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02-09-2010, 05:28 AM
Some great ideas in here (except death penalty). I'll add two:

Short term:

Sweep through all the text for naming issues, confusing labels, etc. Indicate system & sector in mission objectives. And its Romulan Warbirds, not Birds-of-Prey.

Medium term?

- Split the PvE and PvP performance of Abilities so that, if neccessary, you can balance PvP without affecting PvE. Color the icons differently in PvP if the behavior changes.
Example (illustration only): If Viral Matrix needs toning down in PvP, it might have a green icon instead of blue, and the tooltip would highlight the fact that its duration in PvP was reduced.
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# 162 My ideas
02-09-2010, 05:33 AM
Short Term

* Sever capacity
* Rubber banding issues
* More detailed descriptions of skills, abilities, and devices
* Progress indicator for Memory Alpha
* Fix auto-grouping bug

Mid Term

* More truly diplomatic missions with actual consequences
* Death penalty (nothing too severe like EVE)
* More fleet actions
* More emphasis on grouping

Long Term

* Additional ship interiors (ready room, observation lounge, sickbay, etc)
* Functional bridge that could compliment sector space
* Polish sector space (get rid of grids and system "sticks")
* Factional control of sectors that could change hands
* Additional ship designs and not just new skins for existing lines
* New fully playable factions

Very Long Term

I would also like to see an overhaul of the game's engine to have reduced instancing and less loading times. I put this here with the realization that it might not be possible for the game engine to do this or if it's also economically feasible to overhaul the engine.
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02-09-2010, 05:48 AM
Short Term requests

1) Make the fleet actions less able to be abused or easy for players to grief in. A suggestion might be using the City of Heroes monster model, where it was the same con to every player. Level limits would work too, but would really mash up the immersion of a universe at war.

2) The rubber banding in sector space. Once I get to a mission area, with my own instance, it seems to clear up. But crossing sector space is forward, backward, forward, backward, etc.

3) The ability to see area maps of galaxy sectors without the player being required to be in them. Perhaps only for sectors the player has visited would work, as unknown sectors to that character would be unknown.

Mid Term requests

1) A bit more customization with the ships. More patterns, textures, and more parts to customize than just hull, saucer, pylons and the warp cells.

2) Better AI controls for the bridge officers. I can't tell you how many times I've had to go back and "hook up" again with a bridge officer stuck in a door jam, or base of a hill, when on an away mission. It can get a little annoying when a player has to run back and un-stuck a bridge officer five or six times during a ground mission. Also, less randomness on their special powers, and more intelligent use of them. For example, my engineer bridge officer drops a shield generator, and I'm happy. Then, as soon as the cool down has ended, he's dropped another one away from me, causing the first one to disappear. Rinse and repeat a few times during an intense fire fight, and it makes me wish for a 'friendly fire' option.

3) Increased planet textures, for both space view and ground missions. For the space view, it looks like there are layers of textures that are used. Some mix and produce some really nice results. Others come out as not so nice. I think the most annoying of them all is the one that looks like coffee mug stains all over it, that are meant to be city lights. The cloud patterns are nice too, and perhaps more with them too. As for the ground missions, more textures in general. One mission I remember I called the Guardian of Forever mission, even though it wasn't that NPC. The majority of the landscape was the same structure of the Guardian of Forever, planted over and over the entire region.

Long term requests

1) Strengthen up the non-Federation factions, and pull back the Federation a bit. I don't mean combat wise, I mean by their area's of control. Both the Romulan and Klingon empires seem pretty weak and pushed back into corners of space, while the Federation merrily traipses through their sovereign territory. I haven't gotten beyond those yet, so I really can't say what the DS9 area is like. But one example was a mission where the Federation was concerned about a Romulan fleet crossing the neutral zone. Meanwhile, the Federation would cross it at will into Romulan space.

2) More missions that are not all combat. I don't mean more of the beam-downs to scan artifacts types of missions. More of the mystery or investigative types. The universe is in a state of war, so I imagine there would be more sabotage, counter-intelligences, etc types of things going on. Especially when the Undine are involved, mixing things up even further. There have been some, but it would be nice to see more. Maybe even a whole new branch with an Intelligence officer giving the missions out? Maybe a diplomatic corps too, for NPC types of races that the warring factions want to gain favor with.

3) Game-wide events that cycle through every month or two. And things with a definite theme of the Star Trek universe. Sort of like how WoW (not to start a "my game is better than your game" fight) does it. I bring this up as a long-term benefit for the game. Players would have something to do on a monthly basis, for their characters and their alts, that is once a year. Plus they can be fun, if they're done correctly.
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02-09-2010, 05:49 AM
Uh, I forgot something:

short term:

machinima/cam tools that were promised by h2orat
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02-09-2010, 05:58 AM
To fail, or not to fail, your choice Cryptic.


More mission content
Less Linear and more options, we don't want to follow the same old storyline, we want to be able to move around the quadrants and have plentyful areas to level. About 4 sectorblocks being for Lieutenant to Lietenant commander etc with only required atleast 2 sectorblocks to successfully rank up.

Combat Mechanics
The combat for space and ground combat is extremely crude, both lacking in style, and rotations, we only have 2 buttons to fire, no ability to specify a style of attack, EG, Triple shot, fires three pulses from your rifle instead of 2 etc wild example. Remove limited running. increase pace movement on the ground, an option for walking too.
Reducing damage and healing and replacing with more health and shielding and proper system targetting.

Renaming Admiral Rank and leveling experience
Admiral (1 Pip) does not exist in Star Trek, this rank is called Commodore. Leveling is not as fun with the missions being repeating. There is no episodes, no drama regarding your crew etc. Only decent episode is Guardian of Time including LT Paris.


Lack of Endgame Content
There is absolutely no endgame content at all, no big baddies to kill, no-one as a galatic menace. Raiding is an experience we all seek in PvE content, not five man instances. There is no raiding in this game. Fleet Actions is a pathetic excuse for a raid.

More ships and give PvE content to Klingons
There is a miniscule available ships for the Klingon empire and their territory is very small, ships for them can include Orion, Gorn, Naussican ships of similar genres and classifications. Klingons should have their own PvE content, they have their own lore they can follow, use that lore.

Macro and third party addons
Face it, the STO UI is the most crudest, next to Supcom's UI ever. We want to be able to have our own detailed UI, helpful software addons into the game, alike the majority of successful, long term built MMO's allow their game to be modified in a controlled safe way to their user's comfort.


Regional servers
Maintenance times and half way around the world lag is atrocious. Pings are high for many people. This game doesn't look to the user's benefit.

Getting some inspiration
Devs should start learning from other MMORPGs. Failure to do so will repeat in another "Hellgate".

Making the effort
Cryptic is not making the drastic steps to make a long term living MMO. This game was rushed and should have tooken atleast 6 months between Beta and Public release. They're spending too few money, they'll never be recognise as a successful company that turned a 45 year old franchise and further buried it with lack of... I won't go any further before I break a Key on my keyboard.

All I can say is, when Cataclysm (World of ********'s 4th Expansion) is released, you will lose so many subscriptions, you will be telling yourself "we never took this game seriously enough"
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02-09-2010, 06:23 AM
Short Term
  • Bump up tier 4 cruiser turning +2 and the rest +1
  • Add a Nebula class tier-4 science ship and Excelsior class tier-3 cruiser as options
  • More variety in mission tasks and objectives
  • Fix the mission dialogue. I keep getting called “<rank> <short name>” rather than “<rank> <last name>”
  • Let us sit in our chair on the bridge and do useful stuff (banking, exchange, etc.) or fun stuff like mini-games (Trek Trivia game from the C-Store? Game battle replays as debriefings or reviewed mission logs?).

Mid Term
  • Alternate bridge layouts more in keeping with the TV and movie sets in style and proportion. The current “Classic” TNG-style bridge is great for tier-4+ ships but could be less cavernous. Really.
  • Ship interiors: big spaces like a Shuttle Bay, gathering spaces like a Crew Lounge or Mess, etc., private spaces like Captain’s Quarters which needn’t be huge (see the previous regarding scaling) but should be customizable and should have space to display and store stuff. I’d buy a Ready-Room if it were in the C-Store.
  • More Klingon PvE content
  • A more comprehensive online and/or PDF manual, as too many people ask about very basic things in the fora.

Long Term
  • Additional factions: Cardassians and Romulans have obviously been planned or prepared for, but how about an Orion or Merc faction for those people that really hate the idea of a uniform or uniformity. They could fly any ship class of any other faction that they could steal, commandeer, or buy on the black market; deal with smugglers and cutthroats in their travels as privateers, and generally try and stay one step ahead of (all of) the authorities.
  • Recognize that the Trek community is what can make this game a perennial and resist the urge to defer to the loud minority... who like MMOs generally rather than Trek specifically and are likely to move on to the "Next Big Thing" sooner rather than later.
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02-09-2010, 06:29 AM
Short Term:

1- Make better skill descriptions
2- Autofire ground/all non torp space weapons
3- Debug missions
4- Change starting points in encounter missions


1- More endgame content
2- Mini games like tri-dimentional chess
3- Equipment/xp death penalties
4- Ability to fail missions.
5- Playable factions(romulan,cardassian,remen,ferangi,borg)
6- Crafting system that is more indepth/ entertaining.
7- Take out instancing of starbases to make it seem more real. Ex: Deep space nine elevators (make them actually work)

Long Term:

1- Ship environments(ability to walk around engineering/ten forward/holodeck/captain's room)
2- Missions where people board your ship.
3- Faction warfare with winners gaining control of systems/sectors/sector blocks
4- Flesh out every system so you can walk around and do more things than just a little mission.
- Allow people to have player housing on whatever system they want.
- Start with homeworlds for the different factions. Ex: Starfleet academy on Earth.
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# 168
02-09-2010, 06:33 AM
  1. Fix UI issues, it feels twitchy. In other words keep display inertia.
  2. Save uniform sets, so that my BO can be easily put in the uniform I want them to wear.
  3. More appropriate Federation quest rewards. I should be getting Federation technology.
  4. Be able to sit in a chair by clicking on it.
  5. Holster weapons in non-combat areas.

  1. More non-generic quests.
  2. Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!
  3. A death penalty that makes sense.
  4. There are 50 billion people living on the moon, there is also Lake Armstrong, yet the moon looks like it always does.

  1. Starship interiors, that also serve as player housing.
  2. Fleet Starbases.
  3. Make the bridge of your ship actually useful.
  4. Overhaul the sector map UI. I'd love to be able to search for a system or planet and have a description on said planet or system. Make it so when I zoom into the sector map I'm not seeing lines and curves that look like they were drawn in MSPaint. Thing should be smooth when I zoom in.
  5. Fix map transition errors. Sometimes when going from sector to sector in my ship I see a beamout effect. Warp is most often out of sync and my ship shows up after the warp effect is done.
  6. Ground combat is most often jerky and twitchy. Especially when something holds me or a photon grenade goes off. Also why do the wargs keep making a biting sound after they die?
  7. Make system maps larger. I'd love to be able to fly from Mercury to Pluto in Sol.
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02-09-2010, 06:38 AM
Short Term
Progress bar for memory alpha
more mail boxes and make the ones there more obvious
mission rewards visible when you press j
better explanations of where systems are

Medium Term
Fleet actions harder
Chance to choose loot from fleet actions (random loot doesn't help)
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02-09-2010, 07:07 AM
Nice thread idea.. I wont argue anyone elses suggestions and appologies if Im repeating stuff here but heres mine:

Short Term:

- The option so armour etc can be set to default to off when on the bridge/starbases etc (it works for your bridge officers so shouldnt be much harder to set it for your main character too)

- Have holstered weapons etc show up on your belt/slung across your back etc. Have them automatically holster unless engaged in combat rather than always in your hands.

- The ability to interect with things like chairs without having to manually line up and do sit emotes

- More serious death effect. Im fine with it just being crew loss but make it harder for crew to be replaced (have them die permanently till you spend starfleet merrit to buy more back if you die too much etc). Im not one of these 'make it super serious like EVE' types but Im after something with a LITTLE more consequence at the moment!

- Tribbles should react to klingons properly

- Animated Doors. It may not sound much but without doors that go whoosh it just doesnt seem quite right

- Better balance for enemy ship hulls. Dont spawn level decreased D'Deridex warbirds for lower level characters, spawn weaker ships. It's like playing WoW and finding a massive dragon at level 15 or something that is actually quite weak. Some ships should be inherently scary, it shouldnt always be a case of having to check their rank to decide whether you can take them or not!

- A way monitoring your progress in memory alpah other than just buying stuff till it tells you to move onto the next npc!

- The ability to fire multiples of a weapon type in the same arc simultaneously.

- The ability to set a secondary target (so you dont have to keep channg target to perform support abilities etc)

Medium Term:

- More ship interior locations and functional ones at that. Ideally I'd like to be able to fully explore the inside of my ship but I'd settle for an intereactive bridge, ready room, captains quarters, engineering and sickbay (these locations could be used in conjunction with harsher death penalties too, perhaps after the ship or your character 'dies' you have to make your way back from sickbay to the bridge or transporter room?

- More episode missions at all stages of the game there should be enough missions that I can choose them and dont just go through them all linearly. I know its early days though so hopefully this one WILL be adressed in time. You should certainly never 'run out' of missions and have to grind your way up to the next grade on random exploration missions.

- More diplomatic missions. They needent be extensive or complex just little ones like the mining dispute or the investing sabotage ones early on, they break things up nicely and help make the game feel a bit more imersive.

- Flesh out the Klingon faction. They should be completely playable just like the Federation, with episodes of their own, PVE content, fleet engagements etc etc. Also make them playable from the word go. Dont make you level to 6 federation to play klingon. simply put the only reason I can think this is the case at the moment is as the klingon start isnt fleshed out properly enough and it would give a bad first impression. Fix it please!

- More fleet actions and big repeatable story missions. Basically stuff thats more like raid/dungeons that you need a group to go through. Im all for having plenty you can do solo but more stuff that NEEDS groups would be nice, otherwise your kind of missing the Multiplayer part of Massively Multiplayer out

- More sectors and systems. I want to be able to visit eventually, pretty much every location seen in TNG and TOS. Certainly add in more well known locations like Ferenginar, Trill. Everyone should be able to go visit their homeworld at least! That sort of bleeds over into long term but Id like to see at least the major homeworlds for the player races put in fairly soon.

- Make all the bonus items like uniforms from the various preorder sets avaialble as DLC. Im fine with having to pay a little for them but folks who couldnt get hold a particular set should at least have the option to buy these items (I WANT THE TOS MOVIE UNIFORMS :S)

- Regional servers. Honestly Id have prefered fully seperate servers rather than the way everything is instanced but changing from one to the other at this point I would imagine would be vastly impractical.

Long Term -

- Fully playable Romulan and Cardassian factions.

- Some kind of open world PVP Im not talking full on totally open PVP, but soemthing along the lines of WoW where some locations are PVP areas and you can be attacked freely in them. Now this might already sort of exist though as I have only barely dipped my toes into PVP so far but from what Ive seen and heard its not the case at the moment.

- Delta and Gamma Quadrants

- MUCH more raid type content/fleet actions etc.

- Mini games. Let us play Darts in Quarks, or Dom Jot, or Parise squares etc.

- Holodecks/Holosuites. Some fun repeatable missions or PVP maps could be put in here. For example Obrian and Bashirs battle of brittain programe (just using the space combat engine) or how about Worfs Klingon combat training programes or the Dixon Hill ones? Im not asking for them to do MASSES of stuff here but a few would be nice

That should do for startere anyway folks!

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