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Short Term
-Fix server crashes when mission loading.
-Better Loot Mission Drops
-Fix Missions from NPC's (I.E. ability lvl=Mission lvl you can attain from NPC)
Mid Term
-More Factions and Sector Blocks
-Storyline Arch- random events, distress calls, more detailed character development
-Higher Character lvl Cap
Long Term
-Make C-Store Items Free(i mean sorry if this sounds rude but we are already paying a subscription fee)
-More factions to play ingame
-More Mission types(
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04-08-2010, 05:25 PM
1. An iPhone app to alert you when the server is up and when it is going down. So I can watch star trek while I am waiting for you guys to get the server back up and know right away when it is up. This way I can pause star trek and get back to STO.

2. More diverse species to play for all factions. When can we play as Romulans, Jem'Hadar, etc. ?

3. More Ship Class Options per tier and the ability to keep and use older/lower tier ships. I'd Like to keep my old ship when I get promoted or at least a picture of her so I can compare her to the new one! Get me some technical drawings of them also please...
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While API addon's might be nice if you locked API calls to 'authorized' modifications/developers, I have a completely different API request.

It would be nice for fleets to have API calls for web-pages, things like roster, who's on, ranks, fleet chat, etc for integration into fleet websites. And probably have enabling as a option for officers so they can control the calling IPs and so on.

This should not impact gameplay at all, but should make it easier to make 'decent' fleet websites.
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04-08-2010, 06:19 PM
If I post this one more time in the other forums, I think I might get blackballed by someone. I'll be nice :-)

SHORT TERM: I would like to see a leveling of MK IV item availability at Tier II, MK VI at Tier III....etc. for the Federation. Here is what I mean.

As a Klingon, upon leveling up, I can go to the EC store for Starship Weapons and buy all vanilla disruptor weapons that exist. Same is true for engines, consoles, shields and so forth. I can go to these stores having sold all of these same items from my old ship and new ship. I walk out with a bag of goodies that will bring my new ship up to date with the latest weapons available beyond the specialized stuff. I don't have to do anything else unless I want to get the stuff in the exploration store.

As a Federation, upon leveling up, I can go to the EC store at Earth Spacedock and buy MK I and MK II vanilla items, pretty much all phasers, torpedoes and mines, no cannons, no turrets. Fully two steps down at Tier 2 and so forth. So, I go to Star Base 39. I can get stuff there, but limited only to phasers, torpedoes, and I think turrets. These items are a step up from Earth Spacedock, but still a step down from the max available.

I go back to Earth Spacedock, and go upstairs to the area above the Dockyard. I go to the exploration stores...whala!!! I can now get the MK items that are the max fro my tier; however, it isn't just the specialized stuff, it is the disruptor based vanilla stuff as well. And, I can only get them with BOE s', which I have none of.

Memory Alpha. There are items there. Much of it is out of date to my tier, and that which isn't requires the vanilla version of the item to craft the new one. The problem, can't get it anywhere. As an example, at Tier 2, I can get an updated MK IV plasma dual cannon. The problem here is that I can't get a dual plasma cannon in the vanilla version anywhere, only the dual heavy.

Klingons do not have to jump through so many hoops as this. Their system is streamlined and simple. They can get the up to date vanilla stuff, and only have to put out some effort if they want the specialized stuff.

Feds on the other hand have lots of hoops to jump through, and they often don't even connect. Plus, just to get vanilla up to date weapons, must run the Nebula many times. I am truly at a loss why it is this way.

So, to summarize this lengthy post, my short term goal would be to fix this. Make the fed system comparable to the Klingon system.

I actually have nothing to offer in terms of mid and long term goals. I am personally happy with the game and the adjustments you have made to date. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
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04-08-2010, 07:20 PM
Short term, I feel all the weapon/equipment vendors need a pass. There are numerous gaps in the variety of items on offer, for example, you can get a Mk X Tetryon split beam rifle from exploration merits, but you can't get a Phaser version, which strikes me as odd considering Phasers are the standard weapon of the Federation. I'd also include the Battle Group Omega vendor in that - why does everything have to be Antiproton?


Medium term, here comes Memory Alpha again. The crafting system currently available is dreadful and feels like an afterthought. I don't know how many people used to play Tabula Rasa, but the final crafting system they introduced, which enabled you to strip the mods off an item and replace them with ones that you wanted or suited your style gave a much needed boost and I reckon a similar system would work well in STO.

One suggestion I'd put forward here is that schematics are introduced which can be fed into the ships replicator and combining them with various parts, you can construct an away team rifle or ship array with modifications that suit your approach to the game, or spit a more standard version out, with what you can and can't build determined by your energy credits and available parts.


Long term, I'd take a look at the whole Klingon side of things and flesh it out to have the PvE comparable to the Federation - having that would open up more potential for the storylines and let you see the war from the other side of the coin. That brings me to the PvP side of things. I would suggest considering the idea of adding lets say 4 additional sectors that are designated as Contested/Disputed space where it's open warfare. Granted it's probably not that straightforward and would need a lot of work - I should be honest at this point and say I'm not a fan of PvP personally, but it does seem like one possible solution to having a degree of open PvP in STO without impacting the existing zones so folks can still avoid PvP if they're not interested, the idea being to have the options available, but without them being forced onto the player.
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04-08-2010, 09:33 PM
Short Term:

1.I know this falls under mid-term expectations realistically, but it needs addressing sooner rather than later; More content. I've seen players dropping like flies because everything is done. Nobody left to scan, rescue, or kill. While repeatable content is a good idea, I'm not interested in doing missions for nothing since I've hit the level cap.

2. Maybe not so easy right away as I'd like to think: Various User Interfaces possibly as unlockable goodies. e.g. Romulan computer core which changes the UI to look Romulan? There are plenty of cannon examples of computer displays; Cardassian, Ferengi, Borg, Dominion.


1. How's about some alien technology to reverse engineer? I kill a Borg, I want Borg tech for it. Klingons sometimes drop disruptors, Romulans sometimes drop plasma weapons. I want Borg cutter beams, holding beams, nanites, etc.

2. Mini-games. I want to play a mini-game (reroute power through the auxiliary stabalizers for a temporary (1 hour?) boost to my weapons, shields, or engines)

3. More ship customization options. I don't need 32 forehead designs for a character my camera follows. I want the alien creation options transferred to the ships and not just cosmetically. How about some Options to tweak system operations so we can feel like we're in control. I know captain abilities & starship equipment alter ship performance but it spoon-feeds weak players too much & holds back players who are willing to learn how to modify their ships & equipment. Functional Main Engineering!

Long Term:

1. More playable factions; Romulans, Cardassians, The Dominion, Rogue Borg

2. More space. What is it, 13 or so sectors now? Bring on the Gamma Quadrant missions. You've already got the Wormhole in place, just open up the other end.
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04-08-2010, 11:09 PM
Short Term

1. The option to pick where we Traswarp to (with in reason, must be a starbase we've been to and picked up some little bandage saying we've been there. [ Memory Alpha, K-7, DS9, so on and so forth]

2. First Officer slot. once we reach the rank of Capt. able to promote one bridge officer to this slot. opens up an extra ship console(s) slot tied to the class of the first officer and adds a buff during combat.

3. Expandable personal bank tabs. much cheaper then what it costs to get another one in Fleet.

Mid Term

1. Uniform Package for C-Store, nothing to do with the pre-order bonus items, I'd like to see things like the Starfleet Uniforms 29th century uniforms. ( along with uniforms comes there respective pips and com badges )
a ground source

2. Shuttle Craft/ Runabout Missions, we're able to buy runabouts @ DS9 so I'd like to see unlockable missions that you can only get via owning a runabout or shuttle craft

3. To the Death bouts. one on one ground PVP. first to be knocked out and have to respawn loses.

Long Term

1. option to defect at a price. manly former faction forces will now fire upon you if engaged in battle, Be this to the KDF or to the Maquis, the latter being a more fun way to go.

2. More time travle missions, Forward and back in time. missions to the past give uncommon/rare/very rare loot, Missions into the Future loot Ultra Rare items

3. Borg Liberation Missions. Storm in capture a Drone take it back to the the daystrom institute and spend hours helping Annika Hansen put this newly severed drone into rehab. a way for those who didn't pre-order with Amazon or life sub get a borg crew member
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04-09-2010, 04:56 AM
Short term
Improve descriptions of skills and what affects what.
Address the problems with the exchange i.e no time limits, fees or sorting abilities.
Range of melee weapons for federation characters to use in ground combat.
Medium Term
More PvE content (all levels) but in particular for Klingons.
Improve the crafting system currently it seem rather limited with little feeling of involvement. Introduce specialism. i.e Weapons, Consoles, Deflectors etc allow individuals to develop down one tree as this will add to character development.
Random encounters - obliviously space is barren and empty but sector space feels too empty. There is no sense of real and imminent danger or mystery. Adding content to sector space would help to make this part of the game more involved.
Long Term
Contestable Sectors PVP would create a very dynamic and fluid feeling universe.
First Officer Appoint one of your BO to be first officer and receive a bonus based on their specialisation i.e. tactical +accuracy or crit chance, Engineering Power bonus / repair rate bonus and Science Bonus to Aux systems etc
Factions Allow play to join factions that have certain benefits / risks i.e. allow players to join the Maquis or perhaps an elite federation combat unit or espionage unit. This would allow for some deep and interesting episodic mission rife with conspiracy theories etc.
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04-09-2010, 08:10 AM
I hadn't considered that until reading some of the posts on here, but a lot of people are asking for a first officer. I whole heartedly agree, but I also think it should go a step further. I'm only a CMDR right now and I have two engineering officers, one tac and one science on my bridge. It may seem obvious that my LT. CMDR is my Chief Engineer, but I'd like to designate him as such. Also, I have a few other officers that have no bridge position. I'd like to be able to give them a title that gives me some subtile bonus, say appoint one of my non-bridge science officers as Chief Medical Officer which gives my crew a boosted survivability rate (since my 500 man crew seems to die way too easily during combat anyway...)

So to break this into the format stated:

Short Term:
-Give titles to bridge officers (Executive Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, etc.) Purely cosmetic, like being able to use the rank title in front of your name. i.e: "LT CMDR Riley, Chief Engineer USS Callisto"

Mid Term:
-Create a new tab on ship window called "position". List here, First Officer, Chief Tactical, etc. Make a position for each available officer slot; each filled position gives a small bonus. Keep the Assignments slot as these are bridge positions (Spock was both first officer and science officer, so he was both assigned as Executive Officer and manned the Science station, so there is an example of how this would work.)

Long Term:-Award individual merits to your officers based on the missions. Right now it's generic, someone gets a kill you just get a point that can go to any of them; I'd like to see a way to keep track of who is my better gun hand, but force me to change up my away team by having it so that if one of my bridge officers gets too many individual merits they can advance in rank without me and be transfered to another ship (offered their own command, well not really, but that would be the reason stated for why my first officer would leave me.) Right now I have at least one officer I never use for anything...if my XO is close to leveling up and away, I'd bench her and switch to the other guy just to keep her.
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04-09-2010, 08:16 AM
short term..
fix all the bugs stop ignoring them

mid term
Fix more bugs and give FUN content not what u gave us

Long term
scrap the game and start over again.

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