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# 1551 Ground combat
04-26-2010, 09:31 PM
In the mid term or maybe long

ground combat needs work, get a good idea on how it should be like, look at the," Now gone" ( Tabula-Rasa)
they had that down to a T, and it worked like a dream
& more skills for your ships and such and a bit more of a explanation on what the skill upgrades stat wise
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# 1552
04-27-2010, 01:02 AM
I have not played the game long enough to have "big" long term interests that needs be looked at. This list is from a n00bs point of view. Things that I notes fast and is annoying and

Short Term:
The two 1st are related quite close so I add them as 1.
1.) Better map. Better map interface, able to zoom to other places and from all the way in to all the way out.
1.) Better mission info. Updating mission info in the log trough progress of the mission. (have to drop missions because I keep forgetting info and the log does not update any thing) Having an extra button on the mission interface that says "map", pushing that will open the map at witch system/area where the mission is taking place. And the systems you have missions in will be marked on the map. Pushing the mission mark that is next to a system on the map will open the mission list and the actuall mission you have in that system.
2.) Wail in group, people should be able to mark targets so other group members can easy see what target they want you to attack.
3.) Have ship and personal gear items split up in two different inventories. (two folders?) Able to arrange your inventor automatically (name, type, time looted, quality etc etc).
4.) Fire at will. Ahay, you got a tail gun, why not use it on random enemy stuff behind you?

Mid Term:
1.) Speed indicator. Why not? :p
2.) When scanning, you should get the location showing up on the map, at least for a short period of time.
3.) Faster map update. Takes to long to "load" a new map,
4.) Better mission-item localization. (Hard to see the "blinking" items. What about having a " easy to see" thing over the item like a golden half see-trough arrow that rotates or pulses?
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# 1553
04-27-2010, 01:22 AM
Short term is easy. Level.
Mid term is there, the game actually did a reasonable job at that. Affinity to the character. In this case the character is in fact 5. You and four BO's that you can reskill pretty easy. My all Orion female Klink char is an example to this.
Long term is where it gets shady. My RA 4 Fed is quickly running out of things to do. Science officers in PvP are epic fail but PvP needs alot of work period. Crafting is actually fine from a long term perspective. Even as is, getting the loots to make stuff is a long term affair. The issue is, the diversity of craftables is not there. There is no motive to do it. Add ALOT more to what we can make at Alpha Memory. Like a variant of pretty much everything? Want a purple Covariant MK X? Make a Green, then a blue, then a Purp. Add permanent slots to the Tier 5 ships as well. Give people motive to reship. 3 permanant refit slots that when you use them, they are part of that ship. You cant redo them. Make these permanant upgrades hard to get and a process.
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# 1554
04-27-2010, 05:21 AM
Short term
Add ability to change scanner focus (objective vs anomally) on ground campaigns

Mid term
Already been said many times - memory alpha leveling indicator
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# 1555
04-27-2010, 07:05 AM

1.When being asked to beam up or down to surface, have the response selections be more military. For example: Affirmative/Negative.

2. Being new I don't quite recall the name of the mission, but Lyrae is part of the name. It's an exploration mission instrance where your away team collects plants. In it the npc's fall through invisible gaps in the terrain.


1. In-game voice chat. This is actually an extremely useful function to have in any MMO.

2. Broader chat channels, such as Looking for Team (if this is already there and I've missed it, please pardon =D)

3. Full 3-D maneuverability space combat. I'm told that this has been said to never happen, but it can't hurt to nag. lol


1. More grouping with other players. As it is it doesn't seem very easy to team up. I don't mean technically, I suppose, but more missions to motivate players to group.

2. Fleet bases and other general fluff such as crafting;things that get players working together.
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# 1556
04-27-2010, 10:14 AM
Raise the level cap.

Add more low level content and raids.

Give us more options to each mission other than blowing stuff up.

Add Klingon content before you start adding other races/factions.

Attackable/Defendable Fleet Owned Starbases.

More high level content.

More extremely "rare" item drops during raids. (like a "rare" ship class or "rare" officer set) This way you just don't go through a raid to finish content but you have to keep going back and doing them to get that "rare" content/item.

MORE CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!! More missions, slower leveling, option to stay with one ship, where's Q?????, random space encounters not just in expanses, fix ground combat (faster shooting, better graphics, better weapons), more ground combat (once it's fixed).

This game, as is, has 18 months tops. If Cryptic doesn't start getting some of this stuff out it's going to die. I was the biggest fan of this game, and to some extent I still am, but there are too many things Cryptic isn't doing to keep people interested. Stop working on Ship Interiors and give us something useful dammit!
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# 1557
04-27-2010, 03:51 PM
Starship graphics get wonky when in close encounter with a space object (e.g. asteroid)

Aren't deflectors supposed to deflect space-based objects? When a ship runs into an asteroid, it ends up going around it. It should probably be the other way around.

Getting sucked into an enemy contact situation when you're just "parked" in space then getting ambushed by a half-dozen Romulan ships can be annoying.

Having a few diplomatic and surveying missions is good. Not every mission has to be FPS. It would be nice, however, if some missions required some puzzle-solving ability rather than just walk you through a script from beginning to end.
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# 1558 Fix ingame chat!
04-27-2010, 05:07 PM
Short-term requests

1: Chat. I find the way it works highly annoying, borderlining on useless, Not a good trait for a MMO

Mid-term requests

1: Chat. I say again, it's far to cluttered. giving away far to much information on the player compared to what is said in most cases. I't needs to be revamped.

2: Map overview. It's good but not good enough. You should be able to call up navigational markers to where your mission goal is or at least what sector.

3: Map overview. In my opinion we need a galaxy map showing all sectors and major planets (Earth, Risa, Bajor, Romulus' or what left of it). This of course should include faction borders (Klingon, Romulan, Dominion, Borg... Santa Claus)

Long-term requests

1: Chat. It works... barely. not good enough for a MMO!

2: A galaxy map would really help overall.

3: Ground Combat. Navigation, firing weapons... ground combat as a whole. It just dosn't work. It's doable but it's sluggish, You are not moving a object in 3D anymore, ground combat is 2D and the controls should be made to mirror this. Give us the option of 1st person mode, remove auto aim and give us good old point and click ability. That would make ground combat much, much more enjoyable.
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# 1559
04-27-2010, 08:00 PM
Short term

Make pre-order bonus items available in cryptic store


Adding of ships, like the Excellsior, the Ambassador, the All Good things Galaxy variant for ships to choose from.

Being able to make Augment Klingon's (the Klingons that look human from the TOS era) instead of having to make them out of alien races. Just have to have a way to remove the bone ridges in the Klingon create a character face screen.

Being able to go straight up or down with your ship in combat.


More Klingon quests

The Romulan's as a playable faction with both pvp and quests
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# 1560
04-28-2010, 08:16 PM
-Major bug fixes if any left

-i have serveral chat groups (local, fleet, my own channel, friends, team) i hate having to check each one for a message (as i have only that chat channel listing messages for its type), why not make the tab for the channel that has a new messages in it blink or something.

-Increase level cap, or even get rid of levels and make it so you have to have certain skills to get ships etc, kill players/npc, do missions, other tasks to get exp to put towards skills to get you ships/items etc (i loved the EVE online skill book learning system)

-more missions where you dont have to team up with anyone to complete, i hate getting stuck with players that are usless or even finding people to play with


- some sort of global search option for systems/areas, i hate having to guess at where some mission locations are. Its freaken space travel :p

-player owned stations
~star bases for fleets, different tiers for sizes of stations
~mining stations with npc mining ships that give you X credits every X hours
~construction stations for making ships/other stations
~defense/offense batteries for your stations

-expand the world, i see a large chunk of space open North West of Sole that you cant get to, make that area open PvP only with territory control where you can build/buy stations and take control of planets etc
~be able to make another fleet an enemy of your fleet (even if its a fed faction and you are a fed) so other people in your fleet know to attack them and vice versa for alliances (not to attack)
~be able to combine friendly fleets for attack mutual enemy fleets controlled stations so you can then take controle of that area that the enemy fleet owned (for mining or some sore of other benefit that they were getting)

-another faction like romulans or cardassians

-other ship types, like industrial (mining and cargo hauling), covert ops etc etc

-World events, some kind of popup box appears telling you that the borg are invading sole with massive fleets. It should give you an option to warp there now so you dont have to go looking for it. Should give you some kind of positive or negative affect for all who are fighting at the inital attack, win: get some crazy borg gear, lose: some areas in sole no longer available without being attacked for x amount of days or whatever

-More skills to learn

-getting exp from killing enemy ships or doing a task other then doing missions

-weapon ranges, does not make sense everyone can only shoot from 10k, make phasers shoot 13k and antiproton only 8k etc, the differences also make antiproton do more damage then the phasers to even out the ranges.

-add in (for player owned stations/areas) the ability to make your own transwarp gates so you can warp to another station that you own. this would be realy good especialy if one of your stations is being attacked and you are on the opposite side of the map

-Some sort of bounty system, say place a 1,000,000 credit bounty on player X, kill him and get the reward.

-A global arena where cryptic could put on monthly pvp fights for crazy awsome gear

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