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I was giving thought at work about how to show permanent effects in the game. We already have instances, why not different instances for different players at different stages in the game. So you could, for example, have a mission where you have to save or destroy a compound and depending on success or failure the mission the compound could remain destroyed. That way when you go to that area the server just determines whether the compound is destroyed in your universe or not and sends you to the appropriate instance. Should you be grouped with someone who is not in the same situation, whoever the leader is determines which instance to go to. You could later even have a mission to rebuild said compound and go back to the original instance or even upgrade the compound and have a third instance.
It would work on so many different situations, whole planets could be remade in this way. You could destroy DS-9 only to rebuild it again or alter whole sectors of space, simulate invasions and drastic galaxy spanning events without having to interrupt the flow of other gamers who may not have attained the appropriate level, proficiency, or even PvP preference. You could set your preference in your options menu and then all those people who have the desire to have live fire instances, where you could attack any one, any time, would be satisfied.
People are already complaining that there are too many instances, this way they could go to some different and effective uses. Instances could be played out in many ways for a possible solution for so many preferences. Open PvP, PvE only, role players, power players, casual players, different timelines, mirror universe, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.
Anyway, that's my stream of thought for the day. Hope the devs can use it. It would theoretically be possible. Good luck Devs.
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More positive idea's from KDF Alliance High Council sponsored by Black Legion Knights
(A) (MOG) = Idea: Can we warp into a neutral warefare PVP example: like engaging between a Klingon player and Federation player in a enemy signal contact in territory space.

(B) (IRONMIKE) = Idea: Can we swap battle pod from the Kar'Fi Battle Carrier to the Vo'Que Battle Carrier vice versa.

(C) (JD ) = Requesting a lot more PVE episodes and more content in the underworld.
(D) (Khalan) = Requesting more customizing ships option and the Neutral Zone open for PVP

(E) (Korax) = Idea: Can we have our Fleet Emblem to become a tattoo and can we team-up for special task force mission.

(F) (Derath) = Idea: Can we use the Deferi map mission "Out in the Cold" for PVP.
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09-07-2010, 07:58 PM

1. More exploration bandages. for visiting points of interest ( Respects paid: for Visiting Wolf-359, ext ext ext)

2. 29th Century Uniform pack for the C-Store.

3. Planet Side, option to visit earth. when approaching the Sol system, have the option to go to either Earth Space Dock or Approach Earth. and be able to beam down.


1. Ground weapon buff devices. re-modulate energy weapons for pre-alotted amount of time, better chance of bypassing enemy shields completely

2. Make it so that we're able to log off and back in later in the same location we left from, ( geared to bridge view mostly) I'd much rather log in my ready room than say earth space dock or sector space.

3. get rid of the fifteen min auto log out. it's a pain, once the servers are able to handle the load of everyone being on at once


1. Star Fleet Academy training ground, with in-faction PvP capture the flag or mini-games for XP and Loot

2. C-Store system and Plot tickets, for Fleet Bases or homesteaders looking to forge a life of they're own out side starfleet or KDF, be able to build a home and grind away crafting items and selling them on the market.

3. Formal Uniform's Displaying awards and badges of honor.
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# 1964 One more thing
09-07-2010, 09:45 PM
Mid term-
The off duty uniforms should be made available to purchased uniform slots. Including the ability to mix and match off and on duty clothing. The dress slacks look better than the standard pants and the seam can be colored.
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  • Ground Movment is clunky at best, I have tried it on all manner of screen resultions and it looks like the characters moves as if he has polio. Space is smooth as silk, just wish ground move ment and response was.
  • Sticky wallk key, would be great to have a sticky walk key and run while shift. Would be great for game emersion I think.
  • A bridge view while in combat rather in then in tactical view from the outside. That option I think would be cool like in Startrek Bridge Command.
Just my two cents.
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09-09-2010, 05:28 AM
Short Term:

"Infected" Complexion available for Bridge Officers of all races, for Lifers with Liberated Borg captains, so we can assimilate our crew
Swimsuits as Off-Duty Choices!
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09-09-2010, 06:25 AM
Short term

1) Solving Crystaline Entity difficulty based on the reality of the game now in days.. Or making it more appealing at any level.

2) Fixing the bugs remaining or lowering the difficulty in most of tleet actions in general i think fleet actions are over estimated.

3) I liked the suggestion of lowering the cost of renaming and esteticall changes.

Mid term

Giving Dan Stahl some award for his work on STO

Long term

Better space traveling
more pvp scenarios
More Fleet action and more adapted in order to develop a true meaning to a player comunity.
More feature episode stories (brilliant idea i love it)
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09-09-2010, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by Merphy
[list][*]Ground Movement is clunky at best, I have tried it on all manner of screen resolutions and it looks like the characters moves as if he has polio. Space is smooth as silk, just wish ground movement and response was.
[*]Sticky walk key, would be great to have a sticky walk key and run while shift. Would be great for game immersion I think.
Clunky movement may be caused by your frame rate. I've had problems in the past that seemed like a software or communication issue that just turned out to be a frame rate issue. I've had no problems with ground based movement, but on occasions that I do I've noticed a spike for my frame rate. Go through your options and mess with your frame rate both for your game and system.
My rig specs - i5 3.2, 4 g RAM, GeForce 9800 GT. I set my frame rate to 70. Rarely have a problem.
And for "sticky walk key". Not sure what you mean by that. I assume you mean auto run/move forward or a walk/run toggle. Both options are in your key map to set that up.
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09-09-2010, 02:05 PM

1. more armor options. would like to see the loot system drop more npc styled loot, I find it odd that the borg or Breen just happen to holding a large stash of fed/kdf items. I think a suit of breen armor on a fed would look cool. and would lend it's self to a buff of sorts against being attacked by breen as long as you have the full armor set on. same goes for borg, Just think of the shows when an away team would pop off to sickbay and get a quick once over by the doc to look like a native group of peoples. uniforms and armor would just add to the illusion.
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# 1970 Cool Thread
09-09-2010, 09:35 PM
Short-term requests

Fix minor interface annoyances:

1) When summoning R&D read-only screen, exchange, mail or replicator screen closes then summoned R&D screen closes and must be re-summoned.

2) Give a seperate keypress for "story dialog" boxes and pickups (so when i'm hammering F to pickup some item in space and it just so happens its the same time a story element kicks in I don't miss the dialogs and need to go back to the communication log to figure out what just happened).

3) Significantly improve emote interface screen to make it easier to give personality to your character. Provide ability to combine emotes (for example, have a "smile" emote which can be combines with dance sit ect). Have sime emotes set as "sticky", so for example, when you "sit down" you can "wriggle" into position without standing up and then re-sitting down (also some "interactive" emotes requiring two players "concent".. e.g "Kissing")

4) Solution for either "smart detection of false UI interaction" or "changes to chat to minimise risk of text intended for chat response being used as UI command kjeys". Example: Your being social with the chat window, your about to say "thats cool, go for it" in response, you don't press enter key or are in the wrong context for it to initiate chat. Your typed sentence results in a miriad of UI dialogs appearing and possibly closing. Have a "feature" (toggleable by preference) to pre-scan UI input (regarding of course keys to summon menus) to see if string can be read as words. I can see the issue here is there might be a time when the sequence you WANT to activate corresponds to a word. However, I would imagine there would be a delay between each summoning which could be used as a guide.

5) Improved search in exchange: Add the ability to use wildcards. e.g. "* torpedo* Mk X*".

6) Search & Filter for Accolades

7) Fix "Warp To" button so you can immidiately warp to EXACTLY the same instance and game as any friend/team-mate (cheating can be avoided by rewards always being disallowed for players entering by this option unless first objective is still to be achieved).

8) More costume part options (off duty shoes selection for example).

9) Adding more "recipies" to Memory Alpha (increasing from 500 pt to 1000pt max).

10) Ability to add "extra" rank levels to Fleet.

*) Don't have the interface "intterupt" me with a story element when i'm in the middle of scanning an anomoly! This is really irritating! Wait until i've picked up the anomolies first >.<

Mid-term requests

10) Extending Captains Database and similar website features:

Fleet List,
Fleet "Supplemental" entries,
Item "Trophy Cabinate" (be able to "tick" items to be / viewable in Captains Database),
Captain and BO's Stats viewable (e.g. Health, Armor etc)

11) Vaience in weapon stats. For example, a [CrtH] [CrtD] might have between x and y varience and is "rolled" on creation (so people can have better and worse versions of same weapon).

12) More "sundry" StarTrek content (along the lines of the Dabo initiative). Examples include: Sports seen to be played by Jean Luc Pickard in the TNG episodes

13) Holodeck onboard ships. Holodeck allows PVP and "buyable" content using GPL..Examples include: Murder Mystery Episode (featuring Data as Sherlock Holmes). Also, Holodeck wearable atire available in costume shop.

14) More control over character movement. Subitlties of movement, such as being able to "create" gestures.

Long-term requests

More branching missions, more "secrets" within missions (hidden areas, sub-missions, actions not listed on mission objectives).

Storylines merging, bigger story arcs, EvA space battles (e.g. Ground combat in space).

Seam reduction and elimination. Reaching point where maps feel "unlimited" (e.g. currently you see something interesting on horrizon and head for it only to be "disapointed" when you hit the edge of the map. Prehaps another way to put this is whole planets randomly generated to extent that one could go on forever (or until lapping the planet) or having borders as natural obsticles (Vulcan was done very well in this repect)

Gadgets which can be used around Sol etc. Example, rocket boots, removable helmet etc.

Player named planets. When the B'Tran cluster is explorer. As player explores a planet, afterwards player gets to name that planet and it appears on the map permenantly there after visitable by other player. In this way players explore the galaxy and expand the know universe (leading to genuine deep space exploration missions).

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