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04-20-2010, 07:07 PM
Mid-to-Long Term requests:
1.Dress Uniforms, which feature medals which represent missions you have completed.
2.Overhaul of Captains logs, which groups Storyline, Patrols and fleet actions etc into different groups as opposed to a general "mission" category
3.Ability to place where Bridge officers appear on the Bridge, ie putting a specific Bridge officer at a specific console or chair
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04-20-2010, 07:28 PM
This is a fantastic thread! I have a list of my own here for the short, mid and long term goals of the game:

Short Term Requests:

a) Give us the ability to interact with objects in our environment - sit in chair (depending on chair sit style is different, stool, bench, chair, captains chair etc.)

b) Give us the ability to access our own bank from our ship. Would be a great thing to implement because it sucks when our inventory get full mid mission and we can't pick up our loot with out ditching or selliong stuff or flying to the nearest starbase.

c)Facial expressions for use in character creator and communications/game play - Give us the ability to add facial expressions to our characters, we can already select facial features and stances we should be able ti select our expressions as well ie. Gruff, nervous, cute, neutral, depressed, logical, humorous, scared, happy, angry/mad, and serious

Mid-Term Requests:

a) Give Klingons more PvE, exploration and story missions. Currently I have a klingon character. I don't play him at all. There is no point for me to play a character that has no real reason for me to play than for PvP play. I'm getting ****ed with all the Klingon players complaining so I'm adding this for you guys. Enjoy.

b) Give us mini-missions aboard our ship, allow us to explore different areas of the ship like engineering, sick bay, astrometrics, hydroponics and the brig. Give us tasks that we need to complete or take care of on the ship. something like maintenance, use puzzles, search and find tasks, and crafting to complete these mini-missions.

c.1)Allow us to program Trans-Warp destinations. When we arrive at a new or existing starbase allow us to "Download" it's co-ordinates into our nav computer and allow us to select it next time we decide to use trans-warp. Now, this should not be a free service. I know that I may get flamed for this but i think that this should be a payed service to aquire the data. On top of that depending on how far away we are from the destination that we would like to go to i think the cool-down on the transwarp drive should be adjusted. If we're at K7 and want to go to DS9 the cool-down should be longer than if we wanted to go from Memory-Alpha to Earth or Vulcan to earth etc. Possibly consider adding Dilithium as a currency that is used to power the transwarp drive. The farther we go the more we Dilithium we need.

c.2) To add to the previous request, add mining into the game so that way we can collect said dilithium crystals.

Long-Term Requests:

a) Fully explorable Solar Systems and Planets. Give us the ability to Warp into any random star system and explore it from one side to the other and be able to transport down to the planets. Also give us a much more unlimited map on the planets one with out such pre-defined boarders. Along with this request allow us to make first contact with alien civilizations, from what i understood that's what the Genesis engine was for. Correct me if I'm wrong.

b) Add open ended quests. It was mentioned before, and I agree with it. Give us the option to do certain missions different ways, either find a diplomatic route or go in guns a blazing. And depending on the route you take the rewards would be different. IF you did the diplomatic style, you would gain reputation throughout the sector and a different item and different amount of XP. If you go in shoot'm up style your rep would be different and prize and XP would be reflective. On top of that their could be the option of doing the diplomatic way and if you happen to act out of character "X" amount of times you would switch to the tactical side. Something to consider

c) Give us more ranks. I personally think that allowing us to get to admiral right from launch was a bad idea. Personally I would have liked to have seen an additional 3 ranks put into the game. Start off as a cadet where you play maybe 5 quick levels in the accademy then be promoted to ensign and from their onto your ship. From ensign lieutenant Jr. Grade then LT, LTCMDR, CMDR, Captain, Commodore, Rear admiral lower half, rear admiral Vice admiral, Admiral. Would give us alot more room for movement and advancement in rank.

d) Allow us to gain reputation and renown in different sectors. Depending on actions we take in certain sector blocks allow us to gain or lose reputation points with different factions (Merchants, Mercanaries, Smugglers, sub-factions and/or independent governments) in each sector block. As we complete missions for one or a couple of these factions (think Booty Bay and the Bloodsail Buccaneers from WOW) we would have access to certain weapons, consoles and other upgrades and skills for our ship and crew, and if we decide to side with a particular faction or group (orion syndicate) our reputation with their competition would be reduced and they would or could become aggressive against us. Another option is to somehow keep them neutral to us and double dip between the two factions. However, this last option would be extremely difficult to acquire as you would have to complete specific mission that would either be stealth oriented or block ops style missions and if you were caught on either you would immediately destroy relations with the opposing side.

I know this last request is the most difficult to accomplish but I hope that it is some food for thought for the Devs. Take care guys and keep up with the good work. I'm having fun and loving the game so far. I'm a slow casual player still at Cmdr lvl 4, i've been playing since OB, i'm taking it slow and just enjoying everything that comes my way. can't wait to hit Admiral!
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04-20-2010, 07:41 PM
Forgot to add a couple of things... Allow us to explore earth and star fleet accademy.
Also give us different stats for using different pieces from different ships
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04-20-2010, 08:56 PM
Gonna add just a couple more things i think.

1) Add cut scenes or graphics for when we warp out or go into a room with flashing doors. As we warp out of an area, instead of going to a boring loading screen that I've seen a thousand times show a cut scene of our ship traveling at warp out of the system and if we warp into it show us in warp as we enter and just show the scene of us dropping out of warp. I think it would look at lot better and be less boring for us as players.

As we enter rooms or turbo lifts show a cutscene of us entering the room instead of the loading picture. I don't ever remember any character from star trek pausing and staring at a picture for the next room to load. Would be nice to see us just wait for the door to open, enter/walk through the door and have the camera pan down and behind us once we have entered the area and it has loaded. Also if we are entering a turbo lift, show a cut scene of us entering and follow us into it and just watch us as we ride the lift to where ever we are going. Similar to the elevator scenes from Mass Effect.
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# 1525 Some thoughts
04-20-2010, 09:20 PM
I should first need to say I really enjoy the space combat and the missions, much better than Eve.

Short Term:
1. Up the drop rate of uncommon gear or money; It gets rather boring using the same stuff over and over until you reach the next rank. At least buying new skills for your bridge officers would be nice.

2. More description of the skills in tool tips etc.

3. More time to read the tips and backgrounds on the loading screens. I was never a Star Trek fan, so all these "special encounters" like Lt. Paris, are pretty meaningless without the appropiate hints. (does anyone need to know who her parents are?)

3. Move the skills from the bridge officers to the Player character. I want to be the hero of the mission, not Ensign Redshirt Diesquick.

Mid term:
1. More variety in ships. Again, you are stuck with the same ship until the next rank. and all the ships seem the same at the lower ranks. How about ships with most weapons mounted on the broadsides?

Long Term:

Non Humanoid races like a Cat race. It may not be "Star Trek" but I bet they'll use motion Capture technology (ala Avatar) if they ever start a new series. The only reason a lot the races in the TV shows look like humans with masks on is because they WERE human with masks or make up on.
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# 1526 new stuff
04-21-2010, 09:14 AM
short------ i would say add more klingon and fed ship skins

med ------ make a crafting systems that we can do. like take 4 of this and 5 of that and make a phaser +10 or something like that

long------- make more missions and add more races like romulans and cards to play
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04-21-2010, 09:45 AM
Short Term
Allow unknown species to have traits such as the Gorn bite or the Lethean rapture or Orion Seduce
Change energy credits to Latinum.
Change Honor icon in Klingons from the starfleet merits symbol

Medium Term
Add female of Gorn, Lethean, and Nausicaan species.
Make GUI of Federation look like an LCARS terminal
Make GUI of Klingon look like whatever terminal they use

Long Term
Add playable Romulan faction
Add playable Borg faction
Add playable Dominion faction
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# 1528 A few good ideas
04-21-2010, 02:24 PM
-Excelsior and Ambassador Class Ships
-A San Francisco area on Earth, including Starfleet Command and Academy, that can be visited.
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04-21-2010, 09:51 PM
Based on current state of the game and what is to come.. this overrides my previous post for goals


Kill the Excessive Death Penalty Off For Good Leave the Current one in Place when the game launched.
If a DP is needed leave it for the elite difficulty setting only.. Hide related NPCs for repair stuff based on difficulty settings. Big Mistake for testing an excessive DP to begin with.

more bugs fixes as theycome

still many random missions partiuclarly space enemy encounters do not activate properly..


More Missions
Ship Functionality and Interiors


Expanded Content... stuff writers can only dream up to contiinue the Star Trek Mission.
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04-22-2010, 05:50 AM
[#1 Short Term] Please do more 'Diplomatic' Missions and let us do more peaceful exploration without shooting everyone
[#2 Middle Term] Add more planets and stations the player can visit. What about Betazed, Ferenginar or even Bajor
[#3 Long Term] Please take a look at the players ranks. We have thousands of Admirals running around. Didnt you mention we will all be Captains? Please reconsider the chain of command within STO, add a few more ranks like, Cadets, Crewman, and the Junior Ranks, and make Admiral a special rank, probably for Fleet Founders. It is logical to have many captains, but it is illogical to have thousands of Flag Officers...

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