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02-20-2011, 12:58 PM
Short Term;

Let us sell some of this bound stuff on the exchange.

Long Term;

Expand the galaxy. The explored area isn't big enough.
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02-20-2011, 01:18 PM
I just sat through three hours of dull ground combat, pressing the same two buttons. Please, for god sake do something to make ground combat interesting, not adding another wave of breen. I like the idea of a third person shooter for ground combat instead of a button masher.
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02-20-2011, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by _Shamrock_
I just sat through three hours of dull ground combat, pressing the same two buttons. Please, for god sake do something to make ground combat interesting, not adding another wave of breen. I like the idea of a third person shooter for ground combat instead of a button masher.
they are in Season 4
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02-20-2011, 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by Admiral_Emerson View Post
I'm not trying to sound critical, but from what I can see, the problem with increasing the size of the planets is that they'd never fit on the screen/map. A lot of people made similar comments about Star Trek Armada 2, but if they where any bigger you'd never be able to do anything with them.
you should stop thinking in terms like "map" and "fit into". there already have been games with seamless content before, where you could actually approach a planet, enter the atmosphere and continue with atmospheric flight simulator style and finally land on the surface, get out of your craft and do your ground mission in 3rd-person style.

the trick is, to just scale the planet up or the player ship down while you approach it from space, until it reaches the appropriate size for atmospheric flight.

i really would love to see this ingame and to avoid the nasty loading screens. ever heard of frustrum culling, map content streaming?? this makes it possible to load objects while approaching them, and to delete objects behind you while you move away from them.
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Tae’Guk House of Korax

Short term:

B’Rel Bird of Prey

Crew is same as start up B’Rel BoP idea to have it increased to 50.

4 bridge officers 2nd lieutenant commander spots and lowering it to 1 lieutenant +15 already to weapon damage possible to increase 17-20 instead.

Short term:

3rd spot for a pistol on character so they can have a ranged weapon, pistol, and melee weapon
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02-22-2011, 04:56 AM

-A sort Button for inventories. (Possibly with an auto sort to bank function where items can be flagged to sort into someone's bank if they use the sort button while they're in their bank.)

-The ability to right click to move or equip items (like in Champions online)

-The ability to wear Commbadges and Rank Insignia through armor (the way NPCs can).

Two more for Short (so technically at five, sorry)

-Change the Klingon Rank names from: Lieutenant | Lieutenant Commander | Commander | Captain to Lieutenant (2-10) | Captain (11-20) | Major (21-30) | Colonel (31-40), for a more natural transition to the Klingon General Ranks.

-Some kind of altered visual icons for the Particle Traces. The Sort function would undermine the need for this somewhat, but it is really aggravating at present.


-Item appearance modification (so as you find armor you unlock more armor appearances so you can adjust it, or the same with weapons a character carries. I can't be the only one who thinks some of the weapon upgrades look idiotic.).

-The ability to either create and edit toggle-able kit visuals for your Bridge Officers, or the ability to equip them for some other kind of bonus (accelerated cooldown or whatever)

-The Ability to Customize the KA Borg BO (particularly the ability to make them look basically human, the way the Engineering Borg BO and Liberated Borg Players can).


-Combat overhaul. Possibly a stop and pop style third person shooter mechanic for ground combat.

-The ability to break down items for more research data.

-A piecemeal weapon system, so we can customize how our weapons function in more detail. Where binding drops adds them to our ship's "armory", and we can strip them apart and build them up from someplace. (Possibly the same with Armor and Kits.)
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02-22-2011, 02:34 PM
Short-term requests

VOY/DS9/TNGMOVIE Uniform fixes

Mid-term requests

Uniform Holsters for your side-arm and tricorder
Type-6 Photon Torpedos
More player character customization e.g. hair types, attachments etc etc and so on
More and less cluttered PVP maps
Galaxy/sector block map cleaned up and more detailed
VOY/DS9 type-2 Boomerang Phaser
TNG Type-3 Phaser rifle
VOY Compression Phaser rfile
Dual Quantum Torpedo launcher for the Escort
Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons that sound like the Defiant from the show
Lots of mini games!! e.g. Tongo, Poker, 3D Chess, Kal-toh, Dom-jot, Kadis-kot
More Federation ship classes e.g. Ambassdaor, Dauntless class, New Orleans class, Norway class, Yeager type.

Long-term requests

Go to other parts of the Sol System e.g. Jupiter Station, Moon surface, Utopia Planitia Yards
Go down to Starfleet Academy/Starfleet headquaters/San Franciso etc
Better scaled ship interiors
Allow for players to create Interiors from scratch in the foundry
New STF's in different sectors
More Fleet actions
Starbase 375
More Shuttles
More Shuttle missions
Aero shuttle
DS9 Overhaul
New sectors (see Star Trek Star Charts for more info)
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# 2318 Upgrading items
02-22-2011, 11:39 PM
I would like to See perhaps in the short term for crafting to be improved.

For short term
I would like to see perhaps the ability to craft MK XII gear at the blue and purple level. for short term

For mid term
Also I would like to see for mid term to see Crafting to add an Upgrade options, allowing us to take say MK X gear like say the Borg weapons you get from Battle group omega for Marks of Valor, as well as other items, Like Starship weapons, Star Ship shields, Engines, Deflectors, consoles, but also Personal Items like Kits, ground Shields, ground armor, and ground weapons to be upgradable as well. able to say up grade a white item to a green, then Green item to a blue item, and then to a Purple.

Perhaps even able give the item the bonuses you want, like for ground weapons, CritdX3, acc x3, dmg x3, crtHx3, to allow you the ultimate customization for your character.

Perhaps on ships you can take ground equipment, to the engineering lab, and there with samples and particle traces upgrade items, either from Greens to blues, to purples, or take say a mark x purple and upgrade it to a Mk XI purple with the exact same bonuses. just an upgrade in power level and damage, while star ships need to travel to a star base to upgrade ship items, as in the series, star ship crews could take ground equip and modify it as they deemed fit. While in most cases, star ships had to travel to star bases to be upgraded. Because I have on one alt, all the anti-borg weapons from BGO, and when we hit the ability to level up to say 55, 60 and such. They will be fairly weak, and I REALLY do not want to GRind for over a month to get new weapons and gear for my ship and crew.

I would rather take samples and traces and upgrade them.

for long term
I would like to see missions where you can perhaps take ships from the Stables/drydock and have them commanded by your bridge Crew, for support ships by missions. Like a Minor STF mission but playable by one person. you would loose temp the powers of that BO, on the other ship accessible to your ship Directly. IE Put a commander Engineer on a ship, Put another engineer on another ship, As well as being able to set those ships up weapon wise and equipment wise. Maybe even set those ships up to patrol and defend your fleet's starbase if those bases can be have player attack/enabled/disabled at will. Because I have like two dozen ships in dry dock over a number of characters On STO, and all they do, is Sit there and collect dust.
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# 2319
02-23-2011, 07:46 AM
Fix the "dialogue makes my ship decloak" bug

More complex PvP system - rankings specifically, 2v2 arena maybe

More customizations - my own ships, fleet starbase
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re: Open PVP area idea
by Kalara_Valtesia on 23 Feb 2011 12:12 pm
Positive feedback from Kalara@Valtesia Blood Dragoons

I see this being a long term idea as there is much programming that will need to be done to implement this idea but know that small portions can be implemented a little at a time

Open PVP Area:

I realize that an open PVP area is something that many people want and yet has been a concern due to the faction imbalanced however it is something that can be worked into the game by certain things implemented into the PVP area. Listing of these ideas that could be implemented is listed below.

1.) First and foremost adding a star base or system that is the open PVP area within a sector that both factions’ can access.

2.) Have it on a timer that say once one faction has it, it is their’s to use for a timeframe of say example 2-3 hours.

3.) Within this star base or system have special crafting items, Short STF (with great armor or weapon available) , and/or possible food items that is only available within this area. This will encourage people from both factions to want to fight for this area to have use of it.

4.) Issue of balancing the battle is that a system would need to be put in place that say 30 Federation has signed up to join the battle and 20 Klingons so therefore it would generate 20 people from each side that can only join the battle unless more klingons sign up in the middle of the battle then it would pull in the other federation that are waiting within the Q as well as it will allow others to join in the middle of the battle. Another way to negate this is to have a buff that is given to the side that is short people. Example being say there are 3 federation officers per Klingon officer so therefore say a buff for the klingon side example Name being (example for KDF side Kahless cry for Glory or Cry of the Warrior and say Kirk’s battle strategy or Picard’s Battle-Cry for the Fed side) or something like this that would increase health, strength, damage, and resistance or just a portion of these a certain percentage for each number they are out numbered. (example 3 feds per one kdf then it would stack 2 times on the KDF officer a certain percentage per stack) The idea being that 15 minutes prior from the battle the base will become inactive to the faction that has it and they will be warped out of the base at that point to then Q for the upcoming battle or have them still be able to use the base but they would need to Q to fight in the battle which can come through a window pop up letting them know a battle is about to begin and asking if they would like to join. If they click yes they will be able to stay on the base and then once the battle begins the system could generate how many stayed and the others beamed out at that point to match up with the officers that are available through the opposite faction side.

5.) Would need to make a space mission portion first that people would need to fight each other to work towards getting a team to beam to the base. At that point, there would then be a ground battle to reach a certain room to activate them winning the base. I say putting space and ground both as this will pull everyone in whether they like space pvp or ground pvp. The faction that has the base at that time will defend the base from the ground and also from space.

6.) To balance it out to that it is not over run by one faction always winning it or having it for 85% of the time available through a 24 hour period is that basically a system can be put in place like a tug-of-war type system that once a faction has won the starbase 2 times in a row then they are given a debuff at this point. This is a de-buff that is minimal at first but becomes stronger over each time they win it in a row. However once they have lost the star base then the de-buff restarts back over and they start fresh on their next win.

7.) The starbase would then turn blue for fed side and red for Klingon side and then any other colors for other factons that may come into play eventually down the road. The other faction that did not win will not be able to enter this starbase or system after they have lost it at that point.

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