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04-18-2010, 06:52 AM
short term:
fix the map display. i cant believe a game in 2010 has maps which do not adjust resolution/LoD to the zoom level.

mid term:
- add repeatable solo content. not everyone likes STF with PUGs.
- rework the inventory. players like to collect/hoard stuff. make it bigger, add sorting and filtering. possibly add (user-created?) custom inventory tabs to support filtering. weapons, consoles, devices, commodities, data samples, consumables etc..

long term: get your sh. together. this game has great potential, you have some good folks in dev and qa - dont waste it.

long term
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04-18-2010, 08:58 AM
Short-term: Planets specifically designed for open ground 'world' PvPing.

Mid-term: Lots more casual outfits (maybe one of those beach outfits the female NPCs at Risa wear :p) Also, make memory alpha less useless and pointless...

Long-term: 10-man STF's and the ability to set up a raid group which can consist of up to 10 people.
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04-19-2010, 03:27 AM
Short therm: More ship variables
Bridge combat-enemy has beamed up to your ship and tries to takeover

Mid therm: Klingon PVE content
PvP duels
PvP constant zone

Long therm: playable romulan and borg faction
objects in space and ground totally blocking fire,on the edges beams are comming trough
Collision course for larger objects in space,if you ramm a asteroid you should have dmg
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04-19-2010, 10:12 AM
A complete manual, A list of what we shouldnt waste our time trying to figure out because it is Broken (example; 12 hot key options but only 1- power slots, is there a bind command? oh that would be in the manual.)
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04-19-2010, 11:38 AM
Short term - The ability to host a private pvp with 2 or more players instead of a minimum of 10. Also, raise the level cap to RA 10!

Mid Term - More ship customization options. Being able to mix and match parts from 3 templates per class is a decent start, but why not add more? (IE: instead of having 3 pylon types to choose from, have 10 types to pick from)

Long term - CONTENT! I started getting bored with the game as soon as the storyline missions were over at RA rank. Maybe have some complicated diplomatic missions that can have different results/rewards depending on how you proceed in the mission.
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# 1516 Money For Ships
04-19-2010, 01:40 PM
I would like to see when we Discharge a ship, that we get money back for it. After all it cost us buy it. So when we level up we should be able to get money back as we change ships.
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04-19-2010, 09:34 PM
Immeadiate short term: Dueling for the Klingon faction, God how did you guys miss that one

short term: Crafting for the Klingon faction! You guys promised, stated it would be there, you lied.

And last but not least; dismantle the council
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04-20-2010, 02:41 PM
Kudos to those who keep to the format. Those who are ranting/demanding 101 things don't realize they're not helping.

Right, to the meat...

  • Allow private pvp matches of 2 players or more, as opposed to the 10 minimum now. As a positive secondary effect other than a form of ship dueling, some people may find this useful on tribble when testing changes
  • Give fleets private bases/outposts. At an ultra basic level. Once its in, consider improving it as a mid-term project.
  • Separate data samples from normal inventory. TBH, its more about the clutter than the space they take up, although item space is also an issue.

  • Add a shockwave effect to exploding ships in the form of an expanding, fading energy ring. It is purely cosmetic. At the least add it to Borg Cubes, which seemed to have a habit of producing said rings when exploding.
  • Similar to Khitomer accord, make certain missions failible. Alternatively, make it so that if you fail a particular objective, the rest of the mission is harder to complete.
  • Separate ground skills from space skills. They are mutually exclusive in use. Rework Tac/Eng/Sci team skills if this change is made, since they are currently the only hybrid space/ground skills.

  • Add more factions through expansions, starting with, just in my opinion, Romulans. Do this only after Klingons have comparable content to Federation, ie: patrol missions, plot missions, crafting, alternative ship designs, the works, and release the new faction as another equal.
  • Add a dynamic PVP zone where territory can be seized by one or another faction. Perhaps give small bonuses to ships in allied territory, or access to unique shops.
  • When the level cap opens up, i assume new plot and patrol missions will be available. It will be hard when player-teaming comes into play, but introduce a new mission type which involves the player being in temporary command of a small fleet or ground force, reflecting the responsibilities of being an admiral.
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# 1519 Stuff
04-20-2010, 02:45 PM
Short Term:

- More Clothing options, swimsuits for going to Risa
- K'Vort Clas ship for Klingons

Mid Term:

- Interactive seats, sit at bar, order a drink
- The ability to actualy have fun on Risa and other planets, eg: swiming, surfing (ok big wish )
- Tactics for ground combat, sometimes i dont want my officers to run passed the target to flank him, have been killed lots of times by aggro that way

Long Term:

- Movable wings on Bird of Pray, when in combat they drop down, then rise up for warp, the whole point of them moving was for the geometry of the warp field, and manoverability at impulse, pluss it was COOL!!
- true exploration, please play Elite: Frontier, to see how to design a galaxy with 100,000,000+ star system, and that game came on one 3.5" floppy disk, you have no excuse for slacking!!!
- please, please, please play Star Trek Bridge Commander, thats how you should be able to fly a starship as a captain, giving orders to your crew!
- the ability to explore my ship and interact with my officers, the best trek episodes involved how the bridge officers worked together and solved conflict
- Missions on my own ship, "Captain, this is the Engine room, we have power fluctuations in the EPS system" cordinate the repair effort, as a captain, i should be able to order my crew to fix it and go to engineering to do it!. use a multiple random mission set-up, start of mission - complication - resolution. multiple resolutions dependant on how the complication was handled. 10 start options, 10 diffrent comlication, diffrent number of complications per mission, and 10 diffrent resolutions, thats a minimum of 1000 diffrent missions.

thank you DEV Team for reading.
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04-20-2010, 06:30 PM
Short term

1. Make it so fleets with different ranks can play instances(fleet actions and such) together on the Klingon side. We have tried many times and , anyone not the same rank cant join. Thats counter to what a mmo is for. On the fed side you can play most instances together no matter what your rank. So better players can help newbs helps.

2. Make it so that when you form a team..all in that team can join a mission together. I cant count how many times 3 or more have been split into different instances. Half the time we can try to change instances to get together and it never works...even if we are the only ones in th einstance. Again..playing together WITH friends is part of the point of an mmo... isnt it?

Mid term

1. More missions and content for Klingons as a whole... I have had the same missions and mission types through 3 full ranks.....incursion missions..all the sam ething... and explore missions.. all the same stuff...and PVP...thats all the Klings have....hard to keep a gamer interested if the game turns into a boring grind session... and for the most part...thats what you have on the Klingon side due to lack of variety.

2. Some customization ability to Klingon ships and more uniform types....again...same ol stuff gets OLD.

3. Having a way to better manage inventory...add sorting. Same with the exchange.

4. Allow Klingons and Feds to join teams in instances, like Khitomer and Infested, are any place a common enemy with exist.

Longer term

1. Add more to drops besides batteries and hypos.....

2. Have the ability to set up personal and fleet vendors to sell crafted items in common areas...such at outside the Klingon palace....make a place for feds to have vendor space on a planet since room is limited in spacedock.

3. Make it so players can craft ships with multiple variations possible. Also be able to sell a ship if you bought it rather than just toss it for nothing.

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