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# 2261
01-28-2011, 12:43 PM
- Get the file managment in order with this game "HOGG" files error's make me sick to a point i allmost uninstalled the game!! really take a look at that! i'm really sick of reading "decompression error can't read data bla bla bla hogg file"
- give us free costumes for a change
- make the darn beams more to scale !! on some ships the beam is visual from the bottom wen the beam fires on top of the ship not to point out a fact if you see the beam its like way to big for the ship its firing from :p. if you want a tip, the Blue colored TOS beam phaser are way more to scale in fact perfect.
- The ship movement !! no 90 up or down really em bit sick to spiral my way up to a sample in space djeeez its space i have seen the defiant in a DS9 eps fly up-side down and do spirals for god sake so don't say its not cannon.

- more ships (prefer not c-store or at least buy able ingame with tokens or badges).
- more play able races (prefer not c-store this time)
- more things we can do on the ship, working consoles or npc shop on ur ships, maybe a tailor and ship customizer on the ship (etch with there own room and place on the ship)
- More samples as reward for successful scan mini game (i count way to many time i get 1 sample for a success scan mini game ... very frustrated)

- Open pvp maps "space map" and "Ground map" (fleet controlled points).
- foundry idea, map editor 3D view for better placement of items.
- fleet stations
- more ship customizing options in the form of more ship parts to pick from.
- custom fleet flags (give us the power to import self made logo's) ofc after one of your crew approves them :p we don't want ship flying around with .... well porn on the hull.
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01-29-2011, 05:58 AM
  • Remove cooldown of non-daily missions
  • Drastically reduce cooldown of Deep Space Encounters
  • Remove or change restrictions to available missions, cause right now you can just get a lower rank mission just, when you're in the proper sector block... possible idea: Make hailing a specific contact possible...

Accolade farming is the hell on earth with the current settings...
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01-31-2011, 02:43 PM
Short Term:
  • Proper scale size of ships.
    One of the first things I noticed when I got in STO was how off scale the ships are. The Galaxy Glass is HUGE compared to the Constitution, Excelsior, and others. Respectively, the Romulan Warbird is HUGE, compared to the Glaxy Class. However not in STO. Everything is roughly the same size give or take a few inches. of on-screen space. The Runabout right now is roughly the size of the Galaxy Class's star drive section, which is not to scale at all. I understand due to engine limitations that you may not be able to scale everything to an exact measurement, but some easy scale-up/scale-down work could be done.

Mid Term:
  • More customization options - not C-Store.
    Add some more ship customization and uniform options, just a few simple things here and there that are added to the game, not part of the C-Store. Tricorder or Phaser holsters for example, utility belts, etc. So we don't have to buy an entire pack of uniforms. The same goes for ships, add a few more parts for each ship model.
  • Working Machinima system
    There have been numerous proposals on how to make a decent machinima client. It would be great to be able to open up the foundry and create a virtual film set for us to position and move cameras, characters, ships, add atmosphere effects. And even have the characters animate speaking so we can add dialog. Additionally, a camera-mode in game would be great so we can film live events without seeing our ship or characters. Make sure there are plenty of options, depth of field control, zoom, etc.
  • Fully XYZ Space Flight Dynamics, barrell rolls and stuff.
    You know what I mean.

Long Term:
  • Hire Ron Jones to compose a new soundtrack for the game.
    I reccomended him years ago when STO was first announced under Perpetual. Contacted him myself, and he said he was interested. He composed the best music for TNG, Starfleet Academy, and Starfleet Command. The current soundtrack is pretty average game music.
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# 2264 Game needs
02-02-2011, 03:02 PM
I just completed all the missions I could do and a ton of farming on my main now a VA. I know the game is new I'm new but a month and I'm done? We need more missions for our characters. And we need the graphical and game play bugs fixed. I hope to see more content added. My subscription may seem like peanuts to you but it is money I earned and you need to earn it. Sorry for being blunt but you have a good game and I love what we have but there needs to be more for us to do. Without having to do the same stuff countless times.
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# 2265 New Guy
02-04-2011, 04:47 AM
Short Term:
More facial expressions. Doesn't anyone smile in the Star Trek Universe?

* Assigned weapon groups. I don' tnessesarily want to fire ALL phasers at a target. I may want to not fire 1.

Mid Term:
* Useable Furniture. ( Pretty much a wish list item for all of your games. CoX/CO/STO ) All of this great rendered furniture none of which we can actually use.

* More low rank ships. More ships at the LT/LTC & Commander lvl. Even C Store items. Not everyone gets all of thier characters or even thier first one to RA.

* Assigned senior positions for Bridge Officers. I'd like to be able to assign one of my officers as Chief engineer, or Science Officer or First officer. For even a slight passive boost. Essentially I want to be able to have senior officers who are not nessesarily bridge officers. Will give me somethign to do with all of those extra officers I have commisions when they're not actively in BO slots on the ship.

* More things to do on my bridge/ship. I have a sick bay/ lab, can't do anythign with it. I'd love to craft from my own ship.

* To combine two ideas, if I assign one of my officers as a chief medical officer, I expect to see that officer in the sick bay. My chief engineer should be in engineering. Do't want all of my senior officers on the bridge.

Long Term:
Fighting the ship, or at the very least Sector travel from the bridge. I'd love to be able to sit in my captains chair and access the sector map on the main viewscreen of the bridge. It's essentially first person view when on your bridge in sector space.
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# 2266 Starfleet Universe
02-04-2011, 03:11 PM
Ok, I admit it, I love this game and what it has done for the Star Trek Universe and also to cure my 6-year withdrawal from Star Trek (except of course for the Star Trek X movie). Seeing Gorn ships had me looking at some of my old Star Trek video games and I was suddenly struck with an idea that I thought I'd put forth here. What would people think of the future inclusions of Empires such as the following:

Interstellar Concordium (ISC)

Kzinti Hedgemony / Mirak Star League

Lyran Star Empire

Hydran Kingdom

The appearance, histories, locations, allegiances, ship design philosophies, indigenous weapon systems and foreign policies of these entities have already been established and can easily be intertwined with what is already in place. Other races like the Orions and Gorns are already in place so the fabric on which the story can be told has already been woven. This would also bring the Tholian Assembly into the game. Now I know this isn't something that can just be done overnight but it can be done and without as much difficulty as coming up with something new that nobody has ever heard of (Deferi anyone?). Here is a trailer of Starfleet Command vol. II which will show all of the ships in combat (George Takei doing Sulu's voice was a nice touch):

And the intros for Starfleet Command vols I and II:

The games take place in the original motion picture era but that shouldn't matter much. The Klingons still use the K'T'inga and B'rel classes and Starfleet still uses the Miranda, Oberth and Excelsior classes so updating ship design doesn't have to be that complicated. Many can remain exactly as they were. I know that many people here are familiar with these games but since Starfleet Command vol. II came out 11 years ago, I'm sure that there are some that do not know these games. Online games need constant updates and new material to stay viable so this could definitely be a source. Imagine STO being so huge as to have all of these things in it. Star Trek has a unique advantage over other Sci-Fi and Space Fantasy franchises in regard to the sheer scope of the universe itself. It is by far the largest and most developed Sci-Fi franchise in history and all of that makes it possible for STO to really rule the MMORPG world.

Another thing that would be a nice addition would be the ship designs from Starfleet Command vol. III because the combat is very similar. I'm thinking of things like the Borg Pyramind, the Romulan Falcon Shrike, Hawk and Raptor classes and the Klingon Fek'lhr-class. All of my strategies from that game (and Legacy) work exactly the same way in STO. Here's what the ships look like:

Borg Pyramid:

Romulan ships:
The Talon/Falcon-classes would be less out of place than the Enterprise-era BOP don't you think? lol

Klingon Fek'lhr-class:

Sorry to break format but this is all I could think of. LOL
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# 2267 My requests
02-04-2011, 05:41 PM
Short term:
- Transwarp ability in all major sectors.
- Ambassador class Federation starship in C-Store.
- Tholians, please!
- Texture map variations for ground play, ESP in science console areas. Those shiny crystal glass like consoles drive me crazy!! Too much recycling of texture maps!!

Mid term:
- Mission where your 2nd in command can move into their own Captaincy. Have a mission where an away team to another Federation starship requires the main character to beam back, leaving the 2nd in command character to take control. (A new player slot/account is created.) Once the mission ends, the new Captain returns the ship to Spacedock to either keep, or get a new ship.

Bottom line: Ability to spin off one character into a Captain rank and start playing with that character. As to their new crew, they're assigned a fixed number of officers with a pool of points to divide amongst them.

- Excelsior class variant, such as we saw on DS9 TV show.

- Ability to visit planets (major and minor) within Sol system. Especially Jupiter Station and Utopia Planitia shipyards over Mars.

Longer term:
- Better in-ship experience. Right now, it's boring! Sorry!
- Improve Crystalline Entity play. Rare to get other ships (players) engaged in that scenario!
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# 2268 Ron Jones
02-04-2011, 06:04 PM
And I agree 1000% with another poster:

Get Ron Jones.
New soundtrack.
Damn the development budget. Make it so! . Maybe sell the option for new music in the C-Store. Think of the monetization opportunities!
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# 2269
02-04-2011, 06:10 PM
The excelsior variant is in the game already.
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# 2270
02-05-2011, 12:50 PM
1) Level cap just slightly higher. Maybe one more Admiral level.

2) The ability to earn or purchase one extra "floating" console slot that you can assign as TAC, SCI, or ENG.

3) Instead of ever-increasing mark levels for weapons, a variety of more unique custom weapons. Like a dual turret, or a heavy cannon with an overload setting, or the ability to combine torpedo features (such as transphasic + quantum).

4) "Repel boarding party" missions on your own ship. Maybe even the option of boarding an enemy ship with a tactical team during space combat.

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