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# 2341 MY three needs
03-04-2011, 03:17 PM
Play while patching
more items at C-store ( new items every week)
More powerful weapons for ground warfare (space is way quiker for me)
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# 2342 Just a thought...
03-04-2011, 05:18 PM
Short term : Add a usable cargo bay to ships that can hold say... 200 items, and it automatically transfers that inventory to whatever ship you transfer to so you don't have to transfer inventory from ship to ship.

Medium: Is it impossible to allow what happens in space show out the windows or viewscreen?

Give us hobbys and skills to match. Examples: Picard was into Archaeology and spelunking. Make like an explorer hobby with skill trees and the like so we have something to do off duty.
Riker was a musician, Kirk was into rock climbing and camping, Dr. Crusher was a thespian/director, Data was into art.... etc. etc...

Long term : Give us a true adventure planet or two with the ability to take missions from the indigeonous peoples and open up at least Starfleets Earth Headquarters so we can beam down to home for awhile. Maybe even give us an apartment or house on Earth so we can display our trophies or what nots.
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K'Genak House of Korax

1. When we take a ship, which is rare, why can\'t we take it to Qo\'nos as a prize? Awards for this would be nice, again, we could
gain technology or destroy it and get more honor points, something. How about stripping down the ships we capture and
reequipping with our superior klingon weapons? Yeah, that one is a stretch but could be used for a covert mission from a
klingon leader?

2. Capturing crew as prize/honor points or to hold for ransom or for the mines. Always need labor...

Discussed among everyone that the ships and other items could be sold to a vendor and also increase the economy within STO. Also the idea of capturing other players ships

3. Be able to make adjustments to ones own ship to personalize it. Remove a science console and in it\'s place have another
eng/tac console? Every captain is different, lets do some internal personalization...

4. Also, get some weapon slots on the side of a ship, even if it\'s a phaser/cannon or whatever. Or be allowed to move slots from front to rear or one on each side w/o changing the number of weapon slots one has. Thats why we have bridge officers, to enhance our away missions and our ships.
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# 2344
03-07-2011, 08:03 PM
  • Separate Rank from Skill Level
  • Add Katanas as an additional Melee Weapon Option
  • Swap the BO Stations of the Assault Cruiser and Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
  • Add more Klingon Content
  • Add more ships
  • Add a Romulan Player Faction

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# 2345
03-08-2011, 08:38 AM
-Future Imperfect Badge
-Customizable Photonic/Holographic Bridge Officer - Male/Female; Hair/Face/Uniform, Class: Tac/Eng/Sci
-T5 Akira
-Delta Flyer Pilot Uniform

Introduce the Type 9 shuttlecraft as seen in Voyager, Type 11 shuttlecraft from Insurection, Argo shuttle from Nemesis, and Voyager aero shuttle.

Ambassador Class Starship
Oberth Class Starship
Constellation Class Starship

Access to the Obeservation Lounge from the bridge. Many diplomatic missions should take place there. Negotiations, deals, etc.

Customizable pieces in the Ready room. I can't stand the awful looking plants in my Ready room; they need to go. A few more interior design choices for ready rooms would be nice too.

Rather than go to a starbase to switch to a shuttle, you should be able to go to the shuttle bay to select your shuttle, Delta Flyer, Captain's Yacht, or Runabout and disembarg from your shuttle bay. The exceptions would be smaller ships like the Defiant and smaller ships which are too small to house any Runabouts, Delta Flyers or Captain's Yachts.
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# 2346
03-11-2011, 03:40 PM

•Refit of Tier 5 ships for VA
•Create new regions of space to explore
•New modules for ships to make them more customizable. (Perhaps an Ablative Armour Module, removing the need to obtain the Refit Science Vessel)

•A USS Dauntless NX-01-A style vessel as a new ship. (It appeared alongside the Enterprise-J during the Battle of Procyon V)
•Bring in more canon races (Xindi, First Federation, etc)
•Include Hugh and his band of Ex-Drones.

•Tier 6 ships for levels above VA
•FEDERATION - Create content dealing with the Voth. (Have a faction of them, perhaps called the 'Followers of Distant Origin', led by Gagen, make contact with the Federation, wishing to broker an alliance. A mission could deal with protecting them from those that follow Doctrine)
•KLINGONS - Bring back the Hur'q.
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# 2347
03-11-2011, 04:08 PM
Short term:

1) MORE, and more frequent, weekly episode series please. THey are really the one thing this game has going for it right now. THe long wait between series is disappointing. I look forward to the weekly episodes once a series starts, but dislike waiting so long between series.

2) Some interface improvement on the ground interface would be nice. It feels Spongey and unresponsive alot of times.


Mid term:

1) How about being able to go to my bridge, hop on my turbo lift and go to a shuttle bay, in order to swap to a shuttle craft. Having to fly to a starbase to swap starships is fine, but having to do it for Auxillary craft that are supposed to be in my shuttle bay on my starship that I'm currently flying around in is just stupid and half-a**ed lazy / short-cut programing.

2) Having a Cargo Bay would be nice as well.

3) Parts of adventures that happen ON MY ship interior (i.e. dynamic ... the one I have selected ... not a generic interior).

4) A New teir of ships, with more ranks to acheive, and ample content with which to acheive these ranks.

5) MUCH more veriety with the "Explore/emblem" missions. THe same plot lines, graphics, missions over and over and over and over and over and over and over make my eyes bleed after a while.

6) Continued expansion of Memory alpha with more gear sets for our ships.

7) MOre conent for the other factions. Right now, it's pretty hard to lvl up a klingon without ALOT of repitition.

************************************************** ****************

Long term:

1) A in game / on ship Holodeck .. , with different programs and adventures I can purchase (I have about 3.5 - 4 million energy credits accross all my characters and literally NOTHING to spend them on.) You could also have some special holodeck programs(Captain Proton from voyager and Dixon Hill from next gen) that you could sell in the C-Store. Could use the "holo deck" as a portal for us to try other Cryptic / Atari games. Could have adventures that happen IN the holodeck. What you could do in game with a "holodeck" would be nearly limitless. Plenty of oppurtunity here to make money from C-Store IMO.

2) A first officer, with some new system of abilites/skills that really make a first officer matter (like they should).

3) Planets more detailed and realized. More than one city on a planet. Some things in sol system ... Starfleet academy? Lake Armstrong? Utopia Planitia ship yards?

Anyway, keep striving to do more, and to do it better.
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# 2348
03-12-2011, 06:53 AM

Short-term requests

These are small things that seem like they could maybe be done within a patch or two.

Galaxy Captain version/rank give saucer seperation couse well duhh its a galaxy class :p
Klingon Cloak fix stop makeing decloak when transmissions please its killing me bird of preys decloaking in horde of fed ships due to transmissions = gg

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

adding Back the breen bridge officers and reman officers ( why time limit them ? new players should have a chance to u know. )

Long-term requests

These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.

More diplomatic solution missions like Bajoran standoff and Vulcan investigation at a lower level atachee and such.
perhaps 5 daily random dimplomatic solution missions would be a smart move

Other than that thanks for a good game
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# 2349
03-14-2011, 11:04 PM
Here's a thought, how about the ability to pilot your ship through sector space from the bridge. It is some what annoying that the ship "Does nothing Goes Nowhere" while I'm on the bridge and I have places that I need to go to. It actually makes me want to visit the bridge less.
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# 2350
03-15-2011, 12:19 AM
short: More canon melee weapons: Romulan honor blades, the Klingon knife and swords, the Andorian miners pick.

Mid: Consistent featured episodes. Right now STO is at a peak, the last series was great. However, it will start to drop off soon if these aren't somewhat steady. No more than about 3 weeks between series. If the calender for April isn't hot with releases, you will see subs drop.

Long: Craftable ship "upgrades" to improve tier level of ships. If I could get say 3 fore and aft weapons slots and a bit more hull, I could use a (current)tier 2 Constitution retrofit for VA stuff. It wouldn't match a tier 4.5 or 5, but would be survivable enough for solo play.

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