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08-05-2010, 01:26 PM
How am I supposed to fight a proper Ushaan Duel on Andoria, silly human developer? You left me with nothing but a dinky little klingon Batleth thingie! Such a poor excuse for a weapon!

I demand a proper Ushaan-tor and tether!

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08-05-2010, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by Daily
In June of 2010 I requested that my subscription of Star Trek Online be cancelled. I like many was having a hard time in our economy and needed to cut back cost. I went to the website and logged into my account and pressed cancel. It showed canceled. Since I had already been charged for June I figured I would at least get to play one more month. However within 3 days my account would no longer allow me to log into the game. I figure ok and went about my way. Then come to find out Cryptic decided to keep charging me the monthly subscription fee all on their own. They stole money that I need to buy food and pay bills for my family of four. Did they care, NO! They stole food from my wife and sons mouth and they could care less. I CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION! WTF! WHY did they keep charging me for a game I could not even play anymore? I donít know why either. When contacted about it they refused to refund the wrongly acquired 2 months of fees. So now all I can do is post how horrible they treated another human being in these times, wherever I can. I am sure my family and I will make it because we have each other, but I hope Cryptic and all theirs goes under. I hope that one day they find themselves in the same situation. On top of that the game is par at best. Star Trek had ok playability; the game stagnated by level 20 and the PVP side of the game sucks. All and all the game barely rates. The only reason I played for as long as I did is because of the content being Star Trek. In the end that wasnít enough. To keep playing and I would not recommend playing it ever. If you do, and decide to stop they will probably just keep charging you anyways. DONíT PLAY CRYPTIC MMOís
Also as far a City of Champions goes you really want to wait for DC UNIVERSE online in November.
Originally Posted by Keirsath
WOW your family missed that much a month that it starved your kids? you would save lots more if you canceled your internet to feed your 4 kids. if your haveing that much of a problem with money mesage me and i'll send you your 20 dollars or whatever. i spend that much on porn a week. Also level 20 is where it starts getting good imo.
dc universe? i hope you find it fun.
Daily can't afford Star Trek Online, but CAN afford DC Universe? Very kind of you, Keirsath, to offer food for their children from your porn budget.

Daily... S**T Happens. Man up and solve the problem.
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08-05-2010, 09:17 PM
List your top three short, mid, and long-term requests for the game
1) More customization for bridge/ship interior, i.e., uniform customization, station assignments, ability to assign BO's to sick bay, engineering, transporter room etc., while making the departments more interactive, and add civilians on the ship too
2) More races available in personnel and access exchange: Romulans, Cardassians, Androids etc. There's a million races in Star Trek, lets use em.
3) Hammer away at the major game-interfering bugs

1) BO's: a) add personalities and voices, b) Bridge Officer Exchanage Program like what DStahl suggested.
2) Allow more ship choices, not just holograms
3) UGC with creator rewards for high ranking missions: C Points, energy credits, super rare items?

1) More stuff to do in the game. I don't care if its building a home and doing a farming side-game or having a colony that is overrun with mugatos and players go there to hunt and to gain EC. I know Cryptic doesn't want to do the "same old same old" stuff with STO but I doubt much of us would care if they did.

2) Add Captain's duties to ship interior: problem solve ship issues, act as arbiter for officer squabbles, deal with ambassadors traveling with you, etc.,
3) Make promotions voluntary, and give promoted differing duties.
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Short term: Is it possible to add Luietenant Commander assignment station for the Tactical and Science so they can use their 3rd skill ability on the Klingon Battlecruiser Negh'var?
Current tactical station available on a Negh'var: 1 officer skills ability able to use are the first 2 slots(only able to use 50% of the skills available )
Current Science station available on a Negh'var: 1 officer skills ability able to use the first 2 slots( only able to use 50% of the skills available )

refit or corrected assignment of Officer stations on the Negh'var:

1st tactical officer station: 1st officer skills abilty able to use: 2 skills
1st science officer station: 1st officer skills ability able to use: 2 skills

2nd Officer for tactical stations: 2nd officer skills ability able to use 3 skills
2nd officer for science stations 2nd officer skills ability able to use 3 skills
This would balance the abilities between the Federation Heavy cruisers and the Negh'var.And it would make the Negh'var equally competitive with the federation Heavy cruisers. Please add a patch to add this to the Klingon Heavy Battlecruiser Negh'var.

Mid Term: Is it possible to have a scale adjustment slider on the fleet logo on the Klingon Battlecruiser's and Carrier's so the fleet logo can be seen without having to zoom in 100% on the pylons of the vessel?( as current its like a dot on the wings of the Battlecruiser's and carrier's )

Long Term:Can we have a PVP QUE that works better than the current system. Pro's and con's of the current pvp system:
Pro's : it balances the matches with equal amount of players on both sides. Stops the killing of both sides at the end of the match.
Cons: When que pops up and you click on engage the que disappears but doesn't load. TIme to click on que is 3 seconds and doesn't give you a chance to click on engage fast enough. Que pops up several times and still results in no match loading. for example I click on que 10 times and only 1 out of the 10 did I get a match to load. Please revamp the PVP Que system so it loads a match more often than not.
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# 1855 Choose your own Era
08-06-2010, 02:45 PM
Hiya everyone. I really only have one long term idea. I'm not sure if any or all of it has yet been discussed so I apologize if it has already.

LONG TERM: Many of us growing up from TOS have read sci-fi books of different types. Remember the "Choose your own adventure" books? Well, my idea is similar but its "Choose your own Era" instead. Here how it would work...

There would be an expanded Star Trek Online game or an entirely new one where you'd be able to choose which era you wanted to play (i.e Enterprise, TOS, TMP, TNG/DS9/Voyager prior to the current timeline) and you could created characters based in that time frame. Also, you would have access to playing not only from the Federation, Klingon or Romulan Empire but as a Kazon, Borg Jem H'dar to widen perspective. Servers could be set up specifically for those timelines. This would not have an impact on the current storyline however there could be story arcs that connects the two or even all of them in some way to keep it interesting. Although i'm not sure how the idea would be implemented, I thought I put it out there just the same. Anyway there you have. Got to go. Thank you for your time. See you...out there!
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08-06-2010, 06:37 PM

Interaction with crew members and more episodes aboard the starship. Also, give the crew a personality, and make them more interactive, along with on-starship storylines. Issues between the bridge crew, friendships, and crewmen disobeying your orders, etc.

I know this is an extremely hard request, but it would make this game oh so much more interesting for me. Kind of like the influence system used in KOTOR2. Learning about other crew members, and initiating friendships and enemies and would be most interesting.
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08-06-2010, 06:46 PM
short term , get those weekly stories out that was promised =p

medium term , can we please get an area we can fight over that has meaningfull consquences to our faction , an open conquest area that dosent need to exclusivley = pvp , npc are under used in all mmorpg atm , your useing the same model of ai that everquest 1 used in 1999 =p

long term please let me be in command of more than 1 ship im an admiral and should have a small squadron with me at all times =p ( i am a fan of starfleet command games ) i find the avater only concept so old school school in mmos , you have the ai abilities in the engine to code allready aka away teams i cant see it being difficult for space , id love to equip and assign officers to my fleet ships and if there damaged id need to repair them at a station introducing a much needed money sink for energy credits
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# 1858 My two penneth
08-07-2010, 12:11 AM
Short Term
Fix the bugs with exploration/aid planet missions/Fleet actions
More Bar space please theres not enough space for all the things i need on there.

Mid Term
More ships Classes to play with and swappable components for complete customisation.

Ground combat is in dire need of fixing mobs that one shot you + any your boffs in seconds because the whole enemy group spawns with rifles aren't fun at levels above normal makes it impossible to complete some missions also the mobs that dual wield pistols shooting you in the face at point blank is just mad.

Long Term
Suggestion for another ship component `Warp Core' each ship has a certain number boxes and each box can contain a Warp Core component to ensure the ship runs efficiently.
for instance you can have different types of core for the main slot and then have warp core shielding in another slot that might give a ship increased resistance to disabling weapons, then perhaps injector assemblies in another, you may choose not to have shielding and instead put in an enhancement to the warp core boosting power output etc the posibilities are there.

Universal Boff station, possibly make it either the Captain or Commander only maybe even Lt Commander
would make ship customisation better for people.
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08-07-2010, 05:03 AM
Short Term:
  1. Remove Global Cooldown from "Transwarp to..."-Skills
  2. Expand Action Bars from 10 to 12 slots, as listed in the key bind section
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08-07-2010, 11:14 AM

- Be able to sit your character down without having to jump onto a seat, spin around and position him or her carefully before hitting the correct emote.
- Spoken dialogue from NPCs.
- Tougher penalties following defeat within a mission.
- Uniforms and ships from the Enterprise era! Also a Beverly Crusher-type coat for your medical officers. Oh, and Guinan's awesome hat!
- Collision damage (it would make a dogfight in an asteroid field that little bit more interesting.)


- Better utilisation of the tricorder.
- Depreciation of weapons and ship systems, including long-term visible hull damage which remains until fixed at a shipyard.
- Extra character design options, such as the ability to give a character only one eye, a prosthetic arm, a limp or a beer belly, etc.
- New species selection for bridge officers.
- More use of ship systems when not in combat, such as the tractor beam (to tow a friend or inanimate object,) or the holodeck.


- Be able to position your bridge officers at set positions in bridge view, and give them set duties such as Chief Engineer, Helmsman and Doctor.
- Allow your most cherished bridge officers to advance to playable characters and take them on their own adventures.
- Make NPCs playable for certain away missions (does the Captain have to go on every single mission?!?)
- Allow for the use of deployable shuttlecraft/captain's yachts in away missions, such as where a shuttle would be more suited for a science survey in a nebula as opposed to a hulking great big Galaxy-class vessel.
- Have an in-game Federation news channel so you can view the latest from the frontlines according to your progress.
- Have the ability to attempt a peaceful resolution to a conflict, by perhaps hailing the enemy first as Picard would. Success would depend on your reputation and diplomatic ability.
- Another playable faction. The Romulans, Cardassians or even the Ferengi spring to mind.
- Major character arcs, such as becoming a Bajoran Emissary or similar, getting sent back in time or having your ship cast into the Delta Quadrant. Presenting the player with a potentially long amount of game time to solve the riddle or situation would make for a very rewarding experience.
- Space combat at bridge level.
- Unique main character missions stretching out over several hours game time, perhaps in the vein of Picard stranded on a planet with the Tamarian commander.


- Players naming their ships stupid names - already I have come across the USS Milf, USS I KIll Kids, USS s-T-y-L-z and endless intentional mis-spellings of the name "Enterprise."
- Plasma grenades, Sublieutenant Medics and Targ Handlers - all of which absolutely infuriate me.

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