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04-14-2010, 02:34 PM
Short Term:
Make it so that when we go to any Starbase, we don't have to transport over to it in order to procure the items or services we're looking for. I'm not saying completely remove the ability to do that, but I'd like to not have to run around to check mail, buy a rifle, and then hunt an NPC. Let me do all of that from my bridge. Heh, there's an idea for a real bridge usage.

Mid Term:
See my short term goal. It might be edging over into midterm.

Long Term:
There's something about the ships (Fed and Klingon) that seems to be lacking. It might be the fact that Cryptic is coming up with their own designs as alts. I'd say try and get more actual Trek designs in there, and stop being creative in the ship designing department. There is a specific Trekiness to Trek ships, and your creative designs are just horrible...sorry, but that's the truth.
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04-14-2010, 10:57 PM
Short: Change the new fleet missions to lower the difficulty depending on the number of players (including solo players)

Med: Add more Solo missions. Star Trek is, and always will be, about one ship and one crew taking on seemingly impossible odds. But saving the day neither the less. Making more solo missions will give a player more things to do than waiting for more people to begin a mission. I guess it should be more Solo PVE.

Long: Make this a world of Trek, not just the captain part, expand more inside the ship less third person view, use the bridges we have for more than a chatroom. make it that if ya want to be a member not just the captain of a ship you can be, be the science officer at his station, and if your not logged in, then second shift IE NPC is taking your place. Thus it would be possible to have a ship and crew of players. I know this would be a major upgrade to the game, but hey this would be LIVING TREK.....


P.S. I am a Trekkie, so I'm not giving up on the game...
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# 1503 Suggestions for the game
04-15-2010, 11:04 AM
Hello, I would like to first introduce myself as a huge Star Trek fan and someone who was very excited about this game for the months (and years...) leading up to its release. Let me first start by saying that I believe you have made the best Star Trek game that has ever been made (although to be honest I don't think a lot of your competition was very strong), that said, I am in limbo as to whether my account is going to be active for the long term. I've played this game for a good two and a half months now, and having experienced almost all of the federation content in the game, I have some suggestions that would enhance my own game-play experience, and possibly other like-minded individuals. I didn't have time to read the 1000+ posts on this thread that came before this so I apologize if this has been repeated ad nauseam.

1. Short Term -More of a clear purpose for endgame. There needs to be some kind of grand narrative that we're working towards. Right now I feel that when I log on, i can do the two dailies (pvp and exploration), try to get into a group for the STFs (which I've been unable to find thus far) but that's about it. There needs to be something that keeps the Admiralty logging in and working towards a goal, whether that be to destroy the Borg collective or some other kind of story arc. Either way, there needs to be I think a bit clearer of a direction for the endgame as obviously this is going to be the game until a level expansion. Maybe it could be tied in with my second suggestion...

2. Mid Term- More voice acting. Leonard Nemoy's voiceovers at the entrance of each new sector of space are epic. They make me feel like a part of a continuing story-line. The Guardian of Time episode was a personal favourite mainly because there was something actually talking to me. Some sense of interaction. A lot of the text bubbles that pop up only serve to distance me from the immersion and the experience of playing in the world of star trek. The computer voice, again, works great, but I believe it's underused. NPC's, vendors, and even enemies should at least have some sort of voice greeting/dismissal. It may not seem that important on the development side, and is probably not the cheapest thing to add into the game, but in terms of player experience and immersion into the star trek experience, I believe this is vital.

3. Long Term- Ground based missions/combat need work. From everything that i've been reading, you guys are on it already, because I think that this area of the game has been the biggest let down for a lot of people. There are great aspects, like the expose/exploit system, positioning and flanking, but it's far too much of either scan something or burn down a pack of enemies. As a star trek game, this should be PACKED with puzzles, ranging from the small decisions with varying outcomes, to some more epic moral questions that the shows, at their best, were reaching for. One of my favourite mission aspects in the game right now is the decision of who to trust/who is the species 8472 spy on the bridge, only to be revealed that it's a holodeck and you were being evaluated the whole time. That was interesting. Do more of that.

A Few Other Suggestions:

-Ship Interiors- Adding fully explorable ship interiors will not only bring the game more in harmony with the shows (as the MAJORITY of the screen time was filmed on the ship) but also will add a huge variety of mission type, both in exploration or the main game. Deadly virus? Your crew turns against you? Stop a warp core breach in 2 minutes?

-Faction balance- It seems like the klingons are still in a strange space right now. I was planning on leveling one up at some point but I am hoping for a more robust klingon game-play experience before i do.

Thanks for reading this and my honest congratulations on all the hard work you have done in releasing this game. You have a good game that can be the foundation for a great game and I know that is what you are working towards. Keep it up!
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# 1504 Requests
04-15-2010, 12:52 PM
Short Term:

reopen missions for RA5 to redo the storyline missions. I enjoyed some of the cool missions developed in the story, such as the gatekeeper and doosmday device, if old missions can be reopened to RA5 to go and do this would be great. Missions could be made available by going to the starbase officers so that it doesn not pop up in the starfleet hail box this would prevent fthe listing issues that some have complained about.

Mid term:

More missions based on TV series, such as the trouble with tribbles episode from DS9 and Mirror Universe.

Long Term:

Next gerneration starships that provide new ship skins and functions.

Overall I love the game and play everyday to do the dailies and social intraction. Keep it up I know its not easy to please everyone and I for one think your doing well.
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04-15-2010, 03:33 PM
short term
get respec out of c-store MMO's change a build can be good one day en not so good after a patch or to you want to be able to react to this whiteout having to resort to c-store all the time.
increase the maximum number of ships a player is able to own. (I want to collect one of every type just to have them; I have flown every ship up to captain level)
increase the number of costumes we are allowed to wear.

mid term
increase clothing options.
give a button to switch between set costumes. (you are a captain of a starship yet you are to retarded to change cloths whiteout the help of a tailor?)
increase the number of customization options to ships to 5 per part. (as a quick fix you could refund c-point spend on imperial, Hephaestus and Nimbus to just add them to the game without cost...)

Long term
fleet housing; star-bases etc.
full klingon, cardasian and romulan factions. (whit both PvE and PvP content)
bridges extended to include engineering astromatics mess-hall sickbay etc.

i could make top five or tens in each category tbh.
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04-15-2010, 11:02 PM
Short Term
Correct errors with instancing in PvE and PvP; even when my team mates are the same rank, in the same team, in the same sector and in the same instance of that sector, they frequently end up in different systems or different PvP queues.

Upgrade the UI; keybindings that do not endure past logout, save & load files that introduce errors to character's keybinds, lack of detailed tooltips save for skills in the available skill list, twelve keybinds per tray row but only ten slots visible in the tray, inability to customise appearance of BOff screens in space, inability to save space skill layout between BOffs when swapping crew configuration, Klingons unable to autofire on ground.

Improve the variety of missions available from the Exploration mission generator.

Mid Term

Klingon content before any other faction is introduced with PVE comparable to Fed side up to BG5.

Ship interiors and missions on our own ship.

Add missions that have varying levels of rewards based on decision making during a mission.

Long Term

Option to have player crew take the place of one or more BOff assignments

Player generated content via a mission builder. Whether this is a Holodeck or RA/BG's making missions it would be a ready source of content from players.

Daily repeatable content for which BOffs or players can be brought along
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# 1507 New Angle
04-17-2010, 08:46 AM
short: After programming a 2D game not sure anything can be considered short term. Space combat is great. The only thing I see that needs improving is the ability to fire all of my beam weapons. I am levelling my third character. Currently levelling 1 science career rank commander / 1 engineering rank lt. commander 5.

I can already see having alot of beam weapons and them not firing often enough. Only 2 weapons auto fire!? Make all beams auto or increase the number of auto fire slots based on rank. Am I the only one that noticed this? This is Star Trek not a click fiesta.

mid: This is kinda in reference to FFXI but how about some bosses/mini's in the deep space encounters. They can just be rare, I prefer random. They don't have to drop special gear or do anything but be fun to fight. The bigger the ship the better. Same for ground, big bunker or battle complex. Just as long as it makes a big explosion. The AI in space needs help too. The ships are too predictable and cookie cutter. New boss ships/bunkers could be a nice space or ground spice that livens up the experience and offers something new to see instead of the same ships all the time or should i say colors.

long: I hate to reference FF but as far as having an epic feel to the game Star Trek deserves there needs to be more cut scenes. I know this probably is far fetched but scenes from the movies/and or game content could be used. Dialog some but most scenes should be showing off graphics/abilities/ of both player ships and npc ships and ground graphics/abilities. Star Trek has a story to tell and it should be more than text. It should be visually stunning and emotional. And it should have big bad end game bosses that give rewards and or access to new areas. I realize we don't want to make everyone feel like they have to play insane hours to do anything, but the game should include that aspect for those of us that are bold enough and smart enough to undertake such epic endgame content. The big huge bosses where are they and what could they be? Note that FFXI had this but the mistake was they made things take too long. Star Trek can do this without making it to time consuming. Please send feed back Devs. any thing would be greatly appreciated.
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04-17-2010, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by zinc View Post
Awesome thread guys.

Short Term:
Want to, but can't write a response on every single issue in here - to be honest, we're trolling and spending our time tracking the issues down to get you fixes ASAP. The gold spamming, the fleet banks, the commodity missions, memory alpha issues - all those things we're trying to address as fast (and more importantly as smart) as we can.

Mid Term and Long Term:
I'm, right this instant, using this as one of the main threads to gather update suggestions from. Keep it coming, keep it coming.

Well if you're using this thread as a suggestion let me add this: PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO ADD CONTENT FOR EVERYONE AFTER HITTING LEVEL CAP!
Cryptic flat out lied to everyone about the amount of content available in this game and as it stands now there is nothing to do after reaching level cap except cancel membership and wait for another game to come along. Cryptic ruined what could have been a great game by completely forgetting about content after level cap and then trying to mask their mistakes with the horrible STF's. Seriously, STO is a great concept, put some content into the game so there is something to play. Otherwise all STO will become is a bunch of fanboys sitting outside earth space dock roleplaying.
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04-18-2010, 12:12 AM
Short Term
-At least one more skin for all the current rear admiral ships.
-Nebula Class Starship and Excelsior Class Starship.
-Armour, a seperate slot on the ship.
-New pet options. E.g. T-8 Shuttle
-Raise Level Cap.

Mid Term
-Group Dueling.
-Persistant PvP Areas for territory.
-Intellegent non-combat random quests.
-Sector space travel from bridge view. Bridges no longer a seperate instance, the rest of the ship is.

Long Term
-Playable Romulans and Cardassians.
-3 or 4 way PvP.
-My Rigging idea (See Sig.
-Crafting, you know REAL crafting that lets you add abilities to weapons below very rare to build them up to that rarity.
-Full Ship interiors, with your crew being interactive and having problems, offering internal quests to deal with daily.
-Fleet Starbases, Attack other fleets and defend your own. Also hang out inside the starbase with the rest of your fleet.
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04-18-2010, 02:31 AM
Short Term:
- Nebula Class and Excelsior Class Ships (Like IronEarth said)
- Display of the Damage Shieldresistence

Mid Term:
I would like to play a "Groundmission" on the Outside of the Hull of some Ship, like in ST - The First Contact but a bit longer.

Long Term
- More repeatable Missions for Admirals, even with Storylines.

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