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02-09-2011, 07:35 AM
Cool thread.

Short term - More areas of the game that are populated, with NPCs going about their business, perhaps a cityscape or two would be wonderful. Planetside locations here... not just rehashing starbases mind you... there are plenty of starbases.

Mid term - More meaningful equipment runs - equipment that is rarer and noticeably better such that every VA isn't 95% to max possible stats within a few days of capping.

Long term - A third playable race, Vulcans/Cardassians/Romulans anything would do. It isn't so much that I want a certain race, just that a third race in the mix would make balancing and open PVP and other tasks easier and everything would not be so two sided "KLINGONS VS FED".
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02-09-2011, 01:39 PM
Short term: Playing from Europe it can get quite laggy when Americans log in. So much so that I just bugger off and play other games. At worst I disconnect during what was a painfully arduous and painfully boring mission. I might of completed 6/7ths of this horrendously tedious mission and find myself with the task of starting the entire thing again. Frustation not equaling fun it makes want to return to playing other games where I get a good service and most importantly fun. Short term I'd want to see a change where upon logging in after a DC on any mission I pick up where I have left off.

Mid term: I'd want to have less lag.

Longterm: I want someone new to look at the game and make it more fun to play.
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02-09-2011, 04:56 PM
Heres what Id like to see.

Short term

greater quality/quantity data samples from ground game, should equate to space samples.

The ability to Hail Jiro Sugihara from space instead of having to go all the way back to earth.

Mid Term
The ability for Klingons to group with federation players in Gamma sector, its long overdue and makes sense.

More Mini games (Chess/Poker) with PvP functionality (a reason to invite someone onto your ship)

Improved ship interior functionality (games in ten forward, storage in captains quarters, mini game in engineering that gives a small buff, injury treatment in sick bay)

Improved target camera lock in space combat


Long Term
The Introduction Of Real next Generation starfleet vessels, not these crappy "Retrofits". I feel like Im driving a cadillac instead of a camaro. Think "USS Dauntless" from Voyager episode "Hopes and Fears", or even the Typhoon class battleship. Starfleet would be much further ahead with ship design than what they are in game. Same for Klingons. Maybe consult with CBS?

Open "worlds" for ground game. Randomly generated massive maps with all different types of cities and characters for worlds. The worlds feel too linear and artificial. Adding critters is a step in the right direction. Why not make them catchable as pets?

The ability to gain diplomacy exp with all major factions and integrate crafting system so you can craft faction specific technology. Example: The Romulan exiles love you so you can use their crafting station to put romulan parts on your ship. Because the Romulans like you the cardassians hate you... you get the idea. It would mean much more variety in ship builds and more interesting pvp.

Level cap raise and development of the Iconian storyline for Vice Admirals (think this might be in the works).

More interesting quest rewards based on a mutli-path story arc with missions.

Think That about covers it, the ship thing is important, Im sick of looking at Galaxy classes. Thanks for reading!
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02-09-2011, 08:13 PM
Shortterm goals:
-Maybe add Bajoran weapons for ground combat.
-Fix anamolies that are far above or below you but you cannot reach them. You cannot fly to them because of board dimesion restrictions.

Midterm Goals:
-Add an interaction for Bajoran captains at the Bajoran Temple on DS9
-Make your ship crew NPC uniforms match your captain's uniform. So that when you walk around your ship (off the bridge--after customizing your bridge officers to match you) you actually feel part of a Starfleet crew from whatever time period...or you can all look like a homogenious crew.
-The ablility to assign your bridge officers roles/titles like First Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, etc.
~Joined Trill bridge officers
~The ability to replay past weekly feature mission content, if you missed it (but after a set time from when the episode originally "aired"...something like 3-6 months might not be bad). And it would give something to do while developing other episodes.

Longterm Goals
-Missions affected by choices/actions/dialogue
-Playable Jem'Hadar Federation and/or Klingon captains
-Be able to travel to Earth...planetside and see Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy (at least).
-Maybe add a mission/story involving Mars and the Utopia Plantetia shipyards.
~Missions in the Gamma Quadrant--through the Bajoran wormhole
~Jem'Hadar Bridge Officers
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02-10-2011, 08:32 PM
Short term
Add elite items that can be obtained by various ways eg pvp-pve
Fixing the difficulty curve between normal advanced etc.

Mid term
Advanced ground combat that gives the game an edge and a lot of fun
Skills that are more clever to use and bigger variety
More action combat
Customize our ground weapons and give them new shapes color etc
Customize our weapon fire style and color
I think shooting like 3rd person fps could be awesome just like fallen earth and even better.
Advanced equipment slots eg earrings,amulets,rings,shoulders,gloves etc that carry stats with them making ground combat even more amazing.

Long term
Make startrek online have some kind of sim city feel,strategy game feel and eve online feel but in a more clever way.
1.Having ships in my solo fleet that gather planet or asteroids resources and selling them to earn money or collecting them to create ships or other things in my starbase or starship.
2.Having crew members in my ship that are working as craftsmen that they lvl up through time and they explore new recipies to create items.Also crew members in my ship that are send to planets to gather resources or to special missions to lvl up.
3.Giving orders to other ships that i have in my command making space combat epic.
4.Special missions that require you to command your ship inside your bridge
5.make the ship moving while im in the bridge interior and give comands from my interior
6.Continue evolving ground combat cause i think revamp will not be enough.
7.Advanced foundry system
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02-11-2011, 01:50 PM
short term : (1) I like to be able to change toons without having to log out and then back in
(2) would be nice if you could set up bridge crew for each ship and keep them that way. example if in fly a sci ship my crew is set up for that ship but if I cahnge to a excort have a diffrent crew already there set for that ship and so on. If a capt leaves one ship and goes to another the crew does not always go with him they are still on the last ship waiting for him to come back
(3) this one i thought would be cool any way we can get a hat for the suite the toon.

Med Term : Like to see more missions of kinglon side

other than that can think of anything now But you guys are doing a great job keep it up
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02-12-2011, 02:58 PM
Short Term- Get rid of Cstore
Mid-Term - Get rid of Cstore
Long Term- Make me king of the STO universe, then get rid of Cstore

Thank you. That is all
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02-13-2011, 07:23 PM
Short Term: More items I can buy with latinum. More player-races, pets and uniforms.

Mid Term: More mini-games. I'm a casual player so playing mini-games like dabo really really appeals to me.
Games like Kal-Toh or kadis-kot would be cool to play. I'll be willing to buy them from the c-store.
Some more games can be seen here at Memory Alpha

Long Term:
Another faction. That would definitely keep me playing the game longer. Maybe some more remastered episodes. More voice-acting would be nice.

Keep up the good work devs, this game is going places! =)
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02-13-2011, 11:32 PM
--- SHORT TERM ---

- SEPARATE CRAFTING FROM RESEARCH: Research could stay centered on memory alpha, but crafting should be possible even during an away mission, if your responsible engineer or scientist is with you.

- MAKE THE PVP CUEUEING SYSTEM USABLE FOR MULTIPLAYER MISSIONS AS WELL: I am not in a fleet because I am a freelancer and don't have much time. Whenever I go online and want to play a multiplayer mission like INFECTED or THE CURE i ask in the zone chat or use the teaming feature, but it takes eons to get an answer if I ever get one. Make it possible to cueue up for those missions like for the pvp missions.

- MINOR TWEAKS REGARDING SITTABLE CHAIRS: Make the Captains Chair (by right-clicking the chair) sitting animation more dynamic like the emote. Right now she sits there as if she has a problem in her pants. Enable all chairs in the game to be right-clickable for a sitting animation like the captains chair. Change the position of the mission replay terminal clicking hotspot so that my captain can reach the terminal while sitting at her desk in the ready room, and doesn't have to get up again to reach the terminal.

--- MID TERM ---

- VEHICLES/TRANSPORTATION/MOVEMENT METHODS: Buggys, ATV's, anti-gravitational-pods, hovercrafts, stationary railway/subway, planetary shuttles/crew transporters, conveyor belts, lifts, ladders, jetpack, rocket boots. - Create the possibility to do freeclimbing on a rock. "There is only one reason to climb a rock: Because it's there!" - Create a swimsuit and a scuba suit and the ability to swim and dive! I want to experience Risa as it is ment to be! - Create a space suit with magnetic boots and make it possible to walk on the outside of the ships hull.

- ASSIGN BRIDGE OFFICERS TO USABLE SHIPS CONSOLES ON THE SHIPS INTERIOR AND LET US COMMAND THE SHIP FROM THE BRIDGE: Make ships consoles in the ships interior maps usable and make it possible to assign officers. E.G. If I used the mission replay terminal to choose a mission, the normal way should be heading to my nav lieutenant on the bridge and give him the order to set a course to the new location without having to leave the bridge and beam to ship again, if i visited the bridge from a starbase before. The ships consoles should be more meaningful than the consoles in the ships character page. Players should be able to see on the bridge who is assigned to which tactical or science or engineering station and be able to directly give them commands from within the bridge map. If you're injuried, then go to sickbay to your chief medical officer and get a tratment, or if you like to craft things, go to the science lab, or if you want to plug in a new module for the warp drive, go to main engineering and order your engineering team to make it so, and if you want to play that dixon hill episode, then go to holodeck, or if you want to chart new star clusters, do it from whihin the astrometrics lab instead of flying there.

- LANDING PARTY WITHOUT CAPTAIN/VISUAL COMMUNICATION ONSCREEN: Make it possible to send a landing party to a planet/station/other ship without being with them. Then make it possible to talk to them for report via bigscreen on the bridge. Make it possible to use the bigscreen on the bridge for all visual communication.

--- LONG TERM ---

- FACTION/REPUTATION SYSTEM: Include a faction/reputation system and reputation rewards. Include freelancer/scientists/smuggler/pirate/headhunter/religious/paramilitary groups and make the player able to sympathise or join with them and create storylines around them like the marquee or the daystrom institute.

- PLAYER CRAFTABLE CUSTOMIZABLE SHIPS/BASES: Include a modular ship designer for interior and exterior to build freighters, who carry containers on a skeleton frame, and special purpose ships and design the ships interior layout and functionality. Include the possibility to create player controlled bases or colonies - either orbital or planetary - for mining, farming, crafting and trading to gather more latinum.

- FLUENT SEAMLESS (STREAMING) MAP TRANSITIONS WITHOUT LOADING SCREENS: Make it possible to do a manual or tractor beam supported docking procedure in earth space dock and actually walk through the airlock from the ship into the station. Make it possible to approach a star system and drop out of warp flight without loading screen to explore the system (including sol system) and make it possible to approach a planet for standard orbit. Also make it possible to manually launch a shuttle (flight simulator style) from ships hangar bay and approach a planets surface in atmospheric flight, then land and actually leave the shuttle/crew transporter through the bulkhead.

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02-14-2011, 07:12 AM
1 more war zones and contested spase zones ,where we all get a chat log (the klingons are attacking k7 all feds we need help to push them back) or admiral saying its time to take this fight to qo nos and you run a armada to qo nos and kick the downs down, 2 weapon tree so we can customeize our weapons more with range, high power,multi efects., just more of us in our weapon builds, and the 3rd ......a romulan playable race a 3 race pvp would be bad as? klingons quit crying and thanks for a great game

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