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08-22-2010, 06:09 AM

my two cents:

Priorities are marked by bold yellow

Short term
  • New C-Store items: Sovereign bridge refit (same fashion as done with Galaxy)
  • Improvement of Starfleet B-01 uniform to resemble Star Trek:Countdown properly (have a look, there are some tweaks - e.g. white lines around collars, shiny (looks more like plastic) colored shoulders instead of leather
  • New C-Store ships: Perpetual's Excalibur (with touch of cpn. Logan) as alternative to T5 refit expl.cruiser

Mid term
  • Fluidic space DSE (Undine)
  • Orelius sector DSE (Breen)
  • iPhone app for inventory / exhchange checking

Long term
  • War - open competition for control of sectors in neutral zone (Fed/Kling) both Space and Ground (space superiority first, than ground assaults).
  • War 2 - In neutral zone locations players can be attacked by other players while travelling through sector space
  • Continual Federation content updates, more storyline missions involving standard AQ races (no Borg or Undine), ignition of the Undine war (here obviously involving Undine)
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# 1902 Short/ Med / Long -Term..
08-22-2010, 09:21 AM
Short / Med / and Long term..
The new sector space looks a-lot better...You guys did a very good job with it.. But ! !!
Could you guys please get ride of the bottom grid lines,trader routes,tether from the planets?
We don't need all that stuff in sector space....
THEY LOOK LIKE FLOOR PLANS ! LIKE WE'RE FLYING OVER DRAFTING PAPER! You can't fly that low to get lost anyway , so why are they there??? I am sure a lot of people would agree
sector space needs to look more like space.. empty! ( like eve online) Doing away with the grid lines on the bottom would make it appear more like open space and get rid of the trader routes, and the line coming from the systems that looks like a tether for a balloon .... It would help out with our screen-shots The rest is O.K
If you need to have all that in there, then at least give the player and on and off switch like the Shield rings, I must add that was a 100% !!!!! improvement BTW .

Well thats my 0.02 cents..
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08-22-2010, 07:02 PM
Short time:
1More NEW (not repetative!) Quests for the Klingons
2. Long Coats for Klingon Player Chars

Mid Term:
1. A kind of Ship designer of the Ships Interior. More personalisation. So the Player can chose how large the Ships inside is, if it has the clean look of a Science Ships or a dark look of a batteship,...
2. That Failure in Missions, like diplomatic Miissions should have consequences. This is a game, no one needs to be protected, You could create a kind of mission tree for succsss and failing. If you ever played Wing Commander or one of the Elder Scrolls RPGs, you know of what I am talking about.
It's just silly, that you can fail a Mission and than you can try it again, the only consequnce is to chose NOT to try it again, but thta's for babies, sorry!

Long Tern: Go in detail on with the "World gives Feedback to Players actions" (like that one with the consequnces) and there should be certain PvP battlefields that have an effect on the territory. That a fraction can lose Planets or even whole Sectors and as long a a faction own such a territory, it should givea bonus to all chars from the faction.Like faster Exp earning or that Ship Equipment becomes cheaper.

As much as a game reacts to the playerrs actions, a more and much fun it makes!!!
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# 1904 Completely agree AdmBora
08-23-2010, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by AdmBora View Post
Short time:
2. Long Coats for Klingon Player Chars
I'm with you on the rest of your post, but I've seen players in the long cloaks, they must be made available once you're a General or as part of some sort of reward (100/200/300 day)
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08-23-2010, 06:06 PM
I haven't searched the forum, so this may already have bben mentioned, but:
I find myself starting new characters over and over just because I want to play with a particular ship. In my case, the TOS constitution. Once I reach a certain point it's not really practical to continue with my favorite ship. Now, having introduced the concept of Retrofit ships, I'd really like to see some option to choose older ships as retrofits, brought up to the point where we can use them even at the endgame levels. I know I'll play longer if I can still play my favorite ship at higher levels. Any way to make a Connie or other ships into something like a tier 5 ship?
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I would lilke to see the star trek emblems back on the armor you can wear in ground combat.

missions on risa would be cool. a takeover or a hostage situation or a secret has been found or something crazy.

I was thinking could it be possible to give 2 or 3 choices to handle a situation. If there is going be dialogue before an encounter with a Klingon ship maybe weas captains can choose what to say back and somehow that impact how the encounter will go. Did I just save my tail by being diplomatic or did I just doom my ship because I cursed him in klingon.
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08-24-2010, 05:28 AM
SHORT: All work that may have been started to create the Enterprise-J is put to a halt.

MID: All halted work on the Enterprise-J model is destroyed and hard drive are wiped.

LONG: The DEVs all agree to never speak of the Enterprise-J again.
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# 1908 Just thinking about it
08-24-2010, 07:16 AM
Short Term -
I was running around the Great Hall on Qo'noS and I just thought how cool it would be if I ran into a Klingon, that every once in a while he or she would get upset and attack me. That would be a nice little diversion, not a high rate, but say one in a hundred. More if you go to the bar, buy a few drinks and get a little belligerent the rate would increase. At least in the bar. I would be kind of cool to see a knock down bar brawl when you go to the hall sometime. Have the Gorn pick up a chair rather than the block of stone and throw it. I think that would be a nice little ambiance thing. Just a thought.
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(a) (Korax) = Create a Klingon Social Search, Creating a Ground Base Empire Defense (grinding) and Up-Grading Klingon Targ to a Combat Targ,

(b) (Ironmike) = Klingon Uniform: Adding a Generals trench coat for the male/female, getting Chancellor Gorkon Red uniform from the movie star trek #6 Undiscovered country and increase the Emblem Awards from three to five.

(c) (Whor) = Up-Grading Klingon Targ to a Combat Targ, adding hand to hand weapons and Creating a Dynamic PVP map control area for either side.

(d) (Tide) = Create a open space zone, Create a ground/Space PVP minimum of 5 personnel (pre-made teaming) and (ssue) - Mark 11 Weapons are not good the Mark 10's are better when playing PVP.

(e) (T-Wolf) = There is not enough side mission for the Klingons - Lets create a Space/Ground mission Base, Create a open Fleet War Zone "Klingons vs Federation via Factions and Create more uniforms for the other races (NAUSICAAN, GORN, LETHEAN etc..) .

(f) (Krev) = Bring back the Marks of Honor Mission for t "LT. General " to receive the Marks of Honor points so we can go to Ganalda System to purchase Mark of honor item's.
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re: short/mid/long term ideas
by Korax ZHantI' Solizarn on 23 Aug 2010 12:35 pm
short term= fed filter social search. A way Klingons can do a social search of all Klink faction members & filter out feds.

mid term= Wartarg. Upgrade your targ pup to a Wartarg to be used in battle. this could be a C-store purchus & would replace your curent targ pup as if your trained it to fight.

Long term= Ground Empire Defence. A Ground equivient of the current Space Empire Deffence missions to give lvl grinding a lil more varity & make it interesting, Possiblie Defend the Collany or Space Station from Feds/Cardies/ Roms. or maybe put down riot at Rura Pentha

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