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02-09-2010, 05:15 PM
Short Term - get things working as intended / improve basic playability

- Sorting options on exchange (a. Price, b. Number of items in stack c. Alpha sort by full item name). Possibly add price per item column in addition to price for stack/lot or ability to buy one item from a stack.
- Key that *always* resets camera to a fixed point behind my ship regardless of what else is happening (the existing feature works sometimes but not all the time) - I don't mind the camera swinging around to follow my target but sometimes I just want to see that my cannons are lined up properly. Cameras generally need refining for ground and space.
- Ability to respec player skills (respec boff skills would also be nice but lower priority as they are not capped).
- Extend autogrouping to fleet actions / PvP
- Get the whole group in the same instance of deep space encounters / etc - suck the whole group in like PvP if you have to.
- Quest or some other mechanic to track memory alpha crafting progress to next tier
- Reward mix of play styles (eg tanking / healing not just dps/zerg)

Mid-Term - implement end game content / keep people playing

- End game content - raid-i-sodes, fleet actions, etc. Bring in what has been promised then add more after another month or two. Keep it coming. (extra content at lower levels is nice to have, extra content for end game is critical)
- Drip feed content (episiode of the week / seasonal content / 'world' events)
- In game voice chat
- 'Raid' / 'Task Force' mechanic to co-ordinate multiple groups... then add content that requires groups working together (hard fleet actions / multi-group raid-i-sodes)
- Overhaul crafting system
- Klingon PvE

Long Term - expand the game

- Solid end game content - 'raids' that take many attempts to complete, other things that fleets can do together, extended exploration, rewards that make the effort worthwhile without unbalancing the game.
- Mission content that plays out inside my ship
- More content that doesn't involve combat / clicking on x things
- Fleet stations, player housing (ship interiors) - user customisable places (and in game money sink to help balance the economy and control inflation)
- Mini-games or other non level dependent content on social planets / stations / onboard my ship. (and another in game money sink)
- More playable factions with unique content / ships - I can wait for a paid expansion for this
- Raise the level cap, new sectors, etc...
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02-09-2010, 05:39 PM
Short Term
- Release all pre-ordered content (ie TOS Uniforms) these should have been all there at the beginning.
- Correct major gameplay bugs
- Add autofire capabilities on all space weapons, we are all capable of deciding whether we want a weapon on autofire, Im just tired of pressing spacebar/mouse button everytime I want to fire a weapon with 1 second cooldown.

Mid Term
- Correct minor bugs like anomolies spawning underground/in a building we cant enter
- Increase the range of character customisation, right now I feel very much like everyone is a cookie cut/
- Increase fleet management options, ie fleet exchange where a fleet could place items in the exchange and the money from the sale goes straight to the fleet coffers. Allow items to be taken out but block cash. Give each fleet member some space, say 10 items each, with options to upgrade each persons.
- Exchange Sorting feature so we can get it to sort by item/price.
- Add some more mission styles and capacity to fail.
- Crafting quest, right now romaine doesnt tell you when the next level is open, nor does the next level actually acknowledge, I have the store available but if I ask "can I do something for them" they tell me to bug romaine.

Long Term
- Raid Content
- Expand the universe, increase level cap
- More playable sides (may already be, I only know fed and klingon) but give them the same depth you give the feds. This includes expanding the Klingons, easily could follow the same plotline as the fed route just klingon side of the story to begin with.
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02-09-2010, 05:47 PM
Short-term requests
These are small things that seem like they could maybe be done within a patch or two.

1) More costume options. (Like already programmed NPC gear)
2) Icons to display what debuffs you're being hit with (is it just me that can't see them?)
3) The ability to pull a chat tab out into its own separate chat window.
4) Cross-faction BOs. We can have Klingon BOs in the Federation, but not Orions, because they work for the Klingons?

Mid-term requests
These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

1) Space/Ground Combo group events to capture unique ship types for permanent use. Disable the ship in space, then board to clear out the crew.
2) Additional unlockable ship customization options through PvE episodes.
3) Captain's Ready Room: a room right off your bridge that you can decorate with trophies from significant in-game achievements ala player housing.

Long-term requests
These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.

1) Betrayal Story Line: A specific season of episodes that IRREVOCABLY alienate you from your current faction, and allow you to join another, possibly bringing your crew and/or your ship with you.
2) Era-specific fleet ops where you choose from a preset selection of chronologically consistent ship-types with identical load outs (think classes in Team Fortress) to re-live famous battles from the past i.e. Wolf 359, Siege of Cardassia, the Battle Against the Space Cigar Where No One's Ship Works, etc. This could have PvP implications as well, and easily address play-balancing.
3) Cross-Faction content. Raid events or a season of episodes where factions temporarily work together towards victory.
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02-09-2010, 05:57 PM
Short Term
1. UI polish and usability fixes
2. Chat controls aka. filtering out other zones but the one I am in.
3. Improved details for ships and stats for bridge officers displayed to the player.

Medium Goals
1. Memory Alpha expansion
2. Reward balance between PvE (Exploration, Story Missions, Patrols) and PvP

Long Term
1. Crafting overhaul
a. Ability to customize consoles or weapons
b. Ability to craft each tier of consoles or weapons
c. Ability to upgrade ship to the next higher tier so equipment slots are upgraded but visuals remain
d. Ability to craft and or upgrade ground equipment.
2. Open world PvP zones (you enter you can get ganked)
a. If the Klingons and Federation are at war lets make it feel like they are at war.
3. Romulan playable racial faction
4. Cardasian playable racial faction
5. Gorn playable racial faction
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02-09-2010, 06:13 PM
Short Term
-Have encounters reset upon death
-Fix it so that scanning anomalies shows you more than just what is closest. Red can be for anomalies, green can be for mission objectives.
-Fix PvP. A lot of the quests are bugged, and there's not as much info on PvP as there should be.
-Make it so that ships can move in 3 dimensions.
-Make it so that we can autofire ALL of our weapons.

Medium Term
-More Content! More missions that aren't simply patrol, defend, or explore!
-Ship interiors
-Ability to upgrade lowered tier ships
-The skill system needs to be looked at. At the very LEAST, the skills need to give you a better description.

Long Term
-Good Exploration, not the 3 missions we always get from explore missions now.
-Expansions. I"m completely fine with paying for an expansion, so long as it delivers.
-Fleshed out Klingons, or any other faction you implement.

This is what I'd personally love to see.
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02-09-2010, 06:14 PM
Also, a revamp of the skills system. It's appears as if it was designed with a philosophy towards being able to eventually black everything out, yet I'm reading about a skill point cap. Skill point caps mean "builds" and "builds" mean some sort of tiered structure to the skills that is wholly absent in the system as is. Astrometrics is not a skill you should have to spend 50000 points to get. Big skills at the end, little skills at the beginning.

Either the cap needs to go, or the skills need to be restructured in a manner where every skill is equal to the investment it takes to get it.
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02-09-2010, 06:17 PM
Short Term:
More in the Ship Replicator: Commodities, Devices
Remove Research node harvesting while under red alert.
Remove NPC Fleets that camp the spawn point in the Deep space encounter.

Ships have hardpoints for BO consoles. The Captain would have to buy the Lt Science BO Console or Ensign whatever... etc... Player would decide which combo they wanted. It could also be a 'Bridge Option' that would be a free change like the name or look.
Fast Travel (Transwarp) between hubs.
A different way to calculate score in fleet actions. A method that takes Science Ship dirty tricks or Cruiser tanking in addition to Escort DPS.

Long Term:
Ferengi Playable Faction: PvP, PvE, storyline...
Passive PC and BO powers.... like a Tactical Ensign Passive might be Point Defense similiar to the automated defense battery. A Science Passive would be higher crew recovery.
Corporate Player Faction: Think Fajo, or Mudd, or Private Corporations (Human, Ferengi)
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02-09-2010, 06:43 PM
Short-Mid-Long Term?!? WTH is that?

Top 3:

1. Crafting
2. Player Housing (eg. Starships you can walk and store in)
3. Starships you can walk and store in... WTH, the most long-term element of ST fans are the ships and ship manuals, and here thus far, we can't even walk around in our starships?!? Missing the big picture. Ships should be explorable, with NPC crew, medical bays, shuttle bays... make it come alive!
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02-09-2010, 06:51 PM
Bug fixes, server performance improvements, and hit squads for "gold" spammers
Improved responsiveness of skill activations/animations (esp. ground combat)
Modification of auto-fire options and adjustment of shield recharge skills (RSIs are NOT fun)

Revamp sector space and exploration
- sector space should be BIG, ships should move quickly through it... there is NO feeling of space and warp speeds
- systems should be significantly smaller on the map
- there should be hundreds of systems in a sector
- mission systems should be obvious
- eventually, every system should be visitable, but this can be done in stages as new missions are approved in Genesis
- space should have real "anomalies", nebula with interesting features, supernova remnants, black holes, pulsars, even just pretty stuff to visit with no other significance, etc
Increase to movement range
- full 360 degrees of pitch would be nice (I could be happy with +-89 if it's an engine limitation)

Mission improvements: more types, randomization of in-mission events, ship-board missions, mini-games, intellectual puzzles, randomization of non-storyline missions (don't give me the same set with each character)
Revamp PvP to give it a greater purpose and feeling of consequence
Modifications to make game feel more Trek-like
- There should be missions to go from point A to B that spawn random side mission (distress calls, evacuations, etc)
- Greater inventory space, skills to improve reclamation, exchanges on other planets...I don't feel like I'm on a n-year mission when I'm returning to Earth every 30 minutes to unload crap

Variable but Very Important (to me):
Split off a RP shard, enforce a Trek naming policy, or allow an infinite ignore list that actually removes players from all aspect of view (I don't want to "hear", see, team with, or even know that Captain HappyPantz is out there)

Revamp "crafting"
Improvements to BOs (specialization, larger skill trees that include skill bonuses as well as abilities)
UI/Information revamp

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02-09-2010, 07:39 PM
Short term:

* Full configurable auto attack (including permanent reinforcing of a shield ark)

Please, it is really really annoying having to constantly mash 2 buttons (fire all weapons + reinforce shield)
Meanwhile trying to see your enemy in space and bring your guns to bearing, while activating skills.
I want to play tactical, make different approaches, move, steer my ship and fire my torpedo when the time
is right. But it seems too much for my keyboard to cope with lag + pressing 2 buttons constantly and then
getting the skills in time to activate, while steering.

* Fixing the Missing in Map loading bug

When you go onto a map and it wont load, having to wait 5 minutes before you are reset in space.

* Adding the missing items for Exploration in the top tiers

there is no phaser cannons there for feds

Mid term:

* Add Diplomatic Content / Alternative ways of solving missions/ Minigames!

* Find a way to kill the skill level cap. It is really annoying

* Rework Crafting into something meaningfull

Long term:

* Add in new factions like Romulans, Cardassians

* Remove DEEEEEEERWIIIIISCH and replace it by some better designed T5 escort with a normal name

* Bigger battles, more fleet actions for more than 10 people.

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