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02-09-2010, 03:47 PM
short :

- better server performance (no more rubber banding please)

- better matchmaking engine
- more pvp options (maps)

- more pvp options (open pvp zone)
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02-09-2010, 03:51 PM
Short Term
  • Overhaul the Power Store - Seriously, Ground vs. Space, then by BO career.
  • Server Stability/Login Errors (ongoing, I know, but probably my #1 gripe right now)
  • Transwarp to different locations, at least 1 per sector block OR at least allow us to go back through our wormhole to the place we left.
  • Teams of 5 should create their own instance of exploration and defense missions. Defend the X sector missions should not divide up the team among 3 different instances
  • fix some character animations - backwards running targ are just weird.
  • be able to allocate a communications officer who always relays data from the ship. Why is my first officer telling me stuff when she is right next to me?
  • Add sound effects when you get hailed from the ship or another NPC
  • Continue rebalancing combat to be a tad more challenging
  • Improve descriptions in every way. If I look at a mission, I should know what system, in what sector block, and what the rewards are.

Medium Term
  • Add varied missions that are more challenging, non combat, diplomatic, or quest based. More exploration.
  • Add missions with a potential for failure, timers
  • Add missions where piloting matters (avoid the asteroids, etc)
  • Add missions where targeting doesn't work, or cat and mouse with a single ship (a'la Kirk v. Kahn, Mutara Nebula)
  • Add recurring villains, continue with rich storylines like City on the Edge . . .
  • Add more ship customization - no one wants flying carrots, but we should be able to choose things like Over-Under nacelles, etc.
  • Add active ship abilities to every class (as the science vessels now)
  • Allow BO Skill points to be banked, so you don't lose them. You earned them after all.
  • Separate BO skill points into ground points and space points which are earned in their respective missions. That way, you can spend points in a more realistic manner.

Long Term
  • The game itself is out of scale, I understand the rush to get you behind the wheel of a starship quick, but I really believe you should be given the choice in the beginning of running into a hangar bay and choosing between a Runabout and a Delta Flyer, and that's where you should have started, with 1 weapon slot in the nose and that's it. Make getting a starship a BIG deal, not just a prize in the bottom of a crack 'r jack box. Then move onto a single nacelle ship like the Kelvin from ST (2009), then to a Miranda
  • As stated before add more inherent ship powers. This can more easily justify ship class additions, not to mention adding an additional element into the class/ship choices.
  • Add hybrid ship classes, such as the ability to go Light Cruiser all the way up or speedy Scout ships or even massive Dreadnoughts.
  • add endgame content of colonization, first contacts, starbase construction.
  • Add cardassian/romulan as playable factions with both PvE and PvP content.
  • Add access to Delta Quadrant, etc.
  • Add holodeck missions.
  • Add missions to repel boarders, to board your enemy's vessel, and then have to choose between leaving your BO to man the bridge, or to repel boarders
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02-09-2010, 03:53 PM
1) Patch notes are included and added at all times.

2) News and details on what is in the works and what is on the table be made available.

3) Problems, servers going boom, etc., promptly posted and LOCKED so that all can see it without wading through these posts.
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02-09-2010, 04:18 PM
Short Term:
1. Fix firing of ground weapons, either reinstate auto fire or allow for when fire button is pressed the weapon fires once the cool down is complete. Currently using pistol type weapons is a pain, as they don't respond correctly to key commands.
2. Fix Bridge Officer pathing, so they don't get stuck in doorways.
3. Fix disappearing commands from the tool bars.

Mid Term:
1. Allow switching of stored costume/uniform choices through the character screen, instead of having to visit a tailor on a starbase.
2. Locking Toolbars, so items can not be accidentally dragged off of them.
3. More costume/uniform slots. I have four unique costume choices but only 2 slots to save costumes.
4. Allow saving of uniforms only so we can have Bridge officers in the exact same uniform.
5. Balance rewards from Fleet Actions so not just the highest level ship or heaviest armed escort get the top place all the time.

Long Term
1. More complicated ground missions.
2. More clothing options.
3. More ship interior spaces.
4. View screen on bridge shows representation of ship's current location. If near a planet, shows ship in orbit, at a station, shows station, in sector space, shows star field, etc.
5. Tool kit for player created holo-deck/suite programs.
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02-09-2010, 04:26 PM
Let me start by saying that I'm really digging what you folks have cooked up thus far. Some really beautiful star systems, nebulas and planet-side environments out there. And the space combat and ground combat framework is pretty solid. But here are some things that I think could really add some polish to the game flavor and really evolve the gameplay into something with even more immersion.

Short Term:
-Please let my female characters have access to the Classic TOS miniskirt/minidress uniform options that I supposedly got as part of my D2D deluxe edition. I see the shirts and rank/emblems available, but that classic miniskirt/minidress for female characters is not in there (that I'm seeing).
-Auto-holster weapons in safe/civilian areas by default. (for the folks who posted about integrating holstering weapons, check your keybinds, it's been in there since beta)
-Some sort of progress tracking in Memory Alpha. I've no idea what I need to do to unlock the rest of the stations. Better yet, get rid of the requirement to build X components with Y person to unlock Z person altogether. I've got tons of data samples in my stash and have better equipment from missions or drops than the choices that I have to build with the initial person... so I can blindly waste my data samples to unlock Z person, or else simply let me shop around and see what they all have to offer or something.

-Make tutorial skippable for Federation alts with something like the Klingon character start package once you've reached X level.
-Let you attach items to mail to send that nifty kit you found to your alt, etc.
-Implement some sort of policy on reducing the credit-spammers & power-leveling spammers. We've got the report spam option, and I've been using it liberally... thanks for the auto-ignore when reporting spam. Saves me a step.

-Space... the final frontier... I agree with many of the previous posts as far as ideas about expanding the space exploration portion of the game. That's ultimately what this is all about. The storyline combat sections of the game are fun and fine as is, but let's see a more involved aspect of active space exploration. These could be party-instanced so that you still get your MMO party fix, but striking out to explore whole systems. New alien lifeforms and civilizations to contact, and the intrigue of coming into contact with them and their various plots... preferably more original series style content in this vein.
-Branching storyline / dialogue choices... negotiation, diplomacy, intrigue... allow me to make meaningful choices in the progress of the mission which may affect its outcome.
-Perhaps change the space travel interface from a 3rd person system map to doing all space travel from my bridge... give it a purpose other than as a hangout. If I pop into combat, then you can pop me out of my bridge and back into 3rd person view. While we're on that topic, perhaps let me explore my ship. Let me have adventures on my ship. I picked up some weird hitchhiker while moving through system X, and now something wonky is happening upon my ship that I have to deal with. Let me interact with my bridge officers.

Some food for thought.
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02-09-2010, 04:26 PM
Short Term

As everyone elses, also please fix the ground glitch where my character seems to automatically target an enemy even though I have not presses anything or told it to attack

Medium Term

Here's what I wrote in another thread about having in-ship missions, apart from just being able to walk around in it.

1) The obvious boarding parties, you have to capture/kill them before they sabotage your ship
2) Again with sabotage, we know there are a lot of romulan or cadasian etc spies in Starfleet, they can sabotage your ship and you then have to fix it.
3) Something I want in game, to sabotage your own ship in a minor way and then you get to see an engineer come and repair it and be in a grumpy mood
4) Go to sickbay and have to assist the EMH or Dr in creating an antdote or combat a virus.
5) Just walk about talk to your crew
6) Holodeck
7) Go to Engineering and save the ship from a Warp core breach
8) Relax in your quarters
9) Go see the ship counciller
10) Reallign and modify the ships defelctor dish to emit a pulse in order to kill disable something etc

Long Term

Well this is actually a complete overhaul but I think would make the game better: a guild ship.

They really should have made it so that you need x amount of players on a ship for it to function. and that the captain must earn their way to it. Or maybe kindda like a guild, the guild master is the captain and members of the guild can be officers on the ship. Make it a bit like Lost, where an engineer must press this button every x hours in order to vent the warp plasma, otherwise it can cause a breach.

And when it somes to battles, you have the main ppl on the bridge fighting other ships, whilst you have other people to be on alert to either force out boarding parties or having to reroute power to fix a breach, or have to fix an eps conduit to restore power to some weapons etc.

SO a guild can have more than one ship and people can transfer from one to another, or even how about owning your own guild starbase when you have a large enough guild and credits.
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02-09-2010, 04:30 PM
Outstanding thread!


1) Improved tooltips, descriptions, and "flavor text" for pretty much everything. This, to me, is the lifeblood of immersion. "+12 sensor probes" does nothing for me, but a couple-sentence description of how "this console is designed to optimize the long-range study of phenomena in situations that either do not warrant or are too hazardous for a starship to approach" is pretty slick. Uncommon and rare consoles can even have bits of lore attached to them -- "one of only a handful built by the fleet yards at Utopia Planetia," or "designed by former USS Enterprise Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott." This would do so much for the game. Really!\

2) The elimination of bugs such as the Warzone/Borg Hunt bug, or the Psi Velorum patrol mission bug.

3) I would love it if bridge officers would follow suit when I holstered my weapon, and if weapons were automatically holstered when beaming to friendly locations.


1) The addition of additional crafting mechanics -- whether it be "Scotty crafting," whereby resources and items are consumed when your Engineer temporarily buffs or repairs a ship system, or a more conventional but no less awesome crafting system along the lines of Star Wars: Galaxies, this game begs for a full, rich, and engaging crafting system. Memory Alpha is a start. It can't be the finish. Crafting is one of the best, most cost-effective ways to lend an MMO longevity and fun. It's something that can be worked on almost continually by players. Enriching it is as simple as scattering new recipes in along with a patch.

2) Improved variety and depth of PvP, PvE and "off-duty" content for all factions, including non-combat and exploratory missions. Surprise us with strange anomalies or more distress calls. Give us moral dilemmas. Give us a Kobayashi Maru.

3) Additional starship customization options -- more canonical and non-canonical pieces for all factions -- player and NPC alike. Right now, there are a large number of options... but we need to encounter more variety, particularly among NPC critters and starships.


1) A dynamic, strategic system of long-term PvP and PvE territory and objectives. Think the SFC dynaverse, on steroids. I want to read a message that K-7 has fallen to the Klingon Empire, and that a fleet is massing near Risa to retake it. I want to feel like my actions, or lack of actions, matter in the grand scheme of the game. Space would feel bigger, more alive, and more dangerous.

2) Additional fully-realized factions, with storylines and complete, compelling gameplay. It's ambitious, but I have faith that Cryptic can make it so. I want to be a Tal Shiar operative, or an idealistic Cardassian Gul looking to restore the Union.

3) Sensors, tricorders, minigames, and ship interiors. All of these are vital to deep immersion. Let us scan anything. Let us go to engineering. Let us really involve ourselves in this world you've created.
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02-09-2010, 04:33 PM
Short -
Fixing graphical glitches
Creating a minor skill differences between Engineer, Scientist and Tactical in space (Just bump down one skill to level 5 would be nice)
Better customized tool bars (I would love option 3 but I want to keep my BO's there without ruining the UI's sleekness)

Medium -
Giving the RPers a slight break. There are like 4 different emotes for sitting in a chair, even then you have to get into the right position in order to do it. Would it be possible to make certain objects intractable so it's easier to get things looking right?
Detailed in-game breakdown of what things do.
How do the skills effect lower levels? If they have to spend 6,700 points on skills they would normally like to know exactly how it effects them in the future (Or in the now). For example, what exactly does the tactical team captain thing do.... Especially when your in a full group?

Long -
Who doesn't love free content?
Player created content
PvP 'deathmatch' missions that group the people up better (For example, one set spawn point in a protected area). Being on your own usually leads to a horrible death against the "winning" grouped up party
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02-09-2010, 04:37 PM
Ship Renaming: Why does this cost anything again?
If you recall in DS9 sisko had to have special dispensation to rename the new definat to definant. So it makes sense you need to spend merits on it, could be cheaper though.
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02-09-2010, 04:39 PM
Short term:
- A description of the many skills, attributes, item bonusses etc. is very much needed.
- A lot of game/interface elements are unexplained. For example, why do some star systems have white buttons, while other star systems have black buttons?

Ingame maps:
- The map interface currently feels very cluncky overall. I think the system list tab should be removed and its functionality included in the area/galaxy maps. Or at the very least, make the system list span multiple columns. I shouldn't have to scroll the list if there's plenty of free space on the tab.
- Make the galaxy map interactive. Add the ability to zoom in on other sector blocks to see what systems are in there.
- Add the ability to plot a course across sector blocks.
- Add labels on the ground maps for known locations, such as starbases. For Earth Spacedock, that would mean labeling the areas such as Exchange, Ship Requisitions, etc.

Exchange interface:
- Make the results sortable.
- I want to be able to search for "Some Rifle Mk II" (Mark 2) without seeing "Some Rifle Mk III" (Mark 3) in the results. An option to do an exact name search would solve this.

Mid term:
- Earth looks gorgeous from space. I wonder what it looks like when I beam down to the surface...
- Ship interiors. I would to love see my own ship from the inside.
- More random events (distress calls etc). This should make the galaxy feel (even) more alive.

Long term:
- More mission variaty, such as missions that involve diplomacy, making choices.
- In-ship missions.
- Free exploration of systems without needing to be on a mission.
- Scanning. Why not get a radar like view of all anomalies/entities when I press the scan button, instead of it pointing to a random anomaly. I would also like to see detailed scans of anything I can target.

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