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02-09-2010, 07:09 AM
Short term fixes:

Add a fleet ( Guild ) tag like in other games.
Put in a fix that will let your team enter missions and all arrived in the same instance.

Mid term Fix:

All a lot more content and quests.

Long term fix:

Fleet starbases.

Add more playable races.
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02-09-2010, 07:11 AM
I'll add another (short term?) request:

A firing / testing range near starting SB / Home world, where I can fire at an indestructible target to test weapon damages. Maybe add somemoving target drones, etc.
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02-09-2010, 07:14 AM
Short Term
Review Fleet Actions : To prevent Admirals farming the 1-10 SB 24 action, also revamp the scoring process.
Server Stability :
Revamp Tooltips seems quite buggy still, would prefer the 'info' to show on a tooltip, player set to BASIC, as it is now, or Detailed, which shows the info stuff, since you cant get Detailed info on reward tooltip)
Revamp Skill Descriptions, I understand how it works but you need to clarify the MKIII skills as 'trained only by Tac/Eng/Sci classes'
Mission Rewards: one mission we get an enginer, then next mission we get it again, seems a lot of mission rewards are duplicating themselves to quickly.

Medium Term
Player Bridge Functionality : Captains office, I would love to put up models of my previous ships.
Crafting: Clarify and re-vamp crafting, give it some real meaning, recipes to be obtained etc

Long Term
Diplomacy - an Alternate to fighting to level up, act as an ambassador for starfleet, maybe a seperate skill set (see Vanguard for how that was done)
Vast Episodic content: more overarching storylines like the Miral storyline etc, give a sense of achievement.
Fleet owned Stations : Would love this to be tied into Diplomacy, where Diplomacy is used to establish rights to construct an outpost etc.
StarFleet Acadamy and Database: Starfleet acadamy where you can run through lessons on everything ingame, form how to understand gear to balancing power settings, how skills affect ships etc, but my favorite would be a Database, go to bridge, access console, search 'Commander Sulu' Short Bio and tells which station/planet/system he is located in
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02-09-2010, 07:20 AM
This stuff was used as examples on first page but I'd like to see it implemented.

"Short-term requests

These are small things that seem like they could maybe be done within a patch or two.

Fixing a graphics glitch on a starship model
Adding additional NPC vendors to starbases
Tweaking something in the way the fleet interface works

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

Adding more fleet actions past the crystalline entity
Overhauling Memory Alpha

Long-term requests

These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.

More choices in how to complete content - ie, maybe missions with a diplomatic rather than a pure combat solution depending on choices you make during the mission.
More stuff for fleets - fleet-owned starbases, "raid" interfaces that allow fleets to do fleet actions together, etc.
More playable factions (romulans, cardassians, etc)"
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02-09-2010, 07:22 AM

- Make weapons auto-holster when beaming down to starbases or for non-combat missions.
- Add banks and standard vendor NPCs to Memory Alpha.
- Add some kind of way for us to see our progress at Memory Alpha.


- Implement ship interiors (with crew NPC's milling about "doing their thing") and I'll include here a Captain's Quarters (player housing) and a more interactive bridge.

- Improve exploration missions by adding more variety.

- Implement something closer to a traditional crafting system than what Memory Alpha is.


- Focus on branching storylines; give players choices during the missions that affect the outcomes (and maybe the rewards) of the missions.

- Re-vamp sector space to give the player more of a feeing of "being out there in the greaat unknown" instead of the current Sector Space that looks like a neon lollypop shop.

- Introduce romulan and cardassian as playable factions, with unique PvE and PvP content for each.
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02-09-2010, 07:48 AM
Short Term Requests
Sulu patrol missions - Please VARY it up! Less orbital missions!
Less destroy X item missions on space and ground, any other kind of missions
Hold queue reform, anything longer than 5 minutes is unacceptable.

Medium Term Requests
Make exploration more integral to the game. Up the XP, or importance.
Ship model scale - i.e. a Constitution Class ship should look noticeably larger than a Miranda.
Skill UI? Not the most intuitive system

Long Term Requests
More bridge functionality - please remove beam in effect
Expand Vulcan to include NPC mission agents - i.e. working for the Vulcan Science academy etc
Make space dock systems/starbases more obvious - or tune transwarp to the local station/space dock
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02-09-2010, 07:50 AM
Originally Posted by mdarga View Post
This is a great thread, thanks!

It's very useful to see feedback presented so clearly and efficiently.
Acknowledging feedback is good, but that doesn't mean that you should then ignore the details of the feedback
I'm not accusing Cryptic of ignoring feedback at this very moment, only time will tell the truth.

Originally Posted by Naevius
I'll add another (short term?) request:

A firing / testing range near starting SB / Home world, where I can fire at an indestructible target to test weapon damages. Maybe add somemoving target drones, etc.
Agreed, perhaps Wolf 359's derelict ships would be a good for this.
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02-09-2010, 08:01 AM
Short Term:
  • All players should auto-holster their weapons when beaming into starbases. Then they have the choice to unholster them if they want to.
  • Allow transwarp to be set to a more local starbase (SB39, DS9, etc).

Mid Term:

Hails and Communications: Rearrange ALL communications from your BO's / npcs, so that they DON'T initially appear as a big window in front of you. This includes BO's trying to get your attention, or hails from Starfleet / other npcs.
Instead, all communications should appear in a "minimised" form in a specific area on the UI (like when you close your OPs "warp out" confirmation messages and they sit on the right hand side in a minimised form). Then the player has the option to click on them when they wish in order to answer that hail. Of course, once the window is maximised, the players ship comes to a standstill as usual.

Docking at starbases: Rather than flying at full impulse until we get really close to the base, when we enter the local system in which the starbase resides, we should be able to hail the bases in order to dock / beam down. Missions which require you to get close to the planet in order to beam down should stay as they are now.
Optional: Once docking is granted at starbases, the players ship could then be allowed through a forcefield which blocks the entrance to the docking area.

Exploration / gathering materials: Put all materials to be gathered in local system instances rather than in sector space, having to clear areas to get to the resources should be part of the gathering process. This also helps to combat the "energy farmers" who will just gather up the resources in sector space without having to do much.
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02-09-2010, 08:10 AM
Since my explanations are rather long, I have put the important points in bold.

Short-term requests

Fill out the obvious equipment holes! No Mark X phasers for sale at starbase 01, but for badges you get mark X polaron weapons? Shouldn't it at least be equally hard or easy to get Starfleet typical equipment than to get non-typical stuff? What is the reason you can use badges to get a polaron beam array, but only tetryon cannons? These things make no sense.

a) Put the full spectrum of MK X weapons of everything available to the vendors. I.e. Single Beam, Dual Beam, Single Cannon, Dual Cannon, Dual Heavy Cannon, Turret, for all the weapon types that are already available.

b) Make Phasers, Photon and Quantum Torpedos and Mines the easiest to get! Mark X versions of these weapons should be available for badges, and they should cost half the price of the other weapon types (this should also apply to their lower tier versions)!

Mid-term requests

Allow us more customization and variety. Let us upgrade ships to higher tiers for the price of the target tier ship! Why not upgrade a Nova Class to the level of a Luna Class, i.e. same stats, slots etc.? It would greatly increase variety in the long run, and shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Remove the skill cap. Allow us to develop a more broad spectrum of skills! Being skilled at flying Science Ships and using science skills doesn't help you when you are currently flying a cruiser, so having these skills doesn't make you more powerful, but versatile. Make it so after you are at what the current cap is, that you only get 10% of the normal skill point amount, but remove the cap! You wouldn't even have to implement a respecc option when doing so!

Long-term requests

More open-world feeling. At the moment it feels more like swimming around in an aquarium. I like the idea of Sector Space, but it should be greatly altered and improved upon:

Remove the grid and "roads" etc. Reduce all star systems to a star and a HUD marker. Make it more 3-dimensional. Fill in the gaps. look at the Galaxy Map... there are so many holes and areas where you just get a "You're not clear to warp into deep space" message.

Increase the amount of systems in every sector by a factor of at least two, and allow us to enter all of them. Allow us to enter systems where we have already done missions, and give us a randomly generated mission, like "last time you defeated the Klingon patrol in this system, now we are getting a distress call from a freighter...". The Azura rescue mission is great, I'd love to see more of this where you fly around and suddenly get a message that there is help needed. Make it so sometimes there is just nothing interesting at the moment. I want to go back to places I've already been to, and see something new to do!

And then, since you could really put it to use, flesh out the systems. Why not multiple places on a planet to beam down to? A moon base, too? Some shipyard in space? Make it feel more alive. Let us construct customizable Fleet Starbases, which could also sometimes be under attack by an enemy, and where people outside of the fleet could also go to!

Then, when you have those "alive" places in a fleshed-out galaxy, you can have stuff like random fleet actions and missions all over the place. Klingons attacking Risa? A Romulan spy trying to infiltrate Regulus? That kind of stuff. Make it unpredictable. I'd love to be able to just fly around and see if there is some surprise, something to do etc. Or suddenly get a hail from Starfleet like "We order all available ships to Bajor, a large True Way fleet has started a blockade!".

End game content should not be about doing something in a specific endgame area, but all over the place! For example, some of the mentioned random missions and fleet action could require a minimum rank (also randomly decided upon, but never lower than the typical level range of the area), so a Commander wouldn't have to stumble into a random Fleet Action designed for Admirals.
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02-09-2010, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by mdarga View Post
This is a great thread, thanks!

It's very useful to see feedback presented so clearly and efficiently.
Sorry, but this isn't a great game yet. It could be if you guys were able to add/fix much of what we have posted and others will post in the future.

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