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04-22-2010, 07:16 AM
Medium to Long Term:

Okay, the Death Penalty is coming. How about adding something "fun" or rewarding to the system?
I know, it's supposed to be a penalty, but ultimately, no one plays for the penalties, and there are still enough people that aren't really fans of the death penalty concept in and on itself.

Here's my idea (though feel free to come up with better ideas)
A "Battle Scar" mechanic. Essentially, you can, on healing, change certain type of scars. These scars are either Minor, Lesser or Greater, according to the wound type suffered. You can have one scar per category, and one additional per tier (of any type of your choosing).

The basic idea is that these scars have a positive effect but also a negative side. While the positive is a little stronger, the general idea is that these are not major buffs. Possibly about the power of the typical improvement points of rarer items (like [Reg] for shields or [Acc] for weapons.) They add a minor element of unpredictability in the game. (Since random negative effects are usually worse fo rplayers - as they have to suffer from them all the time and will eventually get hit by, the negative effects are weaker.)

Scars could be something like:
- Phaser Trauma (Minor): 5 % Energy Resistance, except against Phasers. (one for each weapon type)
- Scarred Skin (Lesser): +10 % threat generation, +5 % Melee Damage Resistance (missing a good penalty, unless we count threat generations for PCs as bad, which I'd be incliend to)
- Cybernetic Arm (Major): +10 % melee damage, -5 % Energy Resistance
- Cybernetic Leg (Major): +10 % ground speed (missing a good penalty)

- Patched Hullbreach (Minor): 5 % Damage Resistance, except against Kinetic Energy
- Mismatched Energy Weapon Coupling (Minor): 25 % chance to require 25 % more energy and deal 25 % more damage, 10 % chance to require 25 % more energy and deal 25 % less damage.
- Torpedo Magnetic Accelator Glitch (Lesser): 25 % chance to increase torpedo travelling speed by 50 %, 10 % chance to decrease torpedo travelling speed by 25 %.
- Engine Instability (Major): +2 speed, -10 % turn rate.
- Mismatched Shield Coupling (Major): On Regeneration-"tick": 25 % chance to reduce shield energy by 20 but increase shield regeneration by 25 %. 10 % chance to reduce shield energy by 10 (no regeneration benefit) (Reduction happens after regeneration)

Upon healing, one random scar is offered, the character can decline or pick one. If he is already "fully scarred", he can choose to lose one scar and take another of similar value.
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# 1532 Three areas for Improvement
04-22-2010, 01:20 PM
First off, glad to see that the Devs are reading this one. After all without players, space can be a very big, empty place...

These are in no specific order...
My top two
We want some type of way to mine the game data. What I mean is a way to export item data so that we can review options offline to optimize our gear and ships, This is probably easies to accomplish by letting the players MOD the game, let Cryptic review the MOD and approve it.

We need a better auction system. Again it may be easier to let player create something akin to WoW's Auctioneer MOD.

and the rest...
I read and support the posts for better, broader space, i.e. unexplored worlds, actual "First Contact" missions.

The ranking system is... wrong. It has limits. What come after admiral?? now I don't claim to even have an idea of how to fix this, but I see it as a limit. If we reflect on the shows/books, etc. we learn that characters are at a certain rank for years as it is in our own military.

Escalating content. There is no admiral I know of that is going to sit on a ship bound for combat. That is the Captains job. Perhaps a ship (fleet?) where the BO's are players. Several "ships" could be brought together to form a task force that plays a Raid event. As a player, my job on the ship is to man my bridge station, on the ground I am an independant player, part of a group like in a standard WoW instance.
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# 1533
04-22-2010, 03:02 PM
long term-implament a piece o software to track ''hacks'' being used against the game to improve others experiance by fulse means of use
in a few other mmo's they have had software like (punkbuster) and variouse other softwares that can track a hack and close it down from the game which i think is great (there are cheats but alot of people disagree)

live technical support for if needed.

short term-help days from admins to show players how to play to there full money worth
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04-22-2010, 03:49 PM
most of what I am going to post is long term requests, only because they need to get the stuff in that should have been in already. Which mostly is the stuff in their current plans. And I am excited about it all. The current suggestions probably would not work with out them being done first, anyways.

long term requests:

1.add a sub customization ability to ships, making it part of looting, trading, and crafting.

example: crafting and upgraded deflector array to serve some technical purpose. the visual becomes apparent as it changes the ship model on the secondary hull to visually represent the dish mount.

example 2: looting ablative poly-dutonic armor tech produces a new hull configuration texture to your ship

this could really help in making your ship your own, and giving the visuals some usefulness

2. Add more mission types: ones that reflect TNG "Home Soil" "The Quality of Life" where they explore and discover new life forms, sometimes by accident "Deja Q", where they had to deflect an asteroid from a planet, or like in voyager "once upon a time" where they had to dig out a shuttle before a storm hit. discovering new life,
this stuff could involve another mechanic i introduced in another thread i created

3. open star systems & more spacial anomalies, some dangerous, and some helpful (part of star trek is discovery and exploring)
maybe i approach a planet generating a lot of electrical activity, and when my shields go down it knocks out my engines. hey a tactical advantage. lure in the enemy! or maybe we can configure the deflector dish to absorb it and boost power.
this also can involve the mechanic I introduced

4.add more mechanics to game physics like manual aiming, interactivity with more objects; moving and destroying rocks trees, consoles to block an enemy path or bring it down on them. maybe you need to use your phaser to heat up a rock to warm up your officers on a cold planet, which is debuffing their abilities. the warmth restores their abilities. guisers, hot pools, acid pools, living plants that do damage when approached. I could create a list of planetary elements that could be added randomly. Maybe firing on a crystal formation creates an electrical discharge near and enemy. there are so so many missed exploratory, discovery, and tactical elements that were missed by the limited mechanics. Some are related to the # 3 suggestion too.
I mean plants should bend and flex, grass should rustle when we walk through or against them when you go through water make it ripple. I would like to have the ability to use a flashlight when in dark caves, have night vision abilities, fire on a rock to illuminate the room, or set a fire. the same in reverse ... some bright rooms can be dimmed using special gear. I'd like to throw my batleth and have it cause a knock-back, and i can go pick it back up. I might want or need to turn the gun around and use the base as a blunt object. Heck, maybe I want to throw a tree limb or a rock. Oops using my batleth in an electrical storm while standing in a pool of water wasn't such a good idea after all. but hey my death was honorable, because i took my enemy with me! Asteroids in space are not fixed, same with debris. It drifts, moves and turns as things hit them or pass near them. They should be destroyable. All objects should be intractable in many forms. Currently they are not. As a long term goal, it needs to be enhanced.

Why the current mechanic distinguishes things between scannable, destroyable, etc .. I don't know, It all should all be merged, and it is quite possible to do, and has been for a while. Pick it up, scan it, get information about it, throw it, then destroy it. You can't do that currently, and it needs changing.

I know some of it seems like nit picking, but a lot of it, as it may at first seem useless, someone could find a use for them. You might be surprised at what unexpected things players could come up with when you add many elements together, along with the ability to combine them. The more mechanical elements, the better.

Please make doors active objects: opening and closing, some automatically, and some by button/doorbell.

As for the bridge mode, I envisioned that when going into and out of a fight, you could have the option to switch to "tactical mode, where you can toggle and switch from bridge mode to space flight. The transition would be similar to these examples, except sped up:

the beginning few moments of;

another thing I would love to see is telekinetic abilities. That would be so awesome!
as stated in yet another thread I mentioned

I love what they are doing with the game so far, and think its on the right track.. I just think these suggestions would further add to the elements they are shooting for already and I hope they consider some of it in their future goals, enhancements, and developments. It could make a good game even better. IMO
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# 1535 I have a few for you
04-22-2010, 04:19 PM
Short term:
-Better sheilds and/or weapons for the fed against the Klingons for pvp. I still don't know who thought it was a good idea to make both groups more or less equal except for cloaks. All an organized klin group has to do to win is cloak at the start, find the biggest fed group and get behind them, then at the leaders signal drop a collective hammer on them, clean up the stragglers and repeat.

-Make the Terran Federation a full faction of their own and allow current players to pick a side instead of this war game bull.

Mid term:
-One thing world of ******** lost that you guys could use is a true rank system. As well as making the starbases themselves open for pvp. Think about it, a few fleets gather together for a run on the Klingon home world or vise versa. Player organized fleet actions instead of the current scripted one sounds a lot better.

-Make the borg more like they was in the show, where after a few phaser hits they become immune and they need teamwork and creativity to beat.

Long term:
-Why auto group while leveling but all the end game content you need to look for groups. Most ppl never talk in auto group missions. End auto grouping.

-Make the ships more like their show counterparts. Enterprise D could split into 2 ships, voyagers engines fold upwards before warp so add that to the animation. Little things like that add to the game.

-And last, use the tv shows as a guide to make missions. Hell I wouldn't care if you out right ripped them off, content is content.
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# 1536 one last thing
04-22-2010, 04:24 PM
The choice in captain pretty much locks you into the class of ship you can choose from to use the teir 3 skills. Make it so that if I have a science captain that I can have a science commander slot no matter what ship I have.
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# 1537 Just a quick 3
04-22-2010, 04:46 PM
I have posted 5 on a seperate thread but i thought i would just pop 3 on here incase my thread doesnt get read by a gm these 3 could be short, medium or long term so ill just note them instead.

Number 1: Ship ovt consumable's (ship overtime consumables) I was thinking on the lines of food supplies which increases crew efficiency and survival rate, warp plasma and or antimatter to increase speed, engineering supplies which effect overall repair rates shield regen and power levels. These all would have quality level, you could purchase from low standard to standard issue to high standard items, if you were to run out of a consumable their would be permanent debuff's untill you got some more of those supplies but nothing to completly hinder your ship.

Number 2: Purchasable crew/rankable crew. Maybe even crew points. This suggestion is were you may purchase a veteran crew or a new "fresh out of boot camp" crew, like the above but with small buffs for small crew and higher for better crew

Number 3: C-Store suggestion, A NX class starship refit. It may be just me but i truly enjoyed those enterprise series, pitty it was cancelled. But i have to say i do love the look of it. undoubtadly it would be pretty popular.
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# 1538 Proposal: Personal Fleets
04-22-2010, 04:56 PM
Some people like to play solo. Since we can now buy ships for cash, why not create personal fleets that would fight as "away team members" along side of us? That would rock.
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# 1539 Suggestions
04-22-2010, 05:14 PM
PVP Short Term
Add a warmup timer to Battleground, so people can group, zone in and prepare.
Check if the teams are not too unbalanced and set a timer for ending the arena if that's the case. (1v5 is pointless)

I think the pace of Battleground is ok, it s fast and thrilling, tho, i really think there s too much CC effects, i think you should set immunity for a few seconds after countering an effect. Can't keep an ennemy hold successively.

Leaving a battleground should set a penalty timer fo the player to rejoin. If you engage in battleground you can quit but you forfeit for at least 15mn pvp. I'm not sure if you can differentiate disconnected players from quiters, but this rule can enforce the commitment in the Battleground.

Cloaked ship shouldn t be able to cap nor remove cap on Hold and Defend.

PVP Mid Term
Fortress like maps could be fun, you have incredible landscape ingame, we sure could use and exploit these for PvP great games.

Some systems could be set as contested, offering a permanent battleground both in space and ground, with objectives to seize control for a period of time. For every two hours or more, the system is reset and you have to take control of Sattelite bases and planet objectives ?
Faction controlling the system may switch the patrol aggro of the system for example, access a new base for selling and buying the usual stuff. Earn a mark maybe.

PVP Long Term
PVP should clearly impact the global vision of the quadrant, i don t say we should see Klings invading Sol or Feds in Q'Onos, but some border we should obviously feel the impact of either faction on the quadrant.

Now please, don't implement a competition in game, give that to tiers if they want, PVP Competition should be handled as bonus for people who wants to challenge themselves, not as a system for few pro gamers ruining the game of casuals.

PVE Short Term

There s no middle ground between fleet action and team action. Most solo quest are easy enough, but some people may want a level higher in challenge when assaulting a base, not Fleet but just in between.

It may sounds weird, but i would have seen more merchant type quests around, maybe all the junk we're harvesting should have some commercial values, or influencial values. Generate tiers factions to handle these and offer the character a mean to enforce one of the policy of Starfleet : Diplomacy.

PVE Mid term
More critters, this is sad, besides tribbles and Targs, we haven t seem much of the animal life around. Even if Star Trek is well oriented on humanoids and civilization confrontation, the magic of exploring is to find life in all forms. Not just minerals and vegetals and other energy readings thingies.

PVE Missions must be balanced between time invested and reward, for i can tell you, i don t waste Half an hour running around killing ships if i can quit and get the same result running around a laboratory for 10mn.

PVE Long term
Uncharted space should be accessible and open for exploring, diplomatic adventures and building new factions. There s a lot to do with the current setting i agree, but is that not the point of Star Trek to boldly go where ...
Once again, i really think players should have an impact on the universe, either PVE or PVP. Fleet actions should lead to change in Quadrants.

Implement neutral faction and give the opportunity to both Klingons and Feds to earn the diplomatic contest, either by raising a faction score between them and allow that new Neutral faction to align either to Klings or Feds for route / commerce or new playground advantages. Could even mean setting the zone as hostile for a while. Through repeated PVE missions or System wide pvp skirmishes.

Hope that goes somewhere
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This list is too long, but God I love this game !
I've been waiting 40 years for this.


- Memory Alpha progression indicator, even just verbal - come on, this has to be just a small patch!

- A penalty for having weapons out when it's inappropriate, e.g. in a Starbase, talking to the Admiral. Just a reprimand would do for starters; on a more complex level, it could screw up a diplomatic mission.

- A First Officer; Being able to promote one of your officers to first officer would be a nice touch.

- Combat Notifications for disabled weapons, burnouts, stripped shields etc. There are some, but more are needed.


- Voice Feedback. When I click on "Emergency Power to the Shields", I want to hear somebody say it. When another ship disables my Phasers, tell me! (So I'm not clicking like an idiot & thinking it's a bug or CPU issue)

- Bridge Crew text dialogue. When I'm on a ground mission, why are my crew mute? They get shot, knocked about etc. and say nothing. And can't they warn me if they see something? "Captain, over here! Aagh!"

- More Ground Sound FX. When an Orion Slave Girl tries to seduce me, why is she mute? How about some sighs & dancing music? Come to think of it, all my opponents are mute. Those Klingons are awfully silent in battle, and what about their Targs? How about some grunts, barks, yells etc?

- Better usage for the tricorder - scanning for hostiles etc. NOT just automatic.

- More NON-COMBAT missions, and not just "click on 5 objects with no time limit", too

- Better navigation. Why does Starfleet keep sending me to systems without telling me the Sectors? Why doesn't the name search in the map cover out-of-Sector systems as well? There's a bit too much bumbling around here.

- *BIGGIE*. Focus on BRANCHING STORYLINES; give players choices during the missions that affect the outcomes (and maybe the rewards) of the missions. I'm sick of my NPC's telling me what to do. Who's in charge here?

- A Functional Bridge. Not all functions, but I should be able to plot a course, talk to an NPC on the viewing screen etc.


- More variety of Bridge Crew actions/uses, especially in non-combat situations. e.g. You *need* a Science Officer to use a certain type of computer, or analyse some alien thing, you *need* a Tactical Officer to give you an evaluation, you *need* an Engineer to rig a reactor. And success is not automatic, and time to complete is not the same for everyone. It depends on skill levels. At the moment the BO are cookie-cutter, differing only in combat application. In the shows, different personnel were needed for different missions. That ain't really so at the moment.

- Bridge Crew Personalities. Think of the game Jagged Alliance, where NPC's had moods, likes, dislikes, ongoing health problems, needs etc. that affected the game. Why do so few games these days have that amount of status depth? (Ironically, games seemed to have more status depth 20 years ago) WoW has cottoned onto this somewhat. NPC's remember you, like or dislike you, have deals & statuses with you. It's what differentiates a MMORPG from an arcade game.

- NPC continuity. The 5th time I meet an NPC, they shouldn't say "Nice to meet you. You're from the Froggerprise, aren't you?" Just a simple flag would do it. Think Jagged Alliance again.

- Introduce missions with a risk of failure that would require you to start the mission (or part of it) over; timers that you have to beat (escape the base before it explodes), the ability for the NPC you're protecting to actually be destroyed/killed, etc.

- Puzzle Missions that don't automatically solve themselves at the click of a mouse. Think of the old DOS Trek games that were more like Adventure.

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