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08-24-2010, 12:42 PM
Short Term:

Fix the bugs.
Fix the bugs.
Stabilize the game so it is playable again.
Fix the bugs.


Make the Klingons complete.
Initiate a special promotion or initiative that will coax back the Klingon community to STO.

Long Term:

TOS Bridge
TOS Interiors
Complete Revamp and Expansion of Crafting
Way more Mission Variety and Creativity.
Tholians (As an NPC advesary - Not playable)
Era specific ESD Instances (TOS, TWOK, TNG/DS9/VOY, 25th Century) - With appropriate interiors, NPCs, etc.
Era Specific skins for weapons, tricorders, etc.
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# 1912 My hopes
08-25-2010, 03:26 PM
Long: More content end and mid game both fed and K.
Mid: Emprove crafting so it is not so limited in what we can make, add a crafting system to the K side.
Short: a Dream I am sure but I would realy love to have a 3rd weapon slot for my Capt. So I can use Expose, Exploit or close combat.
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08-25-2010, 04:21 PM
I haven't got much to improve STO.

Short Term:

Money transfers between characters on same account and same faction.


Balance Ships and weapons, where Plasma Torpedoes are way overpowered, i think they need to remove the slowdown effect of it, but leave the dot effect, which also effects Warp Plasma Ejection.

Also, the Romulan Mokai(sp?) is way overpowered when it comes to speed and turn rate, it does the damage of an escort, also has the speed and turn rate of a very fragile escort, but has the durability of a Battleship.

It also seems like it has a shorter cooldown of Evasive Manauvers then players do, cause it uses it every 20-30 seconds and when it doesn't use it, it moves like it is, but when it does use it, it looks like it is travelling at full impulse and turns MUCH faster.


Vastly more Klingon PvE Content, i would have gone with Klingons if they were like the Federation when it comes to content focus.
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# 1914 Having a great time!
08-26-2010, 08:42 AM
I am fairly new to STO. I have only been playing a few weeks, but I am having a blast! I love this game. And its exciting to know that this game is only in its childhood. I can see SO MUCH potential to grow and only get better.

That being said, I would like to post up my suggestions. I will try to keep them as general as I can, to leave more for your own personal expectations.

Starting off. I LOVE my bridge. I love the sounds. I love being surrounded by the crew members I picked, trained, and personalized. I love walking around my ship as well. All I ask is for more opportunities to visit, or even stay for extended times on my ship.

Missions on my ship that could be done solo or with a team would be a great way to show off the interior to friends. Combat or even non-combat missions. Combat would be things like fighting off an invading force or searching the ship for clues to find a saboteur and then confront them. Non-combat ship missions could be Diplomatic missions where you have to deal with Ambassadors or Delegates that your transporting, or perhaps your crew needs you to go to the Science labs and sickbay to cure a sickness the crew has. Or even run around your ship after a battle and help repair it, put out fires, and help injured crew.

I would like the option of traveling sector space on my bridge, watching the stars streak by on my viewscreen. I underlined option because I would like to see sector space from the outside of my ship as well, depending on my mood. Again, star streaks at warp would be great.

More about ship interiors. Engineering. I'm an engineer, I love engineering. I only ask that in the future we can not only personalize the Bridge, but Engineering as well. I would like to hear the pulsing sound of the Warp core from TNG. Or see the engine room style of a smaller ship like the Defiant class ships.

That stuff would do nothing but enhance my gameplay. This game could be the first MMO in history (to my knowledge) that not only brings on customization player housing, but also involve that into the mission aspect of the game.

Thats all I will post up for now. I hope my suggestions at least got the creative juices flowing for even more great ideas.

Trek Fan for life
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# 1915
08-26-2010, 09:29 AM
I haven't been posting around on these forums for a while because of having to deal with some personal demons as well as real life. To say the least I haven't even played STO for 3-4 months.

For me to come back and play STO, I'd like to see some (if not all) of the following (at least on the short term list):

Short Term:
- Fix the Tellarite height bug in the character creator which has been around since their arrival in the game. (They are definitely not in the six foot range).
- Reorganize the skills window so that it makes sense logically. It currently looks disorganized (to me at least).
- Give Risa its second sun!
- SQUASH any remaining bugs.

Medium Term:
- Cardassians and Xindi (Primates, Arboreals, Reptillians and Insectoids) playable for the Federation.
- Kriosians and Arin'Sen playable for the Klingons.

- Redo some of the patrol missions in Romulan space. Some systems which could use an overhaul to be more interesting include:

Elvren, Icari, Sienae, Ra'kholh, T'liss, Tephrei, Daise, Hfihar, Khellian, Aido, Muso, Althn'ndor, T'iokol, Khaiell, Dera, Cero, Fitzan, Aihai, K'shan, Lonco, Lirss, Vhoran.

(Romulan Neutral Zone should also be wider.)

- More Klingon content. (and as I understand it fix the PVP queues). Make use of Gorn space!
- Emphasis on Vulcan, Andoria, Earth and Tellar Prime as social areas with ground quest hubs (preferrably with a ground combat revamp as many people don't like it.)

- Fix the awful blue LCARS designs on most ships and make them closer to what has already been done in Trek.

Long Term:
- Fix the ship tier system so that it makes more sense... I'm not really understanding how some ships that were worse in abilities than the Sovereign and normal tier 5 ships are now better.
- Fix the rank / levelling system. I'd really like Cryptic to tell us what they are going to give us for a rank when our characters reach like level 90 or something. Super Admiral? Let us unlock our ranks at certain levels BUT rank us by number like all other MMOs. It would make more sense (at least to me).
- Make space and sectors bigger.
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# 1916 Also
08-26-2010, 01:58 PM
Short Term-
Not really a fix for the game rather than for the forum. When making change, let there be some sort of voting that takes place. I, for one, happen to like some of the things that so many complain about. I like the graph paper grid of sector space. I probably believe as you that no one can be good at everything so there is a skill cap. I like that. I think that you might be surprised with the results. Some probably are a forgone conclusion.

And one sentiment I've probably beat to death. Don't move on to another faction until the current ones are equal. Not perfect, just equal. I'd like to see what goes for Klingon Formal Wear.
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# 1917
08-28-2010, 08:55 AM
Short term
-More exploration missions more variety
-More diplomatic missions & first contact missions
-More uniform options and more off duty outfit options

Mid Term
-UGC Sysem (that is easy to use for non coders like me)
-Another time travel mission or 2
-First Officer System -- Posibly an option to lead away misisons with your first officer

Long Term
-Travel between systems done form ship interior
-Playabe Romulan/Reman/Hirogen Faction
-Major worlds explorable -- earth vulcan andoria bajor
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# 1918 Color
08-28-2010, 12:46 PM
I know that colorful Klingons might be anathema to some, but I for one would like at least purple. I'm sure that there are a few Orions who might like pink. Just because someone might have a melt down at a Klingon in pink, I still feel that we should have the same options. After all the full option of colors is available to the Federation and I don't see it that much. Options are always good. Let someone run around in pastel if they want. It's their world. The full option like the Federation would be nice, but at least a few more options would be appreciated.
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# 1919
08-28-2010, 04:18 PM
Short Term:
-Bug fixes
-Less UI in sector space

Mid Term:
-Warp "feel" in sector space
-More of the words, "warp out" or "Depart system" in your bridge officers words other than return to sector space all the time to give star trek online feel more realistic and star trekky.
-Hailing ships

-Long Term:
-Traveling in the captains chair during warp
-Stars going by you in the mess hall while in warp
-It would also be cool if you could have a mission when you had to fight your mirror self! AWESOME. Like traveling through your own mirror ship and finding your mirror self on the bridge that'd be so cool.
-I dont know if some of you like this idea or love it but it would be so awesome, if you could get REAL people as bridge offcers like ensigns and lieutenants. That'd probaly be the hardest thing to do so dont get all caught up in it just a suggestion or something like that. Then when you became a captain then you'd get your own crew of real people and your own ship too to make it more authentic.
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# 1920 hi
08-29-2010, 06:11 AM

I have many ideas to improve sector space and make it more tactical and interesting

1. make all stuff a tliitle smaller and decrease the traveling speed (ships ,stations, systems)
and add more stellar object ,so the player have the feeling of a wide open universe
2. add a sensor range to it (so that only objecs in range can be seen )
3. add a drop out of warp option ,so that the player/or a fleet creates there own instance (like the enemy encounters) which you can only see if you in scan range , cloaket fleets are signed as unknown readings
4. add a intercept mode (nice for pvp in sec space )
5. add more nebulars and give them the ability to hide your ships from sensors

would be nice to see that some day ingame

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