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re: addidtional idea 8
by Durath_of_****lar on 31 May 2010 08:27 pm
{idea 8} short term (improved ground combat 2)

More diverse weapons with a wider range of effects as it currently stands the sniper rifle dosent have a noticeable range greater than pistols or even other rifles not of the sniper type why not allow it to shoot as far as the computer can render but turn down its autoshot dps. As far as the diverse weapons i would like to see more weapon types like a photon rocket luancher that attacks with a non targeting AOE effect that is aimed by highlighting a part of the ground also the luancher could have a very high attack 500 dmg but cools down very slow and gives warning marks on the ground before it hits like the morter BO ability. Or some type of throwable weapon thats ranged but bypasses sheilds and uses a strength modifyer for its damage

additional idea
by Chang67
Short term( help balance the playing field in space combat)
Another good idea is dual electro magnetic pulse plasma cannon would be cool to have for the Klingon weapon arsenal for space combat in pvp or pve.
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# 1682 reasonable requests
06-01-2010, 06:28 AM
Request from veeeery active player:

- fix bugs (beam overload, undine bossroom, explores without enemies...)
- balance elite ground action (explores)! Some groups are invincible!
- more attachements for tailor(implants, glasses, headset, etc.) and more casual uniform options.
- let the skill trainers sort between ground/space skills and tac/engi/sci skills.... it's a jungle for new STO'ers

- Make Sci-ships usefull again... the cool powers are just for show now... we're left with an average shield tank.... AND THATS A CRUISER JOB!
- Give Cruisers more hull! (or a higher class with more hull) And, give Escorts double front shield!
- More STF's please!

- Make STF's where the space part is adjusted by the number of ships, so the space part can be 3 or 4 manned, and open for filling the empty ground slots with boffs.
- More boff powers, more variation!
- Ship interior. Captains quarters, 10 forward, Engineering, Sickbay, and everything else!

- Infinite diversity in infinite combinations -
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# 1683
06-01-2010, 12:43 PM
Mid-Long Term:

I know that his might be quite a feat to accomplish, but i think that this is something that should have been considered from inception. The entire Sector Space area should be consolidated onto one server. I don't think that Sector space needs to be instanced. it should be a living and constantly changing environment influenced by the players with random encounters and events. The Borg should attempt to make random attacks on Federation and Klingon worlds and colonies that we need to defend. The Feds and the Klingons should be able to mount raids on eachother's colonies and worlds as well. Just like WoW. Space should be Massive not cut up in to different instances (I know I just said that but it needed to be said again). I should be able to fly through space with out having to load up each time I enter a new sector block. Open it up to a completely open world space system. No Grids, I can go up, down 360 movement ( I know the argument on the 360 movement, don't be d-bags and argue with me about it) Again have it similar to EVE. Let us Use the Transwarp highways that are littering Sector space. Why do we have them? What do they do, they look pointless.

Next, I still think that Star systems should be instanced. You never see 40 Fed ships at one planet. I agree that Systems should be instanced and so should starbases, however, starbases should be less instanced allow them to be crowded, there should be lots of people, NPC's and Players at them all the time. DS9 is like a ghost town. So is K7 and SIerra station. Also we need animations when entering and exiting rooms or turbolifts. I think I mentioned this one here before but everyone should have played Mass Effect by now. Wouldn't it be nice to see that once we enter a Turbo lift maybe have a cutscene like that in Mass Effect when riding the elevator? Would be cool. Or when we enter a room, HAVE THE DOORS OPEN not just flash and we're ina new room. Come on! A little attention to detail never hurt anyone or anything. Take some pride in this. Allow us to have some more intereaction with objects and NPC's as well. I want this game to succeed as much if not more than the next guy. We just need some stuff changed, enhanced and added to make this competative against WoW, EVE and SWTOR (when it comes out).
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# 1684
06-03-2010, 02:32 AM
i wouldn't mind seeing EVA workpods ( shuttlepods, workbees, exec shuttles, travel pods, etc around the starbases.
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# 1685
06-03-2010, 06:12 AM

- Fix the graphic glitches in all underground caves.
- Fix Npc ships getting stuck in asteroids and other objects, this makes them hard to target.
- Fix the range at which enemies stop shooting at you. Some continure to fire even after a 15km separation.


I see a lot of Admirals saying they would like to be able to pilot more then one class of ship. Why not give them the option if it's end-game rank. It could be done fairly simple, with little dev time.

- Create a skill called "Fleet Captain". Training it would allow Admirals to fly any class of ship efficiently. This would be separate from the current ship class skills you currently have. Thus, allowing an Admiral the choice of specializing in one class of ship or choosing to diversify by selecting "Fleet Captain".

(note: you could reduce the efficiency by 1-5 points for those who choose "Fleet Captain" to encourage more specialization. i.e. Assault cruiser skill maxed gives +28 to use of Assault cruisers, "Fleet Captain" gives a max of +25 to assault cruisers)


- More missions for each rank. I find myself doing missions 3 or more ranks above my grade because I don't recieve enough points to make it through one rank before the missions are depleted.

- Don't focus on endgame content alone! Some players like to try new classes and new races. Focus on adding new content for all players.

- Introduce more races, not c-store items, into the game for players to choose from.
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# 1686
06-03-2010, 07:01 AM
Short term -

More STF's
-Bug fixing (Terradome, Khitomers Accord, etc)
-Hard numbers that indicate changes when choosing skills (I.E. Antiproton - Increases damage from Anti Proton weapons by 5% per point).
-Base damage mods + % damage mods to create more versatile builds
-Ability to form a "raid" group so that a group of teams can get together and do the crystal entity or other fleet action instances.
-Cross faction grouping : Klingons and the federation team together do defeat an undine outpost.

Mid term -
-Higher level cap
-More versatility in ship choice (Right now each class has 1 ship per tier aside from admirals), Have the ships stats vary in statistics such as additional tactical slots, weapon slots, More shields, Faster speeds, Higher hull regeneration, Better damage resistance, etc. (Good mmo's are renown for their balanced diversity... And in the vastness of space, with multitudes of races, I would expect that not everything would be so non unique or "cookie cutter").
-More skins for each ship (in reference to the comment above, How about making "skins" actual parts with certain bonuses. EX a voyager class saucer would hold less crew, but have less weight (higher speed), and stronger armor (more hull/damage resistant).
-Raid instances that require more than 5 people to complete with rewards that match the difficulty. (Give people a reason to find well organized fleets other than avoiding Pick up groups and companionship)
-PVP reward system. In EVE online, If you blow up someones ship, you can loot their wreckage and steal their fittings. While this is unique to the EVE universe, it does offer huge incentive to PVP in EVE. Something along the same line of rewarding winners and penalty for loosers would encourage PVP greatly, and offer much more "end game" value to the game.

Long term -
-Uncharted exploration : A transwarp conduit that leads to another galaxy. Instead of enemy contacts, People of opposing factions can engage in a small battle by running into each other (penalty of loss is a ticket home).
-Territory expansion : Make some sectors in neutral space conquerable by certain factions.
- More factions.
-The ability to rebel against your faction to join another. (A Klingon who decides to join the federation. etc)
- Events that can change things in the game : An epic undine fleet that roams around the galaxy and infests the sector it is in.

Edit : I know its not the top 3... But It's hard to suggest improvements to a game, while limiting the number of ideas.
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re: Ground weapon ideas
by MontyRage on 03 Jun 2010 01:35 pm
I enjoy using the weapons in the game currently, but i am missing a gun with a 3-round burst. So here is my idea for a combat rifle and combat pistol.
The Rifle
Mode 1
This is the standard fire mode which fires three bolts, each one less power full than the last. I think 100%, 90%, 80% would be fine if the overall power setting is sufficient. I believe 10 points over the standard "full auto" assault weapon is about right.
Mode 2
Full auto like that of the "rapid fire" of star ships weapons. Start high and end low. And make the cool down longer so as not to make too powerful.

The Pistol
Mode 1
Just like that of the rifle mode 1
Mode 2
Would be a burst shot like that already in the game or the full auto idea. But it should the an "exploit attack".

Thank you for your time.

Major Blood
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# 1688
06-03-2010, 06:35 PM
short - fix the lag that is either being added with your welcome back weekend, btw i feel that 4\5 months of launch is way way to soon to be trying get back cancled account tricks.... or the lag is with the new patch season 1.2.... either way please fix it xD

Mid ranfe - Ship interiors \ bridge combat

Long term - listen to the people that play this game. We really can make or break your success.. When you try to "Balance PvP" but end up making the game not fun for fleet action\stf people its bad... Just do us right cause if i dont get at least 3 years of being able to play this game even if i want to or not my lifetime sub would be wasted and i would be an unhappy customer xD!

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I've enjoyed this game so far, and am happy with Season 1.2, but I can see myself quitting within a month or two. I've been here since closed Beta, and have 1 RA5 and 2 LTCs. The number one reason I'm getting bored is the lack of PvE content.

The problem with STO is that once you've done 1/10th the content, you've done all the content. I've never played a game with so few types of enemies, so few varied challenges, and so few paths through the game. I never want to talk to Admiral Quinn again as long as I live. I'm extremely tired of clicking on flowers and derelict freighters (I mean good lord people). Every single enemy has the same animation. They're all humanoids with energy weapons. Even the original EverQuest at least had some varying animations for their enemies.

So my one short, medium, and long term desire for this game is more content. More missions, more varied missions, and more varied enemies are absolutely necessary for the continuation of this game.

I think the structure and mechanics of STO is brilliant. It's a beautiful engine, but I get the feeling that Atari and Cryptic are fighting tooth and nail to avoid investing staff and time into putting the meat on this game. It's the case of a corporation, so focused on short term profit that they end up destroying their ability to make that profit.

It's like the American car companies that made crappy cars for decades because crappy cars are cheaper to make, and they counted on Americans buying them because of national pride. The strategy of making the cheapest possible car that was guaranteed to break down lost them their market share. The government isn't going to bail out Atari after everyone figures out that they are putting out the absolute most minimal games possible.

Cryptic and Atari sold half a game for full price. It's time to give us a full game for the price we already paid. That's the only way you can convince me to continue paying my monthly fee, and/or buying any expansions.

Finish the game by adding equivalent content as every other MMOG. Yes it will cost Atari money in the short term, but it will lengthen the lifespan of the game for years to come and result in more profit long term.

Hire more people to beef up the game in the short term to make the gamers that barely hung on, and your enthusiastic supporters super-happy. Create some positive buzz, by acknowledging publicly that the game wasn't done when it was released. Soon after, try to get some good reviews out by putting out a ridiculously robust expansion. Then people like me will actually play the game and give you our hard earned money for years to come.

It's a great engine, and a fun game. Lots of money should be made off of it, but if it keeps going this way, it's going to fail.

Thanks for your time.
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# 1690 My Three Things.
06-04-2010, 02:35 AM
Short: Make Shields Matter in Pvp.
It really is Pointless to play PVP as Feds if the Klingons Just Point Click kill. Purple Cruiser Shields fail in 1 Second. No Joke. Course they get a Free Shot since they can Cloak, and they never miss.

Middle: Cruisers Need to matter.
My Science Vessel Tanked Better then My Cruiser. Which is Sad.
My Escort didn't need to tank It just Blew everything up before it was even shot at.
With a Cruiser I can shoot for Days and not even dink their shields while They can shoot straight through to Hull. And Yeah, My Hull Lasts Longer then my shields but Hull Tanking is Suicide.
Also the Movies and Shows it was pretty much time for a ship to die everytime the shields went down.
Exception, Of course being the Defiant which had Armor.
Maybe add Armor to Cruisers? Or Give them inherent Resists?
Besides Where is all this extra Power this cruiser is supposed to have?

Long: Make it More Social
We got alot of Roleplay Types on, We like Cosmetic Stuff. Uniforms, hair Styles, Mini-games.
It would be nice to Play Dabo in Quarks, or Go to the Holodeck. Being Able to Help Fly some one else would be nice to. Like Say Having a Tatical Captain Help Juice up your Weapons by Replacing parts in Engineering or Training Crew. Or an Engineer installing New Parts for Ship buffs. Easing the Level barriers would also Make it more Social, So You can Have Ensigns play next to Admirals. As Is, you are really stuck with people around your Level. Which is Kinda Stupid Cause Everyone is At Rear Admiral level sep the Players who can only Casually Play.
We don't want this Game Becoming anouther Dark age of Camalot. Where you can only Have fun with other people at level 80.

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