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# 11
02-04-2010, 08:59 AM
Short Term
1 - Fix a few of the broken missions I've encountered thus far, Breaking the planet is one of such.
2 - Auto Holster Weapons when beaming down to a non-combat area.
3 - A Walk toggle command, instead of having to bind it to a key. Walking helps with roleplaying immensely.

Mid Term
1 - A First Officer, Being able to promote one of your officers to first officer would be a nice touch. First officers would have to come with you on away missions and would have a unique set of skills.
2 - Fix the Crystalline Entity, I'm not sure how. Which is why it's in mid term. I have a feeling it will not be a easy fix either. But as it stands, the thing dies in less than 15 seconds. Heck, maybe for the first minute give it a 300% damage feedback pulse so that it stings anything that touches it.
3 - More Ship Designs, I hear this is coming down the tube. Which is fantastic.

Long Term
1 - Time Travel. I'd love to see a mission where you travel back in time to interact with your former self and your former ship. This would likely be part of a much larger arc and likely be a nice long 4-6 hour mission chain in my ideal world.
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# 12 Just top 3 short
02-04-2010, 01:06 PM
1- More difficulty in general

2-More possibilities to complete missions. Diplomatic, scientific etc.. We are captains so we should have to do some command decisions too instead of our bridge officers "telling" us what to do.

3-Option to remove warptrails and/or shield indicators from your and/or other ships.

After these there plenty from better clothing options to seeminfless space travel ala EVE Not going to truy and categorise them
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# 13
02-04-2010, 03:29 PM
Short Term

1. Alter the AI so pistol wielding enemies dont close to point blank range to fire pistols. It looks stupid, and makes targeting multiple enemies with an aoe attack very difficult.

2.work on the warpout/beamup synchronization.

3.Remove the skill cap! The skill system was designed with no cap so how is it logical to randomly put a cap on it?

Mid Term

1.Improve memory alpha. Add exchange/bank and give us some indication of our progress.

2.Fix the PvP reward system. Need restoration and buff/debuff abilities to give points based on how effective it was. Perhaps even points for damage taken with multipliers for length of time alive.

3.If it hasnt been done, remove the skillcap. Or at least increase it significantly. It severely limits what your character could do. We were told we would be able to do a variety of things well, given enough time and effort. I just dont see that being possible as is. And for the love of Roddenberry DONT CHARGE for a cap increase. Its insulting and low.

Long term

Get rid of skill cap. Players will stick around longer, and thus pay longer, if they can continue to improve their characters long after reacing the end game. With the cap you promote ppl burning through the ranks a few times with chars of different classes and then moving on to another game when they get bored.

Im honestly still not sure if this game will be around long term. I'm hoping Cryptic will realize that by taking on Star Trek they have taken responsibility for a major part of a HUGE franchise with some very serious fans. If they screw this up their credibility is going to go down the drain.

Still, theres hope. They do seem to listen to us, and what Ive seen so far is good. If they keep supporting it, and stop doing stupid stuff, this game could be HUGE.

The real deadline for finding out whether this game will last more than a year is the release of SWTOR. Im hoping STO survives. I really am.
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# 14
02-04-2010, 04:19 PM

Fix rubber banding
Fix icons disappearing


More diversity in missions (more diplomacy, science, engineering and less combat)
Missions on board our own ships


Free exploration of any and all systems in all sectors. Probably a no go, but would be sweet to go anywhere in the universe and see all the different millions of planets. Content can be randomly generated. That would be Star Trek.
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# 15
02-04-2010, 05:44 PM
Short Term:


2. More alternate starship models at the existing tiers, in particular the popular classes like the Nebula and Excelsior that were inexplicably left out at launch. DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE C-STORE, WE ALREADY PAY MONTHLY TO COVER DEVELOPMENT OF NEW CONTENT.

3. When you put out a patch, use the patch notes section to tell us what changed! That's why it's there, right?

Middle Term:

1. The scoring system used in PvP and Fleet Action PvE needs a complete overhaul. Come up with a system that rewards all viable play styles, including players who are building to tank or support, not just DPS. PvP matches also need a time limit, to prevent them from dragging out to infinity when one team is unwilling to engage.

2. More objective-based PvP maps would be fantastic, particularly ones for Ground PvP.

3. The map and sector space in general could use work. Put in a search function so people can find systems without having to spam zone chat. (They still will, but at least some might take advantage of it.) Put the sector block in parenthesis behind the system name a mission is located in. Label starbases and individual sector borders clearly on the area map. Label or highlight systems where you currently have a mission. Allow Transwarp to go to any explored starbase.

Long Term:

1. Add PvE content for Klingons. Give repeatable PvP missions for Federation players, as well.

2. Come up with some new mission types. The base game is fun, but I'm already getting sick of "scan x objects" and "defeat x patrols" and "rescue x hostages".

3. Add non-combat content. Alternate means of resolving missions, dialogue perhaps, a more involved crafting system. Make us feel more like Federation officers and less like space privateers.
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# 16
02-05-2010, 05:07 AM
Thanks everyone who's posted so far

Keep them coming! The more people who post their top three's, the easier it will be for the devs to see what's really important to the community and prioritize that stuff.
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# 17
02-05-2010, 05:25 AM
short term:

1. level brackets for every fleet action

2. bug fixing

3. skill tree reset option and higher skill point cap ( for ingame currency)

4. admiral content (quests, borg sector, raids )

5. more challenging gameplay (especially on ground missions)

6. more loot

7. no movement restrictions in space

mid term:

1. skill tree overhaul ( divide skilltree in ground and space, gaining xp divided in ground and space. less passive skills, put in unlockable ACTIVE skills )

2. open pvp zones

3. much more klingon content

4. less instancing, much more need for group/fleet orientated gameplay

long term:

1. the ability to play the game in bridge view together with other party players controlling different stations ( tactical, science, engi... with some kind of minigames to factor in skill )

2. change the F "use for everything key" to minigames (scanning,doing technical stuff and so on)

3. change the beginning of the game completely so that you start as a cadet at starfleet academy, learning, doing tests, simulations, dialogues with influence on character progression.

4. dialogues/decisions with influence on character progression

5. cardassian,romulan faction playable.

6. more ships to choose from, differences between the currently just optical different ship classes on the same tier

7. delta and gamma quadrant (expansion?)

8. mirror universe ( expansion?)

well there is much more i can think of, but those are the first things that come to my mind right now.
Lt. Commander
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# 18
02-05-2010, 05:40 AM
Short term

> Hide (holster) weapons by default when entering a starbase, bridge or social planet (Risa, Vulcan, Andoria)
> Let us toggle the visibilty of our officer kits

Mid term

> More variety in exploration missions (genesis content) beyond either shoot everything in sight or press "F" 5 times
> More episodes in each level bracket
> Civilian clothing, I shouldn't have to wear my uniform while on shore leave.
> Enhance the ship interior (e.g. Ten Forward, Ready room should be available)
> Missions taking place on your ship (e.g. being boarded by Borg or Romulans, crew contamination, etc.)

Long term

> Fully fleshed out Klingon PvE including episodes
> Diplomacy system or at the very least options for many episodes to be solved with diplomacy rather than combat only
> Evolving storyline (e.g. ending the war, new threats arise in the quadrant)
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# 19
02-05-2010, 06:09 AM
I only have long term hopes for this game

Bridge: I want the bridge to actually have a function, I want the UI integrated into your bridge as an option and use it to navigate sector space.

Missions: I want the missions to be much more than, scan this... destroy this... Why is it that the solution to every problem is to eliminate it with your weapons? That isn't what being a starfleet captain is about. Points should be awarded to resolving missions without conflict too. OR just disabling ships rather than destroying them??

Voice acting: the gaming experience would be greatly enhanced with at least the mission givers having a voice.

Ship customization: This is sadly limited compared to character customization. It would be nice if equipment actually changed the look of your ship. I would love to see Ship customization on the level of Galactic civilisations II.

Weapons: Starfleet ships with disruptors? Sorry but that doesnt work for me. Disruptors are Romulan and Klingon weapons, they should not be compatible with Federation Tech.

Galaxy Map: The scale of it for me, is far too small, It takes a couple of minutes to get from earth to DS9. That's just silly, it really should take much longer than that IMO and there are far too few planetary systems. More please.

Planet size: IS it really enough for a planet just to have a 2kmx2km tile map to represent it? All i ask for is for the high profile planets to have at least two different towns you can walk between with traders and items for sale you can get nowhere else.
Lt. Commander
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# 20
02-05-2010, 06:11 AM
Short term goal: Finish the game and live up to what was advertised before Cryptic gets sued.

Mid term goal: Add content and more sound tracks to the game so the players who get to admiral in 3 days are not stuck with no end game content.

Long term goal: Follow the Star Trek canon and give everyone a galaxy they can endlessly explore.

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