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# 1941 My 2 cents
09-01-2010, 08:11 PM
Short term:
~~~Release ships besides Cruisers. 2/3 of the ships developed post-release have been cruisers. This seems a blatantly poor decision.
~~~Open PvP areas
~~~Remove cooldown on Klingon PvP missions and/or add PvE missions
~~~Limited ability to modify category of ship consoles (tac/eng/sci)
~~~Ability to modify select number (1-2) of BO slots (tac/eng/sci)
Mid term:
~~~Throw out the limited crafting system and institute an "enchanting system."
~~~Make Space Combat (not Ground Combat) more challenging
~~~Make Ground Combat less graphics intensive. (Must keep settings lower to accommodate ground combat)
~~~Dueling system (a.k.a. Military Training Exercises)
~~~Rework the appearance of damage on a ship's hull. Something like Star Trek: Legacy would be awesome.
Long term:
~~~New factions
~~~New Quadrants
~~~Option on "how" to complete a mission.
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# 1942
09-02-2010, 11:15 AM

1. Cold call mission was fun, add more of those in weekly incraments if there is time to

2. Put in a fleet tag system, like "(myname) -[fleet tag]-"

3. stop doing retrofit ships, and start making more tiers with new kinds of ships/designs

4. Make new MK X* gear usefull and less expensive, i dont want to spend many hours grinding dailies to get only +1% over my older gear

5. Tired of seeing more costume packs or other crap that does not realy make the game more playable, would rather see that time spent on missions or more types of ships etc.

6. Get rid of the ridiculous amount of currencies that this game has, make 3 (energey credits for buying gear and ships etc, latinum for special items, and experience points you can put to your bridge officers) all the others get rid of em.

7. Do not post super powerfull ships in C-Store and where you can only get it in C-Store, thats just a cash grab cryptic and we all know it


1. Make all tier ships playable at any level, eg. a Tier 1 ship does not do the same damage as Tier 5 but can out run/maneuver a Tier 5 making it very hard to hit etc. Like in EVE online all ships are usefull at all levels, a pack of well outfitted frigs can take out a single battle ship etc. Give bonuses to speed and agility to lower tier ships, and better damage and resistance to higher tier etc. or make it so you can only use mk3 gear for like a Tier 2 ship etc.

2. More types of ships like logistics which would be a primary buff/debuff boat and give special bonuses for those skills, or a covert ops ship which is self explanitory.

3. Being able to target more than 1 ship!!!!!!! if i am a cruiser i want to heal my buddy without having to untarget my current ship and target my buddy, i want to be able to do that at the same time.

4. Romulan and cardassian factions


1. OPEN PVP!!!!! a massive sector map with capturable worlds for territory control which then gives you monetary bonuses or other types, the ability to build your own space and ground stations for your fleet (have to collect a certain amount of say stembolts and sensor arrays to be able to build the station +energy credits), be able to mine asteroids for money or minerals so you can build your own equipment, have other types of stations like fleet ship yards so you can build your own ships or defensive batteries etc. Have Diplomacy so you can ally with other fleets to pool resources, the possibilites are endless. The way to get into the PVP area would be through a transwarp gate that is located at each factions home planet, which would then put them into the pvp area, a small "safe area" where you enter from the gate would have very minimal resources but would be free from being attacked. The gates could all be pointed to the delta quadrant to add some sort of story line. Ship death is permanent in open PVP so if you die you lose your ship and its items, though BO would stay with you. You would respawn at your last set spawn location which could be a space station or on a planet only in safe zones so you would not lose that spawn point.

2. leader boards for top players or fleets like, kill, damage, healing, deaths, etc

3. Bounty board for placing bounty on a players head for energy credits

4. Global game events like the borg attack sector 001 and fed players have to defend it for X amount of days or get an X amount of kills or they destroy certain things or places.

5. Cryptic sanctioned arena events where fleets fight in 5 man teams on a ladder boards for realy good items and or energy credits and mabey get some kind of cool trophy or fleet trophy
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# 1943 three things
09-02-2010, 01:28 PM
i would say short term
-(const, class refit t 5 )-------
---upgradeable consoles ---
special projects in your ships engeneering room to upgrade your ships,,,,,,!!!!!! kinda like tweeks to improve your ship,,,more power,new ability exedra,,,


-a (refit constitution) class ship in game ,,i cant beleive it wasnt an option excelsior would of lost
--upgradable bridge consols for old ships
---a repair syst that works,,i never need repair,,it ahould permenantly burn your hull intill you go and fix it or die cosmeticly

long term

-being anble to axcess mail and bank from your ready room,and lounge
--upgrades for ships---
---more systems ,be able to go into klingon space at own risk and be able to shoot them stupid things.
shimple rule,a fed cant fight unless engadged 1st so low level peeps need not worry
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# 1944
09-02-2010, 02:53 PM
Short Term

-More types of weapons, eg: more melee weapons, like knives and staffs.

Mid Term

-Fed carrier: possible one hangar starship and would launch type 9 shuttles and danube runabouts(?) and another possible small ship. <-- possibly like this?
-Mining? For minerals like raw latinum, maybe decalithium? Would possibly require a mining beam or advanced transporters.
-More retrofits
-Lots of new Klingon PvE

Long Term

-New factions like the Romulans or Cardassians, Romulans would feature the Romulans and Hirogen, while the True Way would have Jem'Hadar and Carsassians, maybe Vorta.
-All quadrants
-More ranks like Admiral and Fleet Admiral
-Tier 6 and 7 ships for Admiral and Fleet Admiral ranks, respectively.

I still would want the carriers the most for the Feds.
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# 1945
09-02-2010, 03:24 PM

- NPCs should act differently (attack on sight, warp/beam away when attacked, surrender ...) to create surprise moments and more alive NPCs

- Crafting should be possible in the ship interiour (science lab) and ship interior should be improved in graphic (npc and corridors)

- When crouching enemies should see/attack you later. They should attack earlier when you are running.


- Add more NPC ambient behaviour instead of enemies just hanging around (Scanning asteroids, anomalies, getting repaired...)

- Add more mini games and improve depth of them

- Add missions with timers you have to beat or some manouvering you have to do. (E.g. analyse a star before a super nova and get as much data as possible without getting destroyed in which case the data will be lost)


- New sector space with realistic sizes of objects and a real warp speed feeling plus an additional astrometric map to set the course (The "Mass effect" galaxy map is good example)

- Faction system to increase your personal standing with different species who will then trade with you or give you special equipment

- Ground combat overhaul with visible shot misses, taking cover near objects/corners. Remove some hindering effects, more ground weapon attack modes, remove the procs (use constant values instead), add more situational bonusses instead of only expose and exploit.
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# 1946
09-02-2010, 08:45 PM
I'm sure this was mentioned but I would like to see three little things, one would be when we visit our bridge we would load in sitting in the captain's chair. Two when we invite people to our ship they would beam in and load in the transporter room( they would have to go to the transporter room to leave our ship.) Third when were sitting in the cap's chair and want to return to tactical view, I don't wanna see our character stand up and beam out, just load us back to tact view from just sitting in the chair.
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# 1947
09-03-2010, 01:28 PM
Short Term
- More Klingon PvE content.
- The ability to adjust the Rank of the Wrath of Khan uniform. (And set the buckle with a metallic color.)
- The ability to customize the default uniform of ship crewmen. (Possibly even override colors for Operations/Engineering/Security/Medical/Science/Command/Tactical so our security no longer beam down in red shirts.)
- The ability to see our comm badge and rank insignia while wearing armor.
Mid Term
- More ship interior customization. (Alternate corridor configurations, more rooms to enter and exit, more areas that are influenced by past actions or ship configurations, alternate versions of some rooms (10 forward lounges/Voyager's Mess Hall, ect. or TNG, Defiant's and VOY engine rooms instead of just the Sovereign engine room) alternate corridor designs, ect.)
- The ability to customize armor/kit/and weapon appearances for the captain and bridge officers (with the possibility of letting bridge officers display kits based on their ground skills).
Long Term
- First Officers (possibly something like this.)
- More Factions (Romulan, Cardassian, Breen, ect)
- Klingon PvE content as extensive as the Federation's.
- Branching PvE content (so choices we make on missions actually has weight (might not be possible.))
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# 1948 pvp and player
09-04-2010, 05:01 AM
1st when a player that player should participate in the pvp not sit on side lines there should be a penalty for not participating bacause when they do this is becomes a one sided fight. i could be anything like being booted from pvp or not getting awarded the point for being in the pvp.

2nd will we able through diplomacy with feds or through taking system with klingons ad to the territory to each faction

3rd with the crafting system it would be nice to be able to ad say a components to a to items we have already to enhance them not replace them to make hybrid type or increase what we have already
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# 1949
09-04-2010, 07:42 AM
Fix the Klingons! Before they all quit.
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# 1950 multi-CPU processors
09-04-2010, 04:52 PM
Short term goal:

Improve game by making it capable of using 3 CPU processors.

Mid term goal:

Improve game by making it capable of using 4 CPU core processors.

Long term goal:

Improve game by making it capable of using 6 CPU core processors.

PS: Right now to meet recommended requirements of STO, I would need to buy a new mother board, or a new PC, because each core of my PC's CPU is only captable of 2.3 Ghz for a total of just 4.6 Ghz of combined processing speed. Which means that I have 2.3 Ghz of processing capability not being used. Why should I up grade my PC CPU when STO is not using my present CPU full capabilities?

Or is there a patch that CRYPTIC has added to the game that actually uses the 3 / 4 CPUs that I am not aware of?

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