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10-19-2010, 09:43 PM
Short-term requests

1.) Remove or drastically minimize the RSP graphic, if it is going to be nerfed (which I still think happened only because people were too lazy to stop pressing the spacebar when the ship started glowing green) this will allow those who use it to not show their burning their CD and getting dumped on.

-note, really, things just keep getting better, so it is hard to think of short term things-

Mid-term requests

2.) Every once in a while let us save those poor scientist stuck in the degraded transporter pattern buffer

3.) let us add the Excelsior/TOS strips (you know the cool red ones with the arrowhead) onto the standard ships

4.) World PvP in the neutral zones!!!

5.) Allow us to assign First Officers and medical, security, engineering, medical chiefs. Maybe give them a space/ground tribble like skill buff when they are being used. At the very least assign them to their respective areas in the ship...the interiors are neat and all, but outside of RP value and a place for trophies kind of pointless I think...which leads to #6.

Long-term requests

6.) missions that take place on our ships-pop a message on our screens like the Drake one but instead takes us to our ready room and then off we go on the it intruders, problems with the holodeck (can I suggest a Captain Proton type mission in black and white?) warp core issues, etc etc. Allow us to further use these great interiors you gave us.

7.) If we 'die' during a mission, that's it, we failed it, move onto the next....there are so many different ways to level out there failing a few missions is not going to keep someone from VA.

8.) Tier 6- instead of giving us new ships, allow us to take the slots and put them in one of the player's T2-T5 ships. It would be great to see some of those Sabers, Akiras, Olympics, etc in end game situations. Besides I miss flying those ships. This would also hopefully avoid an appearance of the Enterprise-J showing up 1000 years early.

9.) a coaches mode on exploration ground missions...give us an option to send down a first officer with a team and sit in our ready rooms giving direction via text boxes or some thing along those lines...I cannot tell you how many times I have encountered the Gorgons only to have my science officer tell me the last Starfleet captain to see them was Kirk, what? Did you forget the other 20 times we encountered them...that officer has been relieved.
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10-20-2010, 01:42 AM
All I have are suggestions, don't know where they would fit, so I'll make it short.

1) Make the bridges interactive. I would be nice to be able to contact Star Fleet from my ready room. But if you wanted to really do it right, make it so the whole bridge is interactive. (look at "Bridge Commander" to see what I'm talking about)

2) Completely Replace the Away Team engine. It just sucks, I hate doing away team missions because of how not smooth it is. Either fix it and make it more smooth, or replace it all together with something better.

3) Less Carpal Tunnel please. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I play STO, my hands just hurt. I don't know what can be done here other then allowing the controls to be MORE customizable.

4) Bring down the Subscription cost. Now you might be saying, "yeah, right", but in all honesty, STO is just a glorified dog fight simulator with a Star Trek theme. I can get that for free with all the other Star Trek games. So why should I pay 15 bucks to play STO when I could be playing better ST games for free? It might just be an incentive to fix the game and make it a proper MMO.

5) Make the Game Designers watch more Star Trek. As it sits, all the episodes in the game are pretty much the same. It gets old pretty fast. Watching Star Trek is a great way to get some much needed inspiration. I'm sure there are some things that could be done differently to spice up the quests.

6) Don't give up. STO is still a good game, it just needs some work. Don't get discouraged, keep up the good work. Because if you don't, well you've pretty much ruined any future Star Trek MMO for everybody else.
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10-20-2010, 08:42 AM
Well lets see here

Short term:
1: When a patch comes out make sure it's good to go. IE ensure it wont nerf or other wise mess with existing content. I am getting tired of the bugs after a patch.

Mid term:
1: Voice overs for the BO's. Seriously there is voice for grade and rank promotions. Lets get on the ball there.

2: Tune up the effects for space and ground combat. IE when stuff blows up make it look real and maybe some debries.

Long term:
1: Can we say XYZ axis? Seriously we need a roll program. Every ship be it in atmospheyre or in space work on an XYZ axis. It's simple physcis here.

2: Come up with some on ship content. You gave us ship interiors. Also in ST there were always missions or content taking place shipboard.

3: Let me be a commander on all levals, meaning give us some content where we need to deal with issues of our crew. Also along those lines Let me designate a first officer, chief engineer, madical officer. ( also why cant I promote a BO to capt after I hit VA?

STO is comming along and I truly enjoy whats here, and look forward to seeing what comes next.
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10-20-2010, 09:17 AM
-star ship crew customisation
-more wall trophies
-smaller pvp so less time in q, and mixed faction pvp

-larger interior of ships, and ships 'garden' to allow access point for alien virus affecting crew missions
-missions in ship (like holodeck, being boarded, investigations ect.)
-more klingon pve (maybe more klingon space)

-devices that give ships powers like stealth or fire at will ect.
-make end game more interesting
-romulans and cardassians as factions, but thats obvious

-and first officer, chief of engineering, chief medical officer, ships counceler and promotions to captin for BO's, maybe even as npc space 'combat pets'
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You have create a Emote for exile of Discommendation, why can you create an Emote of restoring Klingon Honor.

Idea :Create an Emote of Restoring Klingon Honor. from IronMike Fleet leader of House of Iron.

Cryptic and the developers can create a Restore Honor Emote by highlighting a character, then queue the restore honor Emote.An example have the characters perform this action: If a Klingon leader decides to restore a discommendated Klingon's honor, he ceremonially presents his personal dagger for the Klingon to grasp by the blade tightly enough to draw blood. With this gesture, the leader states "I give you back your family honor. I give you back what was wrongfully taken from you. Let your name be spoken once again." After which, the proper name and lineage of the Klingon is stated by the leader. Quick easy to the point.
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This one is listed as a long-term request because it's more of a personal thing for me than anything else. We know from TOS, TNG, VOY, and ENT that when a ship is in service for a long time, only stopping at a starbase on rare occassions, the ship becomes something of a community, and the crewmembers' interactions are as much social as they are professional.

My request is for them to allow that to happen on our ships. Let us watch the various interactions of our crew members. And for the Bridge Officers, we can take that to another level by interacting with them directly. And as the captain of our ship, we should be able to perform ship-board wedding ceremonies if two crew members or Bridge Officers tie the knot.

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10-22-2010, 08:14 AM

Short Term
1. limit how much players can target another ship (PvP). So one can't be destroyed in a matter of seconds by focused fire. (you know, many of us players play STO after a hard day of Work, and we don't want to be frustrated even more.)

2. Give Escorts more hull points, give Cruisers more Firepower, give Science Ships more of both, but weaken their science powers. Most Ships are much too Extreme in their designs.
(have you been watching Star Trek? Battles tent to take long and those big things flying around are SHIPS NOT WWII FIGHTERS!!!)
Each Ship sould be something a player should be proud of, and not frustrated because it explodes 10 time in one evening.

3. Let us Color the Shoulderpads of our Veteran Uniform (Starfleet)
(I hate thoes golden shoulderpads, i always feel like a Circus director.)
OR replace it with the ACTUAL Alternate Future Uniform, and let All Starfleet NPCs wear it.)

Mid term
1. Merge Star and Assault Cruisers, and let us decide which Model we like. (i hate that the Coolest looking ship hs the role of being a big hospital for all other ships.)

2. Give us more to do in the endgame. And please no STFs. Most players dont want to be forced to use Teamspeak ore such. Maybe some new PvP Maps. (there are a LOT of sugestions on other threads)

3. Encourage Players to play faction specific, by giving them faction specific Powers:

- a enhanced version of "Go down Fighting" for klingon players.
To encourage them to actually fight to the death, and not running away.

- every Starfleet Captain should get the ability to "taget Subsystems ....".

Possible Romulan Faction
- They should have "battle Cloak" exclusively.
They are cunning, and not bound to an code of honor.
Thank you for reading.
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10-22-2010, 11:09 AM
Maybe mid-term request. Don't know how difficult this would be.

The ability to change my character's officer-type. As in, to be able to go from Tactical Officer to Engineer Officer or Science Officer.
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10-22-2010, 02:15 PM
short-term ideas

1.fixing the biography spacing problem

2.more weapons and armor

3.chioce to maybe skip some of the tutorial

medium-term ideas

1.more outfits , hair , face , etc.

2.more ship customiziation

3.more vioce over

long-term ideas

1.choices that have affect

2.avilibility to move around NPC's on your ship and bridge in order to Role-Play

3.interaction with your birdge officers and crew
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10-23-2010, 09:35 AM

1. More Diplomatic missions and rewards;
2. Some form of naming restrictions. I'm kinda getting tired of seeing "Spork" and "spokk"s out there.
3. Crew uniforms, so you can restrict your random crew NPCs to the same format you have your Bridge officers in.


1. A way to set one of your bridge officers as your Number One.
2. Intra-account bank.
3. More character customization, at least for Alien characters.


1. Playable Borg faction
2. More Borg missions.
3. More temporal missions.

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