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# 1571 unique ship enhanements
05-01-2010, 08:48 PM
i would love to see an ability to alter/enhance rare ship items to make them truly unique via your crews technical/scientific abilitys . for example the Enterprise was full of unique cutting edge enhancements from the efficiency of its engines to its deflector and weapons . in other words let our engineers and scientists create new technology . probally a long term request . Also where are the anti-gravity boots ? :-D
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# 1572 3 requests
05-01-2010, 09:41 PM
fix the turning problem with ships not being able to move three dimensionally, so we can actually move around instead of having to spiral slowly up or slowly down. space IS three dimensional after all. why on earth would there be these movement restrictions in the first place?

make save function for key binds and let them be applied to other characters

write an actual help system. a three-word tooltip is not "help"
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My idea saves Cryptic money, empowers fans, [should] improve universe accuracy, and does free market research.

Long Term Request:
Allow players to develop content

This will create a larger and more diverse universe.
It will allow more "Fan ownership." -- Allow fans to have an actual impact on our beloved franchise.

In a nutshell:

-Allow for player written-plotlines.
-Allow players to develop content. [ship models, plotlines, new solar systems etc). Create a simple mod tool to allow for this. It can be easily done and not violate proprietary copyrights.
-Require all submissions and ideas to be subject to peer/community review (via forums)
----- Devs can review the most popular ideas and items. And this content has been partially built, thus saving money.

An idea for a pilot program:.

I. Allow submission of minor plotlines/missions. Require documentation as to why it is accurate for the ST universe.

II. Allow player submissions of game content. Give us a few simple tools to create cities, Starbases, ship models, etc.
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# 1574
05-01-2010, 11:20 PM
Short Term: color options for stockings and an opacity slider
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# 1575 My requests
05-02-2010, 05:29 AM
Hello Cryptic ,

After a 3-2 months of game experience , I feel that I am better "up to speed" on what I want more of in the future .
I'll simply list 3 things I'm interested in , as I don't consider them more or less important then the others :

1. Since my primery interest is space combat , I thought to mention where I enjoy myself the most , thus what I want more of :
I LOVE the space combat on the "Starbase 24" map , and I've noticed that pepole come back to that map exclusively for it's space combat portion .

Waves of ships , not just the predictable 3 ships or 5 ships , but actual un-even waves , so if you position yourself enbetween groups of enemy ships , you can be threatened by 10 ships or more .
Thats just realistic , and I love that .

I also enjoy the Terran Federation encounters where there are larger groups of _stronger_ ships to engage .

I've noted that your last update included a "mission difficulty chart" , but it's important to note that what I'm looking for are larger numbers of ships , not just the same group of 3 or 5 ships that are simply stronger .
No offense intended , but what you've done just seems a little bit like a copout , and not a real re-design .

2. An "armory" of sorts on your website that clearly states the straingth and weakness of each weapon , and as an option (since this can be considered "spoilers" for some players) an option to read where such weapon can be found and what one has to do to earn such a weapon .

3. I suppose as a "long term" plan , I would also like some constant PVP maps where factions can fight and control sectors on the long term .
The current PVP simply does not give one the feeling that the actually "protected / saved" a meaningfull place and once you leave the PVP it does not matter in the slightes , as you don't walk away with a feeling that you captured or lost anything .
It's just a "I've won / lost" feeling that does not matter the slightes in the long run and you as a player just register (or not) for the next PVP (because frankly there is nothing better to do) and again walk away with a dull (or duller) feeling of "won/lost" .
It simply does not matter really , and frankly I want it to matter and also I want to be able to constantly log onto an on-going PVP that matters .
Waiting for the current PVP , sometimes 10 minutes or more is just so ... , I'dunno ... frustraiting and pointless some time .

I am aware that there may be a need to put up an exclusive "Constant PVP server" for this , and I'm willing to wait for that . Hopefully it'll happen this year .

I also wanted to ask for a few small things :
- More visually "stunning" (aka differens space weapons) .
- More story based missions , less "beam down & scan" or "find 5 nomalies" .

All the best & thanks for listening ,

- Gabi / Robotrik1
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Sorry for not adhering to the format used by everyone else here, but I wanted to get these thoughts down without being distracted with having to sort my suggestions into categories. (I just got off a grueling 12-hour third shift and haven't been to bed just yet. lol)

1) More character body part "templates" to choose from when modifying your characters' appearances, also including LOTS and LOTS upon LOTS more "costume" parts. This would promote more "unique" choices in how your character(s) look(s), compared to other players' toons, without having to be forced to fine tune each and every "slider bar" to resize so many aspects of your toons' face/body appearance/sizes, etc. What I mean is expand on the "variant" button idea when creating your characters, of course, by offering more "presets" to choose from, but I would mainly want more hairstyles, long and short, etc., as well as a buttload more pieces of clothing and their respective alternative "patterns", etc.
The robes are a neat start, but there's only so much to choose from. Oh, and if the texture quality could be improved when showing two contrasting colors on the same piece of clothing, being side by side, that would be nice. One of the off-duty shirts, for instance, has four different parts of it that can be colored differently, but if you have a bright/light color against a darker color, the darker color "bleeds" through to the lighter color, by a matter of some noticeable pixels. It almost looks like someone didn't stay within the lines when coloring a black and white picture in a coloring book. It's not VERY horrible, but if it could be touched up so it wouldn't "bleed" so noticeably, that'd be nice. But yeah - more costume parts, between body pieces like hair, faces, and clothing are one thing I'd love to have. Sure, we get a few things here and there, and I'm thankful for such sweet gifts. I want more, though, if Cryptic would indulge me. hehe ^_^

2) I have played a LOT of mmorpgs, but have reached max level in only a small handful out of them all. I'm not going to fuel the flame on the "getting max level is too fast/easy" issue, because I'm not bothered too much by it. However, I DO want to see a LOT more end-game content, involving BOTh solo play and team/fleet efforts. The only story mission I never completed up to Khitomer Accord, which I still have yet to do, was the fight against the Crystalline Entity. I DO approve of hwo they made it more resilient so a handful of High Yield torpedo spammers don't kill the thing off in less than a single minute, before it was patched, but I think it's ridiculous how it's such a pain in the frakking arse to kill it, even as a Rear Admiral, Fifth Class, when you jump into the fight with a PUG.
Oh, and while I thought that "Infected" had some ridiculous stuff in it, and was a little difficult, I sure as heck HATE most of "The Cure", except for the parts AFTER you finally get a VERY patient and cooperative PUG PAST those damned "transformer" defense portions of the mission.
That stuff took a LOT of tries, off and on, over the course of three work weeks for me to finally get lucky enough to complete it. I'm all for helping friends in need and all, but I will NEVER want to play that mission EVER again, unless it's made LESS ridiculous. All it takes is for ONE player to do something stupid and screw it all up for everyone else, either by quitting or by going afk/d/c...
Which leads me to #3 on my list...

3) It WOULD be helpful and VERY cool for players to be able to bring ALL of their respective Bridge Officers to "assist" with those missions like "The Cure". I find that my solo play, alongside my BOs, is usually filled with more cooperation than with random PUGs, at times. lol

4) I would LOVE the freedom to be able to move in 360 degrees in space. I think it's silly how you can't aim straight up at an enemy ship that's right above your ship, much less even fly straight up at them. I also like to put all of my power on my "attack" power, for my escort ships, but find it silly how your power "NEEDS" to go all the way to zero when I go to Full Impulse for just a SHORT burst. It would make more sense to make it drain ONLY while you are IN the short burst of Full Impulse, but at least immediately STOP draining if you drop out of Full Impulse, soon after executing it.
That way, you're not waiting for power to ridiculously ad senselessly go all the way to zero, AND wait on the cooldown before power starts building up to where you want it again. The cooldown timer is enough. The power's need to drain all the way to zero is silly, imho.

5) I would like to see NEW races in this game, never seen before in any of the shows or movies, but not just merely made with random parts to make their features AND paired with a generic, multipurposed storyline. The more lore and backstory, the more quality and worth, when it comes to any new races, etc.
On this same train of thought, I voted for the "Horta" as being a new playable race or faction or whatever that poll was about, because I feel it would be a nice, refreshing change of pace to have NON-humanoid (human-shaped) aliens included in the game, and not just as enemies, but as playable species.
Not all enemies have to have bodies shaped like humans (two arms, eyes, ears, legs, etc.), and not all of them have to be bilateral and/or symmetrical. A blob type monster/alien or a mission where you go to a prehistoric era Earth LOOKING planet or whatever with big dinosaurs/lizards and prehistoric primates, etc., would be nice. No, the game doesn't need to look like WoW's jungle-themes zones, but I could totally envision Picard with that Tamarian dude fighting off that wierd lizard monster thingy, and a player or players WITH BOs coming in to assist or intervene or whatever. That last idea wasn't entirely well thought out, but it would be really neat to have more missions that did neat stuff like that.
The one where you end up seeing the big reveal that you were on a Holodeck the WHOLE mission was just TOO awesome, imo. I want more of THAT kind of story writing for this game.
I truly feel more people would come back to this game if they quit before, and more people would get into it for the first time, if suck interesting things ran RAMPANT in STO. lol
I love the game and love having all the added stuff.
Cryptic has a good game here that gets greater, in my eyes, at least, and I'll continue to play for a very long time if they implement more of stuff like what I suggested here today.
Sorry for the wall of text, guys and gals.
I hope my ideas at least catch the eyes of cryptic devs for them to consider such things. I love a lot of other peoples' ideas here too, and would totally fo with some of the others I see here, if I were a dev myself.
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# 1577 Oh, also...
05-02-2010, 09:02 AM
I would also like to see "Risa" vacation wear for costume parts. For both males and females, of course. I mainly wanna make my female toon look more festive on a visit to Risa with those Risan bikinis/swimsuit thingies, but who doesn't wanna get a shirt and a pair of shorts like Picard and rwead a book while in a reclined lawn chair...?

The other thing is that i want to be able to view my quest rewards for each mission from my mission/quest log. It would also be nice to have "story" missions in a category of their own in the quest log so it's CRYSTAL clear what missions I'll want to do to see more of the game's story, and what are just generic, repeatable missions like patrolling and sector defense, etc.
Oh, and I want to be able to determine, WITHOUT having to depend on my own memory, whether or not I've already done a damned quest. lol
I think I acquired and completed the "Delta Volanis" patrol like 3 or 4 times before I realized I was doing it over and over again. XD
I know, it's air-headed, but seriously...! lol
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A short list from a happy customer


- Lock DSEs to the intended level encounters (i.e. don't bump it to match highest level character in the zone)
- Allow teams to turn on something like a "Group Mission Start" (i.e. let teams join missions/fleet actions/explore territories at the same time in the same way that teams move maps together once a mission is begun!)
- Add some kind of way for us to see our progress at Memory Alpha.


- Add Tamarians as a playable race. We've already got some "Darmok" gear, please finish the set and let us play a Tamarian :-D

- Expand the in-game instruction set to include more useful data (something beyond the tutorial!)

- Expand/fix/change/update/upgrade Memory Alpha (I don't care how it changes, I am just hoping for more; the current system whets my appetite for more items and perhaps more ways to use the raw materials!)


- More storylines (yeah, I know, "Duh," but it's still my long-term expectation and hope!)--possibly profession and/or ship-type specific story-lines.

- "Introduce missions with a risk of failure that would require you to start the mission (or part of it) over; timers that you have to beat (escape the base before it explodes), the ability for the NPC you're protecting to actually be destroyed/killed, etc." (OP said it well--I'll leave it stand as is with one modification: Make these missions options in the same way the DP is optional--increased rewards for increased risk!)

- More Klingon specific PvE content--I haven't played as the Klingons yet, because I'm hoping for Klingon PvE content by the time I get around to it. :-D
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# 1579
05-03-2010, 04:24 AM
Short Term

- Full Ship Interiors
- 1st Officers
- Better Crafting System

Mid Term

- More Unique Class Skills
- More In-depth Skill System
- Better Tank-DPS-Heal System for both Space and Ground

Long Term

- Lots More Story and Dungeons
- Actual Raids with more than 1 group
- More Playable Races
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# 1580
05-03-2010, 12:38 PM
Short Term:
Crew positions. It would be nice if i could designate positions like Cheif engineer, 1st officer, cheif medical officer, Operations officer, Security Cheif, ship councilor, ect. And have the positions do dome thing.

Kits for Crew positions. This goes with the above; have a kit for each ship position that give the officer one ground or space skill that would fit that position. Ex: Cheif medical officer is given medical Trycorder 2 from the kit, though it isnt one of his normal skills.

Ship insides. Being able to make the inside of your ship and personalize it. (I realize this would take a lot of programming, so mid term instead of short term.) this could be similar to how we can go to our bridges, we would have quarters for our selves and crew, engineering section, medbay, astrometric lab, cargo bays, shuttle bays, hall ways to walk to each of them, and more.

More mission types It would be nice to have some variety to missions other then blow things up. Destroying things gets old after a while, especially since things other then combat is one of the hugest appeals of Star Trek.

Full mission Replayability. Give all NPC's who give out quests another tab in which all the quests we have completed for them are listed and available for replay.

Long term:
Most of the suggestions posted by other players. (ya I'm lazy)

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