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08-31-2010, 04:13 AM
Ive not been playing the game long so im sorry if any of these sugestions have already been added.

Short term

Fix glitch where enemy ships get stuck in enviroments.

Medium term

Add missions that take place inside your ship (e.g. there is a unidine spy on your ship and you have to go around your ship and interigate your crew).

alow option to customise your armor

Add ability to create custom decals and place them on your character and ship

Long term

Add a famous and infamous leaderboards (this alows players to play bounty hunter and seek out high ranking targets to gain large bounties and an increase in your rank, this will alow players to become the greatest captain in thegalaxy and will also increase pvp fights.

Add planets which sole purpose is for player interaction (preferably famous planets like earth or vulcan also planets with very interesting level design like the planet in the episode "cold call"

Abilities to customise all of the inside of your ship, not just the bridge also the uniforms of the npcs walking around the ship.

Add a crew moral meter that determins the eficiency of your crew, it will also effect the atitude of your crew when you explore the ship (High morale shows everyone working hard and saluting you when enter a room)

well those are just some ideas hope there considered for the main game
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08-31-2010, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by Varlo
Paragraph breaks, please?
I was just getting in from running and I'm usually full of energy, so sorry. Next time it will be one long run on sentence.
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# 1933 exchange and bank slots
08-31-2010, 09:20 PM
I'd like to sugest a way for players to have more available slots in selling items, The limit of 20 is too low, I think. Perhaps a way to purchae or earn more slots? I'd even consider purchasing slots ingame or through the CP store.

Same for the bank. Its too easy to fill up your bank when you reach the advanced levels, such as ADM or VA1. By the time you stock weapons to swap out for specific missions, consoles, etc, it gets full quick..

finally, apply the same to the inship inventory. Earnign or buying more slots (more than you get with rank advancements) woudl be a great help, and may prevent people using the exchange and mail for secondary storage.
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09-01-2010, 12:10 AM
Originally Posted by JJH29229
I'd like to sugest a way for players to have more available slots in selling items, The limit of 20 is too low, I think. Perhaps a way to purchae or earn more slots? I'd even consider purchasing slots ingame or through the CP store.

Same for the bank. Its too easy to fill up your bank when you reach the advanced levels, such as ADM or VA1. By the time you stock weapons to swap out for specific missions, consoles, etc, it gets full quick..

finally, apply the same to the inship inventory. Earnign or buying more slots (more than you get with rank advancements) woudl be a great help, and may prevent people using the exchange and mail for secondary storage.
I second that! Upgrades for you character and ship will be great!

Something that will help is if they make that all items can group which will in turn resolve some of the storage problems. I would very much like it if they make a different storage panel/interface for all the anomalies (stuff you use for crafting...), almost the same way your assets (energy credits, etc.) are stored so that it does not use any of your inventory space.

I mentioned in a previous post that it would be great if they make the recent "special" abilities (cloak, armor, etc.) of the new ships available as upgrades you can install on any of your ships you want... So that you can keep the ship you like most and still enjoy the new features!

You should also be able to upgrade your ship from tier X to tier Y with the options of upgrading your weapon slots, total consoles (engineering, tactical, science...), device slots, etc... be able to add extra weapons like the "all good things" galaxy class (the canon weapon at the front). Be able to upgrade you interior of your ship, install stuff like access to the exchange, registered merchants, buy new blue prints for you replicator so you can replicate different objects... maybe sacrifice a few of the same items so you can learn its blue print and replicate at a price.

Well, I like the whole upgrade idea, because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the "special" abilities.
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09-01-2010, 02:12 AM
Short term

1) Develop new bridge officer abilities for added tactical variety and balance existing ones for consistency, play balance, and good sense. Grade 1 abilities should be of less value than grade 3 abilities. No ability should feel useless nor of such overwhelming value that you want to spam multiple uses rather than diversifying your skill set.

2) Integrate current ground skills into the space skill trees so that the abilities actually see use. Many skip the ground traits or only take the kit enhancing powers as is…

3) Change some consoles to universal consoles on existing ship designs in order to make hybrid builds (like tac officers in cruisers etc…) more efficient and thus more PVP welcome.

4) Add mini games granting extra merits or skill point to ground based exploration missions that require scanning of various objects so it still feels like an action game.

5) Make ship interiors match selected bridge layout for consistency. Carpet colors, console panels, that sort of thing.
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09-01-2010, 08:33 AM
My wants and needs are all related to the new ship interiors, which I think are great but need tweaking

Short term - More realistic interiors for ships.

Escort ships are supposed to be small battleships, so I can’t understand why the captain’s quarters are big enough to fit all 50 crewmen in it. As anyone who has seen DS99 knows the defiant was much more cramped, in fact realistically the captains quarters on an escort should be about half the size of the current bedroom area of the quarters.

Same thing for lounge, a small mess hall please. If I have an escort, I want it to feel like a small battleship.

Mid term - Crew Uniforms

I want the crew to wear my uniforms. The bridge crew look out of place wearing a completely different uniform from everyone else. Three uniform slots for your command, engineering, and science crewman, all of which will wear that uniform.

Long Term - Bridge officers to be renamed Senior Staff and be able to be assigned to positions within the ship.

I know that first officer assignment is in the pipelines, however with the new interiors I would like to be able to assign my crew to different posts. So for example the crewman I make my Chief Engineer is in engineering when I walk in, my doctor is in the sickbay and my helmsman is sat at the helm. I don’t care if this gives a bonus or not, I just want my ship to be more realistic.

Thanks very much
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09-01-2010, 09:27 AM
well it's been a while since I posted in this thread and having recently rejoined the game, Ive found my desires have cahnged as some additions have appeared in the game etc. I personally feel STO is moving in the right direction now and is now at a point where I'd be happy if it was released in it's current state TODAY. It's still got plenty of room to grow but it IS growing and whats there already is pretty fun now I feel

Short Term-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Keep doing what you're doing cryptic. More feature episodes, more daily missions, more refit ships so we can use our favourite hulls later on if we choose.

Working chairs and voice clips or bridge officers. Surely it cant be that hard to just script sitting in a chair, the npcs do it after all!

Better balancing out of the difficulty settings. I love playing on Advanced, gives the game a much siffer challenge and feels more rewarding, epsecially on the ground, but sometimes seemingly at random it seems to go a bit OTT and makes missions INSANELY difficult to the point of being impossible. Please fix this minor niggle in an otherwise hugely improved system! Im not sure if you already get this too, but increased xp rewards on harder settings would be nice too, on harder difficulties missions flat out take longer as you cant just breeze through, I shouldn't be hamstringing my rate of advancement just because I like a tougher fight now and then . Also have it so the difficulty of any particular area is always locked to the lowerst level in a group, stops you grouping with folks and accidentally making the mission harder when other folks dont want to do so....

More Q episodes. I just played the first one last night and it was AWESOME. MORE!!!!!!! Oh and hire John DeLancie to do voice overs for them. Pleeeeease?!

More Fleet actions and PVP maps. The game still suffers a little from being a bit lacking on the MM part of MMORPG though its much improved I'll grant

Mid Term---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

World events. Thinking back to the Borg invasion at the end of the beta, do more stuff like that, not all the time obviously and not on that level of 'your all screwed', but it would add those moments to the game that you can chat to folks 'do you remember when...'

Make ship interiors more than just cosmetic:

Sick Bay and Engineering with healing/ship repair vendors so you can visit them when injured on advanced and elite difficulty. Make it signigantly more expensive than doing so at starbases though so folks still need to go back to base from time to time. I do mean signifigantly though, not the small difference in cost between vendors back at base and replicators, cos frankly thats not enough incentive for me to not just recylcle stuff on the replicators!

Replicators. Speaking of them, make the price difference more signifigant. Also I'd be in favour of making replicators require you to go into the inside of your ship and, you know, GO to a replicator rather than just having a button? Or at least make it so you CAN do so. Basically

Minigames. Theres a whole plethora of star trek games and sports we see in the shows, Katiskat (or however its spelled), Kalto, 2 versions of 3D chess, Strategema, Dom Jot, Velocity, Tongo, Parisee Squares, and of course, Poker. Put them in. ALL OF THEM. Put minigames on Risa too. Risa should have a point besides just looking pretty..

Holodeck adventures. Allow us to replay classic missions from the tv shows, Wolf 359, Sacrifice of Angels, The siege of AR-958, Balance of Terror, Kirks punch up with the Gorn, Kirks fight with Khan in the Mutara nebula. Classic holonovels would be cool too. Sherlock Holmes, Dixon Hill, Captain Proton, Bashirs 'non trademarked spy movie programme', The Alamo, Obriens Kayacking (please though, NOT the bloody Irish villiage from Voyager...), the 'special' program with Seven, Leeta, T'Pol, Dax and Kira... wait no, that was never in an episode, just in my head (seriously though, I'm putting these as mid term as they shouldnt be any harder to implement than any other episodes when you get right down to it!

The solar system. In particular, key places like Utopia Planetia, Jupiter station, and most importantly, ground locations on Earth, ESPECIALLY Starfleet Academy grounds and Starfleet HQ.

Long Term----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Less instancing in sector space. I dont actually mind the look of sector space personally but I'd prefer there be less instancing until you get into sytem locations. Would help give a more 'living' feel to the world. Also while your at it make the trade ships etc more useful, I'm not seing many reasons to use them over bases and replicators myself! Make the Ferengi ships sell stuff for Latinum rather than energy credits (I may be missing something but thusfar I cant see any use for Latinum other than to play Dabo?)

Ties into above but as many MANY folks have said, allow us to navigate sector space from our ship interior.

Spacial annomoly's and other scientific mini missions in sector space cropping up. There should be more hazards out there than just wandering enemy ships. I want to drop out of warp suddenly because weve wandered into an unstable dark matter nebula or a tachyon inversion annomoly or been attacked by a horny space slug or whatever! If it's happened to the Enterprise or Voyager etc EVER I want something simliar to have a chance of happening to my ship

Playable Romulan and Cardassian faction, Whatever you do DONT make playable Borg Faction.

Beta Quadrant (more of it) and Gamma Quadrant locations. Especailly the latter as I want to be able to go through the wormhole. Eventually Delta Quadrant locations too, taking the fight to the Borg in their home turf, also the Hirogen. And yes I suppose the Kazon etc too. And the Talaxians. So I can kill them all.... Beta Quadrant should be put in with the Romulans certainly!

Redone tutorial and intoductory zone at Starfleet Academy or the Klingon training facilties. Don't get me wrong the intro as it is, is quite cool and you could even still have that as your first posting, but seriously Starfleet Academy, it's such an obvious way to present a tutorial that feels like it belongs in the game that not making use of it is borderline criminal!

More content for different areas at all levels. Borg and Dominion it kind of makes sense to keep till later levels but put in more captain and admiral level content vs the Klingons and Romulans.

Open PVP zones. Have some areas like the neutral zone where you can directly challenge enemy players you see flying around in sector space by flying up to them. At the risk of the communities wrath: work it like WoWs PVP flagging system so you can set yourself as a viable target if you want but dont HAVE to put up with getting constantly jumped!

whew... that's all that comes to mind for now!
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Oh three more things I forgot for 'short/mid term'

As others have mentioned:

Option to set your random npc crewmen on ship interior to a certain uniform.

Option to have your officers in locations besides the bridge (the specifics of this should be pretty obvious)

Injured crew should be in sickbay, not on the bridge etc Also if your medical officer is hurt you should get the EMH in sickbay (the old one, not zarchary quinto. Nothing against the man personally, he's just not the EMH we know and love. Hell I'd even settle for Andy **** a la 'Message in a Bottle' )

last but not least.....

Prometheus refit with working Multi Vector Assault Mode. Weve got sperating saucers on the galaxy refit, this shouldnt be any hader to to do! And before folks winge about imbalance in PVP, Klingons get smegging CARRIERS, so letting us split into 3 weaker but more nimble little ships shouldnt be that hard to balance! I dont care if it doesnt even give me any kind of tactical edge or even if it actually WEAKENS me. It juast needs to LOOK cool
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(a) (Tide) = Idea: Add a weapon slot modifier for a turret tracking a target. For Klingon's
(b)(Sa'Chang)= idea resubmitted: Bring the gap between ship selection between the Federation and Klingons to an equal number of variant ships to select from. Klingons still stuck at 14 ships with only a few customizable from the listed ships in all 5 tiers.
(c)Sa'Chang = Idea resubmitted: Let players cross over the borders and allow open sector pvp. For example your a target if challenged in the open sector pvp area. Also make the base of the sector look like real space like the Defari system with the black grid below to all sector space to give the feel of being in actual space.
(d)(Derath) = idea: Expand the maps for PVP. Please add different maps for pvp. Would be nice to have a variety of maps for example battle near a black hole, worm hole, astroid field, open space, Near a complete planet with a few moons orbiting the planet. Something besides the old Capture and hold, briar patch, cracked planetoid, and solar winds.
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i dont really have many long short or mid term requests, however i seem to notice that there are more cruiser type ships coming out in the game than anything, i think it would be nice for the long term if cryptic could put more escorts and science ships in the game. other than that i think cryptic has done a fantastic job with the game, i really enjoy playing STO and look forward to the adventures to come in STO Thank You Cryptic!

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