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02-09-2010, 02:29 AM
Death penalty

Death penalty

Death penalty
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02-09-2010, 02:37 AM
Short Term :

- Harder Difficulty
- Death Penalty
- Less rubber Banding
- The music player to stop disappearing every time I go to a different instance or map

Mid Term :

- Missions that require team work
- More Varied loot ( multiple versions of Efficient Engines ect )
- More Ship Varients
- Better NPC Dialogue
- More thought out missions with multiple consequences for endings including time limits
- NPC Allied ships in missions where you have to escort them have the ability to die and fail the mission
- Mini games or better thought out exploration missions
- More sector blocks
- Restructure the enemy fleet configurations so I'm not fighting High level BB's in a CL

Long Term :

- A new Engine that's made specifically for this game
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02-09-2010, 03:37 AM
o) When checking a BO's status ... let their name be coloured by what rarity they have. white, green, blue, purple. related: when checking BOs in the exchange, let them be coloured just like items.

o) hotkey for rallypoints.

o) Allow [ENTER] and [ESC] at the character selection screen.

o) skill description overhaul. let us know all of the abilties a skill modifies.. not just "examples include" .. also HOW they are modified. cooldown? duration? damage/healed amount?

o) let us sort the commisioned BOs-list. name, rank, class, as well as drag&drop-custom. plus: allow us to add separator-lines between BOs, to differentiate between bridge crew and away teams.

o) Exploration clusters shouldn't feel claustrophobic. if I meet another player in there, my first thought should be "wow.. another player! let's do some missions together!" it should be rare ... you shouldn't think: "darn, another player.. he'll probably steal all my planet-spawns now :(".

o) skill system overhaul. the current system doesn't lend itself well to a skillcap.
o) it's waaaaay too easy to reach Admiral 5. you know what they say: some burn bright, but are gone in a flash. others burn slowly and stay around for ages.
o) Wildlife on planets.
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02-09-2010, 03:46 AM
Short - Term:

More variety in missions
Incentives for correct group play (death penalty)
Put away the monthly fee until this is a true M ->M<- ORPG

Mid - Term:

Make this an MMORPG
World pvp

Long - Term:

New engine with trading, player driven economy, crafting
Adventure game (Zak McKraken and the like) style missions with multiple possible outcomes
New combat system with REAL tactical options
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02-09-2010, 04:27 AM
Short Term:
- Lag fixes/new server hardware and software optimizations
- More hotkey slots per row or a real 3rd row of hotkeys
- Respecs and trade ins of old spacehips.
- More in-depth skill description! An official characterbuilder is not to much to ask.
- All ships should not explode when they are defeated. How about abandoning ship in escape pods?
-Fix Grouping so you don't have to jump instances to play together, add the "away team" thing to wait for your groupmembers when entering a system etc. Make it so your group never gets spread out on different maps aka Force the system to spawn a new instance if none yet can accomodate all instead of spreading out the groupmembers.

- More Starship models to fly in each Tier, Nebula for starters
- Option to get rid of grid interface while in Sector Space
- Expand on Diplomatic missions with multiplechoices = Affects outcome instead of clickthrough stories.
- Merchant ships and newly found civilizations sell or offer to trade sell sometimes really rare equipment or one-shot upgrades to your current equipment.

Long Term:
- Removal of skill cap
- All planets accessible for away team exploration
- Real planetside environments (eg. fauna, etc.)
-Romulans & Klingons and perhaps Cardassians developed into fully expanded playable faction.
-RvR between the fully expanded factions similar to **** with possibilities of peace and non-aggression pacts etc among the factions and punishments and bonuses for making such deals and breaking them too.
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02-09-2010, 04:38 AM
Lots of good points so far. Just some more cosmetic nice-to-haves from me:

Mid Term
  • Collectible stuff - Tribbles are a good start, someone proposed collectible plants on explorable planets
  • Crafting / Professions with Blueprints (Mid term because I think it's already in the pipeline...)
  • "Fun"/civilian costumes like the Risa Bikini

Long Term
  • Ship Interior, where one can display the collectible stuff :-)
  • Customizable captains room
  • botanic place where the plants are on display (like the zoo in guild wars)
  • and more of this "RP" and cosmetical stuff (Bar, Meeting Room...)
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02-09-2010, 04:43 AM
Originally Posted by mdarga View Post
This is a great thread, thanks!

It's very useful to see feedback presented so clearly and efficiently.
Might wanna sticky it then.
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02-09-2010, 04:44 AM

Instead of simple text descriptions when you go to the ship requisitions area and activate the terminals for the different tiered ships, after selecting the ship category, have it take us to the ship customisation interface where we can not only see what our future ships may look like, but also customise and save the configuration for later. This would save so much irritation from those of us who are annoyed that Cryptic has not yet deigned to spend a few minutes snapping screens of the different classes for the ship listing. Oh yes, it might be a surprise to see your new ship; but I, for one, don't want to be surprised that the category I chose is filled with utterly dreadful looking ships.


The ability to take a lower tier ship and upgrade it to accept higher tier Bridge Officer stations, more consoles and perhaps more weaponry. (There are already phaser emitters all over the place that never seem to be used. Perhaps they are supposed to fire whenever the ship is at a specific angle, but they never do. The ship will continue to fire its starboard phaser banks through itself towards an enemy on its port.)


More ship classes added into the different categories. Don't worry about waiting until you have at least one each to add per class, just drop them in as you make and work the bugs out of them. I'm sure some will complain that a fourth heavy cruiser has been added but not a fourth escort or science vessel, but as the new class would be purely cosmetic, any claims of imbalance would be pointless whinging.

More Klingon alliance ships, such as the Talon Battlecruiser.


New races, like the Breen (Please, I'd love to make Space Stig. :3 ) and Romulans.

I'm also seeing missions where some of the outlying Romulan colonies are petitioning to join the Federation, so it would be really nice to see them as a playable race for Starfleet after completing a new quest chain/accolade to bring them into the United Federation of Planets, perhaps even having access to their ships.
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02-09-2010, 05:11 AM
Short term
Stability - more stable connection and reliability when connecting to maps
BOs being able to wear custom outfit bug fix
Keeping up with the hard work on quality and polish

Medium Term
Able to see quest rewards in journal (quest log)
Not spawning in fleet actions under fire / not having enemies spawn on top of you.
Clearer instructions on Memory Alpha for how much is needed to progress and when acheived.

Long Term
Romulan playable faction
More quest choice (it seems you only have one or two episodes to choose from at any given time and lots of patrols
Different NPC ships/characters to fight so it's not just gorn/klingon/nausicaan with more variety of tactics ramdomness
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02-09-2010, 05:21 AM
Short Term-
Up PvE difficulty a smidge.
Up cruiser turn rate a bit.
Work out the bugs / server capacity issues.

Mid Term -
Additions to end game beyond the 45 day patch.
Klink PvE, about as much as the Feds have.
Deal with the economy. Its going to turn into a mess of massive inflation and way to many credits in circulation.

Long Term -
Separate Romulan playable faction with its own ships and content.
Full expansion with new areas, new end game, new + longer mission story arcs.
Add depth to the game, in all aspects. Maybe its just the rushed nature of the release but there really is no depth to anything in this game.

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