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# 1541 my top three
04-22-2010, 07:29 PM
Short term: just keep fixing the small stuff that people send you.

Mid term: Memory Alpha: give us something cool to do with all the samples etc collected.

Long Term: Walk around in your own ships and have functionality on the bridge.
Have missions where Klingons and Federation can fight along side. Have places where Federation and Klingons can meet. Make more places to just visit. More (interesting) diplomatic missions. Have more first contact missions. Make the climb to the next rank a bit more difficult, or just longer, so the climb up through the ranks is slower.......I guess that would mean more missions, but even having to go to level 20 before moving to the next rank would be cool.
Or extend each interim level so that it is still 10 levels but make the points and credits needed to be ranked up higher.
Make Qo'nos more interesting, allow people to go outside, have missions there.

Thanks everyone...STO is awesome...
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# 1542
04-23-2010, 03:37 PM
Note it mite take longer on these but there things i want to see in the next 18 months total

Short term,

1. A better replacator system ( being able to make things on the ship ) instead of traveling to memory alpha
2. Increased rank ( to many admirals ) or a rank redsign i mean if you got a reall good connection you mite make admiral 5 in a month to 6 weeks if that long
3. More ships or ship componets

Mid term

1. being able to switch out warp drives/engines
2. being able to buy more weapon and device slots and even consloe slots in each class ( maybe Mk1, Mk2, Mk3. maybe the first one or 2nd one bought with engery creds then the Mk3 through the cryptic store
3. better maps ( in the show you get a mission you set a course you go you dont have to seach ever sector or at least you set the ship it auto sends you to the sector block then you re plot corse
4. You level your self you level your crew ( BO ) why not the active crew members, and your ship i guess kind of doing a level system like i listed in #2 but useing skill points ( or kill points ) you get after you distroy 0 or + enemy maybe a few levels below but not like a captain takeing on a LT.

Long term

1. More missions, for Klingons
2. Diffrent weapons ( dual torpedo lanucher ) quad phaser banks or other type weapons i mean it could help all levels of ships aand everyone lets face it we all want to be the badest thing in the fleet or game if you work hard to make the creds then why not really give us the big gun s it is a time of war and well in the end its who bring the most weapons to bare on a target the more likly you live.
3. A complete List of weapons and ship componets, i know they add new stuff but i cant hardly find any refrences to anything anywhere and its agervateing
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This is what I would like to see:
Short term:
As a fleet leader the ablilty to customize and place a fleet logo on ships in the fleet for all factions.
Balance in weapons, abilities,kits, and equal number of various ships for each faction.
more content for the klingon faction.
No nerfing of any kind on either factions.

Adding more klingon ships to equal the federation list of ships.
More ship customization for all ships.
Territorial control for all factions (i.e. each fleet have the ability to build a starbase in a sector and must protect the territory that the starbase is built in. Or colonize a planet and must protect the colony from invaders).
Fleet only pvp combat(i.e. fleet members from Federation and fleet members from Klingons battle either ground and (space)).
Able to cross the nuetral zone ( all factions should have the ability to cross the nuetral zone)

Make sectors able to change color depending on what faction has conquered the sector(i.e If Klingons conquer a sector controlled by federation from blue to red.Or if a federation conquers a klingon sector from red to blue).
Make space the final frontier ( i.e. make traveling in space more vast in size to explore for all factions in game to do.)
Continue to add more content by taking idea's from all factions.
Keep the game balanced for all factions involved. (i.e. no more nerfing what so ever )
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# 1544 Goals
04-24-2010, 07:30 AM
1. Dual Monitor video mode
2. Progress indicator for memory alpha
3. In-game voice chat support (This one may already be in the game and I just haven't looked)

1. When you reach Admiral, you should be able to promote your bridge officers to captain the other vessels you have accumulated. Then you should have the option of taking one (or more) of these ships with you into combat. Admirals are supposed to command fleets after all.
2. Once the in-game voice chat from the short-term list is enabled, as well as the dual monitor support, how hard would it be for in-game video chat?
3. Seriously? Why in the aim mode does the camera make it virtually impossible to actually aim at anything? Fix it!

1. Once you have playable ship interiors in the game, when I'm walking through my halls, there had better be members of my crew everywhere. I don't want to feel like I'm captaining a ghost ship.
2. Holodeck training simulations with custom player-created content.
3.More uniform choices (An admiral's uniform would be nice) more ship customization, and more Canon planets.

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# 1545
04-24-2010, 03:48 PM
First off, i would like to say that i am an aspiring machinima director and would love to use this game for a project, so most of my suggestions revolve around that.

short term
1) Make a way to disable the hud. After a while its only there to get in your way.
2) autodefeat command for land. i can think of a hundred and one uses for the self destruct ability in machinima, but unfortunately nothing like that exists on land.

1) more control over bridge officers
2) more variety in customization
3) ship insides. If one of my characters is a doctor, I need a medical bay don't I?
4) a free roaming camera

long term
1) create an outside server like tribble exclusively for the development of machinima where the genesis system could be used to create specialty sets.
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# 1546 3 wishes
04-24-2010, 04:19 PM
1 - Fix the damn bugs
2 - Something beyond Rear Admiral 5
3 - Keep the skill points going after Rear Admiral 5

It really doesn't seam worth playing the game after you reach this point, God help you if you pay for the exspensive life membership and it only takes a month to play the game!
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# 1547
04-25-2010, 08:00 PM
They did add banks,an exchange and a mail terminal to mem alpha
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# 1548
04-26-2010, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by Tyzon View Post
1. When you reach Admiral, you should be able to promote your bridge officers to captain the other vessels you have accumulated. Then you should have the option of taking one (or more) of these ships with you into combat. Admirals are supposed to command fleets after all.
Agreed - Captain-rank BO's yet Lieutenants in charge of ships? Very imbalanced.
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# 1549 Just an idea.
04-26-2010, 06:32 PM

Many of the Star Trek shows have holodeck adventures, involving holodeck characters gone wrong or invading alien creatures. This could be a fun feature to include a set of holodeck adventures/missions into each ship? or maybe even by rank? A holonovel trade could start with holonovels being tradable items?

more of a sting of ideas but definatelly on the same rank.
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# 1550
04-26-2010, 07:32 PM
Short Term

Change Beam Target Subsystem abilities to be a science BoFF power pool. (Works since sci skills/consoles increase them anyway)

Give tactical;
Cannon Target Subsystem abilities like the following
CT: Sensors - Debuffs targets accuracy, with chance to disable (would either remove all targets from the screen or greatly reduce visible distance *For a few seconds*)
CT: Life Support - Kills X number of crew, with chance to disable (would black out crew related abilities for a few seconds)
CT: Plasma Conduits- Slightly debuffs EPS flow (power regen), with a chance to disable/crit (would cause the DoT effect of Eject Warp Plasma on the target, for equal damage, less duration, however NO debuff to flight speed)

Have CT: subsystem abilities stat be based off skill points in Energy Weapon Training => Cannons

Change it so Beam target subsystem and new CT subsystem abilities cannon be stacked of the same type on a single target.

Fix the BIG3 correctly, instead of just making them even more overpowered as they are on tribble..

Either increase grade to RA10, increase skill points gained from RA1-5, have all energy weapon damage types cost the SAME skill points, OR only allow Antiproton and Polaron very rares available for marks.

Fix Defense, by increasing/removing the cap, increasing base speed for escorts, and have the defense % ACTUALLY work...and maybe exchange Attack Patern Beta with Defensive Pattern Beta. Have it buff defense, etc instead of being a resist debuff. (which would also help lowering escort super damage)
Mid-Term changes

Add more player ships for Federation.
Give Federation a Carrier
Make kling and fed carriers have 3 hangar bays instead of 2.

Have more distinguishing stats between each class of ship in each role (EX: Fleet Escort vs Advanced Escort)

Have more damage GFX on ships at early hull damage and half...
Like a hole in the hull... maybe at low.. a chunk of nacelle missing

Add in Open PVP sector, with ownable structures (Starbases and Planets) that can be fought over, taken over, and defended.. perhaps with a bi-weekly reset. The longer a fleet holds said structure gains certain commodities, and would open a new era of crafting with NPC crafters commissioned in these player owned structures.
There you go!! Get at it

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