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10-24-2010, 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by KiraYamato
This one is listed as a long-term request because it's more of a personal thing for me than anything else. We know from TOS, TNG, VOY, and ENT that when a ship is in service for a long time, only stopping at a starbase on rare occassions, the ship becomes something of a community, and the crewmembers' interactions are as much social as they are professional.

My request is for them to allow that to happen on our ships. Let us watch the various interactions of our crew members. And for the Bridge Officers, we can take that to another level by interacting with them directly. And as the captain of our ship, we should be able to perform ship-board wedding ceremonies if two crew members or Bridge Officers tie the knot.

I like this idea, and would further like to see our ships become partially player-crewed in the future (which I know would require a drastic reworking of the game, but I can dream) with rank factoring into the options available to a player (fully controlling a smaller vessel as opposed to performing a crew function, perhaps via a minigame, on a larger vessel). Perhaps ships could even become boardable/captureable.

Aside from that, my other long term requests include more twitch-based and cover oriented ground combat (FPS or Third Person Shooter - I got my first taste of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer yesterday and it was awesome), larger and more varied star system environments, and as more of a strategic element to the MMO element the ability to capture territory in certain contested sectors (what I am thinking of is multiple surface maps on a planet which require the concerted effort of many players to capture and hold before the planet itself is considered captured, and this among at least several other captureable planets in other star systems throughout the sector.) which could perhaps be extended into an exploration/colonization element.
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10-24-2010, 04:14 PM
-Allow kits on NPCs
-Give NPCs two weapon slots (hence, Klingon NPCs can carry melee weapons)
-More customization costumes for starships

-Cross-breeding (i.e. ability to create main character that is half-human & half-vulcan and having it state it in the bio)
-Create more special devices
-Special device slot for character (i.e. tribbles, so they leave room for deposiable items such as hyprosprays, food items, etc.)

-More melee fighting abilities and techniques
-More mini-games and missions on planets such as Bajor, Vulcan, Earth
-Ability to visit Starfleet Command & Academy on Earth
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10-24-2010, 07:29 PM
-More little stuff across the board, I.E. what you are already doing.

-Up the pace of ground combat, by increasing the damage weapons do in relation to hitpoints and armour.
As it is now it's a long dreary hammering of 2 buttons taken form the worst part of MMO's.

-Redesign the way combat on the ground works completely, as it is the worst part of the game and by a large margin, space combat is innovative with shiel and weapon- arcs, manual steering of the ship, etc, but the ground based combat is so incredebly dull and almost completelyvoid of innovation, I mean the Expose/Exploit thing is sort of neat, but on it's own it's far from enough. The preffered option for me would be to make it have less of the feel of a 10 year old MMO and require some sort of actual aiming and effort from the player, not just mindlessly pressing 1 until the target falls over and repeat with the next.
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# 2084 What I would like to see.
10-24-2010, 09:02 PM
Short term: Better food eating graphics (actual food or glass shown), Federation equivilents of carriers, and new kinds of character traits.

Mid term: Way to involve bridge officers in STO other than in combat, like in training things or on a holodeck, maybe a customizable starship which can use peices from any class, and Starfleet command on Earth.

Long term: If everyone will have access to Cap's bar after 400 days, then perhaps an elite ship like a carrier or something should be offered to those who spent their money to get there first in the form of a lifetime subscription. What i mean is that Lifetime subscribers will become obsolete when everyone gets veteran rewards. Another long term idea is to create a way for your seperate characters to interact like with a personal starbase idea, all your characters ships could be docked there and your othere characters could be inside so you could change in to them in game instead of having to log out then back in again. A third suggestion is to build the interior of your ship in more detail with different FREE designs to incorporate.
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# 2085 My two bits
10-24-2010, 10:17 PM

1- In addition to the Badges and accomodations - Make PROGRESSIVE TITLES.
example: - PROGRESSIVE TITLE 1 Destroy 100 Klingon ships
- PROGRESSIVE TITLE 2 Destroy 500 Klingon ships
- and so on until you reach level 10 which is like 20,000.

2- As we progress in titles "let the power be known" With PROGRESSIVE TITLE level 1 achieved - increase the phasers by 1% every level. So by Title level 10 I would have a 10% increase in phaser fire power -- VERY IMPORTANT -- You would ONLY have this increaseof 1% to 10% fire power against Klingons ONLY, because of my expertise in that area of space. Once achieved then placed in your Hall of Monumnets (Read MID)
This will give the players some other things to do other than playing the same DAILY over and over again, and between episodes.

This would make it fun to go back to the other areas of space to complete PROGRESSIVE TITLES.

3- I would like to see Drawing and ping within the map in the top right side in order to give direction to your team or party.

4- What type of Deflector dish goes best with what skills, What do I use together to be most effective?

5- Let use buy more space in our personal BANKs.

5a- I would also like to see that when I open my PERSONAL BANK, it stays open regardless where I am on the space station, until I close or beam out to my ship.

6- I would like to create a Fleet bank with just my two other friends. Why can't I ;-)

7- I would like to see the damage of my ship from with in the ship. I would like to go to my Bridge after the battle and look at the damage report and set prioritys and assist in the repairs. This feature could be one that a player can turn on if they would like and /or a few episodes.

8- I need more hand to hand fighting moves than rifle butying.


VERY IMPORTANT - - Where is my "HALL of MONUMENTS?" Give us the ablility to make goals and see our progress through other ways and just not via RANK. Let us find special components that we can get and place on our BO which will upgrade their Shields to a special elite status, and then put an image of our BO in the hall to show that you have completed that task, you can also do that with Special weapons that we can build if we find / buy / trade all of the right parts, Let us forge our own kits and shield and them place an image in the Hall of Monuments. Some kind of Trophy , award, Statue that we can have in our HALL showing that we completed all of the Fleet actions, STF, Episodes, etc. That we can have mini pets given to us (every year our Charaters get a mini pet / ships for Character BIRTHDAYS) like ships that are very small, mini aliens, to put images of them in our Hall. Also showing our Progress and what else is out there for me to go after and other fleet memeber to go after.

2- Let us hunt down Elite Bosses and capture there special SKILL.

3- Let our Captain Cross train. Primary Engineer Secondary Science office. So that we can have more BOSS skills we can hunt down and use.


1- Have progressive status missions - Example: Have certain episodes where we are timed. We have to achieve certain tasks in a set time. Showing how fast that each person, group, or and fleet was able to complete the task. and win rewards for how far you progressed through the area. Resetting the scoreboard every month. With the winners of every month recieving something awesome.

2- I would like to see a list of elite BO that you can hunt down and have join your team instead of randomly be given a BO that you may not want. ( I like what you did for the Breen Officer.) Let us hunt down and collect BO from every where.

3- Why not have combo space weapons that do other types of damage.
EXAMPLE: Fire a Transphasic Torpedo and then hit it with tachyon which creates a a different explosion, rift or graviton anonally.

4- Configure my Captains stuff from the web and smartphones.

5- I would like to see my BO promoted and given another ship which I can call in to support me when I am playing a Normal, Advanced, and elite difficulty. Up to four ships. Just like ground combat, there are 4 AI's that assist me. I would like to have some assistance in space also.

6- When will there be a episode from with in my own ship? I want to defend my ship from with in.
Ship docked and they are boarding our ship or beaming over. I would like to stop them from taking stuff from my ship. Or maybe they come over to kid nap one of my BO or Me (The Captain) and I have to Find them or survive the event.
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# 2086 My towpence worth
10-24-2010, 11:39 PM
Short Term:
  • Multiplayer fixes. Make ALL missions multi-playerable so I can gather my fleet members together, pick ANY mission from anyones mission list and KNOW we can all enjoy it as a team/Fleet (the problem is being forced to choose between friends in Fleet, the person who gets left out in the cold inevitably will feel disinclined to remain in the fleet (and rightly so).
  • Larger Instances more players in a single instance (example, fleet member requests help. I gather 4 other players to assist from fleet and we goto the instance. Theres already 2 unknowns in instance none of us really care about. We can't all get in).
  • Shopping. Stop having shops for every damn thing every damn where. Having shops like the shops which just sell very rare items is very annoying (makes very rare, quite common infact). If something is very rare it should not be mass produced and sold in an in game store. Make very rare items only rewards and pickups, not purchasables [except via player to player sales] (though the cats out of the bag now.. so how about introducing a new EPIC item type).

Medium Term:
  • Fleet Tools. More tools to help coordinate the activity of the fleet (examples Fleet News Page).

Long Term:

Keep going, your doing well . Mostly things which spoil the game are in my above lists.
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# 2087 some suggestions
10-25-2010, 03:38 AM
well i have a few ideas i would like to share on this thread.
all are of a mid term nature as i think they will require time to develop

ultra short term

the game play is engrossing but it is giving me carpal tunnel can is it possible to make the game 'game controller' friendly?

short term

1. Functional transporters especially on the bridges make characters leave via the transporters

2. you already have this set up in the bridge environment the plaques should be customizable

2a. another that you already have the frame work for is the Prometheus need to get its multi-vector assault mode you have shown it can be done with the galaxy / Exploration Cruiser Retrofit,

3. the runabout is a joke how about a delta flyer that is not give players a reason to play these smaller ships. I understand the need for balance but a runabout that has been equipped with really high grade equipment should be more then a ship that goes boom in two seconds. that said a delta flyer could carrie a crew of 4 bridge officers and a captain. keep in mind there are allot of vice admirals now keeping their interest is paramount.

mid term

1. the variant bridge packs are no where near accurate. if you guys have licensing why cant you give the fans a bridge they can feel at home on?

2. ribbons and medals that can be worn on our uniforms. military officers look more distinguished with brass on their breast. the medals and ribbons you have designed in the accolades are perfect, as a matter of fact they should be accolade based like the trophies.

the lower decks of the bridge are All the same. there is no customization outside of the trophies this is really disappointing.

I think cryptic is doing a great job so far but there is allot of cosmetic work that could be done still. thanks for your constructive efforts towards making the game more visceral.

long term

1. two or three commanders in different disciplines on a capital class ship. maybe a carrier class federation vessel

2. more playable factions of course

3. I consider this of the lowest priority the supplemental idea is great, for fleets with web pages it would be even better if you could make these something that you could email to the rest of the internet say yourself for instance.

keep up the good work

one more give a player the option to maintain there work in game if they want to upgrade to a life time membership. say I have a VA and I want to upgrade my membership so my officer is a borg. Or some other new playable species. do a blank slate one time respec / species swap.

do these things and you will probably convert me to a career officer
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10-25-2010, 04:10 AM
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10-25-2010, 12:23 PM
Does anybody of the Devs even bother reading all this?

In the last couple of Weeks STO has become real frustrating and aggravating every time i log in.
Instead of crying and whining around i have been thinking about improving the Game.

Although i have posted them a couple of days ago, here is my refined list of my top three, short, mid and log term requests.

short term
1. limit how much players can target another ship (PvP). So one can't be destroyed in a
matter of seconds by focused fire.
(you know, many of us players play STO after a hard day of Work, and we don't want to be frustrated even more.)
Getting Blown into hundred pieces ten times in a row is NOT FUN!!!

2. Give Escorts more hull points, give Cruisers more Firepower, give Science Ships more of both, but weaken their science powers.
Most Ships are much too Extreme in their designs.
(have you been watching Star Trek? Battles tent to take long and those big things flying around are SHIPS NOT WWII FIGHTERS!!!)
Each Ship sould be something a player should be proud of, and not frustrated because it explodes 10 time per hour.

3. Let us decide what kind of uniforms our crews are wearing (just like fleet uniforms).

mid term
1. Instead of digging up old ship, make some NEW ones!!!
As far as i understand STO plays in the 25th century, SO WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OLD SHIPS IN THE HIGHER TIERS??

2. Give us more to do in the endgame. And please no STFs. Most players dont want to be forced to use Teamspeak or such. Maybe some new PvP Maps. (there are a LOT of sugestions on other threads)
If you think this is impossible for whatever reason, then give us a REAL alternative to PvP. And don't think that Diplomatic Corp Missions are a alternative. Doing the same thing just for another reason is not what i am talking about.
Btw, repeating Exploration missions and dailys a hundred of times is NOT FUN, IT'S BORING!!!

3. Encourage Players to play faction typical, by giving them faction specific Powers:
- a enhanced version of "Go down Fighting" for klingon players.
(something like increased Firepower, or more resistances the loweer the ships health is)
To encourage them to actually fight to the death, and not running away.

- every Starfleet Captain should get the ability to "taget Subsystems ....".
(this should NOT be a Scientific Ship ability only, since this seems to be a standard tactical maneuver in Starfleet)

Possible Romulan Faction
- They should have "battle Cloak" exclusively.
They are cunning, and not bound to an code of honor.

long term
- Make Ship interiors usable, i don't talk about piloting the ship from the Bridge.
I talk about being able to increase Power output via minigames in engineering for example.

- Redo Star Custer exploring, ti's just boring the way it is right now.

- Redo Sector Space, i hated the X- Games for flying around in a shoebox and i hate STO for
flying around in a shoebox.

If you are unable/unwilling to do anything to change those grievances then please release a Singleplayer version of this game, so we fans can mod it the way we want. I would even continue to pay those 15 Bucks per month, just to have the game i want.

If STO tends to stay the way it is, then i dont see any point of continuing playing and paying this game anymore.

Thank you for reading.
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Idea IronMike: B'aht Qul Challenge Klingon Game Information: A traditional Klingon game in which one contestant holds both arms forward, while the other places his or her arms between the first, wrist touching. The first contestant attempts to press the arms together, while the second attempts to force them apart. This is a short collection game played by the members of the Klingon Empire. This game was shown in Star Trek the Next Generation, where as a Klingon Warrior challenge data to a test of strength.
Have Cryptic and the developers create a B'aht Qul Challenge, example: the Dabo game in Drozanna station. Create and place the B'aht Qul Challenge in Qo'nos Bar or lounge and in Drozanna station somewhere near the Dabo game, there are plenty of lounge tables around to do it. You can create an (NPC vs. player) or (player vs. player). Any faction and any level of character can play. It can be set to where the player must win three rounds to complete a set, must complete five set's to win the awards like: Emblem points or set it up to receive Latium via credits points . This is another event for fun.

Idea IronMike: Idea: Klingon Dice GameInformation: This is a short collection of dice games played by the members of the Klingon Empire, example "The PC interactive game called KLINGON", you have a Klingon warrior Pock observing two Klingon warriors playing a dice game onboard the Bird- A- prey Mess decks. The way the game played is simple, you need a board (something like a large pizza pan) on the table, three (3) dices of four-sided dice and a cup. Take the dices and put it in the cup, shake it well , place the dice on the table and if you score higher than your opponent you get the Honor of getting punched in the face by the loser. Although there are many Klingon dice games using dice with may different face configuration, the ones presented here so far are limited to Four - sided dice, simply because they were the easiest to get a hold of at the time, that weren't the commonly known and widely used six-side dice.Solution: How you perceive this should be resolved?Solution: Have Cryptic and the developers create a Klingon Dice game, example: the Dabo game in Drozanna station. Create and place the Klingon Dice game in Qo'nos Bar/lounge and in Drozanna station somewhere near the Dabo game, there are plenty of lounge tables around to do it. You can create an (NPC vs. player) or (player vs. player) of any faction and any level of character can play. you can set it to where the player must win three rounds to complete a set, must complete five set's to win the awards like: Emblem points or set it up to receive Latium via credits points . This is another event for fun while others watch the other opponent get punched in the face.

Idea IronMike: Beefing-up the Bridge Officers ground weapon slot.Information: The bridge Officer can only carry one ground weapon in the weapon slot. Can the Bridge Officer have two weapon slot to carry two weapons, so as to switch what type of weapon to use before or during a ground battle mission?
Have Cryptic and the developers add-in a extra weapon slot for the bridge officers, so the Bridge Officers can carry two weapons, this will eliminate of keeping via carrying the extra weapons in the inventory to change out, in-which will provide more room to carry more retrieving items during the missions. Example: The Bridge Officer will carry a gun or grenade in first weapon slot, the second weapon slot a Bat'Leth or a Klingon knife and what ever combination the type of weapon the character can carry in either weapon slot's etc..., also have Cryptic and the developers add a weapon switch icon just like the primary character has and add it to the Bridge Officer status menu next to it side or above the weapon slots to switch out the type of weapon before or during a ground battle mission.

Krarge1_Mad house of Kahless
Short Term Fixes for Tactical officers
(Shorten cool down for Attack Powers, Damage Bonus 20%, Dodge Bonus)

Krarge1_Mad house of Kahless
Long Term Fixes for Tactical Officers
(Tac officer specific damage powers)

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