
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# 1399 Suggestions (Sugerencias)
03-30-2010, 08:36 AM
short term

-Of course:translate to spanish or please give tools so the spanish can translate it. (with tools i mean save the captainīs log in a txt file, at least the things we write with the purpose of share it with the spanish comunity.)

-Choose coordinates for beamin down to an area so i can make an attack plan

-Please walk as a toggle (i dont like running in the spaceport) please when i use /+walk iīd like to see my hole crew walking, not runnin two steps, then stop, then two steps, then stop...

-Fix bugs like lying crew of khitomer (they are floating over the bed)

-Content without any purpose ( so i can feel free to look for a planet where nothin is happenin and have a walk with my girlfriend)

mid term

-more ships, a lot of more ships since the beginnig. (beautilful armors and kits, but the customization here is in the ships... the weapons choosen should be visible over the hull of the ship, the consoles could add some detail to the ship too, the engines or the deflector should change in depends of wich one are we using, the shields could have different colors for different kinds of shield)

-Questing inside my own ship (as in the tv series)

-Questing inside spaceport (itīs so big outside and so small inside)

long term

-zero gravity environment

-androids crew member kind of data

-i suggest not to destroy ships, but when itīs neutralize you have to enter and board it. The Federation should try to save any lives even the klingons, so i suggest that the weapons have to be used not to kill but to knock out enemy. Same with ships, some of them will be destroyed in the battle but some others should have to be boarded.

-same with your own ship: when your ship is destroyed the penalty should be retake it from the enemy (an instance with your own ship in its own map).

-i suggest atmospheric instances (an easy way to make the planets bigger: when you get to certain planets to beam down you need to destroy several ships in the atmosphere. Donīt need to land, just flying with a ground under).

- the figure of the first officer is needed, one of my officers is the first. Iīd like to give him more responsabilitys like the command of the ship while iīm outside or send him as the leader of the group in ground areas (i can control him as if he were my own character when captain is not a part of the group)

-microgames in the consoles. Not just gettin there and pressing a button but play a microgame like tetris to get the borg's pattern and then other game to beam them in the hull breach. (example from khitomer)

-I suggest the posibility of controlling some other character of the crew. The Captain is who gives the orders, the ground action should be done by the crew the captain sent.

-Iīts nice to have acces to the bridge, but iīd like to be able of playin inside. Seeing the action in the screen of the bridge.

-Questing the earth, vulcan and andoria.

-Holodeck with old tv chapters to play controllin kirk, picard, janeway or archer.(or the other one from ds9)

-I donīt think fleet bank is a good idea. I would prefer a ship cargo bay so i donīt need to go to the bank when i need something, just beam to my own ship.(a death penalty could make you drop some cargo from your cargo bay).

- Colonys creation

- Colonist training

-Fleet's starbase creation

- Empty space instance creation for pvp fedvsfed or simply flying maneuvers or training combat.

Since youīve done a great job with the game iīm so exited for all the things that you still can make.

apologize for my english (not my mother language)
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03-30-2010, 09:55 AM
Short Term - I'd like for ground encounters and ground battles to be less "choppy". Right now it doesn't seem to flow smoothly, there's alot of lag in ground battles that doesn't occur in Fleet engagements (for me anyway) and that really detracts from the enjoyment of the game. Also it doesn't make much sense to have a firefight with one enemy group while another stands a short distance away and doesn't react until you get within their "aggro" zone.

Mid Term - More to do in the space ports. Perhaps being able to play chess in the bar (either against the computer or another player, both regular 2D chess and 3D chess), or being able to sit down and actually order a drink. Add some minigames (darts, billards, ect) In general make the starports larger and give players more to do there.

Long Term - I'd like to be able to play a merchant/trader, travelling between planets and starports, trading different commodities (which obviously have to be expanded). Players could negotiate contracts with planetary governments ect, and establish new trade routes.

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