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04-11-2010, 04:55 PM
My short term request is to do something about Sol loading times.

Mid term is to come up with duplicate merchants elsewhere to help alleviate the use of Sol.

Finally long term, something needs to be done about an endgame.
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04-12-2010, 12:26 AM
Would it be possible to have it where when I press "log out" on the menu tray takes me to my character selection screen instead of logging me completely out to log in screen. It would make it would be a little quicker when switching to alt toons when I'm crafting or trying to help someone out with a mission.
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# 1493
04-12-2010, 10:31 AM
Short/Medium Term - Vastness of Space - right now everything feels so small...there are a lot of ways this can be improved. I would recommend adding another layer to the galaxy > sectory map system.

Galaxy Map (view only)
> Sector Blocks - contains multiple sectors
> Sector Space - access to all the current systems we see
> Cluster Space - Planetary systems in sector space should be changed to be star cluster regions. Instead of just entering a planet system (eg. Vulcan), change it so we enter a new star cluster map (eg. Vulcan star cluster) where you may find the intended planetary system, as well as a number of stars or other phenomina that can be explored. These can be static maps for fixed locations (eg. System J-25 - static, explorable, can be used for random events, staging area for fleets, etc) or instanced areas that are one shot locations (much like the nebula cluster anomalies)

So imagine in this example how the flight path would go

Player enters Sirius Sector
- Player plots a course for Vulcan Sector
- Player approachs the Vulcan Star Cluster region
- Player double clicks the region on the map

Right now, the game would take you to the Vulcan Planet

With the extra layer idea, what happens now is players are sent to a static Cluster Region map, that will contain the existing Vulcan System, as well as hundreds (just a number for argument purposes) of other stars, or other stellar phenomina that can be used for a multitude of options.

So if the player wants to proceed to the Vulcan System, they can then plot a course after they've entered the star cluster area, however they may see System J-25 and plot a course there, see if they find any phenomina worth exploring...or perhaps they will warp close enough to System J-44 where they've received an emergency distress call from a Vulcan freighter and are plotting a course to assist.

As of right now, there are only a few locations that can be visited a 2nd time if not part of a mission (Stations/outposts, risa/vulcan/andoria, etc). All the other locations, you visit them once for a mission, and you can no longer physically enter that system, so from a user's perspective, it's just wasted space.

If those locations were changed into clusters (and perhaps add other explorable star clusters to the sector map), and those clusters had a few hundred fixed or unknown map locations that you could go and explore, it would help increase the vastness feel of space in the game
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# 1494
04-12-2010, 01:20 PM
I'm still looking for my one and only request:

A Camera Option for "Follow Avatar". That is to have a camera view that is right behind you whether you are in space or on the ground.

I have a disability that makes using the mouse very difficult so I always map my games to the keyboard. This is the only game I play that doesn't have this option, and I think this needs to be added soon.

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04-12-2010, 04:41 PM
Number One >>>>> CRAFTING CRAFTING CRAFTING I want to be able to do somthing ON my ship that involvs crafting!! Maybe learn how to install Special Labratorys that let you enhance items further. This would Give you a function for ship interiors.

Number Two >>> BETTER LOOT REWARDS If I am going to spend 70 valor marks I want there to be a NOTICBLE diffrence. I want to see a unique diffrence to my ship and characters aperance when I equip and item.

Number Three>>>> 1 On 1 Dualing I want to dual a team mate when ever I want Say while were waiting on the rest of the team to show up.


One >> PRIVATE FLEET ACTION ROOMS!!!! I want to be able to take JUST my fleet into a fleet action instance without haveing random people in it. Spamming change instance to get everyone together SUCKS

Two>>> PvP battle should be matched with players of CLOSER level range of maybe 5 instead of 10. There is a BIG diffrence in skill level to off balance a lower levels chances

Three>>>LESS IN THE C STORE and more given!! untill you ACCUALY have more content you should not be selling ANYTHIGN in the C store.....This game lacks so much I can't imagin you selling somthing as EXTRA


One>>> Cross Faction Fleet actions

Two>>> ACTUAL open exploration I want to visit worlds with LARGE maps and explore I dont want "Randomly generalted cookie cutter maps" I want persistant maps to revisit and explor.

Three>>> Planets you can occupy with your fleet kinda like in EVE. Or SOME kinda of permnant ongoing battle area
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# 1496
04-13-2010, 10:05 AM
Social areas:
I'm thinking areas like the major cities in Guild Wars, where there is a large, open area people can gather for events, etc, and where the code is tweaked to allow a relatively large (100?) people to get together simultaneously. And not an out-of-the way area, but the central plaza. So, open up the middle of SB1 into a big circular gathering spot.
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# 1497
04-13-2010, 01:34 PM
Sittable chairs - I would like to be able to sit in my Captain's Chair on the bridge without having to jump on it, orient correctly and then emote a sit. The Captain should be the only one able to sit in the Captain's chair on their ship. Also, chairs in the bars and lounges should be sittable. By sittable, I mean I should be able to walk up to it and click a "Sit" button similar to the "Return to Tactical View" button.

Better Skill System - Currently, I'm forced to waste points of skills that I don't want in order to advance to the next rank. I cannot gain enough points to get the skills I want because you get very few admiral skills. I would like to see skill points continue at Admiral level so that I can continue to build my skill base appropriately. Also, I don't want to be forced to buy skills I don't want simply to advance. This is a waste of the points that I've worked to earn.

Galaxy Map - I would like to be able to look at each sector block on the map, instead of just the one I'm in. The Galaxy map should show EVERY system in each sector, not just the main one. It's frustrating if you don't know where something is if it's not in the sector block you're currently in.

More Bridge Chairs - After the chairs are sittable, I would like a couple of extra chairs added to the bridge. The Enterprise D had several seats around the Captain's chair for the first officer and visitors. I would like a couple of those to be added for guests.

Formal Uniforms - We now have off-duty uniforms, I would like to see a more formalized uniform added. A more ornate form of the standard uniform, similar to the robes worn on TNG.

Ready Room and Conference Room - I would like to see a Captain's Ready Room and a Conference Room added off the bridge. The ready room could have a desk with a couple chairs and a couch. The conference room could have a long table with chairs all around it. This way there would be a place to meet without just standing on the bridge or in a starbase.

More content inside the ship - Currently, you can only visit the bridge and you don't do anything but look around there. I would like to see more places on the ship to visit and more things to do there. The bridge was a huge part of the episodes and I think that should be incorporated more into gameplay.

First Officer - I would like to be able to designate a First and Second Officer, a Security Officer and a Medical Officer. I would like to see these incorporated into gameplay.

More random exploration - Instead of constantly doing missions, I would like to be able to travel the systems and find things to do on my own.
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04-13-2010, 01:57 PM
I guess it couldn't hurt to try this.

Short Term-

1. MORE COSTUME PARTS! For example, on the Klingon side, eye patches, Metal plates for example see ST VI General Chang's Eyepatch. More clothing peices, maybe not even full costumes, but, like more shoulder pads, and definately MORE COLOR OPTIONS.

2. More ship parts that are NOT in the C-store. Again, I'm not talking full ships here save those for the C-store. But, maybe, a new warp nacelle design here, or a new Saucer section there. We need more options.

3. More Viberant paint for ships.

Mid Term-
1. Keep those Races coming like the Pakleds and Caitans, But, add some for the Klingons aswell.

2. More missions in the Nebulas/Explore Missions

3. Improve the crafting system. My suggestion is a complete overhaul. The system in place now is NOT crafting, Its UPGRADING without consumption of the original piece.

Long Term-
The 'examples' are actually some of the best improvement ideas i've seen, so, here's the order i'd like to see 'em.
1. More playable factions (romulans, cardassians, etc)

2. This is one of the smartest things I've seen said here. "More choices in how to complete content - ie, maybe missions with a diplomatic rather than a pure combat solution depending on choices you make during the mission." You do this. and I'll go Lifer.

3. More stuff for fleets - fleet-owned starbases, "raid" interfaces that allow fleets to do fleet actions together, etc.
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# 1499 One of my Long term goals
04-13-2010, 05:11 PM
Dear devs of STO I am enjoying the game very much being a star trek fan. A die hard one at that. One thing i would love to see and play is the Romulan faction or the tal shier it would be awesome for me to play that to claok and decloak and just to be a romulan would be great, so i ask please try to input that. thanks for reading.
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04-14-2010, 05:04 AM
I have a new request...I do not know if this has been covered in other posts, but I thought I would add this:

Crafting definitely needs to be revamped. One of the changes I saw on the calendar is a total revamping of Memory Alpha -- this should help address the issue of crafting - at least for the Feds. I don't know what the changes will entail. One thing that I would add to the crafting process is the ability to make purple items from material gained from rare drops in PvP or PvE. That could make things like the DSE grind really mean something if you need to find that one Borg item that allows you to craft that hybrid plasma/phaser mk X purple, etc. Also...crafting for Klingons?

Exploration needs to be made more relevant. Scanning anomalies and running ground missions that seem sort of formulaic also gets old. How about changing the nature of some of the areas of the explore region? Make a dense cloud of gas in one corner where nasty space beasties dwell, for instance...and tie drops from them to potential scientific discovery type events...

Which brings me to the next point -- technology and scientific discovery. It would be pretty cool if it were possible for players to make scientific discoveries based on exploration. Maybe have an extremely rare chance of finding technology that adds a permenant buff to their vessel -- maybe makes it more resistant to the Borg debuffs, for instance...or maybe finding a new type of scientific field that can magnify the effects of some of your weapons, shields, or consoles. These types of "discoveries" would be bound to the player and the player's ship only -- they could not be sold or crafted. Additionally, the discovery would not port over into the next level of order to "find" that same attribute, the player would have to discover it again, this time in the new ship.

In any case, that is my .02 cents. Once again, I think that the game has great potential, and I also think that there is a future in this game.

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