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11-14-2010, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Conrad
Short Term
-Nothing. You guys are doing a good job with it.

-With the release of a Tier 5 TOS Constitution, please make the Refit a Tier 5 AND maybe include a skin from the ST 2009 Enterprise.
-Create some continuity instances. If I've completed certain missions, why do I still encounter NPCs that were transported off and/or died? Suggestion: Create ranked instances where certain mission that have been done in certain ranks changes the appearance of the instance. They don't have to be locked instances, just make it so I don't see admiral Zelle if I'm in a VA instance.

PLEASE END THE FEDERATION KLINGON WAR. Both factions know that it is in the worst interest of the entire Alpha Quadrant if both powerful factions are fighting each other with a Dominion threat, a Borg threat, an Undine threat and whatever else comes our way. Make us allies!!!! That's what we are! I assume this shouldn't be too hard with more playable factions coming.

I WANT A RETROFIT CONSTITUTION CLASS, TOO And a Alternate Universe Enterprise from th 2009 movie should be able to fit cannons on it

As for long-term...

The Dominion is not a threat. They're technically not even in the Alpha Quadrant any more---what you're facing is True Way terrorists, and Jem'Hadar remnants. The Borg and Undine are doing some crazy, unknowable things in the background, because aside from gathering in the Gamma Orionis block, they're not exactly swarming Federation and Klingon space and invading.

Though I do have to agree that the war with the Klingons should end... they're just losing too badly, they've got HUGE Federation and HUGE Romulan fleets just hanging around their home sector, and they're resorting to using Gorn, Nausicaans, Orions, and other species to pilot their craft.

But the only way this could happen is for tons of Klingon content to be added. More missions and stuff and the like.
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11-15-2010, 03:07 AM
Short Term

- some 'scan 5 things' missions still have the things and even the enemies falling through the ground making the mission unplayable. I'd like to see this fixed. It's been a problem since the beginning and it seems like since people want new and different explore missions that these are being pushed to one side.

- there are some minor graphical issues with the costumes in which I've seen arms change shape and size, pants bleed through shirts and comm badges get totally enveloped by the characters chest. Maybe attaching the badge the a different point would help.

Med Term

- Instead of every ten levels we get a new ship, why not give us a ship ticket to either get a new ship or upgrade our current one? That way if someone really wants to, they can keep their Miranda or TOS connie with them through the entire game without any penalties other than not collecting the other ships. I think it would work to show how Captains and crews grow with their ship and how with the advancing technology, many things can be fit into the smaller ships.

- I'd like the edges of the pop-ups changed to look like a view screen. I know this is minor, but it would be one of those little touches that would make the game more complete. Even do up a few and let us customize our own interface a little.

- Tweek the enemy AI so that it doesn't seem like we're just fighting the same goons in a different skin. It's close now, but there could be much more of a distinction with a few minor tweeks. I read another post about how Cardassian weapons are yellow, we just need a colour swap there.

Long Term

- More voice over. With the newer missions there have been more voice work and it's been great. Hearing the voice in the Devidian halloween mission really added to the atmosphere. They don't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to be done all at once, but it would greatly add to the game. Even some background chatter in the Starbase would be awesome to hear.

- Our own Starbases. I know this one is in the works, and it's a great idea. I just wanted to mention it.

- Delta Quadrant. There is so much good material from Voyager that isn't used in the game. I know in the novels now they have gone back to re-trace Voyagers path and make contact with some of the more peaceful races. We also already have transwarp gates. Make this a huge expansion to the game. Also, Voyager followed only one path. There were plenty of things they didn't see which leaves a lot of room to be creative with new races, ships, and civilizations.
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# 2123 Missions
11-15-2010, 09:51 AM
Maybe you guys can add an easy play ....If a mission becomes to difficult for a player he/she can re-play the mission with a lower ability than standard, so the player can move on to the next mission, and not waste a lot of time with one mission...... as it coast money a month for most players...
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11-16-2010, 02:55 AM
Short term:

A ground sprint animation which doesn't result in the disappearance of whatever weapon I'm holding. (At the same time, all equipped weapons to be visible on avatar at all times.)
Optimization of the BO markers when they're waiting at a rallypoint. Maybe change it to a green version of the targeting reticle, cos ATM it's really distracting. Look to Guild Wars for inpsiration. Their squad/team-mate markers are very streamlined and not at all intrusive.
Much longer despawn time of dead mobs on ground. Let the carnage pile up.

Medium Term:

More inventory space on the ship. Including container in captain's quarters which looks like a footlocker and cargo storage for all those batteries you get.
Interactive surfaces (bank consoles etc) to all be reduced to screens flashing/shimmering only. See attached screenshot:
Some extra armour slots, for: gloves, helmet. Even if these items just give a slight damage mitigation at first, they can have stat bonuses and things calculated later.

Long Term:

Starfleet Academy as tutorial and trade hub area.
Equal amount of content for Klingons.
Civilian faction (FCC perhaps)
Open PVP Shards with no restrictions on space travel, i.e. Feds can invade Klingon space, beam down and sack QoNos on a saturday afternoon while the Klingons do the same to Earth Space Dock/K7/DS9. Might be easier just to have open pvp instance of every zone. Then people can switch between them for a bit of action or if they get tired of being ganked, head back to pve-ville with a click of the "Change Instance" button. Both versions of the instance should have unlimited player capacity too, for maximum community feel, regardless of whether that community is pvp or pve.
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IRONMIKE NOVEMBER 14 2010 Idea: Create a Sub-Space Weapon for the Klingon Empire used only for Tactical Officer.Information: A more detailed explanation of why you are asking the question or what problem that needs to be resolved. (Please try to keep under 100 words):Explanation: A Subspace Warhead was a type of explosive device used in the subspace weaponry that was tested by an alien race at Subspace Munitions Range 434. Detonation of a warhead released an energy discharge that radiated high levels of subspace radiation in a level nine shock wave. In addition to doing heavy damage to any vessel close to the detonation, the radiation destabilized warp drives of vessels. The effective range of a shock wave was between five and twenty-six million kilometers. The residual area of radiation made it nearly impossible for starships to generate a stable warp field. The warheads were fired through subspace at targets that could be dozens of light years away from the launcher. As they emerged through the subspace barrier, a minor gravimetric distortion could be detected. The warhead locked onto any nearby ship that emanated a warp signature. (VOY: "Human Error"). Subspace Mines are explosive devices that hide in subspace until a target enters range. The Dominion utilized anti-personnel subspace mines during the Dominion War, dubbed "Houdinis" by Starfleet personnel because they appeared at random. On AR-558, Ezri Dax and Kellin were able to modify a tricorder to reveal the mines. (DS9: "The Siege of AR-558"). Solution: How you perceive this should be resolved?Solution: Request to have Cryptic and the Developers create a Sub-Space weapon for the Tactical Officer. The energy release will be a high level of radiation combinations of a shockwave pattern and releasing plasma radiation. Fire a probe or a mine at the target that bursts into a particle field and create a plasma shockwave area of effect field. The ships that are already in the field or passing into the shockwave field are sensor jam, stop or slow and receive plasma fire damage to the hull of the ship and damage to shields over time effect. Any cloaked ships in the plasma field will be revealed. This weapon will affect all vesselsfriend or foe capture in the area of the shockwave. This weapon can be fire once every 45 minute cools down time due to its strength. The range of the shockwave should be three (3) times more than a sensor scrambler in order to capture anyone in range, since it is a Subspace weapon. The hang time for the shockwave, plasma and shield damage should last 5 minutes. The color of the plasma should be blue, so as not to be confuse with the eject plasma weapon color green. The specification of damage level should be the same as that of the Eject plasma to hull and shields and jam sensors, except the part of hang time it should 5 minutes. This is a big eye catcher weapon; it opens whole new weapons warfare in STO for the Klingon Empire. It’s time to get back at the Federation, it’s over due. Qa’pla. P.S. This is an old Klingon proverb saying:Revenge is a dish serves best cold! Qa’pla!Approximate Time: How much time do you require for this subject (All are given 10 minutes, but if yours takes less time, more can be accomplished by the council).
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Name: IRONMIKE Title : Fleet Leader (House of Iron), KDF Alliance Log KeeperDate : 14 NOVEMBER 2010Question, Issue, Idea's or Grievance: A brief question or statement of what you wish to have discussed (1 sentence)Idea: Create the NPC Tholian Races.Information: A more detailed explanation of why you are asking the question or what problem that needs to be resolved. (Please try to keep under 100 words):Explanation: By creating the NPC Tholian Race, you aloud more content and missions to be added to the STO Game. The Tholian race is always in some case at war with the Klingon Empire. The Tholians have different style of vessels that looks like crystals looking, rock looking and diamond looking cut shape ship. The Tholian race lives in a high heated temperature environment. From what I understand there are telepathic, when one dies the others feel it a parsec away in the latest T.V. hit series Enterprise. I never seen a Tholian move about with-out a suit on a planet yet, but that could change in STO game like the Breen they are wearing a suit to walk around and doing ground battles missions. I seen there faces aboard there ships on the old T.V. hit series Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and the latest T.V. hit series Enterprise when the Tholian was captured by Captain Archer and contain in a cell. Tholian ship fire mostly powerful Beam weapons and energy torpedo’s, but there primary weapon is the Tholian Web in-which that can trap there prey forever in a WEB made of energy. This is a great NPC character to be invited to the content. This will provide more missions and contents like the Defera or the Devidian. Solution: How you perceive this should be resolved?Solution: Request to have Cryptic and the Developers to create the NPC Faction Tholian, so as to create missions and content galore like the Defera or the Devidian Missions, also to create a special ground weapon example like the one given in the Devidian missions, so as to damage to the Tholians or a space weapon verse NPC Tholian. This is a Massive NPC mission content and Story line between the Klingon Empire and the Tholian Race. This is a big boost in content, a whole new ball game in STO. This can be turn into a Daily when the entire mission quest's are completed. P.S. This is an old Klingon proverb saying: US KLINGONS CAN WAIT TO DO BATTLE WITH THESE BLOODLESS ROCKS!
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Mike Name: IRONMIKE Title : Fleet Leader (House of Iron), KDF Alliance Log KeeperDate : 10 NOVEMBER 2010Question, Issue, Idea's or Grievance: A brief question or statement of what you wish to have discussed (1 sentence)Idea: "Up-Grading the Galaxy map Part # 4, Revamp Map, and Adding in "Tholian, Gorn, Gamma quadrant, Delta quadrant and Delta quadrant Factions".Information: A more detailed explanation of why you are asking the question or what problem that needs to be resolved. (Please try to keep under 100 words):Explanation: This is Part #4, an addition to the previous Klingon Block Sector up-grade on the Galaxy map. By Up-Grading the Klingon Sector Block on the Galaxy Map, I created a Gorn space in-which it is next to Klingon space, this race has been absorb by the Klingon/Gorn war even thou the Gorn Emblem is still posted. Created the Tholian space with its Emblem and it is located between Cardassia Sector Block and the Deferi Sector Block in accordance with the star charts of star trek. I created a Gamma Quadrant and moved the Dominion Empire there with the wormhole to provide transportation to and from Alpha and Gamma Quadrant in accordance with the star charts of star trek, I also created the Delta Quadrant and move the Borg Sector Block and Pelia Sector. People are thinking that the Borg is located in the Gamma Quadrant because it’s written on the Block – Gamma Orionis Sector Block, it is not true. The Borg came from the Delta Quadrant not the Gamma Quadrant, so I change the name from Gamma to Delta Orionis Sector Block. I added in more faction that was discovered by U.S.S. Voyager examples in the Delta Quadrant that are the Kazon, Ocampa, Krenim, Vidiian, Malon, Voth, Hierarchy, Devore, Hirogen and there are many more that are not on the map. I increase the Borg space that was conquered by the Borg Empire. I also included the Borg Uniclompex in-which it will make a great special mission like the infected or cure. I also put in a unstable wormhole, so if you go thru you would wined-up at random in any of the quadrant, also moved and shrink Empire Emblems and entry points to make more room (space) to provide more ideas in the future. The Tholian Race uses a different kind of ships and have a special weapon called the Tholian web, the Web is design to trap there prey in a bubble for Life, for the Klingons, this is definitely a fight to die for !. I did research and my homework Cryptic.Solution: How you perceive this should be resolved?Solution: Respectfully Request Cryptic and the Developers open the JPEG files, so they can see the potential growth for the STO Game for the klingon Empire. There is JPEG called up-grading Galaxy map Part# 4 Adding the Gorn, Tholian, Delta Quadrant Factions, relocating the Borg Sector Block, Dominion Sector Block, Pelia Sector, Creating Delta Quadrant and Gamma Quadrant. I am using Windows 7, using paint brush program to cut and paste method to move exit points around, so I can expand the area a bit to make it fit, also created more enter points for the Factions for future missions. If you need to see the picture closer use the zoom method. This add-on with the Gamma and Delta Quadrant will open a MassiveNPC mission content between the Klingons and the Gorn, Tholian, Dominion,Kazon, Ocampa, Krenim, Vidiian, Malon, Voth, Hierarchy, Devore, and Hirogen, Massive Story line between the Klingons and the Tholian, Gorn, Changeling's and Delta Quadrant Faction, also creating NPC Missions with the Alien's living in the Wormhole. This is a big boost in content, a whole new ball game in STO. This can be to turn into a Daily when all the mission quests are finish. Hopefully there will be an trophy to hang on the wall in the crew Mess Deck, and weapons reward. Thanks for looking at my previous maps and I hope part #4 will improve the STO game and make money. Qa’pla !
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from @Bombarded
Captains and bridge officers powers

Ther is no actual diffrens betwine the bridge officers of diffrent captins and this makes the game a bit one sided unfortunaly, makeing the shared CD duration on tacital bridge officers for a tactical Captain and the same for scince and enginer captains and BOs, scaleing this depenign on how long the duration whit a 5-10% drop of the CD one time for longer durations (1-2 mins) end and a 15-20% drop of the 45-30 sec CDs and finaly a 30% of short durations of 15 sec, this will strenghten all the Captains hofully ballence of the gapes betiwne the ships for diffrent Captains.

__________________________________________________ _

Klingon clothing

Ad the KDF coat...
Its a realy nice pice of clothing and wudde make a great Lt Gen reward as the VA coat is for the federation.

__________________________________________________ ___

this is a old post about that i realy think is something that thay shudde look in to its about more melee weapon tho the post dint pick up as well as i hoped to...
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A pet for the spacers...
Non combat active pet useed from invetory

Idea from @Bombarded
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11-16-2010, 05:28 AM
Tell you what, Chang, read it out to us ok?

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