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05-11-2010, 12:38 PM
Short term

Ability to assign youyr crew to positions and not just counsols. I want an Executive Officer and a Chief Engineer.

Mid term

More interaction, so far I have failed to understand why the hell I am paying for this on a monthly subscription as I have done nothing with anyone else.

Long Term

Make the game feel morelike Star Trek, sticking an NPC at deepspace 7 and giving it the name Commander Wildman means nothing if you dont make the game have an overall more star trek like feel.
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# 1622
05-11-2010, 03:43 PM
Short term:

Options for a larger or different colored cursor. I really get tired of hunting my cursor in a battle.
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05-11-2010, 08:26 PM
More RP! - Implementing a new chat system could achieve this, a "channel" for Local (RP), System (RP), Global, System, Local. This way the people that want to actually RP won't get interrupted by jabber from someone talking about their day (just an example, hasn't happened to me yet)
With at least One moderator on each channel at any time of the day.

More Variety in Playable "Factions" - I know The Federation and the Klingons are the most popular/ most major factions in Star Trek, but variety is good, it allows for more RP for example, Perhaps in a year or 2 when all the major factions are developed, adding Minor Factions could be an option

More Loot Drops - I've noticed most enemies Do Not drop anything when they are destroyed, But Really, if a big ship is destroyed there has to be at least Something useful still intact from the ship.

Escape Pods - If a ship is getting destroyed, the crew is going to try to get out of there as fast as possible, unless they are Very loyal, like the Borg. (even though they are programmed and cannot be "Loyal") - Maybe start it off as just a graphical effect, that doesn't do anything and is just for show, then if you guys develop plans for later you can just add to it.
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05-12-2010, 05:59 AM
Short Term -
1) Dual spec: with the ability to fly different ships, PVP, and PVE elements (also the current lack of high end content) its a no brainer to help the community. Dual spec gives players the ability to play longer with variety.
2) Move Warp - with the vastness of space let me choose which docking station I set this skill too.. If i want it at DS9 instead of Sol let me change it.
3) Change Raid Missions so that they dont open in progression - there is only 3 - infected, cure, and KA so why with very little content restrict the player base to do them in progression.

Mid Term
1) Fix Memory Alpha - there are no progression tracker, and its not crafting but buffing items. The gear you can buff is very limited by restricting types to ranks. If its going to be a buff system let it be a buff system - let me craft buffs and add exactly which buffs I want to gear. If its going to be a crafting system then flush this junk and let me actually create items.
2) More High End content - 3 so called raids, top gear available to all via dailies, and crappy Memory Alpha is not going to cut it. There is nothing really to shoot for because gear is easily obtainable then your stuck with nothing to do cept PvP for something different. Give us more raids, fleet actions, high end exploration missions and deepspace encounters, heck even a minigame would help.
3) Fix unique, rare, and very rare BOs - They serve no purpose or the gains are so little its not worth it. Make them functional like very rare BOs have unique skills that cant be trained, same with rare. Or give them more HP, run faster, adds bonus to certain skills maybe a BO has +2% crit to antiproton etc.. etc..

Long Term
1) More custimization options - Give us more ship variants with different stats within each type besides BO & weapon slots. Give us finer choices like Escort ships with more speed and less def etc.. etc..
Give us more choices on looks in ship variants, BO, and our own toon.
2) Overhaull crafting - let me build items, ships, all kinds of gear.
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# 1625 My thoughts
05-12-2010, 10:03 AM
short term:

Fix Memory Alpha (get the upgrades in)
More space for Admirials to explore without having to form ubah group
Fix the exsisting missions and Bo powers

Mid term:
I want to see ship upgrades, as a admirial I should be able to post my bridge officers in any postion i choose
(much like Klingons, Bird of Prey)

Long term:
Guild controled systems and open system pvp
The ability to build our own ships. This is Star Trek not choose one of three ships and be happy. Lets Get CREATIVE
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05-12-2010, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by StarbasePrime
I agree, but for a different reason. When I started out I had a "connection" to my bridge officers because I could see them on the the panel. But, as I got more skills they disappeared, and even with the three ugly rows of skills I don't have room for everything.
Yeah, I miss my BOs too. I hate that ugly 3 row box too. And there's still not enough space! The weapons and BOs need to be separate. At the very least, keep the weapons banks separate. I've got the screen space (1920x1200 on a 26" monitor), let me customize my HUD the way I want. Let me have the option of seeing my BOs again. Please and thanks.
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05-12-2010, 03:57 PM
Short: Nebula class, additional episodic content

Mid: Romulans, also the ability to pick a ship and scale it up to your level by adding proper rank level BO slots to the vessel, for example lets say that I want to use a Cheyanne class at RAdm, so why cant I just allow it to inherit the proper bo slots, make them 'promotable' like the BO's to give us something to spend all of our SF Merits on.

LongTerm: Campaigns, ideally each faction should have at least a few storyarch missions that detail the main reasons of what their general motives are, why, and how they were caused leading up to 2409. Customizable Fleet Starbases, some sort of better mechanic for exploration is in order (also devise a way to handle first contact scenarios with something other then a binary YES/NO dialogue option), and expand the chartable galaxy, the second time around everything seems much smaller...although this will probably be dealt with as expansion material if STO ever gets that far.
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05-13-2010, 11:15 AM
Short term:
1. The miniskirts, mentioned by Hakoshen, I want them for my officers too! ;-)

Long term:
1. I would like more customisability in the ship, like transform it completely, make it look like something a teenager draw or a masterpiece :-)

2. Customise your bridge and more rooms in the ships.

3. One the more rooms note: it would be great if they can but in something like a captains room where you can view your personal stuff (something like a trophy room), e.g.
3.1 view your uniforms (can change directly here and maybe modify them to certain extend)
3.2 view your titles
3.3 access the banks and exchange from here
3.4 and other stuff
- this can maybe just be an feature of the larger ship... something to look forward to.
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05-14-2010, 12:25 PM
Mid / Long Term:

Crafting Equipment, Weapons, Shields is Great....What about Crafting Food Items....It Occurred to me today when im trying to breed Tribbles....I cant find Tulaberry wine, Klingon Gladst, Romulan Ale anywhere.
And the Exchange sells 1 or 2 of these items for MORE Then 1 million Dollars.

Why not Throw in Items to Craft these items?! Why not sell Seeds you can take to the Hyrdoponics Bay, to Grow Tulaberries, for tulaberry wine, or Bajoran Fruits, and all that good stuff Tribbles eat and what not.

Or Items to Craft Wine / Ale / Or Ingredients to make Food Dishes.

Not everyone likes Crafting, Thats fine, but Crafting I think is fun in games like these.
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05-14-2010, 12:57 PM
Short Term

Can we have a seperate storage for Tribbles? so they dont eat a tribble cage or something!

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