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02-09-2010, 12:00 AM
Short Term: Allowing my character to walk-not-jog and, if at all possible, point to a chair to sit down instead of having to stand on it first.

Mid-Term: A functional, third character-mode called Bridge View in which one could embed a first-person view of space-play -- don't know if this is even possible -- and also avoid Sector Space as presently construed.

Long Term: The ability to craft the interior of one's starship using blueprints and modular components; a marketplace for those components; ability to transfer components to new ships.... possibility of on-board battles, etc.
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02-09-2010, 12:17 AM
Short Term:

Fix the firing ability on away missions. more often then not I will hit 1 to attack and the annimation happens but he doesnt shoot and then puts my ability on cooldown.

Fix the little bug where my ship randomly goes backwards and the forwards again...

Modify the number of expedition tokens needed to get items. For tier 1-2 you need 77 and you get 75 for the mission.... .......... ................ so I do 3 clusters, get 2 weapons and am left with 71?


Other then the AH (which does anyone even use?) figure out something to use energy credits on. I have almost 400k energy credits and no reason to spend them atm.

More fleet actions.

Make the skill system tool tips explain a bit more. Some of the skills I get I expect them to do X and they do Y....cept the thing is I have no idea what Y really is. I understand in the tip they give a few examples of what the ability does but after that...yeah I have no idea. *could just be I need to read into it a little more*.

Longer tutorial. There are so many things in the game that would of been nice to know at the beginning of the game. Just yesterday I was screwing around with my officers and saw the button "Train up" and was like...oh whats this....oh snap thats nice!

Remove certain missions after you are like 5-10 levels above the recremended level. I still have stuff for when I hit LT cause I just didnt care enough to do em.

Long Run:

Havent gotten to admiral yet so I cant answer this fully (Hit Commander 7 today).

I will do more later but I need to go to bed.
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02-09-2010, 12:34 AM
Short Term
1. Make ground PvP spawning work in waves as opposed to one at a time. Currently, whenever one team starts to steamroll, it's near impossible to reorganize.
2. Fix it so PvP matches can't start unless near the full compliment of people are there and ready to go. Hand in hand with this is fixing the queuing system so when you're in one PvP match, you're on hold in the other queues and can't take up a spot in a match that's about to start.
3. Let us get out of PvP matches faster at the end.

Mid Term
1. Provide an in-game tutorial on the different types of PvP matches you can queue for. Rules for some of those matches on the list are extremely confusing.
2. More varieties of exploration missions on both sides.
3. More fleet actions on both sides.

Long Term
1. Provide some way for Klingons to get more loot. At the moment I'm being forced to send loot over from my Fed to stay competitive.
2. Improved crafting systems with a random chance (based on a skill maybe) to create a rarer item. A general revamp to make Memory Alpha more interesting.
3. A full auction house revamp that makes it at least as useful as WoW's
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02-09-2010, 12:35 AM
Short Term:

- Skirts!!!!

- Bridge Officer Customization with Pre-Order Costumes

- Sashes (Baldrics) for Starfleet Klingons (Can't see what makes them noticably different from custom Aliens that look Klingon otherwise.)

- Evened out customization between Borg Bridge Officers and Playable Borg. No reason I can see not to share full options.

- Klingon Exploration clusters.

Medium Term:

- Soong-Type Androids (with Nerve Pinch trait optional -- Data could do it and they did it in the trading card game)

- Holographic Bridge Crew (with some unique mechanics)

- Ground combat improvements.

- Persistent world hubs. Should aid with "persistent world" immersion. Think "The Duckblind" from Insurrection. The ability to do 2-3 levels without leaving a planet. Might be a great use for places like Vulcan and Risa aside from RP.

- More access to "lore" characters. Maybe including the Enterprise itself as a social/quest hub.

- Missions with portions that take place aboard our ships.

- More uniforms in the C-Store.

Long Term:

- Holodecks with user-generated content. (To avoid this being a farm, maybe holodecks' loot is strictly used for cosmetic options or something; a mini-game. Or maybe you only get a token reward the first time you do it every day.)

- More factions. Romulans, sure. Cardassians, sure. But I'd like to see Terran Empire and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance at war.

- A new, faction-neutral 1-50 path. (Maybe in the Gamma or Delta Quadrant?) This would add variety. The plus here is that both Klingons and Federation get a perk out of this, as well as subsequent factions. Maybe the optional 1-50 path is in a persistent PvP zone with some safehavens for people who want that extra challenge with "shortcuts" back and forth to pick and choose our leveling experience.

- Puzzle gameplay as an endgame activity. Use the basic inventory/away team systems to do gameplay similar to the old Interplay puzzle games. But make it tricky. Clever. Look at how WoW nearly did its Ashbringer Quest Chain. To an extent, I don't know ground would need so much of an overhaul if ground missions were more dialogue based and involved puzzles play. This could also stimulate the economy.

The game already has so much action, maybe its raiding should move beyond hokey pokey boss fights and instead involve low-combat raidisodes with genuinely difficult puzzles and dashes of action. Say there's a planet, for instance, where universal translators don't work. And people have to figure out the language. Now, there'd still be action, mind you, but I don't know the action is what needs evolving in the more advanced content. The action could be similar to what we have now but there could be scavenger hunts much more complex than five computers in an empty bunker.

And if you get into 10 man raids, try splitting up the action so that you have one group on the surface and one in space and they can affect eachother. Or stuff where you have part of the raid as a boarding party sabotaging a ship that the rest of the raid is engaging in space. On a timer.

I mean, WoW raids split people up on multiple duties but I could actually see where the standard 10 man raid in STO might split people up between space combat and away teams, requiring coordination between the two with each affecting the other in realtime. Damaging one side of a ship might block off or open pathways for the boarding party. The boarding party applies debuffs to the enemy ship. Basically, two five man groups synched up to affect eachother's gameplay in realtime.

Sometimes a split ground/ground, split space/space or space/ground... and alternating with 10 altogether for the "trash mob" fights. But always with realtime consequences that cause the two groups to impact eachother. You should never not be conscious of what the other 5 man is doing even though you may technically be in two instances. They sabotage an enemy's impulse engines from the inside, you see the ship you're fighting grind to a halt.

Really look at First Contact for inspiration on this. Riker's team and Picard's team and how their missions intersected.
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02-09-2010, 12:42 AM
Short Term

  1. all items being represented from MkI to MkX
  2. all items in the game (currently have not seen anti proton ship weapons or one of the torpedo types)
  3. path finding enhanced for BO's so they don't get stuck on terrain
  4. BO's not using consumables when they will do nothing I.E. using food when they have full health.

Mid Term

  1. Full 3D ship movement so i don't have to spiral up or down to reach enemies in space far above or below me.
  2. more ship customization I.E. ship parts, hull hue, hull paints and designs.
  3. Fleet Logo's
  4. higher level content for Rear Admirals I.E. fleet actions.
  5. more reasons to have 10 BO's I.E. maybe have combat shuttles (delta flyer ish or runabouts?) that i can assign 2 or more BO's to fly and use there BO abilities without my input??

Long Term
  1. Sector Space expanded for more sectors.
  2. removal of skill cap
  3. more levels.. going up to Admiral and maybe Ambassador??
  4. more clearly display damage I.E. have noticed 2 numbers for damage being taken in space.. once very faint that i am assuming is the damage my shields take and the red number i am assuming is hull damage.
  5. more clearly show how my abilities are affecting the target. sure my ship hit him with disable weapons sub systems.. but how effective was it
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02-09-2010, 12:55 AM
In no specific order:

Short Term
  • Tellarite as player race and BOffs offered at vendors. I mean, they're one of the founders of the Federation, so where are they?
  • Allow pre-order uniform options to be used on BOffs.
  • On a related note ... add mini-skirts for those who got the TOS uniforms with their pre-order.
  • Auto holster weapons when beaming into social areas or if they've gone unused for a while, for both player of BOffs.
  • Vendors in the social areas ... especially selling location specific items (like Lirpas on Vulcan)... and possibly quest givers giving out location specific quests.
  • BOffs not using items when they're not needed.

Mid Term
  • Missions that require more critical thinking to succeed. That was always a major part of the IP & it's missed.
  • More mission variety overall ... thinkers, diplomacy, science missions.
  • Klingon PvE ... more please.
  • More ship variety ... especially for the Klingon side.
  • More uniform variety for Klingon side. Gorn uniforms, Orion clothes ... etc.
  • More social areas ... Betazed, Trill, Tellar , surface of Bajor... etc.
  • Animals and non-combatant aliens on exploration missions.

Long Term
  • Ship interiors, complete with missions that take place either partially or entirely on the ship.
  • Missions where combat is optional or where it's possible to take prisoners / accept surrenders.
  • Romulan player faction.
  • Mini-games for the social areas.
  • Off-duty clothes for certain social areas.

Whew! Bit of a list, eh?
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02-09-2010, 12:58 AM
Short-term requests

- I play windowed mode, when I am not focused on the sto window, let the game complete a load screen.
- auto flanking in combat removed
- Fix up button window, or allow more options for customization.
- allow game settings to increase or decrease space nebula density.

Mid-term requests

- Increase station usability ie more floor levels, more things to do in station,
- more realistic warp travel similar to the starfield warp in the show perhaps.

Long-term requests

- a bit more sandbox PVP
- increase creativity on missions
- Fix warp drive, let me choose a destination from the computer and have the ship warp field ala. EVE, to where I want to go, and allow warp travel to be done from the bridge of the ship and integrate the interior gameplay of the ship with warp travel. Maybe when destination is reached, allow for a combadge signal popup from crew allowing you to continue outside ship play again.
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02-09-2010, 01:04 AM
Great idea for a thread!

Short Term

- Continue to fix the most immediate mission bugs. They are still out there. Great job though fixing those things found during the OB.

- Death Penalty. Respawn is not a death penalty. Suggest removal from a fleet action if you die. In solo play, degrade systems so that they must be fixed at a space dock.[i.e. beyond repair by your engineer]

- Carefully examine the rewards given for missions. Skill points seem to be given out too freely; I'm having to drop patrol missions in order to keep fighting ships of my own level or above.

Medium Term

- Roaming wildlife / signs of life. Fewer empty colonies. I want to capture animals, go on targ hunts etc...

- Fix Memory Alpha. It's not a crafting system. Good idea, should be retained and modified, but its not what people who like crafting find fun. I've got 50+ of each red data type, but don't get enough appropriate drops to make it work.

- Fix combat difficulty. I don't want to rely on higher rank = harder combat. I'd like to feel like my ship is at risk at all ranks. I haven't taken any significant internal damage in an age. I think that introducing ship classes below the light cruiser we start with would help reolve this (frigates / police ships)

Long Term

- More complex storylines for missions, with multiple endings, including the possibility of failure.

- An economy...can't see any sign of it so far. Economy Related: The 'Aid missions' are redundent...I always warp straight out of there as I see no benefit for completing them, because of what it is going to cost me in terms of resources. Develop a trade system for these commodities.

- I'd like to see sectors that the factions can fight over like in Warhammer Online...a region with several systems, that require pvp space and ground actions to capture...I'd like to have the ability to repair bases and put up defenses in these regions with resources I earn.

- A much wider range of ships, and ship classes to choose from.
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02-09-2010, 01:23 AM
short term:
  • increase server capacity
  • increase server capacity
  • address the issues with patches coming slow
  • address the latency issues
  • increase server capacity
  • massive bug smashing (with priority on those unfixed since open beta)
  • offduty clothes, swimwear
  • c-store content (why did I get 1000 credits when I can't use them?)

mid term:
  • way more noncombat missions
  • way more life on the planets
  • way more life on the planets that isn't an enemy
  • a lot larger planets that you can research and explore without an obvious specific mission (meaning your BO does not provide you with the mission and most of the time also the solution directly afetr beaming down)
  • way more possibilities to customize ships
  • way more flexibility in altering the faces and hair of the humanoid species
  • player interactable minigames for the social hubs (poker, dabo, roulette, shuffleboard , you name it)

long term:
  • improved genesis system (atm it only produces repeated and somewhat boring content)
  • way more content for both federation (beyond admin level) and klingon
  • way more diversity in the graphics and layout of planets, stations and underground facilities when on an away mission.
  • a crafting system beyond turning in collected artifacts to get equipment you cannot use since you've got something better already...
  • playable/explorable player ship interior
  • heavily expand the stations and social hubs
  • housing and fleet housing
  • player generated quests (let players design quests and questchains that can be tested by other players on beta-shards, migrate the best ones over to the production server). For this you would need some kind of quest editor, but I think it would be a tremendous addition to the game and would take load from the quest designers. I am quite sure, a lot of players would be delighted to do this and since quite some of them are trekkers they have the expertise to create canon quests.

What I don't want to see:
  • heavy death penalty (I play this to have fun, not to be frustrated). Currency penalty would be okay, but only after the ingame economy works (which it doesn't yet).

Sorry, more than three per section...
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02-09-2010, 01:39 AM
Short Term
-A simple death penalty, such as the one in closed beta (you lose crew permanently when you die, and you have to buy more).

Medium Term
-A more in-depth death penalty system, such as respawning NPCs if you wipe and locking you from respawning/re-entering the mission if you have teammates still in combat.

Long Term
-Variable player-chosen difficulty levels for missions. Preferably harder difficulty levels have additional challenges such as timers or endlessly respawning enemies that grow exponentially tougher, rather than just turning the NPC's damage dial up to 11.

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